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City of Erie - St Paul's Roman Catholic Church
La Nuova Aurora

Contributed by Rick Landers

The information below has been extracted from the Souvenir Dedication Program, March 17, 1935, for Saint Paul's Roman Catholic Church. The church, located in the City of Erie on Walnut Street between 16th and 17th, had its beginning in May 1891. Ground was broken for a new House of Worship on August 19, 1928, but the economic recession at the end of the 1920s resulted in a partially completed building. With renewed funding efforts about 1933, the building was completed. Images of the pages in the dedication program have been scanned and provided by Rick Landers. Various individuals have assisted in transcribing the documents for presentation here. This particular page has been transcribed by Cheryl Westfall.

Souvenir Dedication Program

La Nuova Aurora

. . . is a society old in organization, rich in activity, progressive in growth, patriotic in motive and broad in religious cooperation.  The interest and support of Nuova Aurora in St. Paul’s Parish activities is one of long history in the Colony.  Of particular note was the maintaining of the Society’s auditorium over a period of an entire year for catechism instruction of the children.  Items of light, heat and furnishings were given freely and placed at the disposal of the Sisters and young ladies in their religious, educational work.  The Parish is deeply grateful for this whole-hearted and unselfish devotion to the task of furthering the cause of Catholic Action.

The Society was organized in May 1907.  It is a mutual benefit association and comprises one of the largest and most influential memberships in Northwestern Pennsylvania.  The history of Nuova Aurora names Mr. Pasquale Capaldi as first president, and Messrs. Thomas Yacobozzi, Leonard Calabrese and Salvatore DiFazio are listed as charter founders.  Many other names of men who have served with distinction in the assembly might here be outlined but space prohibits an enumeration that goes back almost thirty years.

            The present officers are:

                                                David Carbone – President

                                                John De Cecco – Vice President

                                                Joseph Christallino – Secretary

                                                Ergimino Calabrese – Treasurer

                                                Peter Spelta – Financial Secretary

                                                 Frank Anthony -- General Controller

                                                Serafino Calabrese – Controller

                                                Joseph Fiorelli – Controller

The present members are as follows :

Angelotti, Constantino     

Amiero, Joseph

Anthony, Antonio

Anthony, Peter

Amicucci, Nicholas

Agnello, John

Angelotti, Traia

Angelotti, Anthony

Addessi, Biagio

Agostino, Louis

Anthony, John

Anthony, Frank

Arduini, Anthony

Adiutori, Lidano

Arduini, Arcangelo

Addessi, Salvatore

Abate, John

Agresti, Egidio

Bruno, Pasquale

Bruno, Joseph

Berarducci, Domenico

Battaglia, Giacmoo

Bartolomeo, Michael

Buto, Joseph

Beraducci, Francesco

Bamberga, Victor

Bianchi, Nicholas

Buto, Angelo

Baiglia, Michael

Bari, Salvatore

Bucceri, John

Bucceri, Vincenzo

Bevilacqua, Angelo

Basta, Michael

Benacchione, Dante

Bertone, Anthony

Bertone, Angelo

Bertoni, Pasquale

Belluomini, Joseph

Bianco, John

Bianco, Leonard

Capaldi, Pasuale

Chimenti, Dominick

Carbone, David

Calabrese, Raymond

Catanio, Joseph

Cavallini, Virgilio

Clemente, Salva

Clemente, Orazio

Cipriani, Joseph

Cocco, Joseph

Cacchione, Thomas

Chiarella, Santo

Cutri, Dominick

Chimenti, Andrea

Cimino, Anthony

Cristallino, Joseph

Cerio, Urbano

Calabrese, Serafino

Cristaforo, Angelo

Calabrese, Ergimino

Calabrese, Raffaele

Carmosino, Dominick

Casulla, Thomas

Calabrese, Leonard

Calabrese, Arthur


Calabrese, Filomeno                                             Di Placido, Anthony                                                      Fiorelli, Joseph

Cifolelli, John                                                        Di Giorgio, Alessandro                                                 Felice, Pasquale

Cifolelli, Vincenzo                                                Di Giorgio, John                                                             Ferraro, Joseph

Candelora, Aquilano                                            Di Prenzo, Anthony                                                       Ferante, Achille

