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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

Alexander Davis and Related Families

Contributed by Stan Morgan

The genealogy report below is being presented as submitted from Stan Morgan. The contributor has asked that his email and physical address be withheld from publication. However, if anyone needs to contact him concerning information in this report, please contact the web master.

ALEXANDER  DAVIS  (1763 – 1849)  and  son  SAMUEL  DAVIS  (1796 – 1835)

GENEALOGY, with brief/partial Genealogy on Ball, Stephens and Stuntz family members.      

Compiled by Stan, Morgan,  May-June 2016.                 6-18-2016


PREFACE:   This report is a composite from many sources, including research by others, so accuracy is not guaranteed, and others should independently verify items.  The contributions of this report are  (1)  the consolidation of diverse information,  and  (2)  the original search and tabulation of data from Census Records, with many Townships searched page-by-page, and which provides verifying support for other data.    It is necessarily incomplete because some lineages were not fully researched, some are omitted, but info on some was added when found on records in close proximity to others of interest.   Many other record types have not been researched.   Occasionally, explanatory  “Notes”  are added, or  info or dates inserted in parentheses.    Illegible handwritten info is marked with either a  “ ? ” or  “illegible.”    Rarely, the “?” may indicate questionable information.  Some birth years estimated from Census record ages are shown as  “(b ~ date).”   In the Census listings below,  the  “image #x”  is the online  image #  for that Census record  (so the record can be easily found again).


This report provides information on  Davis,  Ball,  Stephens,  and  Stuntz  lineages.  The localities are mainly Bedford & Erie Counties, Pennsylvania, and  Green County, Wisconsin, and incidentally a few other States.   The time span is from 1790 to about 1880.   Some persons have been assigned numbers  “[x]” that follow them through most of this report.   The genealogy of some of the children of Samuel Davis will be issued is separate reports. 


SUMMARY:   Alexander Davis was born in 1763 in Worcester Co., Maryland, married  Nancy  (b 1760), and they had probably 7 children in Maryland.    By  1810  his family of 9 was in Waterford Twp., Erie Co., Penn., including the 3 known children,  Samuel  (b 1795 MD),  Polly  (b 1799),  and  Susan  (b abt 1806 MD).    In  1820  they were in Conneaut Twp., Erie Co., PA, and may have had another child.   Samuel Davis  married on/bef 1813 to Sarah Ball, and they had 5 children under age 10.    They lived in Fairview Twp., Erie Co., PA.     Polly Davis  married abt 1817 to Gary Ball  (the brother of  Sarah Ball).     Gary  and  Polly Davis Ball  lived in Conneaut Twp and had 2 children.


The parents of Sarah and Gary Ball were  Daniel Ball  (b 1757 MD) and  Catherine Byre  (b 1760 MD).   Daniel and Catherine married on 3-31-1779, and had 6 children in Frederick Co., MD.    About 1790-92 they moved to Bedford Co., PA, and had 8 more children, including  Gary  (b 1796 PA) and  Sarah  (b 1798 PA).   In  1810  Daniel Ball family was in Conneaut Twp., Erie Co., PA.    In  1820  Daniel Ball  was in Springfield Twp., Erie Co., as were Gray and wife Polly Davis.


In  1830  in Conneaut Twp., the  Alexander Davis  household had 6 members;  Alexander was 67 years old, and wife Nancy died 7 years earlier in 1823.   Samuel Davis  and wife  Sarah Ball family has 8 members  (6 children:  Rodney,  John,  Otho,  Sylvia,  Lydia, & Luanna).   Gary  and  Polly Ball  lived in Springfield Twp., Erie Co., with 9 in the household  (7 children).    Samuel Davis  died in 1837, and widow  Sarah Ball Davis  remarried on 11-9-1837 to George Hilborn Stuntz.


By 1840 Alexander Davis, age 77, his dau   Susan,  age 34, and another person (age 10-15), were still living in Conneaut Twp., Erie Co.    Alexander  died in 1849, and   Susan  died on 6-22-1850.


George Stuntz was born 1789 in Frederick, Berkeley Co., VA (now part of W VA).   In 1809 he married Mary Randall  (b 1792 NY) in Crawford Co., PA.   George was a circuit preacher, covering parts of Penn., Ohio, and Kentucky.    They lived in Crawford Co., PA (1810),  Ohio (1812-1815),  Conneaut Twp., Erie Co., PA (1830-1840), and Elk Crk Twp., Erie Co.,  (1850-1860).   They had 10 children.    Mary Randall Stuntz  died on 11-9-1836 in Albion, Erie Co.   A year later George married Sarah Ball Davis, and had one child, Ezra Fletcher Stuntz, b 1838.   George Stuntz died in 1866.    In  1870  Sarah (Ball/Davis) Stuntz  was 71 and living with her married son Ezra, his 2nd wife Caroline Pierce and his 4 children.   Sarah died in 1874.


