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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

Family of Thomas J. Barton and Rhoda N. Calkins

Contributed by Donna Merrill

Site visitor Donna Merrill provided the family history below in July 2016. It is being posted at this time. Thomas Barton and his family settled in Erie County around 1855. Most of this family remained. Any questions or comments concerning this family history should be sent directly to Donna Merrill.

by Donna Merrill.

Thomas J. BARTON, my oldest known ancestor, was born 3 July 1805 in Dutchess County, NY, and died 7 Dec 1870 in Erie County, PA. I have been unable to find out who Thomas's parents were, but in 2002 my brother participated in the Barton Family Organization, Phase 2, DNA Project which linked us to the Roger Barton family of Westchester, NY.

In the book "The Calkins Family Manuscript" by Mrs. Turney Sharps, it stated that Thomas was born in Dutchess County, NY in 1805 and was also married there in 1826. Family bible records which came to light a few years ago from Vance Morton, Steve Cummins and more recently, Rhea Handley, state that Thomas was married 28 Apr 1825 in Oswego County, NY to Rhoda N. CALKINS, born 12 Sep 1809 in Coburg, Ontario, Canada, and died 29 Jul 1880 in Erie County, PA. She was the daughter of Salmon CALKINS and Eunice RICHARDSON. Both Thomas J. and Rhoda N. Calkins BARTON were buried at Phillipsville Cemetery in Erie County, PA. The dates on the headstone support their birth and death dates. I also have obituaries for Thomas and Rhoda from the Erie Morning Dispatch, Erie County, PA.

Thomas and Rhoda are found listed on the 1830 Census of Jefferson County, NY. Further research at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah has not revealed any paper trail for them in Jefferson or Oswego County, NY. Rhoda had most of her family living in the Jefferson/Oswego County, NY area at that time.

Thomas and Rhoda are next found listed on the 1840 and 1850 Census of Trenton Village, Oneida County, NY where the remainder of their children were born. One child , Lewis King BARTON died there 3 Oct 1841. There are some deed records on Thomas in Oneida County.

Thomas and Rhoda then migrated to Greene Twp., Erie County, PA before 1860 and settled there. Many of Rhoda's siblings lived there, then moved on to Michigan or Wisconsin.

Listed below are the children of Thomas & Rhoda Calkins BARTON.

A) Lewis b. 19 Feb 1826 in Oswego County, NY d. 26 Feb 1826.

B) William Morris b. 2 May 1827 in Brownville, Jefferson County, NY, d. 9 Sep 1900 in Erie County, PA. married 2 May 1848 in NY to Arvilla PUTNEY b. 22 Oct 1826 in Crown Point, NY, d. 29 Oct 1900 in Erie County, PA, daughter of Daniel PUTNEY and Mary HEATH. Both are buried in Lakeside Cemetery, Erie County, PA. This family stayed in Erie County, PA. Children of William and Arvilla were:
1) Ida Josephine, b. 13 Feb 1853 in Erie, PA, d. 8 Jun 1853 in Erie, PA.
2) Ada Isadore, b. 4 Apr 1854 in Erie, PA, d. 27 Apr 1854 in Erie, PA.
3) Hattie G., b. 12 Apr 1855 in Erie, PA, d. 16 Apr 1855 in Erie, PA.
4) William T., b. 9 Jun 1850 in Erie, PA, d. 22 May 1910 in Erie, PA, married 14 Sep 1875 in Erie, PA to Marion (Minnie) A. THAYER.
5) Emma Juliette, b. 19 Mar 1856 in Erie, PA , d. 10 Jul 1937, married Joseph Cook BRYNER.
6) Ella May, b. 30 Mar 1859 in Erie, PA.
7) Benjamin Chandler, b. 27 Nov 1860 in Erie, PA, d. 4 Aug 1929 in Erie PA, married 1) Rebecca Rhea HILES, married 2) Pearl GREEN.
8) Charles Henry, b. 8 Nov 1862 in Erie, PA, d. 13 Apr 1882 in Erie, PA. (Many thanks to Rhea HANDLEY of Erie County, PA and Scott BRYNER of AK for this information).

