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Smith Family 2nd Generation - Venango Twp. - John

Contributed by Susan Smith

The information below was written and submitted by Susan Smith. It is based on 20 plus years of research on the Thomas Smith family who settled in Venango Township in 1802. Thomas and his wife, Sarah, had 12 children with 9 of them remaining in the Erie area. Susan hopes that her contribution of detailed information about one of the SMITH families will help other SMITH researchers. Below is the 'story' of one of the children. Any comments or questions about the article or this family should be sent directly to Susan.


#3. John SMITH was born 27 Feb 1786 in Westmoreland Co., PA, the 2nd child and 2nd son of Thomas and Sarah SMITH. John died 3 Mar 1877 Venango, Erie Co., PA. He married Elizabeth TAYLOR 25 Sep 1810 Venango Twp. Erie Co. PA. Elizabeth was born 19 Aug 1789; died 1 July 1873 Venango Twp. Erie Co., PA. Both are buried Lowville Cem Erie Co. PA.

Father Thomas, older brother Samuel and John were listed on the 1800 tax list for Erie County, Pa. John was in the militia during the War of 1812 and for some of the time his brother James served as a substitute for him. He purchased 100 acres in Lot 96 from his father 7 Dec 1810. John and Elizabeth spent the rest of their lives on this farm adjacent to his parents homestead. They both were members of the Middlebrook Church. In 1828, the church’s third year, John was a trustee along with John B. Jones, James Yost and Thomas E. Reed. For the minister’s support, the records show him giving salt, oats, sugar, cabbage and some cash.

John and Elizabeth had nine children. Of all Thomas and Sarah Smith’s descendants, the children of this family stayed in Erie county.

Children of John Smith and Elizabeth Taylor

#23. 1) Thomas H. SMITH born about 1811. He married Sarah JANES 11 Apr. 1839. Sarah born in 1812, was the sister of James Janes Jr. married to Thomas' sister Ann. Thomas died 30 June 1884 in Wattsburg and Sarah died in 1896. They are buried in Lowville Cemetery, Erie Co. PA. Thomas owned land and farmed adjacent to his parents and grandparents. In 1884 he was living in Wattsburg Erie Co. PA. Children of Thomas H SMITH and Sarah JANES:

  • 1) Melvin M SMITH born 27 Aug. 1840, died in 1925. He is buried in Lowville Cemetery Erie Co. PA. He married 1) Elizabeth TITUS 12 Apr. 1866; 2) Mary _?_. During the Civil War he was in the US Navy serving on the man-of-war R.R. Cuyler. After the war he farmed in Venango township. From 1884 to 1896 he was in Iowa farming. Children of Melvin M SMITH and Elizabeth TITUS: William W SMITH and Jessie Phebe SMITH.
  • 2) Wallace W SMITH was born 1842, died in 1858.
  • 3) Ella SMITH married Thomas NEWSHAM of Girard Township 2 Dec. 1873 Erie Co.
  • 4) Allan Henry SMITH born 28 Feb. 1848, died 7 Jan 1923. He married Kate E DUNCOMBE, daughter of David and Elizabeth (Fritz) Duncombe, 21 Jan 1875, Wattsburg Erie Co. PA. Kate was born 17 Oct. 1852 Baldwin Flats Amity township Erie Co. PA, died 8 Jan 1928. Both are buried in Lowville Cemetery Erie Co. PA. Allan was a farmer and belonged to the Methodist church. When he started for himself, his father gave him 100 acres of land and in spite of losses from two fires, he accumulated 300 more acres and 200 head of stock. Children of Allan Henry SMITH and Kate E DUNCOMBE: Ely David SMITH and Gertrude SMITH

#24. 2) Ann S. SMITH was born about 1813, died in 1898 She married James JANES JR. in 1836. James born 19 Mar 1815 in Oxford, Upper Canada; died 7 Apr. 1894. Both are buried in Lowville Cemetery, Erie PA. James’ father died when he was fifteen, and he was left the main support of his mother and 6 younger children. They had a little farm of 50 acres. Times were hard, but he farmed, looked after the stock, worked out by the day, and before he was twenty-one had paid off the debts of the farm. He left the homestead free and clear to his brothers and sisters on his marriage in 1836. He paid his marriage fee by taking oats to North East and selling them for 18 cents per bushel, and had 18 cents remaining. He went in debt for a farm of 100 acres, with 12 acres cleared. He prospered and owned a large estate. Children of Ann S SMITH and James JANES JR.:

  • 1) Marvin Elliot JANES born 15 Jun 1837 Venango Erie Co PA. He married 1) Geraldine STAFFORD in 1858; 2) Maria L SHIPMAN August 28, 1868. She died 22nd of June 1869; 3) Alice Delia ALLEN, daughter of Stephen and Hannah (Smith) Allen, May 3, 1871. From his grandfather John Smith, he received 118 acres of land, cleared entirely of his own labor. He gave 37 7/10 acres to one of his daughters as a present when she married. In 1862 he enlisted in the 111th PVI, serving in the army of the Potomac, took part in the siege of Atlanta, and followed Sherman in his march to the sea. He was a member of the GAR and a Republican in politics. Children of Marvin Elliot JANES and Geraldine STAFFORD: Anna M JANES, married George DIPPO, and James H JANES. Children of Marvin Elliot JANES and Alice Delia ALLEN: Heman Lucious JANES and Maria Louise JANES, married Fred PLUMB.
  • 2) James H. JANES died as an infant
  • 3) James Lucius JANES born in 1844. In the Civil War he served in the 199th Reg. P.V.I. He died 17 Dec. 1864 in the hospital at Point of Rocks VA.

