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Rosenzweig Family

Contributed by Michael Rose

The pictures and information below have been provided by Michael Rose. Two pictures have been extracted from news articles and as a result they are of low quality. However, the information concerning the pictures is important to the history of Erie, and to the development of the Jewish community in Erie. Isaac Rosenzweig and Bena (Baker) Rosenzweig were 2nd Great Grandparents to the contributor. They lived at 825 Peach Street in Erie. The first picture is of the Rosenzweig's, with a short history of the Anshe Hesed Society. The second picture is of a building that one time carried the Rosenzweig name. Any inquiries about this family or the pictures may be sent directly to Michael Rose.


Among the first Jews to settle in Erie were Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Rosenzweig, Mr. and Mrs. John Rosenzweig, and Mr. and Mrs. I.W. Neuberger, all related, who moved to Erie from Macon, Georgia, in 1847. In 1853, Erie's Jewish residents formed the Anshe Hesed Society and began meeting for services at the home of Moses Koch, at the corner of Fifth and French streets. In 1858, the society bought a plot of land on West 26th Street for use as a Jewish cemetery. In 1862, the Anshe Hesed Society was incorporated; the charter was signed by Isaac and John Rosenzweig, I. W. Neuberger, Moses and Jacob Koch, Bernard Baker, Henry Meyer, and Henry Frank.

Rosenzweig Building

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This picture appeared in a 1971 news article. This is a transcription of the caption: "This picture was taken about 70 years ago. It is at the corner of North Park Row and State. The building, still standing on the corner was built in 1847. Originally it was the Rosenzweig Building, but at the time of the picture was the Exchange. The Marine Bank occupied it from 1864 to 1911 when they moved to their present location at 9th and State. To the right, in the basement of the bank, James Purcell had a plumbing shop. The building next on State Street was Moses Dryfusís store (Leonís father). To the left on North Park Row, the sign in the window says that it was the Postal Telegraph and Cable company office. The streets shown have cobble stone pavefronts. The building hasnít changed much in all the daily years.Mail boxes havenít changed either. Note the Mail boxes on the corner."

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