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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

Union Township - Union Church Membership

Contributed by Susan Smith

The information below was submitted by Susan Smith as a part of her many years of research on the SMITH surname in Erie County. This data has been obtained from microfilm and other source documents and is not intended to be portrayed as complete, only an extract. Anyone having any questions or comments on this extract should contact Susan Smith directly.

A List of the Members of the Church in Union Congregation

1827 Members List

Francis Gray
Jane Gray
John Gray
Betsy Gray
Robert Gray
Jane Gray
James Gray - suspended
Esgr Willsen (?)
William Brokes
Rachel Cook
Elenor Cook
Sarah A Cook
Rachanoi (?) Grades
William Graves - suspended
Sally Graves
Robert Craig - September 1828
Miss Shrivers (?)
William Cook - June 1827
William Gray
Mises Thompson
Nancy Cracken
John Cracken

Names of Members of the Church in Union Oct 10th 1831

Francis Gray
Jane Gray
Hugh Willson
John Gray
Betsy Gray
Robert Gray
Jane Gray
William Bracken
Rachel Cook
John Cook
Elenor Cook
Sarah A Cook
Richard Shrieves
Peggy Shrieves
Charlotte Taylor
Sally Shrieves
(blank) Shrieves
William Cook died
William Gray
Anne Gray
Sarah Thompson
Chancy Ames
Polly Ames
Peggy Thompson

United August 21st 1831
Nathaniel Willson
Catherine Willson
Andrew Thompson
Anne Thompson
Matthew Cook
Margary J Cook
Margaret Smiley

United Sept 18th 1831
John Willson
James Willson
Mary Willson

United Oct 2nd 1831
James Kerr
Margaret Kerr
David Willson
Peter Shrieves
John Cook

Received June 30th 1832
James Thompson
Alexander Thompson
Mary Gray
Fanny Sheperson
Misses Warren by letter from (unreadable)

Rec’d Sept 1st 1832
Wm Thompson
Eliza Jane Thompson
John Thompson

March 29th 1834 Session of Beaverdam met opened with prayer and received on examinations to full communion with the Church - the following members:
Elijah Carter
Matilda Carter
Henry Bacster
Wm Gray
Francis Gray
Mary McArthur
Andrew Carson
Abraham Bacster
Eloy Bacster


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