#25. 3) John H. SMITH born 1815, died by 1867. He married Eliza TATE 3 Dec. 1840. Eliza was born about 1815 in Beaver Dam, Erie Co., PA. Children of John H SMITH and Eliza TATE:

  • 1) Robert SMITH born 20 Nov. 1841,died 23 Nov. 1841.
  • 2) Henry M SMITH born 10 Jan 1843,died 28 Apr. 1844.
  • 3) Mary SMITH born 1846.
  • 4) James SMITH born 1847.
  • 5) William SMITH born 1849.

#26. 4) Sarah I SMITH born 1 Jan 1818 and died 10 Mar 1905. She is buried in Lowville Cem Erie Co., PA. Never married, she was supported by her brother Matthew after her parents died.

#27. 5) Robert T. SMITH born 22 Jun. 1821, died 10 Oct. 1887. He married Emily R FRITTS, daughter of Elder Fritts of Venango who performed the cermony 27 Mar 1851. She was born in Jun. 1833, died 3 Dec. 1901. Both are buried in Lowville Cemetery Erie Co. PA. Robert owned land and farmed in Venango. Children of Robert T SMITH and Emily R FRITTS:

  • 1) George L SMITH born 13 March 1865; died 28 Oct. 1910. He married Stella M. ROUSE 2 Jan 1884 in Wattsburg Erie Co. PA.
  • 2) Grant J SMITH born 16 Jan 1868; died 7 Apr 1936. He married Florence E __?__. Children of Grant J SMITH and Florence: A: a son born 11 Aug 1899.

#28. 6) Jane SMITH born 1 May 1823. She married William KINCAIDE 3 Oct. 1840 Erie Co. PA. William born 5 Mar 1821. Jane and William died in 1906. They lived in Wayne township Erie Co. PA. and owned 100 acres. William had a cheese factory with his brothers. Children of Jane SMITH and William KINCAIDE:

  • 1) Ida E KINCAIDE married Frank OLVERTON.
  • 2) John S KINCAIDE born 1848. In 1884 he was a Minister of U.B. Church Macedonia Mission, Venango, Erie Co. PA.

#29. 7) Elizabeth W SMITH born 20 Jul. 1825, died 23 Jun. 1918. She married William W JONES, of Girard, 29 Jan 1850 in Venango, Erie Co. PA. William born 9 Jan 1820 Venango, Erie Co. PA, died 2 Apr. 1901. Both are buried in Lowville Cemetery Erie Co. PA. William was a farmer, carpenter and a civil engineer. He owned 500 acres in Philipsville. In 1850 they were in Girard, 1860 in Venango, 1867 in Erie City and in 1872 back in Venango. Children of Elizabeth W SMITH and William W JONES:

  • 1) George R JONES married Charlotte EATON of Wattsburg, 11 Apr. 1878 Erie Co.
  • 2) William W JONES JR born 4 Aug 1851 Girard Erie Co PA. He married, Feb. 16, 1875, Ettie NEWSHAM, of Greene Township. William was a farmer in Phillipsville Venango Tsp. Children of William W JONES and Ettie NEWSHAM: Addie JONES and Earl JONES

#30. 8) George D SMITH born about 1828 Venango. He married Leatita _?_. She was born 1826 and died 8 Apr. 1900. George served in the 18th PA Cavalry during Civil War. He died 27 Jun. 1865 in Cumberland Maryland of disease.. Children of George D SMITH and Leatita:

  • 1) Sarah E SMITH
  • 2) Emily SMITH.
  • 3) Elbert SMITH
  • 4) Adelbert M SMITH born 20 May 1842; died 13 Sept. 1862.

#31. 9) Matthew Henry SMITH born 10 May 1832, died 30 Dec. 1916,buried in Lowville Cemetery Erie Co. PA. He married 1) Sophia S WILLIAMS 14 Oct. 1858. After Sophia died, he married 2) Almira Jones, 26 Oct. 1880 in Harbor Creek Erie PA. Almira born 8 Feb. 1840, died 20 Feb. 1918, was from Greenfield township, the widow of Edwin T. Showerman, During the Civil War Matthew was in the 102nd Reg PA Vol. He inherited a farm of one hundred and fifty acres that his grandfather Thomas Smith once owned. He served the township as a road commissioner, tax collector and other offices. Children of Matthew Henry SMITH and Sophia S WILLIAMS:

  • 1) Stella May SMITH died 5 Apr. 1869.
  • 2) Ida Estelle SMITH born 8 Feb. 1860 and died 21 Apr. 1867.
  • 3) Willis H SMITH born 1865. He died 10 Aug. 1935 in Northeast Erie Co. PA. Katherine L Smith and Carlton T Smith were the executors of his will – possibly his wife and son

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