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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

Fairview Township - Trinity Episcopal Church

Contributed by Rick Polaski

The information below was extracted from a 1963 US Government publication by Rick Polaski. The publication is titled United States Post Office, Fairview, Penna. April 28, 1963 Program Booklet and Community Historical Highlights. Please contact the contributor directly with any comments or questions, etc.


Trinity Mission was started in 1907, meeting over Dr. Weeks' Drugstore, which is the present location of Dr. Patton's office. The mission grew so fast under the leadership of the Reverend Henry Ryerson that it soon had to move to larger quarters. The move was made to Weislogel Hall over the meat market where services were held Sunday mornings with a small Church School and service. During the services the noise of the meat grinders below could be heard and the odor of smoked bacon and hams were noticeable as a fragrant incense.  

Around 1908 the Mission moved to the former Lutheran Evangelican Church. This building was built around 1870 when the Presbyterian Church split between the "New and Old School". The New School built the edifice, but after a few years repented themselves and returned to the Old School. Then the Lutheran Bodies moved in for some  years and united with a similar congregation outside the Boro. The building was purchased by a company for a silk mill and when it closed through bankruptcy, Trinity Mission purchased it. The Priest in charge was Kenneth Waldron and Wardens were George W. Wyatt and Frank Thorton.

Since the beginning there had been no resident clergymen, until 1957, when the Rev. Wm. Fargo Bayle (retired) was appointed for one year by Bishop Crittenden. He served until his death on November 19th, 1961

After Father Bayle's death, services were conducted by The Rev. Robert C. Scott of the Chestnut Hill Center, the Rev. Roy J. Schaffer, Archdeacon, and Stephen E. Jones, Lay Leader

On March 4, 1962 the Vestries of Trinity Fairview and Trinity Erie held a joint meeting. The Rev. John M. Prittie, Priest  and The Rev. Walter Probert, Perpetual Deacon, were assigned to the two Churches in a team ministry for both congregations. The past year has shown growth in all areas of the Church Life with expansions plans for the future under consideration

The present Vestry of the Mission consist of the following: Richard B. Andrews, Warden; Robert N. Yates, Treasurer: Wilbur Shenk, Secretary; Roy A. Holmes, Donald E. MacDonald, John T. Taylor, DeWitt M. Bull, Jr., and William H. Milton.

St. Agnes Guild was formed around 1905, with Mrs Maude Seull as president. The name St Agnes was chosen for a martyred Christian girl who was beheaded for her charity work under the name of Christianity in Rome. The purpose of St. Agnes Guild was to help form an Episcopal Church in Fairview and to do charity work at home and over the world where needed. This work is still being carried on. The present officers are: Mrs. Donald MacDonald, President; Mrs. Olie Lundell, Secretary; and Mrs. David Nicholson, Treasurer.

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