Calabrese, Marcello                                              Dal Porto, Eugene                                                           Felice, Carl

Cianflocca, Pasquale                                             Di Bello, Anthony                                                           Fabiano, Frank

Cianflone, Joseph                                                  Di Giacomo, Camillo                                                    Fabiano, Frank

Cocco, Louis                                                          Di Bacco, Peter                                                                Fava, Joseph

Camorozzi, Matteo                                               Di Valerio, Carl                                                               Fasciano, Joseph

Cutri, James                                                           Donofrio, Louis                                                               Guiliano, Joseph

Cipriani, Lorenzo                                                  Di Mattia, Dominick                                                     Guzzo, Nicolas

Chemi, Umberto                                    Di Maria, Francesco                                                       Guilianti, Domenico

Calvano, Joseph                                                    Di Francesco, Rosario                                                    Gianelli, Carl

Colonna, Berachino                                              Dada, John                                                                        Gambatese, John

Coliguiri, Dominick                                             Di Laura, Joseph                                                             Gambatese, John Jr.

Coluzzi, Lichano                                                   Donofio, John                                                                  Gentile, Carl

Calabrese, Guido                                                   Di Placido, Rocco                                                           Guiliano, Francesco

Chetoni, Joseph                                                     Di Nunzio, Anthony                                                      Grignol, Louis

Cacchione, Thomas                                              Di Marco, Nicolas                                                          Gentile, Donato

Carmonzino, Fred                                                 Donofrio, Michael                                                          Gianantonio, John

D’Amore, Dominick                                            Di Nicola, Philip                                                             Giorgio, Peter

Di Nunzio, Nicolas                                              Di Marco, Michael                                                         Gambatese, Anthony

De Cecco, John                                                      De Santis, Joseph                                                            Gambatese, George

Di Fazio, Nicolas                                                  Di Nicola, Anacleto                                                       Granetto, Paul

Di Fazio, Salvatore                                               Duchini, Avellino                                                           Granetto, Paul

Di Fonzo, Louis                                                    Di France, John                                                               Grande, Ben

DiAlesandro, Joseph                                            Di Franco, John                                                               Grande, Giacomo

Di Gello, Biagio                                                    Del Porto, D.                                                                   Guilorenzo, Joseph

Di Bello, Angelo                                                    De Santis, Sylvester                                                        Guilianelli, Guido

Di Bello, Joseph                                                    Di Marco, Pasquale                                                        Gaspero, Archimete

Di Placido, Joseph                                                Daniele, Carl                                                                    Gateano, Garacciolo        

Di Placido, Joseph                                                Di Bello, Raffaele                                                            Gaspero, Raffaele

Di Placido, Fred                                                    Di Giorgio, Dominick                                                   Gatti, Pasquale

Delfino, Carmin                                                    Di Angelo, Angelo                                                          Giannamore, Joseph

D’Aurora, Jack                                                      De Santis, Jeremia                                                          Grignol, Tony

Di Giorgio, Emidio                                              D’Angelo, Polichoro                                                      Gaffi, Andy

Del Monaco, Nicholas                                         Di Loreto, Domenico                                                    Gargioli, Emilio

Di Santis, Angelo                                                  De Santis, Nicolas                                                           Iacobozzi, Thomas

Di Marco, Berardino                                            De Vecchio, Guido                                                         Iarrussi, Guido

Di Nardo, Berardino                                            Filippo. Nicolas                                                               Izzi, Louis

Di Corpo, Joseph                                                  Fatica, Lorenzo                                                                Italianni, Augustino

Di Giorgio, Emidio                                              Fidio, Domenico                                                             Iacobozzi, Guistino

Di Medio, John                                                     Fronzaglia, Domenico                                                   Ingalch, Alessandro

Di Placido, Nicola                                                Fronzaglia, Orlando                                                        Italia, Domenico

Di Tullio, Bernard                                                Ferretti, Michael                                                             Iaverone, Donato

Di Bello, Peter                                                       Felice, Joseph                                                                   Iacovetta, Joseph

Di Fazio, Santo                                                      Ferri, Umberto                                                                 Iavovetta, Francesco