Gary Ball  and wife Polly Davis  had 12 children between 1817 and 1839, when  Gary  died in 1839.  Polly  cannot be identified in the  1840  Census, because she is living with someone.   About 1843   Polly Davis Ball  and some of her children moved to Green Co., Wisconsin.   One of her daughters,  Wealthy,  was married in 1884 in Wisconsin to  Sylvester R. Stephens, and had 10 children between abt. 1845-1862.    In  1850   Polly  is living with her married daughter  Wealthy,  as were 2 other daughters of   Polly   (Amanda  &  Sylvia).    Also, about 1843 Polly’s son   Samuel  Ball  and wife  Lydia Montgomery  also moved from PA to Green Co., Wisconsin.   In  1860-1870,  Polly  is living with married daughter  Amanda  wife of  Jarvis W. Montgomery.    Polly Davis Ball  died on 3-16-1874


Also, on or before  1843  Otho Davis and probably his brother Rodney moved to District 18, Madison Co., Iowa.  Rodney apparently never married, and died at age 24 in 1853.   He is buried in the Winterset Cemetery, Winterset, Madison Co., Iowa.   Otho married Jane Cochran on 3-16-1843 in Fairfield, Jefferson Co., Iowa.   Jane was born in 1825 in Ireland.   In  1850  they lived in District 18 of Madison Co., and in 1860 in Webster Twp, Madison Co., Iowa.  They had 6 children between 1845 and 1866:  Sarah,  Henry,  Lydia,  George,  John, and  Effa.   Jane died on 11-22-1866.   Otho married about 1867/68  Amanda Bigler Drake, and had one child, Eva, born about 1868.



PART  I:   [1]  ALEXANDER  DAVIS  &  WIFE  NANCY:   Alexander Davis was born about 1763 in Worcester Co., Maryland and died 11-26-1849 in Conneaut Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania.  He may have served in the Military about 8-26-1777 in Maryland.  Alexander married Nancy (maiden name unknown) in Lexington Rd., Girard Twp, Erie Co., PA.  Nancy was born about 1760 and died 8-15-1823.  Note: Alexander Davis is in the 1790 Census record for Worcester Co., MD, not found on 1880 Census Index, and is in the Penn. Census records for 1810-1820-1830 and 1840, each discussed later in PART  VI.


The 1810 U S Census Record for Alexander Davis has 9 in the household, with 7 being children.  By the 1820 Census, son Samuel has married, and the  Alexander Davis  household has 9, with 3 under the age of 10.  This indicates another child may have been born to them, making the total number of child eight.

The  known  children  of  Nancy  and  Alexander Davis  were:


i.                     [2]   Samuel Davis, born 1795 in Maryland, and died 4-23-1837 in Erie County, PA.  He married Sarah Ball  on/bef 1813.   Sarah is the daughter of  Daniel  Ball  and  Catherine Byre.



ii.                    [3]   Polly Davis,  born 4-3-1799, and died 3-16-1874 in Juda, Wisconsin.  She is buried in the Mt. Vernon Cemetery, Juda, Wisconsin.    She married about 1817 in ?Erie Co., PA, to Gary Ball.   Gary born 4-15-1796 in Bedford Co., PA, and died 9-1839 in Joliet, Illinois.   Buried Mt. Vernon Cem, Juda, Wis.   Gary is the son of Daniel Ball and Catherine Byre.


iii.                  Susan Davis,  born about  1806  MD, and died  6-22-1850  in Erie Co., PA.   She is buried in the Ball Cemetery, Girard Twp., Erie Co., PA, on the Bristol farm in the family cemetery.




PART  II:   [2]  SAMUEL  DAVIS  &  WIFE  [4]  SARAH   BALL:   Samuel Davis  was born 1795 in

Maryland, died 4-22-1837 in Conneaut Twp., Erie Co., PA, and is buried in the East Springfield Cemetery, Girard Twp., Erie Co., PA.    See end of report for source of Samuel Davis’ birth and death years, and for Catherine Byre last name.


[2]   Samuel  married  [4]  Sarah (Sally) Ball  on/bef 1813  in Worcester Co., MD.   [4] Sarah Ball was born 9-16-1798 in Bedford Co., PA, and she died 3-18-1874 in Erie Co., PA.   Sarah was the dau of  [5] Daniel Ball  (1757-1831)  and  Catherine Byre  (1760-1822).   Several of their children’s year of birth are confirmed by their ages in the 1850 Census.


