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Brindle Family History

Contributed by Evelyn Baker

The article below is written by Evelyn Baker based mostly on records provided by Florence Myers Sorenson of Lake City. Florence is the 6th generation decendent of Mathias Brindle and still lives within ten miles of the old homestead. The Brindle Family collection originated with Louise Brindle Myers, 2nd great granddaughter of pioneer Mathias Brindle. The records were typed into a note book by her youngest daughter, Grace. After their deaths, the records were bequeathed to another daughter, Florence. Mathias Brindle was one of the first settlers in western Erie County. His son, Joseph Brindle was the first white male child born in Springfield Township and so marks their place in history. If anyone has any question or comments relating to this article, please contact Evelyn Baker directly.


They came with their strength and spirit, driving a span of horses and cleared the wilderness. Mathias Brindle and his sons cultivated farms on the then western frontier. Wolves, bear, and deer were both troublesome and provided food. Native American Indians occupied the same virgin forest and the Brindle family flourished among them.

1786 - Mathias Brindle is listed on tax rolls in Green Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

1800 - Mathias Brindle, born in 1777 at Cumberland County, was among the first frontiersmen to settle in Springfield Township. Some family records state that he was born in Franklin County. Research of Ancestry's Redbook shows that Franklin County did not exist until 1784, when a southwestern section was divided off the parent, Cumberland County, to form a new Franklin Co. Mathias settled on 400 acres on the banks of Lake Erie. In the fall, he returned and married Elizabeth Hassler, born February 10, 1778 of York Co.

1801 - Mathias and Elizabeth returned in the spring. A son, Joseph Brindle, was the first white male child born in Springfield Township (born March 5, 1802).

Children of Mathias and Elizabeth Hassler Brindle:

1 - John Hassler Brindle b. August 4, 1800 ... d. May 29, 1852

2 - Joseph Brindle b. March 5, 1802 ... d. May 17, 1885

3 - Melchiah Brindle b. January 15, 1804 . d. January 29, 1850

4 - Catherine Brindle b. January 16, 1806 ....... d. July 17, 1872

5 - Samuel Holiday Brindle b. November 11, 1807. d. January 11, 1898

6 - A baby boy - no date or name known.

7 - Mary Ann Brindle b. March 13, 1811 ..... d. December 6, 1886

8 - Elizabeth Brindle b. August 26, 1813 ..... d. August 24, 1872

9 - Charlotte Leah Brindle b. December 29, 1816 .. d. October 27, 1853

10 - Harriet Rebecca Brindle b. March 1, 1818 ...... d. November 26, 1905

11 - and a twin brother (not named)

12 - Perry Mathias Brindle b. November 19, 1820 .. d. February 20, 1899

13 - George Washington Brindle b. August 28, 1823 d. November 11, 1900

Mathias was a prominent farmer, and his sons helped clear the land that was subdivided into 4 farms, bounded on the north by Lake Erie. Their routes of travel between farms were the shores of Lake Erie and bridle paths through a densely wooded forest. Mathias held township office, and was a member of the Presbyterian Church.

1812 - Mathias served as a soldier in the War of 1812.

1813 - Elizabeth Hassler Brindle made a 300 mile journey, on horseback, to visit family. A neighbor and scout, Samuel Holiday, carried baby Elizabeth Brindle. Holiday was also a native of the Franklin/Cumberland Co. area, and preceded the Brindles to Springfield Township.

Scanned photos of the Brindle Homestead

Brindle Homestead - 1917 Brindle Barn - 1917 Brindle Homestead - 1917

Brindle Homestead distant view - 1917 Post Card of Barn dated 1904 Old log Brindle School

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1826 - Oct. 5, Joseph Brindle m. Lodicia (Lodossha) Putney, a Canadian native, and daughter of Jewet Putney. Joseph owned 103 acres of his father's homestead. He was member of the Christian Church, and a Republican.

Their children:

Sarah E. married Adolphus Maxina moved to Wisconsin

Franklin M. Brindle

J. Willie Brindle

Charlotte M. Brindle

Louisa H. Brindle

Martha Brindle who lived her lifetime at the Springfield homestead.

