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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

Fairview Township - St James United Church of Christ

Contributed by Rick Polaski

The information below was extracted from a 1963 US Government publication by Rick Polaski. The publication is titled United States Post Office, Fairview, Penna. April 28, 1963 Program Booklet and Community Historical Highlights. Please contact the contributor directly with any comments or questions, etc.

St. James United Church of Christ


This well-know "little white country church" is two miles east of Fairview on Old Ridge Road. During early construction days, services were held in Manchester School, still standing on West Lake Road. Worship today is in the original building, considerably renovated in recent years.

German-speaking people organized this church and held services in their language, but in 1904 English was introduced part-time in worship. Gradually, German service was dropped entirely during the ministry of Rev. Loos. Rev. Oberkircher, present pastor can conduct German services if desired.

First church records go back to August 5, 1851, under Rev. Michael Kuehler, and St. Jakobus was the charter name fully 112 years ago, with an original seal being a prized possession. Through the years, several names have been developed, until the present St. James United Church of Christ, in 1962. Many beloved pastors have served admirably through the years: Rev Rudolf Viewig, Rev. H.J. Brodt, Rev. Louis C.F. Miller, Rev. Carl Loos, and Rev. A.F. Abele, the latter from Aug. 1940 until Oct. 1962, also serving for St. Luke's United Church of Christ in Erie. Rev. Abele conducted the Centennial Anniversary Celebration, week-long, in 1951

Rev. F.D. Oberkircher, once serving St. Paul's United Church of Christ, Erie, and others, is our 27th and a full-time pastor. With his encouragement and confidence in us, we feel this year will mark a great change in our church life, and with the Grace of God....we hope to take a step forward, like the Master himself, increasing in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.

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