Di Filippo. Carmin                                               Fabrizio, Clemente                                                         Lombardozzi, Silvio

Di aRimo, Salvatore                                             Ferretti, Oreste                                                                 Leone, Joseph

Di Placido, Anthony                                            Forfai, Fasto                                                                     Leone, Pasquale


Latona, Giovanni                                                  Mazzei, Elmer                                                 Spella, Peter

Leone, Nicholas                                                    Narducci, Dr. Anthony                                 Sementelli, Louis

Locastro, Joseph                                                    Necci, Louis                                                     Laracino, John

Leone, Dr. Charles                                               Necci, Francesco                                             Scarpini, Ben      

Lombardozzi, Angelo                                          Necci, Francesco                                             Scarpetti, Fev. F..

Lombardo, Carl                                                     Orlnado, Philip                                                Saclise, Agostineo

Lariccia, Tony                                                       Orlando, Michael                                            Scalise, Gaspero

Lombardo, Carl                                                     Orlando, Carl                                                   Spinelli, Battista

Miozzi, Domenico                                                Occhipinti, Vincenzo                                      Solo, Vincenzo

Marinelli, Nicolas                                                 Orlando, Mario                                                Spada, Emiliano

Marinelli, Nicolas Jr.                                           Pallotto, Algonso                                             Spadacini, Joseph

Mantoan, Constantino                                          Presogna, Camillo                                           Santangelo, George

Marinelli, Louis                                                    Palermo, Donato                                             Serafini, Angelo

Mellini, Angelo                                                     Providenti, Michael                                        Santangelo, Pasquale

Massello, Michael                                                 Pedano, Salvatore                                            Santone, Pasquale

Milano, Orazio                                                      Pedano, Philip                                                  Sbara, Louis

Mattoli, Domeinco                                               Pettinato, Serafino                                           Scalzitti, Joseph

Monacello, Raffaele                                              Pettinato, Joseph                                             Squiglia, Carmine

Marrucci, John                                                      Prosogna, Thomas                                           Sforza, Andrea

Massello, Angelo                                                   Passero, Anthony                                            Scarti, Joseph

Massello, Nicolas                                                  Pace, Joseph                                                     Salo, Nicholas

Masello, Michael                                                  Providenti, Michael                                        Scalise, Alfonso

Mobilia, Vincenzo                                                Porco, Vincenzo                                              Santia, Richard

Michetti, Alberto                                                  Pezzato, Joseph                                                Soccoccio, Joseph

Mancuso, G. A.                                                     Paolella, Archie                                               Scalzitti, Aurelio

Marchini, Cesare                                                   Piccirillo, Allessandro                                   Scalise, Louis

Massuri, Anthony                                                 Petriani, Paul                                                    Tonty, Domenico

Morrocco, Vincenzo                                             Passero, Francesco                                          Trivision, Joseph

Marinelli, Anthony                                               Piladi, Marracci                                               Turano, John

Miradli, Thomas                                                                   Piladi, Marracci                                               Tintaro, Mariano

Mannarelli, Anthony                                            Pircio, John                                                      Tomaso, Carlo

Marcolini, Domenico                                          Parrini, Dante                                                  Vitale, Domenico

Moresco, John                                                       Quadri, Flaminio                                             Vitale, Domenico

Massucci, Michael                                                Quadri, Albert                                                  Vitale, Salvatore

Mobilia, Joseph                                                     Ricci, Nicolas                                                   Vendresca, Joseph

Marco, Leone                                                         Restivo, Gaetano                                             Valenti, Joseph

Merlino, James                                                      Riazzi, Eugenio                                                Valintino, Alfonso

Maddalena, Michael                                             Ruscitto, Joseph                                               Veria, Salvatore

Mobilia, Anthony                                                 Riccuiti, Nicolas                                              Virgilio, Vincenzo

Minuto, Sebastiano                                               Rigazzi, Antonio                                              Vangeli, Oliver

Martucci, Domenico                                            Rocco, Joseph                                                  Zulian, John

Mastrostefano, Carmin                                        Rinaldi, Peter                                                   Zonno, Peter

Mazzone, Nicolas                                                 Rigazzi, Leopardi

Mastrostefano, Carl                                              Rossi, Carl


La Nuova Aurora

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