1828 - October 16, John Hassler Brindle married Melinda Colton

Their children:

Harriet Elizabeth Brindle

Cordelia Charlotte Brindle

Caroline Emeline Brindle

William Harrison Brindle

Henry Jefferson Brindle

James Madison Brindle

Mathias Colton Brindle

George Washington Brindle

Mary Melinda Brindle

Melchiah Brindle married Miss Sally Ward, no date available

Their Children:

Lizzie Brindle

Emily Brindle

Ada Brindle

Mary Ann Brindle

Asa Brindle

Catherine Brindle married Hubbard Tyler, no date available

Their Children:

Charlotte Tyler

Elizabeth Tyler

Jane Tyler

Samuel Holiday Brindle married Mary Ebersole, no date available.

Mary was the daughter of Joseph Ebersole, from Lancaster County and Catherine Wagner of Viringia. She was born in 1820 and died in 1904.

Their children:

Adella Brindle born about 1852 in Springfield Twp, died January 6, 1930, married Dr. Arthur Woods .... 1877 of Erie, Pa. - occ. Erie's 1st practicing woman physician. Their children: Mrs. T. O. ( Bertha ) Andrews of Erie, Pa., Mrs. Ethel Woods Humphrey

Samuel E. Brindle b. 1849 ... d. 1882. Interment: Girard Cemetery

John A. Brindle d. ...... August 13, 1938, m. Kitty Lanfear ... 1888, Interment: Erie Cemetery

Catherine V. Brindle b. 1847 ... d. 1849, Interment: Springfield Cemetery

Mary Ann Brindle married Mr. Bigger, no date available

Their children:

Mary Bigger

John Bigger

Mathias Bigger

After Mr. Biggers death, Mary Ann married Frank Randall - no children.

1846 - February 11th - Elizabeth Brindle m. Andrew Nicholson, d. February 18, 1879

Their Children:

Perry M. Nicholson

John E. Nicholson

George W. Nicholson

Della I. Nicholson

Charlotte Brindle did not marry.

Harriet Brindle did not marry.

1846 - Perry M. Brindle marrie Janet H. Walbridge, b. 1825, d. 1887, a native of Vermont. Janet's parents, Selah and Elizabeth Stebbins Walbridge, settled in Springfield in 1828. Perry M. and Janet owned 100 acres of the Brindle homestead, and were members of the Christian Church for over 30 years. He was a member of E. A. U., and a Republican in politics.

Their children:

Adelbert H. Brindle b. 1848 ... d. 1927, m. Emma L. b. 1856 ... d. 1881

Charlotte E. Brindle m. A. W. Walker

Unknown ( 3rd child )

George Washington Brindle m. Lucretia Sayre (b. 1824 ... d. 1909)

Their children:

Nellie Brindle b. 1859 , d. November 10, 1940, m. Frank Stone (b. 1859 ..... d. October 19, 1941) on October 6, 1886. One son: Eber ...... b. d. 1929

Arthur Grant Brindle: b. 1864 .... d. March 30, 1948; m. Anna Hurlburt .(b. 1869 ...... d. September 21, 1906) on November 27, 1890. Their Children:

1886 - Notice Of A Marriage

Stone - Brindle -- At the residence of the brides's father in North Springfield, on Wednesday, October 6th, 1886, by Rev. Amzi Wilson, Mr. Frank Stone and Miss Nellie A. Brindle.

† Land Records


Taken in 1850 for the year 1851 levy

John H. Brindle farmed 11 acres, held a $50 mortgage, owned 1 cow. Valued at $270, and paid $1.62 tax.

Joseph Brindle farmed 100 acres, held $100 mortgage, owned 5 cows, and 2 horses. Valued at $1,018 and he paid $6.11 tax.

Melchiah Brindle farmed 805 acres, held mortage of $100. Valued at $905 and he paid $5.43 tax.

Samuel Holiday Brindle farmed 108 acres, held a $200 mortgage, owned 2 oxen, 1 horse, and 3 cows. Valued at $1,273 and paid $7.64 tax.