     The children of Sarah Ball and Samuel Davis were:


i.                     Luanna Davis, born 10-16-1813 in Erie Co., PA, and died 12-5-1876 in Crawford Co., PA

(she died in East Lackawannock, Crawford Co., PA).  She married George C. Johnston.


ii.             Otho Davis, born 9-15-1817 in Erie Co., PA, and died 3-19-1899 in Webster, Iowa.  He is

buried in the Winterset Cemetery, Winterset, Madison Co., Iowa. 

Otho married in Iowa 1st Jane Cochran, and 2nd Amanda Bigler.


iii.            John Davis, born about 1819 in Erie Co., PA.


iv.                  Lydia Davis, born about 1821 in Erie Co., PA (aka Lydia Luanna Davis).


v.                   Sylvia Davis, born 1827 in Ohio.  She married Nathan Rogers.


vi.                  Rodney Davis, born abt 1829 in Erie Co., PA, and died 11-25-1853, buried in the Winterset

Cemetery, Winterset, Madison Co., Iowa.


Note: Database: Family Data Collection: has 2 Sylvia Davis, dau’s of Samuel Davis and Sarah Sally Ball:  (1) Sylvia Davis, born 1815 in Erie Co., PA, which is probably the above Luanna born 1813; and (2) Sylvia Davis, born 1827 in Ohio, which is Sylvia above.



PART  III:   [5]  DANIEL & CATHERINE BALL:  The  parents  of  Sarah Ball  were  [5]  Daniel  Ball  and 

Catherine Byre.


[5]   Daniel Ball was born 4-26-1757 in either Frederick Co., MD or England, and died 8-30-1831 in Erie Co., PA.  He served in the Revolutionary War in the 8th Virginia Regiment.  Daniel may have married (1st ) Mable  (maiden unknown) who was born in 1761 in Frederick co., MD or England.  No info is available on this marriage.  Daniel married  (2nd )  Catherine Byre  on 3-31-1779 in Frederick Co., MD.  She was born 10-20-1760 and died 7-20-1822 in Erie Co., PA.  In 1794 he moved to Londonderry Twp., Bedford Co., PA.  In 1801 he settled on Lexington Rd., Girard, Erie Co., PA.  (Note:  The children’s dates/places of births indicate the move from Maryland to Bedford Co., PA was between 1790 and 1792, and the move to Erie Co., PA was after 1806).  They had 14 children.


Catherine Byre was born 10-20-1760 in Frederick Co., MD, and died 7-20-1822 in Erie Co., PA.  Both Daniel and Catherine are buried in the Ball Cemetery, Bristol Farm, Girard Twp, Erie Co., PA.


     The children of Catherine Byre and Daniel  Ball (14) were:


i.  Henry Ball, b 1-25-1780 in Frederick Co., MD, and died 6-14-1862 in, Springfield Twp,  Erie Co., PA.   Henry married  (1)  Betsy Dupuy  abt 1797 in Frederick Co., MD (Betsy b abt 1747; 1 child);  died abt 1800 in Frederick Co., MD.   (2)   Hannah Devore  abt 1800/01,  in Bedford Co., PA (Hannah b 1774 in Bedford Co., PA;  9 children), Hannah died 3-20-1825 in Springfield Twp, Erie Co., PA;   (3)   Nancy Bisbee Jones  abt. 1826  poss in Erie Co., PA;  and  (4)   Betsy Kendall on 1-3-1837 in Erie PA (Betsy K. b abt. 1799 in VT; 1 child; she died 8-24-1879 in Conneaut, Ashtabula Co., Ohio;  buried in Girard Cemetery).


                                ii.  Mary Ball, born 11-10-1782 in Frederick Co., MD, and died 2-2-1857.

 Married Robert Large in 1805.  Cannot find/identify either in 1850 Census index.


                                iii.  David Ball, born 6-22-1784 in Frederick Co., MD, and died 4-1814 age 30.


                                iv.  Daniel Ball, born 8-21-1786 in Frederick Co., MD, and died 11-30-1806 age 20.


                                v.  John Ball, born 8-21-1788 in Frederick Co., MD, and died 2-5-1837.

                                                Married Margaret (maiden unknown).


                                vi.  William Ball, born 8-6-1790 in Frederick Co., MD, and died 1-12-1865.

                                                Married (1) Polly; (2) Hannah (maidens unknown).


