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Additional Gifford Photos

These pictures and information about them were provided by Myrtice Gifford Forsythe in 2001 but were never posted. They have been discovered and are being posted at this time.

Martha Gifford Harris and Myrtice Gifford Forsythe are descendants of William and Elizabeth Gifford. William Gifford was a Revolutionary War soldier and died at age 89 in 1846 at the residence of his son, James M. Gifford, of Greenfield Township.   Please see a previously posted article about William Gifford at MY REVOLUTIONARY ANCESTOR, WILLIAM GIFFORD. William had nine sons.   Myrtice descends from his first one, BenjaminMartha descends from his last one, John.

Myrtice provided this information in a 2001 email concerning Clarence Eugene Gifford [photo below], also known as Uncle Gene:
"Uncle Gene was a brother to Frank A. Gifford. Following is a story that Martha Gifford Harris wrote about this family. George Stetson Gifford was her father.

"Orson was one of 9 children born to John Gifford and Clarissa Walker. Clarissa lived from Apr. 2, 1807 to Apr. 16, 1857. She is buried in South Harbor Creek Methodist Cemetery with a stone marking her grave. Her name is spelled Clarrissa on that marker. Uncle Gene told that his Grandfather, John, left Greenfield Township after Clarissa died and 'went to Michigan, remarried and had one son.' We have not found where he located. John's parents were our Revolutionary War ancestor, William, and his wife, Elizabeth."

"The children of John and Clarissa are:
1. Justus Oct. 4, 1828-Mar. 15, 1855
2. Milton b. abt. 1831 Farmer in Northeast, Erie Cnty, PA
3. Matilda b. abt.1834 May have been Mary
4. Albert b. abt. 1836
5. Orson Frank Nov. 28, 1839-May 16, 1925 [photo below]
6. Silas b. abt. 1841 To Michigan
7. Nancy b. abt. 1844 Married ? Dyke
8. Louis b. abt. 1846 To California
9. Goerge b. abt. 1849 Farmer and Freewill Baptist preacher
All of these children were born in Erie Co., Pa."

Another relative, Ansel Asa Hemenway Gifford , is shown in the first photo below. Myrtice forwarded the following information in March 2001 concerning Ansel: "Don Bailey, a descendant of James Murray Gifford has related the following information to me abourt James M. Gifford. James was a brother to Benjamin, Joseph, John, William S., Ebenezer, Jabez, Enos, and Sylvanos, Remembrance and Elizabeth. These were the children of Willliam and Elizabeth Gifford who moved to Erie Co., Pa. after 1820 from Warren Co., New York. John, William S., Ebenezer F. and James also made this move, and the two sisters. The others were located in other places. Don says:

The individuals whose photos are below may also be pictured in the Gifford Reunion photo on another Faces of Erie County feature page, originally posted in 2001. Any inquiries about this family or the photos should be directed to Myrtice Gifford Forsythe.

AAH Gifford

Ansel Asa Hemenway Gifford

Clarence Eugene Gifford

Clarence Eugene Gifford

Mrs Orson (Elizabeth) Gifford

Elizabeth Davis Gifford - Orson's wife

Orson Frank Gifford

Orson Frank Gifford

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