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Smith Family 2nd Generation - Venango Twp. - Nancy

Contributed by Susan Smith

The information below was written and submitted by Susan Smith. It is based on 20 plus years of research on the Thomas Smith family who settled in Venango Township in 1802. Thomas and his wife, Sarah, had 12 children with 9 of them remaining in the Erie area. Susan hopes that her contribution of detailed information about one of the SMITH families will help other SMITH researchers. Below is the 'story' of one of the children. Any comments or questions about the article or this family should be sent directly to Susan.


#4. Nancy SMITH was born on 29 Sep 1788 in Westmoreland Co., PA; the 3rd child and the oldest daughter of Thomas and Sarah Smith. Nancy died on 18 Aug 1858 in Venango, Erie Co., PA; and is buried in Lowville Cem, Erie Co., PA. By October of 1808, she had married David MCNAIR. When her father, Thomas wrote his will, 16 Oct 1808, he named her as Nancy McNair. David McNair was born in 1774 in Lough-a-Brin, near Castle Bann, Ulster Co. Ireland; died on 14 Apr 1851 in Venango Erie Co. PA; buried in Lowville Cemetery Erie Co. PA.

The family story handed down from his children says his father was Robert McNair, born in Scotland and, skilled in the art of fencing. He drilled cavalrymen in swordmanship in the service of the Crown. Later he was a weaver and woolen manufacturer. David McNair's grandfather, William McNair was a surgeon who practiced in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Ulster. When David was nine years old he ran away from home, and with the aid of friends took a ship at the port of Londonderry-Moville. He landed in Philadelphia and then went to a little settlement of Ulster Presbyterian families.

According to the 1896 History of Erie County, in 1795 Thomas Rees, surveyor for the state and an agent for the Pennsylvania Population Co, employed as assistant surveyors George Moore and David McNair. Also "David McNair chose 800 acres of the Walnut creek flats, at Kearsarge, besides other extensive tracts. He at one time owned some of the most valuable property in the county, including half of what is now South Erie" " The first beer brewery in the city was built in 1815, by Maj. David McNair, on Turnpike street, near where the Erie City mill was afterward erected. He added a distillery in 1823, and in 1827 built a grist mill on State street, south of the Lake Shore R.R., the motive power for all being furnished by the water of Ichabod run." In 1797 the Pennsylvania Population Co. sent Dunning McNair as an agent to Conneaut township. There are no records to substantiate whether these two McNairs were related and whether this is the same David McNair who married Nancy Smith.

During the War of 1812, David McNair, husband of Nancy Smith, helped build Perry's ships and was a volunteer in the army of General William Henry Harrison at Detroit in the winter of 1812-13. The Pennsylvania Archives war record list his pay $20 from the state and bounty for volunteering and serving an additional 15 days after the expiration of a 6 month tour. He also received payments of $60.50 for hauling and $11 for hospital.

Another family story says, "In his last visit to the United States in 1823, General LaFayette came to Erie, Pennsylvania. There was a great outpouring of citizens from northwest Pennsylvania and adjoining New York and Ohio. On the grand stand in places of honor were seated the soldiers of the Republic: the soldiers of the Revolution and of the War of 1812. The time came when the soldiers filed by LaFayette. He grasped the hand of each, having in mind to give a special greeting to the Revolutionary soldiers, who had served under him. When David McNair clasped the hand of LaFayette, LaFayette asked him in what command he served. David McNair desiring that LaFayette understand that he had not served in the Revolutionary Army, and being embarrassed, said, "I was on the other side then," meaning the other side of the Atlantic. LaFayette, not catching his meaning, threw McNair's hand down with a curse. McNair's face blanched to a pallor; he straightened to his full height and with eyes to the front in silence marched ahead. He had helped to build Perry's fleet in Erie harbor and had left his wife and three little ones in his log cabin in the woods of the Pennsylvania frontier to enlist in the war to wrest back the Northwest Territory lost by the surrender to the British at Detroit. David McNair chose to accept a great insult rather than plead for favor."

Nancy McNair was on the membership list of the Middlebrook Church. David contributed "one day of cattle and 2 horses" and cash to the ministers support. Their home in Venango township, on one of the highest spots in the county was called McNair Hill. The property was on the east side of State 89 on Page Road. Their sons were said to be large, broad shouldered, powerful men with black hair and blue eyes and the daughters all very comely, especially Mary Jane who was considered a beauty. Of twelve children, only three remained in Erie county. The rest settled in Kane county Illinois and one went from there to California during the gold rush of 1849-50 and stayed there.

