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Hutchinson Family

These pictures and information about them have been provided by Sharon Dulcich of Bakersfield, California. Any inquiries about this family or the photos may be directed to her. The original of the first picture (family) is very faded and both Sharon and Bill Klauk have attempted to digitally enhance it. It was reportedly taken in 1886. Other pictures of Hutchinson gravestones in Girard Cemetery are shown in an index format and one can click on the small picture to see the larger photo as submitted by Sharon.

The David W. Hutchinson Family in 1886.

David lived in Girard and practiced law in Erie. Back row (children): James Monroe, Frank Joseph, Myron Wells, Irene E. - Front row (parents): Mary Kaiser Hutchinson, David Wells Hutchinson

Gravestones in Girard Cemetery. Click on small image for larger picture.


Hutchinson Monument (1)


Cornelia (2)


Irene (3)


Lily (4)


Monument closer up (5)


Judge Miron (6)


Judge Miron footstone (7)


David W (8)


May (9)


May -top of stone (10)


Nancy - footstone (11)




(1) Hutchinson Obelisk - Has Miron Hutchinson's data on one side and his wife Nancy Wells Hutchinson on the opposite. See (6) below for Miron's data. The reverse side says: Nancy Hutchinson - daughter of Thurston & Irene Wells  --- something, something --- from her children. Born June12, 1792  Died Mar 4, 1879.

(2) Cornelia H. - Daughter of Miron & Nancy Hutchinson Died Aug. 6, 1837 - 3 yrs. 11 mos & 2 days.

(3) Irene - Eldest daughter of Miron & Nancy Hutchinson - Died July 10, 1856, aged 40Y. P.S. 9 mos & 11 days.

(4) Front: LILLY - Back: born Feb. 9 1863; died Feb 22, 1863 - (we believe this to be the daughter of Mary & David Wells Hutchinson).

(5) Closer up view of Hutchinson Obelisk showing Miron's information.

(6) Miron Hutchinson - Born Oct. 5, 1796; Died Sept. 1, 1859.

(7) Footstone for Miron - Miron Hutchinson Oct. 5, 1795 Sept. 1, 1859.

(8) This was practically unreadable: David W. Hutchinson Born June 21, 1830 Died Jan. 19, 1894.

(9) Stone for May J. Hutchinson.

(10) Close up of top of stone - May J. Hutchinson Born Aug. 15, 1844 Died April 8, 1923.

(11) Footstone for Nancy - Nancy Hutchinson June 12, 1792 Mar. 4, 1879.

All of these graves are in circle around the obelisk. There are more but some were unreadable and I ran out of film. I do have the inscriptions in my notes. Included in the 'family circle' were Nancy Wells Hutchinson's parents, Thurston and Irene Wells, her brother, Joseph Wells, as well as other descendents of Judge Miron & Nancy: Lydia Clemens, John Clemens, Eliza Hutchinson Olin, David Olin, Charles Monroe Hutchinson, Marion Palmer Hutchinson, Palmer Hall Hutchinson, Monroe Hutchinson, Mary Hutchinson, Miron S. Hutchinson, and Melissa Hutchinson Olin.

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