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City of Erie - St Paul's Roman Catholic Church
Saint John of God Society

Contributed by Rick Landers

The information below has been extracted from the Souvenir Dedication Program, March 17, 1935, for Saint Paul's Roman Catholic Church. The church, located in the City of Erie on Walnut Street between 16th and 17th, had its beginning in May 1891. Ground was broken for a new House of Worship on August 19, 1928, but the economic recession at the end of the 1920s resulted in a partially completed building. With renewed funding efforts about 1933, the building was completed. Images of the pages in the dedication program have been scanned and provided by Rick Landers. Various individuals have assisted in transcribing the documents for presentation here. This particular page has been transcribed by Bill Klauk.

Saint John of God Society

SAINT JOHN OF GOD has long been honored by the people of St. Pauls Parish. On the Feast Day of the Saint, March 8th, 1933, at a votive Mass requested by several residents of the parish, the pastor, Father Marino, in a sermonette, outlines the beautiful life of St. John of God, and in so doing, inspired those present with the idea of organizing the society bearing the name of this Saint. It is said that no one who has petitioned the Saint for a reasonable favor has had it denied. The opening of the new church building has been one of the requests made by the society and the answer thereto is commemorated today in this program which marks the dedication of the building. Three days after the Feast, March 11, 1933, the society was founded, having for its president, Mrs. Lena Porreco, who has remained in office since that date. The society is first dedicated to the devotional life of the parish, and, second, to the material phase as is attested by the many donations given in the past toward lessening the heavy parochial debt.

The present officers are:

Mrs. Lena Porreco President.

Mrs. Mary Coffini Vice President,

Mrs. Grace Di Carlos Secretary,

Mrs. Angeline Capoziello Treasurer.

The present members are as follows:

Lena Porreca

Anna Bucceri

Lucia De Palm

Alice Sorge

Jennie Martone

Eliveda Pillitera

Julia Bandicci

Martha Ferrara

Maizie Malone

Vincenzo Fara George

Carmela De Dad

Margaret Seige

Mary Barone

Theresa Rapone

Corina Luscinini

Theresa Ardovnini

Mary Paris

Caroline Daniel

Angeline Caljori

Rafael Di Sara

Armimlinda Yaruso

Christina Di Placido

Lucia Veschch

Lucia Deraiamo

Angeline Morasco

Amelia Petrucelli

Adeline Pilleteria

Angele Dinitti

Lizzie Littizi

Mary Antohny

Theresa Minadeo

Rose Grisandi

Mary Casillo

Josephine Petrine

Mary Coffini

Therest St. Angela

Theresa Savelli

Domenico Yacobozzi

Grace De Carlos

Angeline Capozziello

Palmina Casillo



St John of God

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