                    Family moved from Maryland to Bedford Co., PA between 1790 and 1792 (by children’s DOB-POB)


vii.  Samuel Ball, born 7-27-1792 Bedford Co., PA, and died 9-5-1866; buried in East Springfield

Cemetery, Erie Co., PA.   Married (1) on 5-31-1793  Polly Laughlin  in Erie Co., PA, 3 children:  Curtis b abt 1824,  Liberty b abt 1827,  &  Polly b abt 1829;   (2) Charolette Bristol, b 5-31-1793, d 2-16-1856 in Erie Co., PA.


                                viii.  Catherine Ball, born 6-10-1794 in Bedford Co., PA, and died 9-19-1873.

                                                Married  Samuel Gulliford prob on/bef 1814; had prob 11/12 children starting abt 1815.


                                ix.  Gary Ball, born 4-15-1796 in Bedford Co., PA, and died 9-1839 in Joliet, Illinois

                                                Married  Polly Davis  abt. 1817.


                                x.  Sarah (Sally) Ball, born 9-6-1798 in Bedford Co., PA, died 3-18-1874 in Conneaut Twp,

Erie Co., PA.  Married  (1st )  Samuel Davis on/bef 1813; (2nd)  George Hilborn Stuntz in 1837.


                                xi.  Susanna Ball, born 6-4-1800 in Bedford Co., PA.  Died 5-11-1872.

Married  Zenas/William Harrington after 1814.


                                xii.  Cornelius Ball, born 3-25-1802 in Bedford Co., PA, and died 3-16-1877.

Married  Lydia (maiden unknown)


                                xiii.  Elizabeth Ball, born 1-24-1804 in Bedford Co., PA, and died 10-17-1855.

                                                Married  Samuel Meachan  (son of Joshua & Permelia Chapman).


                                xiv.  Enoch Ball, born 4-17-1806 in Bedford Co., PA, and died 1859.

                                                Married  Harriett (maiden unknown).


The children of Catherine Ball and Samuel Gulliford, reconstructed from online search and 1820-1850 Census   (Note: At 1820 Census, they had 5 sons and no daus; suggests married on/before 1814):


                                Daniel Gulliford, b betw 1815 and 1820 (on 1840 Census; not found/ identified 1850)

Samuel Gulliford, b betw 1815 and 1820 (not found/identified after 1830)

Lorenzo Gulliford, b betw 1815 and 1820 (not found/identified after 1830)

(Note:  either Samuel or Lorenzo on 1830 Census but not both)

David B. Gulliford, b 1817 in PA; on 1840 Census; age 33 at 1850--in Girard Twp, Erie Co., PA;

                                John Levi Gulliford, b 1818 PA; age 32 at 1850 and in Mc Henry Co., Illinois, w/Jane, 33, b NY.


Unknown female--b abt 1820 but after 1820 Census  & is on the 1830 Census  (age range 10-15).

                                Cornelius Gulliford, b 1821; age 29 at 1850, in Girard Twp., Erie Co., PA;

                                Allen Gulliford, b 1823; age 27 at 1850, in Girard Twp., Erie Co., PA;

                                Sally Gulliford, born prob after 1820 Census, betw 1825 and 1830 (On 1830 Census under age 5);

                                Unknown male, b betw 1825 and 1830 (note: on 1830 Census under age 5).


Mary Gulliford, b 1834 in PA—age 16 at 1850, in Girard Twp, Erie Co., PA;

                                Lydia Gulliford, b 1835; age 15 at 1850, in Girard Twp., Erie Co., PA.


PART  IV-a:   [4]  SARAH BALL -- and her 2nd husband GEORGE HILBORN STUNTZ--brief genealogy:  

Some interesting family stories are added as examples of life in the early 1800’s. 


    [4]   Sarah (Sally) Ball was born 9-6-1798 in Bedford Co., PA, and died 3-18-1874 in Erie Co., PA. 

                  Sarah Ball married  (1st ) [2]  Samuel Davis  on/bef  1813.   Samuel was born 1795 and died 4-23-1837.

                  Sarah then married  (2nd )  George Hilborn Stuntz  on 11-9-1837.   George was born 7-4-1789 in

Fredericks, Berkeley (Co.), VA (now part of West VA).


The child of Sarah Ball Davis and George Hilborn Stuntz was:


Ezra Fletcher Stuntz, born 10-18-1838 in Albion, Erie Co., PA., and

died 6-23-1906 in Pleasant Valley, PA.



PART  IV-b:   GEORGE  HILBORN  STUNTZ’s   parents  were  Conrad  Stuntz  and  Anna  Margaret  Briefling.