Perry Mathias Brindle owned 100 acres of land, 2 cows, and 2 horses valued at $1082. He paid $6.49 taxes

George W. Brindle farmed 92 acres, owned 2 cows and 2 horses valued at $905. He paid $5.13 taxes. Tract # 560-

1855 - An 1855 map of Springfield Township located at the Hazel Kibler Museum, Girard, Pa., shows Brindle Corners with the homes of Perry Mathias Brindle, Samuel Holiday Brindle, and Charlotte Brindle Walker built near Lake Erie, on the north side of the Old Lake Road, and east of Racoon Creek. Brindle School was located on the southeast corner of Eagley Road and the Old Lake Road and the children followed the Creek banks to school.

1866 - DEED - June 9, 1866, recorded June 27, 1866, in Deed Book 27, page 70.

Consideration $150.00.

From Samuel Holiday and Elizabeth Holiday, his wife, of the first part to Albert H. Smith, George W. Brindle, Norman F. Ellis, trustees of the North Springfield Academy, of the second part, in trust for the stockholders of said academy.

Conveys all that certain lot of land situate in the Township of Springfield, County of Erie, and State of Pennsylvania, bounded and described as follows:

Beginning in the center of the road leading to Springfield Cross Roads, and near a line between Samuel Holiday and John Horton; thence southerly 72 west 15 perches; thence southerly 18 east 10 17/25 perches; thence northerly 72 and 15 perches; thence along the center of the road north 18 west 10 17/25 perches to the place of beginning, containing one acre of land. Provided that said trustees shall be at the expense of keeping a ditch open along the side of the road and build a fence and keep it in repair.

1873 - 74, Gazetteer and Business Directory, published in 1873, lists Post Office address' of :

Sherman and Brindle - North Springfield ( M. Z. Sherman and Adelbert H. Brindle ) ................. dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, etc.

Brindle, George W. - North Springfield - Rt. # 5 - farmer - lot 110

Brindle, Joseph - North Springfield - Rt. # 5 - farmer - lot 100

Brindle, Perry M. - East Springfield - Rt. # 48 - farmer - lot 100

1876 - Map of Springfield Township, section 590, shows about approximately 100 acres, each farmed by: J. Brindle; S. Brindle; and P. Brindle.

Reunion and Activities

1864 - Samuel Holiday Brindle and George Washington Brindle became Charter members of The Springfield Cemetery Board.

1887 - September 10th, about this time, a Brindle reunion was held at the home of Mrs. Mary Brindle on the Buffalo Rd. Among those attending were one original family member, Perry M. Brindle. Others were Mrs. Delia McFarland; Mrs. Caroline Hazeltine and James Brindle of Painsville, Ohio; John E. Nicholson and family; Seth Willis and family; George Nicholson and family; John A. Brindle family of East Millcreek; Rev. J. H. Wilson and family of Erie; Addison Walker and family of West 8th St., Erie; A. H. Brindle and children; Samuel E. Brindle family; Mary Ann Brindle Bigger and son; and Dr. Adelia Woods and family, French St., Erie, Pa. The family is said to have developed largely into a female lineage.

Death Notices and Obituaries

1840 - died July 20, Elizabeth Hassler Brindle

Burial: Springfield Cemetery ... ESA 257 ... Lot # 93

1845 - October 10, Mathias Brindle died


Erie Gazette - October 16, 1845

DIED: On the 10 inst. after a short illness Mr. Mathias Brindle, an old and much respected citizen of Springfield Township, in the 69th year of his age.

Burial: Springfield Cemetery ... ESA 256 ... Lot # 93 ... Book # 47

An inventory of his estate, by James Dixon and Gilbert Hurd, lists:

7 hogs ........................ $10.00 for the lot

calves ......................... $ 1.60 each

sheep .......................... .60 each

apples ......................... .15 a bushel

potatoes ..................... .20 a bushel

1 bull and 4 yearlings ... $18.00

All the chickens, geese, ducks, and turkeys on the place ... $5.00

1850 - February 7th, Melchiah Brindle died


DIED - Suddenly, with a disease of the heart, in Springfield Township, on the 29th ult., Mr. Melchiah Brindle, in the 47th year of his age. In the death of Mr. Brindle, a large circle of relatives and neighbors have lost a beloved friend - the poor, a benefactor - the church, a useful member, and the community, a good man. But they mourn "not as those without hope".