Children of Nancy Smith and David McNair:

1) Sally H MCNAIR born 7 Jul. 1809 in Venango, Erie Co. PA, died 3 Nov. 1878 in Lindina Juneau Co. WI (Lindina is now Mauston). She married William Reuben ROGERS abt 1836 in Erie county PA. William was born 27 May 1811 in Scotland, died 9 May 1886 in Mauston Juneau Co. WI. They are buried in Mauston Cemetery. Sally and William Rogers were in Racine Co., Wis., by the spring of 1837, Walworth Co., WI by 1843 and in Kane Co. IL by 1848. They moved to a farm in Mauston, Wisconsin by 1859. Children of Sally H MCNAIR and William Reuben ROGERS:

  • 1) Harvey Nehemiah ROGERS born 1 Jun 1837 in Racine Co WI. He joined the 177th Reg Ohio VI in the Civil War as a physician & surgeon. Harvey married 1) Lucy WRIGHT, 2) Mary Etta CONWAY, 3) Lydia BERR. In later years Harvey moved to Farmington Minn.
  • 2) Nancy Alvisa ROGERS born 17 Aug 1838 in Racine Co WI, died 29 Dec. 1905 in Ridgeland Dunn Co. WI. She married George A TAYLOR 24 Nov 1859 in Lindina Juneau Co. George born Nov 1842 Huntington CO IN, died 29 Jun 1913 OR.
  • 3) David McNair ROGERS born 20 Dec. 1839, died 5 Aug. 1862 at Harrison's Landing VA in the Civil War.
  • 4) Mary Elizabeth ROGERS born 27 Jun 1841, died 14 May 1914 WI. She married George Pickering DISSMORE 12 Sep 1859 Lindena Juneau Co WI. George was born in MA.
  • 5) James Harkness ROGERS born 2 Jun 1843. He married Lucy WOOD 30 Oct 1875. In April 1861, at seventeen years of age, James enlisted in Company K, 6th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. He served throughout the war in fifty-two battles and skirmishes. He never was wounded and was in the hospital only three days
  • 6) Almira Aurilla ROGERS born 2 Mar 1845 IL; died 22 Feb. 1864 WI.
  • 7) John Reuben ROGERS born 6 Mar 1848 IL. He married Jane WOOD.
  • 8) Sarah Ann Judson ROGERS born 6 Sep 1850 IL. She married Edwin Stapleton CONWAY. She was in Boston in 1878 with her sons and daughter. They were proprietors of Mason-Hamlin Piano Co.
  • 9) Martha Marie ROGERS born 11 Sep 1853 IL. She married Allen COSTLEY.

2) Eleanor MCNAIR was born 1811 Venango, Erie Co., died 22 Feb. 1846 Greenfield Erie Co. PA. She married James WILSON about 1835-38. James born 14 Mar 1800, died 24 Sept. 1865 Erie PA. Both are buried in Lowville Cemetery Erie PA. James was the brother-in-law of Eleanor’s aunt Hannah Smith Wilson. They lived on a farm in Greenfield Erie Co PA. The 1850 census shows James, his mother and all the children but John who is listed with Nancy and David McNair, Eleanor’s parents. Children of Eleanor MCNAIR and James WILSON:

  • 1) William WILSON born in 1837 in PA
  • 2) Nancy WILSON born in Erie Co. PA. She married Mr. BROWN and in later years lived in Elgin, Illinois.
  • 3) James/Jackson WILSON born in Erie Co. PA. He was called Jack. In the Civil War he served in the 8th IL Cavalry. He was a farmer and banker and died in Kansas.
  • 4) David WILSON served in a PA Regt. in the Civil War. He was a farmer.
  • 5) John WILSON born abt 1844 in Erie Co. PA. John was a banker and a farmer in Kansas. He served in a Pennsylvania Regt. in the Civil War. During the war, the 8th Illinois Cavalry and John's regiment were quartered side by side. John got a pass and went over to see his Uncle William Mcnair. He asked for him and was told he was down there. He arrived, and found Uncle William sitting on a log in his underwear, mending his trousers. He introduced himself, and Uncle William nearly broke down in his delight in seeing "Eleanor's boy". They slept under the same blanket that night, and in the morning John went back to his regiment

