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City of Erie - St Paul's Roman Catholic Church
The Sacred Heart of Mary and Rosary Societies

Contributed by Rick Landers

The information below has been extracted from the Souvenir Dedication Program, March 17, 1935, for Saint Paul's Roman Catholic Church. The church, located in the City of Erie on Walnut Street between 16th and 17th, had its beginning in May 1891. Ground was broken for a new House of Worship on August 19, 1928, but the economic recession at the end of the 1920s resulted in a partially completed building. With renewed funding efforts about 1933, the building was completed. Images of the pages in the dedication program have been scanned and provided by Rick Landers. Various individuals have assisted in transcribing the documents for presentation here. Due to an error by the Webmaster, this page was assigned for transcription to two people. Thanks go to both Paul Stillson and Carla McElroy for the transcribing work.

Souvenir Dedication Program

The Sacred Heart of Mary and Rosary Societies

The Sacred Heart of Mary Society is perhaps one of the oldest, if not the oldest, church society. It was founded by Father Beccharini in 1893. The Rosary Society was organized by the present Pastor, Father Marino, in 1916. Since these two groups had the same general purposes motivating them, the Pastor, with the mutual consent of the Societies, joined them under the same constitution and leadership during recent years. This joint organization has been one of the most influential in the life of the Parish. The response to the devotional and financial interests of St. Pauls manifested in the past and present by this group has been second to none. Like the Tabernacle Society, this group of women was one of the first to give its unstinted and selfless support to every project which was brought to bear upon the reorganized parish life, which has reached its high point in the opening of the new church.

The Sacred Heart of Mary Society has listed among its deceased presidents the following: Maria Lucarotti, Catherine Siena and Filoment Piccirillo.

At the time Father Marino organized the Rosary Society, the sponsors listed in the records are: Concetta Soscia, Mary Anthony and Elisa Phillips, (deceased).

Of particular note on these societies is the history of the many benefices showered upon the physical side of parish equipment in the form of religious articles given to the church and of the furnishings for the parish dining hall and kitchen. More important, however, is the concerted effort to renew spiritual life and to foster a deeper love in the members for the Blessed Mother of God and the devotion to her Rosary which gives the explanation for the great and continual growth of this organization.

The present officers are:

President Mrs. Mary Anthony

Secretary Miss Mary Phillips

Treasurer Mrs. Rosina Bevilacqua

The present members are as follows:

Rosa Angelotti,
Rosa Angelotti,
Rosina G. Angelotti,
Gilda Armanini,
Rosina Bevilacqua,
Maria Biancardi,
Civita Berardini,
Nicolina Buto,
Lucrezia Cargioli,
Felice Casulla,
Concetti Covatti,
Mabel Clemente,
Mary D'Amore,
Annantonia, De Laura,
Concetta Desimone,
Luisa Del Porto,
Annantonia Di Gello,
Carmela Di Giorgio,
Nunzia Di Placido,
Angela Fiorillo,
Gennie Gambatest,
Giulietta Gaspari,
Maria Giacobelli,
Rosa Grignola,
Enrichetta Lopez,
Clara Martucci,
Concetta Mangini,
Filomena Martucc,
Rosa Bevilacqua,
Angela Miozzi,
Amelia Bruno,
Annantoma De Laura,
Mary Torella,

Theresa Grignol,
Nicolina Buto,
Rose Rossi,
Mary Miozzi,
Vincenza D'Amico,
Concetti Gamiera,
Caroline Onorato,
Annantonia De Gello,
Rose Scalise,
Mary Gallo,
Mary Pace,
Rose Angelotti,
Josephine Petrigni,
Rose G. Angelotti,
Theresa Bruno,
Mary Luciano,
Filomena Marucci,
Louise Del Porto,
Frances Curro,
Gilda Armanini,
Domenica Donatucci,
Palmina Filippi,
Ciserina Dal Porto,
Manza Gianelli,
Anna Ferraro,
Mary Pedano,
Chiarina Fosco,
Civita Berarducci,
Antoinette Berarducci,
Mary Adessi,
Concetta Forgiorgio,
Maria Miozzi,
Angela Miozzi,

Flora Morelli,
Frances Musso,
Elide Nesi,
Filomena Notarianni,
Carolina Onorato,
Mary Pace,
Mary Phillips,
Guiseppina Petrigni,
Rose Porchetta,
Guiseppa Quadri,
Rosina Spirito,
Domenica Iacobozzi,
Anna Lombardozzi,
Luisa Busciglio,
Maria Catapezzi,
Maria Cianflone,
Angeline Colella,
Concetta Di Francesco,
Angeline Di Maria,
Giulia Graziano,
Angeline Lupo,
Claudia Mantuano,
Francesca Mobilia,
Angeline Ruscitto,
Giuseppina Stamminia,
Mary Giacabello,
Letizia Tonty,
Concetta Covatta,
Theresa Santagelo,
Felicia Casulla,
Rose Spirito,
Mary Di Placido,
Mary Soscia.

Sacred Heart

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