Conrad was born 7-17-1738 in Wurtlemberg, Germany.  He died 7-24-1810 in Beaver Twp, Crawford, PA.  Margaret was born 1760 in Pflaz (The Phalz), Germany, and died 1830 in Crawford Co., PA.  They had 7 children, with their 6th child being George Hilborn Stuntz.


Conrad Stuntz  came to America with Hessian troops hired by King George III to fight in the Revolutionary War.  After arriving in America he switched sides and joined the American Army.  He was slightly wounded in the Battle of White Plains, and was with Washington’s army at the crossing of the Delaware.


Conrad (age 40) and Margaret (age ~ 18)  married in 1778 and made their home about 2 miles from Fort Frederick, Maryland, on Back Creek in Berkeley Co., VA (now in W. VA).  They had 7 children.


Conrad  died in Crawford Co., PA in 1810, and his tombstone was erected in 1853 in an area marked “Cem” on detailed maps and “Stuntz Cemetery” is recorded as a veteran cemetery.  Margaret died 1830.


George Hilborn Stuntz  was born 7-4-1789 in Frederick, Berkeley Co., VA, and died 1-26-1866 in Erie Co., PA.  He is buried in the Valley Cemetery near Albion, PA.   George married  (1st )  Mary Randall on 1809 (Note:  some researchers have 1-4-1810) in Beaver Twp, Crawford Co., PA.   Mary was born 3-29-1792 in Ballston, (Saratoga), NY, and died 11-9-1836 in Albion, Erie Co., PA.    Mary Randall’s parents were  Stephen Randall  (b 6-1740, Hopkington, Washington Co., RI, d 1809 in Oak Orchard, NY) and  Cynthia Wells  ( b 9-22-1759 Westerly, Washington Co., RI, d no date in Conneaut Twp., Erie Co., PA).


The Children of Mary Randall and George Stuntz were:


                i.  Erastus Randall Stuntz, b 10-13-1810 in Beaver Twp, Crawford Co., PA; d 2-7-1842.

                                Married  Saran Ann Milliken;   she b abt 1813 and died 1843.


ii.  Edward Wells Stuntz,  b 7-29-1812 in Ohio;  d  9-17-1885.

                                                                                                Married  Isabel Hilborn or Hillborn;   she b 3-17-1816 in Albion, Erie Co., PA and d 8-31-1903.


iii.  John Hill Stuntz, b 2-15-1815 in Ohio; d 6-10-1833 in Kingsville, Ashtabula Co., Ohio.


                iv.  Huldah Stuntz, b 12-27-1816 in Albion Twp, Erie Co., PA; d 4-16-1834.


                v.  Harvey Eddy Stuntz, b 12-22-1818, Albion Twp, Erie Co., PA; d 4-15-1820.


                vi.  George Riley Stuntz, b 12-11-1820 , Albion Twp., Erie Co., PA; d 10-23-1902.

                                Married  Mary Jane Pugsley;   she b 1852, died 1910.


vii.  Mary Stuntz, b 10-15-1823, Albion Twp, Erie Co., PA.; d 6-15-1887; m Cary Rogers on 1-

17-1848 Albion, Erie Co., PA; he b 8-22-1815 in NY (POB is NY on 1850 Census), d 8-30-1894, Lundy Lane, Erie Co., PA.  (One researcher has Cary  b 1816 &  d 1893).


viii.  Albert Conrad Stuntz, b 8-14-1825, d 4-17-1914; m 1st Nancy Carson Bradt on 10-16-1849

in Grant Co.,WI, and m  2nd  Lydia Ann Sturdevant on 7-14-1864 in Albion, Erie Co., PA.


ix.  Stephen Sheffield Stuntz, b 3-26-1828, Albion Twp, Erie Co., PA; d 10-30-1870.  He is

in the 1850 Census in Mead Twp., Crawford Co., PA.  Married Mary Langdon (or Langeen) Heath on 1-19-1854.


x.  Chauncery Rollin Stuntz, born 10-14-1830 in Albion, Erie Co., PA.; d 12-1895.  Married

Eliza Morse Hauck on 7-14-1858.


  George Stuntz married (2nd )  [4]  Sarah Ball Davis  on  11-9-1837  (she was the dau of Daniel Ball

And  Catherine Byre), and they had a child  Ezra Fletcher Stuntz.


This narrative explains the  Samuel Davis – Sarah Ball – George Hilborn Stuntz  relationships very well.