3) Nancy MCNAIR born 14 Sept. 1812 in Venango, Erie Co. PA, died 6 Mar 1888 IL. She married Samuel PLATT 24 Mar 1834 Venango, Erie Co. PA. Samuel was born 28 Aug. 1805 in Chautauqua Co. NY, died 13 Apr. 1850. Both are buried in Blackberry Cemetery Elburn Kane Co. IL. His parents were Nehemiah and Anna Platt. His sister Sophia married James Whitehill of Greenfield township. Nancy and Samuel arrived in Kane Co. IL Sept. 30, 1836 in a party with James Smith, Nancy’s uncle, and family. They homesteaded 324 acres in Blackberry township. Samuel was a well-educated man. His brother-in-law, Dr. Samuel McNair, talked of living in Sam’s home, surrounded by books belonging to this man of many accomplishments. He lived on a farm in New York state until the age of 20. He was Justice of the Peace, a school director and trustee. After Samuel died, Nancy conducted the farm with the help of Aaron Whitney, son of Aaron and Electa (Leach) Whitney, of Mina Township, Chautauqua Co, N.Y Children of Nancy MCNAIR and Samuel PLATT:

  • 1) daughter born 9 May 1838, died 10 May 1838
  • 2) James Whitehill PLATT born 13 May 1840, died 20 Jul. 1842
  • 3) Sophia PLATT born 14 Aug 1841, died 11 Feb. 1908 IL. She married John W SWAIN, born in Saratoga Co. NY. John and Sophia had no children.
  • 4) Nancy Anna PLATT called Anna was born 23 Nov. 1844, died 28 Dec. 1894 IL. She married Harry Scott WHITE born in IL He enlisted in the Civil War as a Lieutenant in the 8th IL Cav. Harry and Anna farmed in IL until 1875. About 1877, the Whites moved to Nebraska where they had a farm of forty-two hundred acres. When Anna became ill, she asked to be brought back to IL where she could receive treatment from her uncle Dr McNair. She died there at the home of her sister Mrs John Swain. Children of Nancy Anna PLATT and Harry Scott WHITE: Athur Platt White.
  • 5) Martha PLATT born 23 Apr. 1849, died 4 Mar 1856
  • 6) Mary PLATT born 23 Dec. 1850, died 25 Jul. 1921 Kane Co. IL. She married George N OUTHOUSE. He was a farmer. Children of Mary PLATT and George N OUTHOUSE: Samuel Platt OUTHOUSE, Mary Platt OUTHOUSE

4) Robert MCNAIR Dr. born 27 Nov. 1814 in Venango, Erie Co. PA, died 19 Jan 1901 Batavia Kane Co. IL. He married Mary Ann LAKIN 18 Feb. 1844. Robert went Kane Co. in 1837 on the first line boat run from Buffalo to Chicago. He took up a government farm claim in Blackberry Township. After farming for several years, he left because of poor health and returned home to Erie and began the study of medicine in Buffalo. He practiced his profession at Venango, Erie Co. PA for about seven years. In 1860 he went to Boston, Wisconsin. In 1862 he settled in Kane Co. practicing medicine in Maple Park. During his last year, Dr. McNair lived with his son, Dr. O.P. McNair of Elburn. Robert McNair was proud of the fact that he was a relative of Capt. John Paul Jones. He was a personal friend of Horace Greely’s. Children of Robert MCNAIR Dr. and Mary Ann LAKIN:

  • 1) Mary Jane MCNAIR born 27 Feb. 1845 Died as an infant.
  • 2) Arvilla MCNAIR born 11 Dec. 1847. Died as an infant.
  • 3) Ellen C MCNAIR born 2 Jun. 1849 in Erie Co. PA. She married William H BENNETT. Children of Ellen C MCNAIR and William H BENNETT: Robert M BENNETT, Irene BENNETT, Harry W BENNETT
  • 4) Adeline A MCNAIR born 9 Apr. 1852 in Erie Co. PA. She married Robert C BAILEY. Children of Adeline A MCNAIR and Robert C BAILEY: Mack BAILEY, Maggie BAILEY, Mary Dolly BAILEY, Harold H BAILEY, Parks Leslie BAILEY.
  • 5) Martha MCNAIR born 6 Aug. 1853 in Erie Co. PA, died 6 Aug. in Long Beach CA. She married 1) Alexander A BLOUNT 2) Mr. COLLINS. Children of Martha MCNAIR and Alexander BLOUNT: Claude W BLOUNT, Alexander A BLOUNT JR, Frankie BLOUNT
  • 6) Nancy MCNAIR was born 27 Nov. 1855, died as an infant.
  • 7) Jessie MCNAIR born on 11 Oct 1858 IL. Died as an infant
  • 8) Dr. Francis Marion MCNAIR born 14 Jun. 1860 WI, died 11 Dec. 1931 IL. He married 1) Nina VAN DEVENTE 2) Evelyn MCKIBBIN. In WWI he was in the US Med Corps. Children of Francis Marion MCNAIR and Nina Van Devente: Francis G MCNAIR, Donald V MCNAIR, Robert MCNAIR. Children of Francis Marion MCNAIR and Evelyn McKibbon: Melba MCNAIR
  • .9) Eddie MCNAIR was born 14 Apr. 1863. Died as an infant.
  • 10) Dr. Oliver Hazzard Perry MCNAIR born 14 Apr. 1865 IL, died 7 Apr. 1921 in OK. He married Blanche MINIUM. Oliver practiced medicine in Batavia IL and Oklahoma City OK. Children of Oliver MCNAIR and Blanche MINIUM: Mary Ellen MCNAIR

5) Thomas MCNAIR born 6 May 1817 in Venango, Erie Co. PA, died 5 May 1891 Kane Co IL. He married Sarah COCHRAN 8 Mar 1845 in Erie Co. PA. Sarah was born 9 Apr. 1825 in Erie Co. PA, died 27 Dec. 1896 IL. In early life he assisted his parents on the farm. He went to Kane Co. IL in 1837, by land, with wagon and teams, in company with a cousin, William Wilson or John C Smith, to Blackberry Township. In 1845 he returned to Erie Pa, married Sarah Cochran and returned to Kane Co. the same year. He added to his original purchase of 100 acres until in 1885 he owned 300 acres. It was a stock and grain farm, with a dairy. In he 1886 took a trip west with his son Fink. The original home of Thomas McNair built in 1839 is still occupied Children of Thomas MCNAIR and Sarah COCHRAN:

  • 1) Frank C MCNAIR born 23 Jun. 1850 IL, died 5 Nov. 1891 in David City Butler Co. NE He married Margaret _?_. By 1888 he owned a stock and grain farm in Butler Co. Neb. Children of Frank C MCNAIR and Margaret: Margaret MCNAIR.
  • 2) Frederic Gates MCNAIR born 15 Nov. 1858, died 9 Sep. 1904 IL. He married Carrie Esther GRAMLEY born in Bellefont PA. Frederic ran his father’s farm and continued there after his parents died. Children of Frederic MCNAIR and Carrie GRAMLEY: Helen Gates MCNAIR
  • 3) Fink S MCNAIR born 27 Apr. 1863, died 11 Dec. 1902 IL. He married Nina GOODWIN 2 Mar 1891 in Jacksonville IL. He owned 160 acres in Rooks Co. Kansas that he purchased about 1886 when he and his father were on a trip to the west. Children of Fink S MCNAIR and Nina GOODWIN: Sarah Margaret MCNAIR.

6) William MCNAIR born 7 Nov. 1818 in Venango, Erie Co. PA, died 22 Aug. 1876 IL. He married Eunice MOSS/MORSE born in NY. William was a sailor before going to Kane Co about 1843/44 where he was a farmer. He volunteered for the 8th Illinois Cavalry Company I, in the Civil War, at the age of 44. The champion boxer of the regiment, he taught boxing to the soldiers when "all was quiet on the Potomac." Children of William MCNAIR and Eunice MOSS\ MORSE:

  • 1) Charles F MCNAIR born 14 Jul. 1846 IL, died 23 Mar 1922 in Didsburg Alberta Canada He married Elizabeth GAUNT 5 Jul. 1869, born 25 Mar 1846 in England, died 25 Dec. 1901 in IL. After farming in Kane Co. Charles moved to Alberta Canada. Children of Charles F MCNAIR and Elizabeth GAUNT: Flora E MCNAIR, Ernest L. MCNAIR, Gertrude A MCNAIR, George W MCNAIR, Reuben H MCNAIR, Edith B
  • 2) William Henry MCNAIR was born in 1849 in Blackberry Kane Co. IL. At age of 16 yrs. he was a volunteer in the Civil War, Company I, 132rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and later in Company F, 147th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He died 6 Jun. 1925 in Elburn and is buried in Blackberry Cemetery Elburn, Kane Co. IL.
  • 3) Zorada Elizabeth MCNAIR born 28 Jun. 1852 IL, died 2 Nov. 1938 in NE. She married Willard Jay HENDERSON 27 Jun. 1884, born in 1851 in Erie Co. PA They moved to Rising City Butler Co. NE prior to 1890. Children of Zorada MCNAIR and Willard HENDERSON: Elva Eunice HENDERSON, William McNair HENDERSON, Willard Davis HENDERSON, Lyda Marion HENDERSON
  • 4) George MCNAIR born 31 Dec. 1856, died 22 Feb. 1926 IL. He married Mattie ALEXANDER 3 Aug. 1881, born 1 Jan 1864. Children of George MCNAIR and Mattie ALEXANDER: Mary Eunice MCNAIR, Floyd Alexander MCNAIR

