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Erie Co Families - Samuel Brooks

Contributed by Ron Bloch

The information below was provided by Ron Bloch and covers part of his Brooks family from the Corry area of Erie County, Pennsylvania, and Tompkins County, New York. This page will focus on the 3rd generation Samuel Brooks. See also the article about James Brooks of Tompkins County and the Faces of Erie County page entitled Brooks Family. It should be noted that all footnotes are outlined in the document titled Brooks Family - Footnote Sources. Comments on the Brooks Family Histories should be sent directly to Ron Bloch.

Third Generation

11. Samuel B.3 Brooks (Mark2, James1) was born 18 May 1823 in Lansing Tompkins Co. NY.48,49,50,51,52 He was the son of Mark Hargen Brooks and Betsey Wood. Samuel died 30 January 1887 in Corry, Erie Co. PA, at the age of 63,53,54,55 and was buried 2 February 1887 in Pine Grove Cemetery, Corry, Pennsylvania.56,57

He married58,59 Sarah Elizabeth Miller 1 April 1843 in Lansing Tompkins Co. NY. She was born 5 March 1825 in Colchester, Delaware Co. NY.60,61,62 Sarah was the daughter of Isaac Miller and Sophia Radeker. She died 29 December 1890 in Corry, Erie Co. PA, at the age of 65,63,64,65,66,67 and was buried 1 January 1891 in Corry, Erie Co. PA.68

They had 9 children:

The following is an excerpt from The History Of Erie County Pennsylvania:

SAMUEL B. BROOKS, attorney, Corry, was born May 18, 1823 in Lansing, Tompkins County, N.Y. His parents, of Irish and English extraction, had a family of nine children, eight of whom are now living. Our subject was the second child and the oldest son in this family. His brothers AbramW., Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Cayuga County, N.Y.; J. Calvin, is a dentist in Lakewood, Mich.; Marcus H., an attorney, residing at Hart, Mich., and M. Hargen, clerk in railroad office at Newcastle, Penn. Our subject was reared on a farm and obtained his early education in the common schools, subsequently attended the academy at Groton, N.Y., and read law at Lawrenceville, Tioga Co., Penn., with John W. Ryan. He was admitted to the bar in 1854 at Wellsboro, where he practiced until 1868, when he came to Corry, where he has since successfully followed his profession. Mr. Brooks was united in marriage, April 1, 1843, with Sarah E. Miller, of American-German ancestry, born in Colchester, N.Y., March 5, 1825. They have had a family of nine children - Charles B., born June 14, 1844, residing in Corry, Sophia E., born July 4, 1846, dying April, 1882; she was the wife of Charles R. Saunders, an attorney at Cleveland; Gasherie D. and Sarah M. (dying in infancy), Stella, wife of Norman W. Allen of Oil City, Penn.; Ida B., wife of L. B. Shave, a machinist, residing in Corry; Julia Florence; Mark H. and Isaac Horton, residing in Corry. Mr. Brooks served as Justice of the Peace five years at Lawrenceville, Tioga Co. Penn. He also served as Justice of the Peace ten years, and Alderman five years in Corry, and re-elected February 1884, for another five years more. Mr. Brooks was subordinate officer in the State Legislature four years, and one year Clerk in the State Treasury Department, Harrisburg, Penn.

The following is an excerpt from Memories Of The Erie County Pa. Bench And Bar:

Samuel B. Brooks, Esq. Samuel B. Brooks, the son of parents of Irish and English extraction, was born in Tompkins County, New York, May 18, 1923 and reared on a farm. He was educated in the common schools and at the Groton (N.Y.) Academy and having studied law with Hon. John W. Ryan of Lawrenceville, Penna., was admitted to the Tioga County Bar in 1854. For fourteen years he practiced his profession in that county, meantime serving five years as justice of the peace at Lawrenceville. He removed from there to Corry and was admitted to the Erie County Bar September 29, 1868, where he thenceforward pursued his profession. The following year (1869), however, he was made a justice of the peace at Corry and served as such for ten years and thereafter until his death as alderman, being practically a continuation of the same office under a new name. He was one of the best magistrates in the county, being uniformly courteous, dignified and just. His practice after coming to this county was interrupted to some extent by official duties and I believe it consisted largely in the settlement of estates and other office business. He rarely appeared in court, although he had law students and kept in touch with the profession. He was of medium height, of stout build, had a remarkably fine face and a personality that inspired confidence; he looked every inch a judge. Esq. Brooks held appointive office in the state legislature for four years and for one year was clerk in the state treasury department. On April 1, 1843, he was united in marriage with Miss Sarah E. Miller, a native of the state of New York. They had a family of nine children, one son, H. Isaac Horton Brooks, is living in Corry and a son and two daughters in Erie. He has fourteen grandchildren, three living in Corry and eleven in Erie. For many years he was a Republican, but supported Horace Greeley for president in 1872 and thereafter was an independent in politics. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church. Samuel B. Brooks died January 30, 1887, and was buried in Pine Grove Cemetery at Corry.

