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City of Erie - St Paul's Roman Catholic Church
The Sodality of Our Lady

Contributed by Rick Landers

The information below has been extracted from the Souvenir Dedication Program, March 17, 1935, for Saint Paul's Roman Catholic Church. The church, located in the City of Erie on Walnut Street between 16th and 17th, had its beginning in May 1891. Ground was broken for a new House of Worship on August 19, 1928, but the economic recession at the end of the 1920s resulted in a partially completed building. With renewed funding efforts about 1933, the building was completed. Images of the pages in the dedication program have been scanned and provided by Rick Landers. Various individuals have assisted in transcribing the documents for presentation here. This particular page has been transcribed by Yvonne Hawley.

Souvenir Dedication Program

The Sodality of Our Lady

     The records of the Sodality tell that in April of 1908 Father Louis A. Marino,  Pastor of St. Paul’s, organized the first group of young women under the patronage of the Blessed  Mother.  After a somewhat precarious existence of two years, with a gradual decline in membership it was reestablished in December, 1916, through the tireless efforts of Miss Elizabeth Yantzer, who acted as advisor until January 1933. At that time, with a nucleus of about fifteen active members, and at the instigation of Father Edward P. McManaman, the Sodality  was affiliated  with the Prima Primaria at Rome, was given a new Constitution and new By-Laws.  Work on the new church had ceased five years before at the beginning of the economic depression.  The sodality immediately placed the opening of the new church as its major interest.  Bank failures, unemployment and lost mortgages on the homes placed the Italian Colony in a difficult position for a new church.

     With the opening of the new church building as a slogan, the membership soared into one hundred and forty members in a few months.  A new life had been given to parochial endeavor.  At once, many other societies and innumerable individuals stood behind the program outlined for the raising of funds. Believing that mankind will support wholesome entertainment, even when the necessities of life are not so sure, the Sodality launched a beautiful musical operetta, “The Singer of Naples” with a cast of nearly fifty persons which has a run on Erie to three performances and in Oil City twice to capacity audiences. Father Louis J. Kelley, Pastor of Crossingville, ably gave his direction and board experience to this, the most successful theatrical production ever staged by Catholic groups in the Erie Diocese.  As a result, work on the church building  was continued. Out of this grew other successful projects: Italian Day at Waldameer Park, Debates, Bazaars, Suppers, Card Parties and Fetes—all within one year and at its close Bishop Gannon set the date for the dedication of the new building, March 17, 1935.

     During this period the instruction of children in religion, with the cooperation of the Sister of St. Joseph, social welfare work, summer schools in religion, club rooms and library facilities, were carried on at the same time and under the direction of the Prefect, Miss Ann Massello, whose intrepid  work and enthusiasm was continually supported by a zealous membership.  A signal honor was conferred upon the Sodality by Bishop Gannon when he named the Prefect of St. Paul’s to the Erie Council of Catholic Women in July 1934.

     The Central Council, elected each year, meets outside the regular Sodality meeting and is the directive factor of the Sodality.

     The Council plans the activities of the whole Sodality.  Each chairman reports on the work of her individual committee and is advised and guided by the rest of the Council.

      The Committees of the Sodality are as follows:

          1. Eucharistic — whose purpose is to promote personal devotion  to Christ in the Blessed Sacrament.

          2. Our Lady’s Committee – to simulate and organize devotion to Our Lady, Queen of the Sodality.

          3. Apostolic Committee – to spread the faith among those who do not know it and to strengthen the faith of those who might lose it.