7) David MCNAIR born 14 Jul. 1819 in Venango, Erie Co. PA, died in California before 1887. He married Margaret WARD in 1847 in Kane Co. IL. David was on the Kane Co. tax rolls in 1848. He went to California for the gold rush in 1850. His family is listed on the 1850 Census in Kane Co. with the family of William and Sally Rogers, David's sister. Later he lived in Trinity Center California working in the mining industry We don’t know if his family ever joined him in California. On the 1860 Census Kane Co. IL, daughter Fayette, 12 years, is listed with Mrs. Nancy Dewey, a cousin. Fayette stayed in Kane Co. married and died there. Children of David MCNAIR and Margaret WARD:

  • 1) Fayette MCNAIR born 8 Sep. 1848, died 30 Oct. 1935 in IL. She married Seth E HALL 3 Aug. 1876, born 31 Mar 1844 in Smyrna NY. Her father had gone to California in 1849 for the Gold Rush. In 1860, at 12 years old she lived with her cousin Nancy Miller Dewey. Fayette and Seth Hall lived in Cherry Valley, Illinois. Children of Fayette MCNAIR and Seth E HALL: Flora B HALL, Guy HALL, John HALL, Seth HALL, Frank HALL, Fred HALL.
  • 2) Nancy MCNAIR was born in 1850 IL.
  • 3) Eleanor MCNAIR born in Jun 1851, married Amos NORTON.

8) Hannah MCNAIR born 24 Feb. 1821 in Venango, Erie Co. PA. She married George P MILLER about 1838 in Erie Co. PA. George born 13 Sept. 1813 in NY, died 18 May 1892. IL. They are buried in Kaneville Cemetery Kane Co. IL. George and Hannah went to Kane Co. IL from Erie Co. PA before 1847. They had a farm in Kaneville famous for its fruit Children of Hannah MCNAIR and George P MILLER:

  • 1) Nancy MILLER born abt 1840 North East Erie Co PA, died 1923 IL. She married Cassius B DEWEY 19 Feb 1856. Children of Nancy MILLER and Cassius B DEWEY: Frankie DEWEY, George Miller DEWEY, Alvin Platt DEWEY
  • 2) Mary MILLER born 2 Jul. 1840 in PA, died 2 Apr. 1871 IL. She married Porter S. BOWDISH 5 Mar 1865, born 10 June 1830 N.Y. He served in the 8th Illinois Cavalry Company I in the Civil War and was a farmer.
  • 3) Ella MILLER born 2 Aug. 1846, died 14 Jul. 1847 in Kane Co. IL.
  • 4) Dr. Alvin Platt MILLER a physician and surgeon in Elgin, IL
  • 5) George MILLER died before 1922

9) Samuel MCNAIR Dr. born 8 Feb. 1823 in Venango, Erie Co. PA, died 30 Jun. 1898 Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Co. MI. He married Anne OSBURN 24 Nov. 1856 in Kane Co. IL. Anne born 15 Dec. 1831 in Ripley Chautauqua Co. NY, died 11 Jan 1909 in Kane Co. IL. They are buried in Blackberry Cemetery Elburn Kane Co. IL. She was the daughter of Platt S. and Mary Ann (Platt) Osborne of Chautauqua Co. NY. Samuel was 21 in 1844 when he went, by sailing vessel on the Great Lakes and by team from Chicago, to Kane county and the home of his brother-in-law, Samuel Platt. What he earned from breaking prairie and other labors, he invested in government land in Kaneville township. In 1856, upon his marriage, he made the first home of his own in Kaneville. He had begun to read medicine in 1850, and in the following year, he attended lectures in Aurora. He would do most reading evenings, writing an outline of the same, and the next day commit it to memory as he followed the plow or rested his team at the end of the furrow. In 1852-53 he was a student in the Cincinnati Medical Institute. In 1856 he entered Rush Medical College receiving his medical degree in 1859. He was the second MD in Blackberry. His office & residence was over McNair & Lewis Drug Store. He was the coroner for 2 years, on the school board 6 years. And helped establish the mill in Elburn. Samuel ran a mercantile business for 20 yrs. And owned 427 acres of farmland and 14 town lots. Children of Samuel MCNAIR Dr. and Anne OSBURN:

  • 1) Rock MCNAIR born 1 Jul. 1860, died 20 Apr. 1872. Twin
  • 2) Dr. Rush MCNAIR born 1 Jul 1860, died after 1938 IL. He married 1) Mary Ann EVERARD, 2) Ette May CRANDAL, 3) Patti R RUFFNER. Rush was a graduate of North-Western & Chicago Medical College. Children of Rush MCNAIR and Mary Ann Everard: Burnet Osborn MCNAIR, Ruth Everard MCNAIR: Children of Rush MCNAIR and Ette May Crandal: Rush Noel MCNAIR
  • 3) Earl MCNAIR born 30 Sep. 1863, died 30 Sep. 1864.
  • 4) Samuel Platt MCNAIR born 31 May 1866, died 2 Mar 1867.

10) John Smith MCNAIR born 20 Feb. 1826 in Venango, Erie Co. PA, died 12 Sep. 1890 in Corry Erie Co. PA. He is buried in Lowville Cemetery Erie Co. PA. John married Jane BENTON, daughter of Gilbert Benton and Jemima Seavey, 30 Apr. 1856 in Kaneville Kane Co. IL. Jane born in 1832 in Allegheny NY, died in 1902 in Chicago IL. She is buried in Kaneville Cemetery, Kane Co. IL. John was visiting in Kane Co. prior to his 1856 marriage to Jane. He may have accompanied his cousin Thomas Smith and some of Thomas’ brothers there. Thomas married Jane’s sister Eliza in 1857. John and Jane returned to Erie Co. after their marriage. When John’s mother died in 1858, he took over the McNair homestead, remaining there most of his life. Jane and John must have divorced sometime in the early 1860's. Jane married Hiram Doty Oct 30, 1866 in Kane Co IL.. Children of John Smith MCNAIR and Jane BENTON:

  • 1) John MCNAIR 1858 Erie PA, died Nov. 1910 Idaho Falls ID
  • 2) Ernest W MCNAIR born 28 Jul. 1860 IL. He married Belle BURKE 24 Mar 1894 IA. Ernest graduated from the Chicago Veterinary College in 1891. Children of Ernest W MCNAIR and Belle BURKE: Harry Dean MCNAIR
  • 3) Esther MCNAIR born in Erie Co. PA. She married John BELLAMY in IL. They lived in Larned Kansas. Children of Esther MCNAIR and John BELLAMY: William BELLAMY, Julia BELLAMY, Samuel BELLAMY

11) Mary Jane MCNAIR born 2 Sep. 1827, died 25 Jul. 1876 Venango, Erie Co. PA. She married Wareham B WILLIAMS, a doctor in 1849 in Erie Co. PA. Wareham born in 1823, died 19 Jun. 1883. Both are buried in Lowville Cemetery Erie Co. PA. They lived in Wattsburg Erie Co.

12) Harvey MCNAIR born in 1829 in Venango, Erie Co. PA, died in 1893 in Batavia Kane Co. IL. He married Permelia ACRES 21 Jul. 1852 in Batavia Kane Co. IL. Permelia born in 1831 in NY, died in 1852 in Kane Co. IL. He then married her sister Mary Ann ACRES 1 Mar 1856 in IL. Mary Ann born 24 Nov. 1834 in NY. Harvey went to Kane Co. in 1843. He was in the mercantile business and a farmer. During the Civil War he enlisted 12 Sept. 1861 in the 8th ILL Cavalry. Children of Harvey MCNAIR and Permelia ACRES: Mary Dollie MCNAIR died as an infant in Kane Co. IL. Children of Harvey MCNAIR and Mary Ann ACRES: Jed F MCNAIR born on 8 Dec. 1856, died 17 June 1928 IL. He married Mary A Smith, born 1864, died 1928. They lived in Batavia IL

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