Interment was in Springfield Cemetery, lot # 92

1880 - Lodicia Putney Brindle b. 1805 d. 1880

Burial: Springfield Cemetery ... Lot # 4

1883 - April 12th, J. Willie Brindle died.


The many friends of J. Willie Brindle, of Springfield, were greatly agitated last Thursday upon receiving information of his sudden death, although those most conversant with his state of health were not surprised.

Mr. Brindle was the youngest and only surviving son of Joseph Brindle, Esq. who has long since passed the allotted three score and ten years, and who, out of a large family, has but two left to be with him in his closing years, one, a daughter at home, and the other, a daughter, residing is Wisconsin.

The deceased was born April 19, 1866, and educated at the Academy in East Springfield. At an early age, he began teaching school, became principal of North Springfield Academy. In 1873, he completed his music education at Oberlin, Ohio, and in 1875, graduated at the Hillsdale Commercial College.

An accomplished musician, he spent much time, until 1877 teaching music at home, Ladoga, Wisconsin, St. Paul, Minnesota, and other western cities. From 1877 to 1880, he conducted a private school and was church organist at Montague, Michigan. In 1880 to 1881, he held a position in a railroad office at Detroit, Michigan. In May 1881, owing to heart trouble, his physicians informed him that he would live but a short time, and advised him to seek the country and the benefits of the atmosphere and mild exercise, there to be attained. He returned to his Springfield home, and remained here until his death. He consulted many physicians, but received hope from none. He had suffered much lately and evidently anticipated his early fate.

On Thursday last, he had been more usually active, having driven to the mill, a distance of nearly 5 miles, in the forenoon, stopping on the way to give a music lesson. In the afternoon, he ventured to assist his father in preparing shingle bolts from the blocks already sawed. He was engaged in splitting the bolts and his father in drawing them from the woods with a horse and wagon. Returning with a load, the father missed him from the place where he had lingering hope that life might not be extinct, it was decided to place his been at work. Thinking he had gone to a neighbors, he went on for another load.

On his return, he glanced across a brook and saw his son in a reclining position, and a corpse. He had been smoking a Meerschaum pipe, and still retained it in his mouth. He had crossed the creek, getting his feet slightly wet, ascended the bank, which was but a few feet high, and gone but a short distance, when he fell. Death had been instantaneous.

He possessed a quiet and sensitive disposition, never intruding, always ready to do another a favor, thoughtful of others and allowing discourtesies to pass unresented. His chief pleasure was in pleasing others. The funeral took place Saturday at 1 p. m. at his home. The house and yard were filled with relatives and friends. The services were conducted by Rev. E. M. Kernick, West Springfield.

Owing to the unusual life-like appearance of the corpse ( inanimation being the only evidence of the pale messenger's presence) and the existence of a remains in the vault at the Springfield cemetery and keep it there several days before internment, which was done.

Mr. Brindle was a chorister and organist at the Methodist Episcopal Church at West Springfield. On Sunday, a look of sadness was on the faces of all, and the sorrow which had overtaken them in the death of one whom they esteemed so highly was the theme of conversation. The organ was draped in mourning and during the service remained as quiet as he who had so recently presided at the keys.

1885 - May 17th, Joseph Brindle died.


Joseph Brindle of Springfield, died on Sunday last. The deceased lived on the Lake Road about 2 miles west of North Springfield at the farm which he had owned and lived upon for 60 years or more, having become the owner at an early day when it was entirely covered with forest, cleared the woods, made himself a pleasent home and there raised a family of seven children, all of whom attained the years of men and women. All but 2 of whom, with his wife, have preceded him to the after world.

Mr. Brindle was born March 5, 1802, within mile of the place where he died. He was the 1st white male child born in Springfield Township, Pa. Although he traveled some, his home was always in the same place. For many years, he had been a member of the Christian Church. The two members who survive him are Mrs. Sarah Maxon who resides at Brandon, Wisconsin, and his youngest daughter, Martha, who had always lived at home. Few leave behind them a better reputation for honesty and straightforwardness in dealing with their fellowmen. For these and many other good qualities, Mr. Brindle will be long remembered. The funeral took place at the house on Wednesday, the 20th inst., at 1 o'clock p.m.

