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City of Erie - St Paul's Roman Catholic Church
Saint Paul's Ushers' Society

Contributed by Rick Landers

The information below has been extracted from the Souvenir Dedication Program, March 17, 1935, for Saint Paul's Roman Catholic Church. The church, located in the City of Erie on Walnut Street between 16th and 17th, had its beginning in May 1891. Ground was broken for a new House of Worship on August 19, 1928, but the economic recession at the end of the 1920s resulted in a partially completed building. With renewed funding efforts about 1933, the building was completed. Images of the pages in the dedication program have been scanned and provided by Rick Landers. Various individuals have assisted in transcribing the documents for presentation here. This particular page has been transcribed by Dee Schaffer.

Souvenir Dedication Program

Saint Paul ’s Ushers’ Society


HE present organization grew out of what was formerly known as St. Paul’s Lyceum, a relic of which remains with the club rooms attached to the rear of the old church.  From the history, vocal and written, which can at present be gleaned, the Ushers’ Society has had a rich and varied existence.  The membership while always attending to the primary duties of regularity at Holy Communion and assisting the congregation at the Sunday Masses, has been concerned to a large degree with sports and literary enterprises.  Attempts to use the society for political purposes have also been made in the past, but these have never materialized beyond some stormy meetings in the society’s chambers.

                By and large, the young men comprising the group from time to time, have been outstanding in the life of the Colony and the city.  Their activities, while in the society, has been noted for their straightforward and honest manliness.  To the pastor they have been inestimable support, morally and materially.  As an organization the group has always been active in religion, in social affairs and in sports  In the latter field, with little or no facilities, the society has produced athletes of high merit:  “Bud” Carmozino, “Cal” Cannivino, William Tonty, Rocco Cutri, Mike Ferrara, Morino Phillips, Nello Del Porto and many others.

                One of the first projects to be advanced after the opening of the new church building should be the acquisition of a hall where athletics and literary programs might be given freer scope.  If it is true that the youth of today will be the main support of the Church tomorrow, it is necessary that a sincere appeal be made for the things that develop the character of youth.  The Ushers’ Society which grows into the Society of the Knights of St. Paul must be the center and nucleus of such an undertaking.  With prayer, patience and more striving this will be accomplished.

                The history of the society states that in recent years the following have acted in the capacity of president”  Messrs. De George, Mastery, D’Amico, for several terms each, and Frank Marra, who is now in office.

                The present officers are:

                                                                Frank Mara, President

                                                                Peter Muscara, Treasurer,

                                                                Sam Vanchiere, Secretary,

                The present members are as follows:

Thomas D’Amico,                                Anthon Angellotti,                              Dr. M. J. Pistorio

Thomas Casullo,                                  Joseph Pace,                                          Sylvester De Santis,

Roger Petrigni,                                      Guido Iarruso,                                       Bruno Cavallini,

Carl Rossi,                                             Joseph Ferraro                                      M. C. Mussucci,

Dan Mastery                                         Attorney Joseph De Santis,               Frank E. Anthony,

Anthony Bova,                                    Richard Abbey,                                    Henry Angellotti,

Chester Vendetti,                                 Raffacele Pizzi,

Ushers' Society

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