          4. Catholic Truth – to promote an intelligent interest in the truth of our Holy Religion.

          5. Membership – to invite members into the Sodality and to prepare candidates for reception. 

          6. Social Life Committee – to stimulate and keep the social life of the Sodality alert.

          7. Publicity and Program — to keep the Sodalists informed about the Sodality activities.


Members of The Sodality of Our Lady

Adiutori, Helen,                                    DiTullio, Mary              Pasqualicchio, Delia,    

Adiutori, Josephine,                              DiTullio, Dorothy,                     Pettinato, Angeline,

Adiutori, Thelma,                                  Del Porto,  Rose                       Phillips, Mary,

Angelotti, Catherine,                             DnNunzio, Ruth                        Phillips, Gemma,

Angelotti, Lena,                                    DeMonte, Fifi                           Phillips, Elizabeth,

Angelotti, Ida,                           Donofrio, Rose,                        Pilliteri, Mary,

Angelotti, Marian,                                 DiMichael, Virginia,                  Pilliteri, Mary,

Alessi, Jennie,                           Fatica, Patricia,             Pilliteri, Sandy,

Alessi, Loretta,                         Ferrare, Angeline,                     Pistory, Margaret,

Bartley, Anna,                          Ferrare, Civilia,             Pistory, Frances,

Bartley, Angeline,                                 Ferrare, Lucy,                          Pistory, Rose,     

Bevilacqua, Beatrice,                Ferritta, Clara,              Pontoriero, Theresa,

Bevilacqua, Julia,                                  Fiorelli, Lucy                            Pratalia, Bernice,

Bevilacqua, Ida,                                    Gambatese, Stella,                    Pedano, Sadie,

Bartley, Amelia,                                    Giannelli, Rose,             Perry, Angeline,

Berardinelli, Phillis,                                Grande, Josephine,                   Pilliteri, Emma,

Calabrese, Celia,                                  Grande, Angeline,                     Pruvidenti, Louise,

Calabrese, Marguerite,             Gambatese, Stella E                  Pruvidenti, Florence,

Carmosino, Cecelia,                             Giantonio, Anna,                       Pettinato, Frances,

Casulla, Antoinette,                               Giantonio, Margaret                  Patsey, Juila,

Chetoni, Nellie,                         Gerbi, Lena,                             Rossi, Angeline,

Corda, Rose,                                        Gerbi, Mae,                              Sansone, Lucy,

Corda, Mary,                                       Maggio, Catherine,                   Sansone, Helen,

Calabrese, Josephine,                           Mancini, Fortuna,                     Sivillo, Clara,

Cargioli, Hilda,                                     Mangin, Mary,              Sivillo, Anette,

Carnicelli, Dena,                                   Mangin, Ann,                            Sivillo Amelia,

Chimenti, Florence,                               Marucci, Mildred,                     Soscia, Henrietta,

Cipriano, Ann,                          Marucci, Bessie,                       Spirito, Angeline,

Corsi, Filomena,                                   Massello, Ann,                         Sarnuto, Flora,

Cianflone, Theresa,                               Massello, Mary,                       Scalise, Rose,

Chetoni, Olga,                          Mazzeo, Edythe,                       Seggi, Mary,

Cavallini, Dina,                         Mazzeo, Eva,                           Santone, Ellen,

Daddario, Celia,                                   Menconi, Anita,                        Sanfratello, Caroline,

Delesandro, Rose,                                Mantoan, Mary,                       Tonty, Mary,

Delesandro, Lena,                                Marnella, Jennie,                       Ugino, Rose,

Dal Porto, Mary,                                  Metz, Margaret,                       Vendetti, Lucy,

DeLaura, Jay,                                       Mancini, Mary,             Vetrone, Marietta,

DeLaura, Ange,                                    Notarione, Anna,                      Viveralli, Jesse,

Delfino, Helen,                          Jiuliante, Amelia,                       Viverelli, Doris,

DeMarco, Angeline,                             LaRusso, Evelyn,                      White, Rose,

DeSantis, Margaret,                              LaRusso, Eleanor,                    White, Josephine,

DeSantis, Eelanor,                                Lizzi, Elvera,                             Williams, Cora,

DeSantis, Elizabeth,                              Latona, Josephine,                    Jordano, Elizabeth,

DiBacoo, Pauline,                                 Leone, Emma,              Jordano, Louise,

DiFrancesco, Josephine,                       Orlando, Lena,             Markine, Susie,

DiFrancesco, Helen,                             Orlando, Josephine,                  Terrizzi, Ada.               

Sodality Pt 1

Sodality Pt 2

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