1899 - February 21st, Perry M. Brindle died


Perry M. Brindle, 78 years of age, died at 3 o'clock Monday morning at the home of his son-in-law, A. E. Walker, school director, of 332 W. 8th Street, where he has made his home for the past 7 years. He has been seriously ill with an afflection of the heart for the past two years. Funeral services will be held tomorrow at 3 o'clock at the residence of West Eighth Street. Rev. A. C. Ellis officiating, and interment will be in Springfield Township on Wednesday.

The deceased was born November 19, 1829 in Springfield Township, the 12th child of Mathias and Elizabeth Brindle. His parents were pioneers in this section and cleared 400 acres of land on the banks of Lake Erie. His brother, Joseph, the second of the family, was the first white boy born in Springfield Township. P. M. Brindle was united in marriage in 1846 with Janet, daughter of Sela and Elizabeth Walbridge, was a native of Vermont. Three Children were born of this union, with 2 surviving, Adelbert H. and Charlotte Leah, wife of A. E. Walker. The deceased lived on the farm at Springfield until coming to the city in 1892.

1938 - August 13th, John Brindle died.


With the passing of John A. Brindle, 1507 Buffalo Road in East Millcreek Twsp., where he lived the last quarter part of his life, the community has suffered a personal loss. Almost the last of the pioneer settlers there, he had watched the march of progress of the community and engaged in its advancefrom the time he was a child of three. Actively engaged in whatever seemed to further progress the community, the deceased was a leader in every respect. His friends were many and youth stood closest to his heart, as was revealed by the number of the younger generation who gathered at his bier to pay tribute to their grand old friend.

The deceased was born in North Springfield, Pa., the son of Samuel H. and Mary Ebersole Brindle. When he was 3 years of age, he moved with his parents to a home on Buffalo Road. There he had lived for 72 years until his death last Sunday.

Married to Kitty Lanfear in 1888, the couple were to have celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on Aug. 23. Six children were born to this union and 3 survive. They include 2 daughters, Mrs. Walter A. Gleason and Mrs. J. Albert Patton, and one son, Harold Ebersole Brindle. Eight grandchildren living were: Jean and Ruth Gleason, Donald and Mary Elizabeth Patton, Marion, John and Alice Kretzshmar and James Brindle.

The body was borne to the grave by the 6 nephews of the deceased man. Interment was made in the family lot in Erie Cemetery.

1905 - Nov. 26th, Harriet R. Brindle died


Harriet R. Brindle was born on the old Brindle homestead in Springfield Twsp., on March 1st, 1818. She died November 26, 1905 at the advanced age of 87 years, 8 months, and 25 days.

She was the last one of a family of 13 children, eleven of whom grew to manhood and womanhood. In the spring of 1847, she, together with her brother, George, who died 5 years ago, and her sister Charlotte, long since deceased, moved to the place which has been her home for more than 58 years.

She had been for many years, a member of the Presbyterian Church of East Springfield in which she took a great interest and aided its support.

Of her many good qualities, it is needless to speak, as she was well and favorably known to all her many friends.

1900 - Nov. 11th, George Washington Brindle died.


On Wednesday, November 14, regardless of the storm, many sorrowing elatives and friends met to pay a last tribute of respect to Geo. W. Brindle, a life long resident of Springfield Township. Rev. Wm. N. Todd conducted the services which were brief and impressive. The Choir consisted of Mrs. S. Cross, Miss Todd, E. S. Miller and Charles Cross. They sang, "Jesus, Lover of My Soul" and "Nearer My God To Thee". Pallbearers were J. H. Hall, W. O. Stone, Findley Miller, and J. H. Crew.

Mr. Brindle had been in poor health for some time, but the end came peacefully on Sunday evening November 11, 1900. He was born August 28, 1847 on the old Brindle homestead near Eagley's Grove. In the spring of 1847, he moved to the place where he spent the remaining years of his life. He was the youngest of a family of 13 children. Of this family, there remains but one, his sister Harriet R. Brindle, who with his wife, a son and daughter, together with their families, are left to mourn his loss.

