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1934 Dibble - Tyrrell Wedding

This picture and information about it has been provided from the Genealogy Records of Christina Tyrrell Sedler, of East Springfield, Pa. and has been submitted for this web site by Evelyn Baker. Any question or comments concerning this photo may be submitted directly to Evelyn Baker.

Wedding photo of RUBY ELIZA DIBBLE and CLYDE LEONIDAS TYRRELL, Aug. 4, 1934, Girard, Pa.

Ruby, born Aug. 19, 1902 and died May 20, 1995, served on the Girard School Board and was the first female employee of the American Fork & Hoe / True Temper Corp. She was the daughter of Marty and Agnes Shuart Dibble.

Clyde, born Aug. 24, 1876 and died July 3, 1957, worked for 47 years for the New York Central Railroad, first for 10 years in Erie, and for the next 37 years at the North Girard Depot as Station Agent. He was the son of Francis Lowden Tyrell and Christina Green.

They are survived by a daughter, CHRISTINA TYRRELL SEDLER of East Springfield. Interment is at a family plot in the Girard Cemetery.

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