Fourth Generation

19. Isaac Horton4 Brooks (Samuel3, Mark2, James1) was born 28 November 1865 in Elkland Pennsylvania.103,104,105,106 He was the son of Samuel B. Brooks and Sarah Elizabeth Miller. Isaac died 19 June 1937 in Corry, Erie Co. PA, at the age of 71,107,108 and was buried in June 1937 in Pine Grove Cemetery, Corry, Pennsylvania.109,110

He married111,112 Sarah (Sadie) B. Turner113,114 16 September 1890 in Corry, Erie Co. PA. She was born 5 February 1866 in Cochranton, Mercer Co. PA.115,116,117,118 Sarah was the daughter of Nathan Culver Turner and Mary Hill. She died 3 March 1951 in Corry, Erie Co. PA, at the age of 85.119,120,121 The cause of death was Pneumonia. Sarah was buried in March 1951 in Pine Grove Cemetery, Corry, Pennsylvania.122,123

They had 3 children:

Fifth Generation

28. Vera Elizabeth5 Brooks (Isaac4, Samuel3, Mark2, James1) was born 20 October 1896 in Corry, Erie Co. PA.128,129,130,131,132 She was the daughter of Isaac Horton Brooks and Sarah (Sadie) B. Turner. Vera died 22 March 1987 in Mt. Lebanon, Allegheny Co. PA, at the age of 90,133,134,135 and was buried 25 March 1987 in Pine Grove Cemetery, Corry, Pennsylvania.136,137,138

She married139,140 George Dewey Sorenson 19 August 1926 in Corry, Erie Co. PA. He was born 8 March 1898 in Corry, Erie Co. PA.141,142,143,144,145 George was the son of Soren Christian Sorenson and Jensine Olesen Frost. He died 9 September 1971 in Mt. Lebanon, Allegheny Co. PA, at the age of 73.146,147,148 The cause of death was a heart attack. George was buried 11 September 1971 in Pine Grove Cemetery, Corry, Pennsylvania.149,150

They had 2 children:

George Dewey Sorenson grew up on the Sorenson farm consisting of 81 acres at the northeast corner of US Route 6 and Conelway Road, 1.5 miles west of Corry PA. He worked for the Pennsylvania Fish Commission his entire career, starting as a laborer cleaning out the fish ponds, and rose to the highest level that was not politically appointed, Superintendent of Hatcheries. He was responsible for many significant improvements and scientific methods in the propagation of fish. The family lived in a large, white frame house at the Bellefonte hatchery from 1930 until Dewey's retirement in 1961. They then moved to Vera's old family home at 321 E. Pleasant St. in Corry, where she had been born and which had remained in their family since it was built by her grandfather, Samuel, in the late 1860's. Vera graduated from Corry High School and Edinboro Normal School and became a schoolteacher. She continued to teach school after her marriage until her retirement in 1961. Vera was a very kind and religious woman who studied her bible every day. She had many memorized sayings and poetry, which she often quoted to her children and grandchildren.

30. Beula Buenda Buchanan5 Brooks (Isaac4, Samuel3, Mark2, James1) was born 3 December 1897 in Corry, Erie Co. PA.151,152,153 She was the daughter of Isaac Horton Brooks and Sarah (Sadie) B. Turner. Beula died 14 December 1975 in Corry, Erie Co. PA, at the age of 78,154,155 and was buried 16 December 1975 in Pine Grove Cemetery, Corry PA.156,157

She married Harold Randall in Corry, Erie Co. PA. He was born in Union City, Pennsylvania.

They had 1 child:

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