1909 - May 12th, Lucretia Brindle died


The death of Mrs. Lucretia Brindle occurred on Wednesday, May 12, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. F. E. Stone in North Springfield, Funeral services were held Saturday, May 15 and were conducted by Rev. Sammons. Interment was in the Springfield Cemetery.

Lucretia Sayre was born in Fairview township, August 24, 1824. She married George Washington Brindle, who died November 1900. Two children were born to this union, A. G. Brindle and Mrs. F. E. Stone, both of whom reside at North Springfield.

Since the death of her husband, Mrs. Brindle made her home with her daughter, where she had the best of care and attention all through her declining years.

Several years ago, Mrs. Brindle had a fall from which she never entirely recovered and later she was affected with failing eyesight. But in spite of afflictions, she lived far beyond her allotted three score years and ten. All through her illness, her patience was unfailing.

Mrs. Brindle was a woman who was highly respected and esteemed by all who knew her. Her friends say of her that she was a kind and generous woman, sympathetic and good to the poor and afflicted. These qualities won for her the high regard of those who were associated with her.

1940 - November 10th, Nellie Brindle Stone died


Nellie Brindle Stone was born at North Springfield July 2, 1859 and died November 10, 1940, being 81 years of age.

She was the only daughter of George and Lucretia Sayre Brindle. She spent her entire life in this vicinity, with the excepton of the past several winters in Florida. On the 6th of October, 1886, she married Frank E. Stone, and to this union one son, Eber B. Stone, was born. His death occured in 1919.

She united with the Presbyterian Church in East Springfield nearly 60 years ago, and was a true and faithful member. She was of a kind and generous disposition, a loving wife and mother, a friend to all in trouble or in need. In declining health for some time, she bore her suffering with great fortitude, and at all times, her friends were welcome and appreciated. Surviving are her husband, one brother, Arthur Brindle, and a niece, Mrs. Gaylord Myers. A host of friends mourn her passing.

Friends are invited to call at any time and attend funeral services at the late home, Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. Interment in Springfield Cemetery. A gracious and kindly soul has gone back to God, who gave it.

1948 - March 30th, Arthur Brindle died


Arthur G. Brindle, 83, retired farmer and school director, died Tuesday morning in the home of his daughter, Mrs. Gaylord Myers, Springfield Township, following an illness of six weeks. He was the son of George W. and Lucretia Sayre Brindle, and grandson of Mathias Brindle, one of the township's first settlers. He was born on the Brindle homestead and lived there 80 years.

Mr. Brindle was a member of the Springfield Grange, and trustee of the First Presbyterian Church. He served as school director for 13 years.

Mr. Brindle is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Louise Myers, Springfield Twsp. and four grandchildren, Mrs Anna Kingen of East Springfield; Florence Myers of Erie; Grace Myers of Spingfield Twsp., Clay Myers of North Girard; and one great grandchild. His wife, Anna Hurlburt died in 1906, and a daughter, Florence died in 1914.

1972 - August 10th, Louise Brindle Myers died.


Mrs. Louise B. Myers, 75, of North Springfield, Pa., died Thursday, August 10, 1972, after a long illness. She was born in North Springfield, the daughter of Arthur and Anna Brindle. She was a member of the Federated Church of East Springfield. Survivors include her husband, Gaylord E. Myers; one son, Clay of Girard; three daughters, Mrs. Robert Kinger of Erie, Mrs. Warren ( Florence ) Sorenson of Lake City and Mrs. Grace Knecht, New York City; and 8 grandchildren. A sister, Florence Brindle, preceded her in death. Friends called at the Lester Evans Funeral Home, East Springfield, Sunday. Services were held Monday at 11 a. m. Interment was in the Springfield Cemetery.

Sources: Gazetteer and Business Directory of Erie Co., Pa. 1873 - 1874; New Historical Atlas of Erie Co., Pa., Everts, Ensign, and Everts; Family records of Florence Sorenson; and Bayfront Library newspaper microfilm.

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