George Hilborn Stuntz was born 1789 in Berkley Co., VA, the  6th of  7 children.  An outbreak of smallpox killed his oldest sister Katherine.  In the spring of 1801 George’s 2 oldest brothers (John & Conrad) made a trip to Lake Erie via Pittsburg, and returned to Virginia with a favorable report of the area.  The family loaded their possessions into a wagon with a 3-horse team and traveled to Crawford Co., PA, arriving in Oct. 1801.  The 2 older brothers struck out on their own, so with George’s father in his 60’s, much of the support of the family (7 of 9 family members) fell to 12-year old George.


As an adult, George would become a preacher and a Deacon.  He joined the Methodist Church in 7-16-1810.    In 1811 he moved near Kingsville, Ashtabula Co., Ohio.  He served a few weeks as a Private with the Ohio militia in the War of 1812.  Moved back to Albion, PA before 7-22-1815 and became a licensed preacher.  Ordained as a Deacon on 9-20-1820, then as an Elder in 1833.  Said to have preached, though not an educated man, over 8000 sermons, of which 1000 were for funerals.  His circuit extended through NW Penn., Eastern Ohio, and into Northern KY.


Meanwhile, on/bef 1813,  Sarah Ball  married  Samuel Davis, with whom she had 6 children  (Luanna,   Sylvia b 1827,  Otho,  John,  Lydia,  and  Rodney).    In 1835  (Note: Mary died 1836; Samuel d 1837)  both  Samuel Davis  and  Mary Randall Stuntz  died.


George Stuntz  (age 48)  and  Sarah Ball Davis  (age 39)  married on  11-9-1837,  and they had one child (Ezra Fletcher Stuntz).   George lived to age 76, dying on 1-23-1866.  He was buried in the Valley Cemetery near Albion, PA.


Ezra Fletcher Stuntz  (1838 – 1906) married on 10-16-1860 in PA (between Cranesville & Lockport) to (1st )  Jane Ann Stitt.   Jane was born 6-24-1836 and died 8-15-1864.   Jane was the dau of Israel Thompson  Stitt (b 1-10-1798; d 8-27-1854) and Sally Sherman (b 3-30-1804; d 1-10-1901).   Jane died at age 28 four mos after the birth of their son.   She was buried in the Hope Cemetery, Willsburg, PA.  Ezra married   (2nd )  Caroline Pierce  on 9-10-1865.   Caroline born 7-4-1839 in PA.  Their children were born in Lundy Lane, PA.   Caroline Pierce was the dau of Francis Pierce (b 2-15-1798 MA; d 2-2-1877, Boston, MA) and Betsy Broomer (m 11-30-1826);  Betsy b 7-7-1805 and died 8-18-1846.   Caroline Pierce Stuntz died in 1899.   Ezra died 6-23-1906 in Elk Crk Twp, Erie Co., PA, and was buried in the East Springfield cemetery.


The children of Jane Ann Stitt and Ezra Fletcher Stuntz were (2):


i.  Emma Jane Stuntz, b 1-19-1862, Elk Crk Twp, Erie Co., PA; d 1-14-1913,

Ashland, Ohio; m John Wilbert Meyers b 4-30-1858 OH, d 11-17-1925 FL.


ii.  Charles Otho Stuntz, b 4-15-1864, d 1943 in PA;

m Minnie M. Goodnow b 1870, d 1955 PA.


                                The children of Ezra Stuntz and Caroline Pierce were (6):


                                                i.    Sarah Ellen Stuntz, b 1866.

                                                ii.   Nina Stuntz, b 1868.

                                                iii.  Mary Pierce Stuntz, b 1870.

                                                iv.  George Francis Stuntz, b 1877.

                                                v.   Elizabeth Stuntz, b 1880.

vi.  William Oliver Stuntz, b 1884.



PART  IV-c:   CENSUS  RECORDS   which trace the  George Stuntz’s   households, researched from 1800 to

1880, which include  Sarah Ball Davis Stuntz.    (Note: records for pre-1850 Census give only the name of the head of household and then all family members only by sex and age ranges):


1810 Census,  Beaver Twp,  Crawford Co.,  PA,  p 427, image #1:  George Stuntz  (wife Mary Randall,

m on 1-4-1810), with 3 members, prob 2 adults and on child.


1820 Census: There are no  Stuntz’s  in Penn. in the 1820 Census index;

may have been living in another household.


1830 Census,  Conneaut Twp,  Erie Co.,  PA,  p 332, image #15:  George Stuntz  (wife Mary Randall,

died 1836) with 9 members, 2 adults and 7 children.


1840 Census,  Conneaut Twp,  Erie Co.,  PA,  p 152, image #19:  George Stuntz  (wife Sarah Ball Davis);   11 members, with 9 being children. 

 Note:  George Stuntz  married  Sarah Ball Davis  on  11-9-1837.