C) George W. b. 27 Mar 1829 in Ellisburg, Jefferson County, NY, d. 10 Jun 1922 in Wayne County, MI. married 21 Mar 1850 in Erie County, PA to 1) Margaret ORR b. 2 Feb 1832 in Erie County, PA , d. 28 May 1860 in Erie County, PA. 2) married 28 Nov 1860 in Erie County, PA to Sophia ORR b. 18 Nov 1842 in Erie County, PA, d. 16 Mar 1910 in Erie County, PA. Both Margaret and Sophia were daughters of Joseph ORR and Nancy MCKINLEY. George, Margaret and Sophia are buried at Lakeside Cemetery, Erie County, PA. George W. BARTON stayed in Erie County, PA.
*Children of George W. BARTON and Margaret ORR:
1) Sarah Louisa, b. 23 Jun 1852 in Erie, PA, married 13 May 1875 in Erie, PA to Lewis F. THOMPSON.
2) Frank Henry, b. 21 Feb 1854 in Erie, PA, d. 56 Nov 1918 in Erie, PA married 7 Sep 1881 in Erie, PA to Mary Emma JACKSON.
3) John Samuel/Joseph O., b. 3 Nov 1856 in Erie, PA, married Rosa A. ?.
*Children by George W. BARTON and Sophia ORR:
1) Grove Dammond b. 11 Sep 1859 in Erie, PA d. 16 May 1912 in Erie, PA.
2) Stella Sophia, b. 14 Jul 1869 in Erie, PA, married 25 Dec 1904 in Erie, PA to Charles H. NUHN.
3) Nellie K., b. 27 Nov 1872 married Victor H. BENNETT.
4) Lloyd G., b. 3 Aug 1877 in Erie, PA, married 22 Dec 1906 in Erie, PA to Minnie S. LAIRD.
5) Gerald Payson, b. 27 Jun 1879 in Erie, PA, d. 31 Aug 1934.
6) Margaret E., b. 9 Jan 1881 in Erie, PA, married 28 Jan 1902 in Erie, PA to Eli D. SMITH.
7) Hazel M., b. 12 Sep 1885 in Erie, PA, married 29 Oct 1904 in Niagara Falls, Niagara County, NY to George Reid YAPLE.

D) Jane Marie b. 12 Nov 1831 in Brownville, Jefferson County, NY, d. 8 Dec 1911 in Erie County, PA. married 10 May 1852 in Oneida County, NY to Andrew FRAZIER b. 26 Mar 1827 in Oneida County, NY, d. 13 May 1911 in Erie County, PA, son of Alexander FRAZIER and Lovica FISH. Andrew and Julia are both buried in Lakeside Cemetery, Erie County, PA . They stayed in Erie County, PA. Their children were:
1) Charles, b. 2 Feb 1853 in Erie, PA.
2) Marion C., b. 28 Jan 1855 in NY/PA, married D. C. (Dell) TUBBS.
3) Annabelle, b. 9 Sep 1858 in Erie, PA, married 8 Jun 1875 James Francis CUMMINS.
4) William H., b. 24 Jul 1860 in Erie, PA, d. 11 Jul 1945, married Louisa H. RAEDER.
5) Thomas B., b. 15 Apr 1862 in Erie, PA.
6) Dora J., James, b. 20 Aug 1865, married John MANGEL.
7) James, b. 30 Aug 1868 in Erie, PA.
8) Jessie b. 12 Aug 1872 in Erie, PA.
9) Sophia Estelle, b.13 Nov 1874 in Erie, PA, married 1904 to Peter Edward SHUSTER.
(Many thanks to Steve CUMMINS, and Lisa MATTSON for this information)

E) Lewis King b. 2 Apr 1834 in Brownville, Jefferson County, NY d. 3 Oct 1841 in Trenton, Oneida County, NY.

F) John Elias b. 18 Feb 1836 in Brownville, Jefferson County, NY, married 1) in Erie, PA, Nancy A. SMITH, b. ca. 1838, d. 5 Sep 1884 in Erie, PA, daughter of James SMITH and Lucretia WILLIAMS. John possibly married 2) 12 Mar 1885 in Erie, PA to E. A. SHERMAN. Children of John Elias BARTON and Nancy A. SMITH:
1) John Jr., b. 25 Sep 1858 in Erie, PA, d. 2 Aug 1922 in Erie, PA, married Nellie ?.
2) F. E., b. abt 1860 in Erie, PA.
3) James b. abt 1862 in Erie, PA.
4) Sophia J., b. abt 1866 in Erie, PA, married 1 Oct 1883 in Erie, PA to Eli L. SUTTLE.

G) Sarah Mahalie, b. 3 Oct 1838 in Trenton, Oneida County, NY, married in Erie, PA, Charles NEWSHAM, b. abt 1835 in PA, son of Charles and Mary NEWSHAM of England. Charles and Sarah were said to have migrated to California. Sarah was found in the 1920 Census of Douglas County, MN, age 81, in the home of Byron E. and (daughter) May M. HOWE. She was listed as mother-in-law. Children of Charles NEWSHAM and Sarah M. BARTON were:
1) Mary "May", b. abt 1860 in WI, married Byron E. HOWE.
2) Nellie, b. abt. 1862 in WI.< br> 3) George, b. abt. 1865 in PA.
4) Jennie, b. abt. 1867 in PA.

H) Ellen/Helen Sophia b. 29 Mar 1840 in Trenton, Oneida County, NY. No further record.

I) Thomas Peter, b. 9 Sep 1843 in Trenton, Oneida County, NY, d. 11 Jun 1892 in Erie County, PA. married 31 Mar 1869 in Erie County, PA to Caroline (Carrie) E. BRACE b. 23 May 1849 in Erie County, PA, d. 5 Jul 1924 in Erie County, PA, daughter of Nathaniel BRACE and Elizabeth LAWRENCE. Thomas and Carrie are buried in Erie Cemetery, Erie County, PA. Thomas and Carrrie stayed in Erie County, PA. Children of Thomas P. BARTON and Carrie BRACE were:
1) Winnie L., b. abt 1872 in Erie, PA, d. 1891 in Erie, PA.
2) Bessie E., b. 8 Oct 1879 in Erie, PA, d. Jun 1965 in Erie, PA, married Samuel H. WINGER.

