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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

Conneaut Township - Methodist Episcopal Church, Albion

Contributed by Andy Pochatko


July 11, 1912
Found on microfilmed papers from the Albion Public Library

It was in the year 1814 that Lyman Jackson, a veteran of the Revolutionary war settled in the wilderness where Albion now stands. The settlement was known as Jackson's Cross Roads and its first post office was Jacksonville.

A log school house was erected about where the Albion Garage stands, on Main Street, opposite Dr. Spaulding's residence. Religious meetings were held in this log school house occasionally until the numbers of those in the faith were sufficient to justify the organization of a society.

It was on December 8th, 1833 that Revs. William Todd and Lewis C. Todd, pastors on the Springfield circuit, instituted a class at the log school house with Royal G. Jackson as class leader. Springfield circuit was at that time in the Pittsburgh Conference and Hiram Kingsley was presiding elder of the district, these officers now being known as district superintendent. In 1836 the Pittsburgh Conference was divided and the Erie Conference organized.

It was in the year 1839 that the name was changed from Jackson Cross Roads to Albion. About the same time, 1839, the Academy building was completed and stood on the south side of Pearl Street opposite the present church site, and the church meetings were changed to the Academy where they continued to be held until November 24, 1855 when the first church building was dedicated by Rev. Calvin Kingsley, then president of Allegheny College and afterwards a Bishop. The society contributed labor, materials and money under many difficulties to meet the cost of this first church building the final payment on the debt being made by members donating trees in the woods, and timber to cut and hugle the logs into dock timber, which was drawn to the Erie and Beaver canal that in those days, was the only means of traffic to Erie City, and the lake port, the canal through this locality, being where the Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad now has its tracks. Three members of the official board of the church constructed the raft and with horses towed the dock timber to Erie, returning with the cancelled mortgage. In these days Albion circuit consisted of Albion and Lockport (now called Platea) as the two principal preaching points, there being two pastors, one living at each of these villages. This first church building was seated with two isles and four tiers of pews, each pew having a door at it's entrance, and each door bearing a number. Once each year the seats were rented or auctioned off to the highest bidder the money so secured being used towards the pastors' salaries. This method of disposing of the pews did not lead to harmony with the members, and those who desired to attend services in the church and was, after a few years, abandoned and later the doors to the pews were removed and all seats made free to any in and out of the organization. In the year 1865, Albion and Lockport were separated, and this church had its pastor, with services every Sunday morning, the afternoon services being at Wellsburg and Pageville.

In 1901 Albion was made a station, with morning and evening services.

In the year 1900 the old parsonage, which was located on State Street, was sold, a new dwelling for the pastor erected on the lot joining the church. In August 1911 the old church building was moved from its foundations to make place for a new church building. In the year 1834, the first Sunday school was organized with Royal G. Jackson, as superintendent.

1887 the first young peoples society was organized as a Christian Endeavor and in 1891 changed to the Epworth League. There are also organized on the charge a Woman's Home Missionary society. The Standard Bearers. The Mothers Jewels. A Junior Epworth League and a Ladies Aid Society. All active in their line of work.

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