1850 Census,  Elk Crk Twp.,  Erie Co.,  PA,  p 354, image #7:  Three households: (1) George Stuntz and

wife Sarah Ball Davis Stuntz;  and   (2)  Nathan Rogers,  & wife  Sarah Stewart Rogers,  parents of  Cary Rogers  who married  Mary Stuntz  dau of George Stuntz and Mary Randall—details omitted.   (3)  p 356, image #11,  Cary Rogers, age 34, b NY;  Mary (Stuntz) Rogers, age 26, b NY (may actually be Erie Co., PA)—details omitted


                (1)   George Stuntz,  age 61,  preacher, real est. value = $2000, b VA.

                                Sarah (Ball/Davis),  age 51, b PA.

                                        George Stuntz,  age 14,  b PA  (Note: son of George and Mary Randall).

                                Ezra Stuntz,  age 12,  b PA  (Note: son of George and Sarah Ball).


1860 Census,  Elk Crk Twp,  Erie Co.,  PA,  p 121,image #1:  (1)  George Stuntz  household; and  (2)  p

151, image #31:  Liberty Ball  (son of Samuel Ball b 1792), age 34, b PA,  Martha, age 24, b PA,  & Floyd, age 1, b PA.


                (1)  George Stuntz, age 71 (1789, d 1886),  farmer ?,  real est val = $5100,  per prop =

$100,  b  VA.


                                Sarah (Ball/Davis),  age 62  (b 1798, d 1874),  b PA.

                                Ezra, age 22, b PA.


Note:  Ezra married   (1st )  Jane Ann Stitt  on 10-16-1860, after this census date;  Jane b 6-24-1836 and died 8-15-1864.   Ezra married  (2nd )  Caroline Pierce  on  9-10-1865;  she  b 1839 d 1899. 


1860 Census,   Conneaut Twp,  Erie Co.,  PA,, image #14:  Edward W. Stuntz household:


                                Edward W. Stuntz,  age 48, farmer, real est = $2500, per prop = $1175, b Ohio

                                                Isabell (Hilborn),  age 44,   b PA

                                                Arby,  age 22,  b PA

                                                Emily M.,  age 21,  b PA

                                                Aramenta,  age 18,  b PA

                                                Amda J.,  age 16,  b PA

                                                Martha R.,  age 14,  b PA

                                                Edmond S.,  age 11,  b PA

                                                Isabell H.,  age 8,  b PA

                                                Geo H.,  age 4,  b PA

                                                Homer ? C.,  age 2,  b PA



1870 Census,   Albion Borough,  Erie Co.,  PA,  p 163,  image #1:  Note Edward Stuntz  was 2nd son of George Stuntz and Mary Randall:


                Edward W. Stuntz,  age 57, farmer,  b Ohio, real prop value = $8000, per prop value = $2000.

                                Isabel (Hilborn),  age 54, keeping house,  b PA

                                Edward S.,  age 20, Farm ? Lab,  b PA

                                Isabel,  age 17, at home,  b PA

                                George G.,  age 14, at home,  b PA

                                Homer ? C.,  age 12, at home,  b PA


1870 Census,  Elk Crk Twp.,  Erie Co., PA,    p 261, image #9:  Ezra Stuntz  household with his

mother  Sarah Ball Davis Stuntz  living with them


Ezra Stuntz,  age 31, farmer, real est = $9000, per prop = $2000,  b PA

                                Caroline (Pierce),  age 31,  b PA

                       Sarah (Ball/Davis/Stuntz),  age 71,  b PA (b 1798, d 1874)

                                Emma J.,  age 8,  b PA

                                Charles,  age 6,  b PA

                                Sarah,  age 4,  b PA

                                Nina,  age 2,  b PA.



1880 Census,  Elk Crk Twp,  Erie Co.,  PA,  , ED 158, p 426A, image #13:  Note:  On the Morman’s

FHL CD 1880 Census,  Ezra Stuntz  is mis-named as  Ezera Stemtz,  but most of the other family members are present, with the correct names, ages and POBs.


                        Ezera Stemtz, age 41, farmer, b PA

                                Caroline (Pierce),  wife,  age 40,  keeping house, b PA

                                Charles,  son,  age 16 (b 1864), b PA  (son of Ezra and 1st wife Jane Ann Stitt).

                                Sarah,  dau,  age 13, at home, b PA

                                Nina,  dau,  age 12, at home, b PA

                                Mary,  dau,  age 9, at home, b PA

                                George,  son, age 2, b PA


1880 Census,  Albion,  Erie Co.,  PA,  FHL CD, p 98A:  Edward married on 3-25-1836 to Isabel Hilborn

        or Hillborn, in Albion, Erie Co., PA;  she b 3-17-1816 in Albion, Eire Co., PA, and died 8-31-1903.