J) Julia Estrella, b. 13 Jun 1845 in Trenton, Oneida County, NY, d. 14 Aug 1928. Married Jacob RIPLEY, b. 10 Jul 1838 in Erie County, PA, d. 1 Jan 1862 in Erie County, PA, son of David RIPLEY and Anna Nancy FREY. Jacob is buried in the Erie Cemetery, Erie County, PA. Children of Jacob RIPLEY and Julia E. BARTON were:
1) Charles H., b. 22 Jun 1863 in Erie, PA.
2) Lillie Rosalie, b. 23 Nov 1867 in Erie, PA, d. 26 Nov 1947.
3) Silvia Calesta, b. 12 Sep 1874 in Erie, PA, married Jan 1893 to Charles F. BEMIS.
4) Earl Jay, b. 13 Mar 1882 in Erie, PA, d. 19 Jan 1967 in Erie, PA, married Lea M. KLINKHAMMER.
(Many thanks to Calvin HENRY of Maricopa County, AZ for this information).

**K) (my line) Franklin Henry P., b. 30 Sep 1847 in Trenton, Oneida County, NY, d. 24 Jul 1940 in Los Angeles County, CA, buried Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA., married 10 Oct 1868 in Sauk County, WI to Louvisa CLINGENSMITH b. 1846 in Morgan County, OH, d. 9 Nov 1920 in Newton County, Missouri, buried in Howard Cemetery, McDonald County, Missouri, daughter of Philip CLINGENSMITH and Pleasy WOODS. After their marriage, Henry and Louvisa migrated to Erie County, PA, Fayette County, Ohio, Guthrie County, Iowa, McDonald County, Missouri where Louvisa died, then Henry finally went to Los Angeles County, California where he re-married 18 Jun 1922 in Los Angeles, CA to Mrs. Tennia (DELVIN) BESSETT, they had no children. Children of Franklin Henry BARTON and Louvisa CLINGENSMITH were:
1) Inez Belle, b. 6 Oct 1869 in Erie, PA, d. 17 May 1954 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, TX, married Arthur Otis CUNNINGHAM.
2) Myrtle P., b. 18 Oct 1874 in Guthrie County, IA, d. 24 Aug 1929 in Polk County, IA, married 27 Dec 1897 in Jackson County, MO to Walter BRATTON.
3) Cora Della, b. 12 Aug 1875 in Fayette County, OH, married 8 Mar 1903 in Jackson County, MO to Albert Patrick OLSEN.
4) ** (my line) Harry Wintersmith, b. 1 Apr 1878 in Fayette County, OH, d. 19 Nov 1953 in Los Angeles, CA, married in MO to Alma June COOK, b. 14 Jun 1901 in Carroll County, AR, d. 18 Feb 1837 in McDonald County, MO, daughter of Lafayette COOK and Rutha Jane BAILEY.

L) Charles H. b. 7 Dec 1849 in Trenton, Oneida County, NY. Married and moved to Michigan. No further information.

M) James b. 5 Jan 1853 in Trenton, Oneida County, NY, married 1) Irene DUMAN. No known children. James married 2) Minnie L. ?. b. Apr 1866 in NY. James was listed in the 1900 Census of Erie County, PA, the 1910 Census of Chautauqua County, NY and in the 1920 Census of Mobile, Alabama. I believe he died there 29 Feb 1920. Children of James E. and Minnie L. BARTON were:
1) Harrison J., b. Feb 1889 in NY, died 31 Mar 1847 in Erie County, PA, married Frances L. ?,.
2) Emma C. b. Sep 1890 in PA.
3) Vera A. b. Jul 1893 in PA.
4) Morris E. b. May 1900, died before 1910.
5) A. Cecil b. 1903 in PA.

N) Fredrick J., b. 16 Jul 1854 in Trenton, Oneida County, NY, married 16 Jul 1874 in Isabella County, MI to Mary Emma FOURNEY b. Jan 1857, daughter of Moses FOURNEY and Elizabeth WISER. Fredrick and Mary migrated to Washington State. Children of Fredrick BARTON and Mary FOURNEY were:
1) George, b. 28 Jun 1877 in Erie County, PA.
2) Nellie Augusta, b. 2 Jan 1879, married 9 Dec 1897 in Riverton, MI to Alexander Robert MORTON.
3) Lottie, b. 5 Oct 1884 in Hillsdale, MI, married 17 Nov 1903 in Mason County, MI to Edward WENZEL.
4) Fredrick Jr., b. 16 Feb 1888 in Ingham County, MI, married 7 Jan 1917 in Pierce County, WA .
(Many thanks to Vance Morton for this information).

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