                Edward Stuntz, age 67 (b 1812), Occup: Farmers Insurance, born Ohio, father b VA, mother b NY.

                                I. (Isabel Hilborn) Stuntz, wife, age 64, born PA, keeping house, father b PA, mother b NJ.


1880 Census,  Columbia,  Hamilton Co.,  Ohio, p 128C, FHL CD:  Chauncy Stuntz  was son of George Stuntz and Mary Randall.


                Chauncy Stuntz,  HOH, age 49 (b 1830), Teacher,  b PA, parents b PA.

                                Eliza M. (Houck) Stuntz, wife,  age 45,  b Ohio, parents b Ohio

                                Mary Stuntz,  dau,  age 20, b Ohio

                                George R. Stuntz,  son,  age 17,  b Ohio

                                Fanny Stuntz,  dau,  age 13,  b Ohio

                                Frank Stuntz,  son,  age 11,  b Ohio

                                Tot Stuntz,  dau,  age 9,  b Ohio

                                Edward Stuntz,  son,  age 8,  b Ohio

                                Harry Stuntz,  son,  age 5,  b Ohio

                                Chauncy Stuntz,  son,  age 3,  b Ohio             

                                Daniel Houck,  father-in-Law,  age 73,  b Ohio, father b VA, mother b NA.

                                Henry Houck,  bro-in-law,  age 37,  single,  b Ohio.


1880 Census:  Fairview Twp,  Erie Co.,  PA, ;  p 33D, image #   :  Stephen Stuntz family—relationship



                Stephen Stuntz, age 75 (b ~ 1805), retired farmer, b PA

                                Mary (Heath) Stuntz, wife, age 65, b PA

                                Sarah Stuntz, dau, age 26, b PA.


The other  Stuntz’s  were not found on the Morman’s FHL CD ROMs 1880 Census, either on the National Index or a pertinent State’s Index.  The research of the Stuntz’s lineages is suspended here.


PART  V-a:   [3]  POLLY  DAVIS  &  HUSBAND  GARY  BALL:  Brief/partial Genealogy, including Stephens  &  Montgomery:


SUMMARY:    Polly Davis  was the daughter of Alexander Davis and wife Nancy (maiden unknown).  Alexander Davis was born abt 1763 in Worcester Co., MD, and died 11-26-1849 in Conneaut Twp., Erie Co., PA.   The Alexander Davis family of 9 moved from Maryland before 1810 to Erie Co., PA.   Polly lived with her parents in Erie Co., PA (in 1810 in Waterford Twp.), until she married Gary Ball.   Gary Ball’s sister Sarah Ball married on/bef 1813 Samuel Davis a brother of Polly Davis.


Gary Ball  was the son of Daniel Ball and Catherine Byre.  Daniel married Catherine on 3-31779 in Frederick Co., MD, and had 6 children here.   About 1790-92 they moved to Bedford Co., PA, and had 8 more children (total of 14 children).   Gary Ball  was born  4-14-1796  in Bedford Co., PA, and died 9-1839 at Joliet, Illinois.  In 1810 Daniel Ball family was in Conneaut Twp., Erie Co., PA.    In  1820-1830  Gary Ball and wife Polly Davis household were living in Springfield Twp, Erie Co., PA (1820—family of 4;  1830—household of 9).


Gary Ball  and wife Polly Davis  had 12 children between 1817 and 1839, when  Gary  died in 1839.   Polly  cannot be identified in the  1840  Census, because she is living with someone.    About 1843   Polly Davis Ball  and some of her children moved to Green Co., Wisconsin.    One of her daughters,  Wealthy,  was married in 1884 in Wisconsin to Sylvester R. Stephens, and had 10 children between abt. 1845-1862.    In  1850   Polly  is living with her married daughter  Wealthy ,  as were 2 other daughters of   Polly   (Amanda  &  Sylvia).    Also, about 1843,  Polly’s son   Samuel D. Ball   and wife  Lydia Montgomery  moved from PA to Green Co., Wisconsin.   In  1860-1870,  Polly  is living with married daughter  Amanda  wife of  Jarvis W. Montgomery.    Polly Davis Ball  died on 3-16-1874.



The  children  of  Polly  Davis  (1799 – 1874)  and Gary  Ball  (1796 – 1839)  were:


i.                     Nancy Ball, born 1817; died 3-7-1862.


ii.                    [7]  Samuel D. Ball,  born 11-6-1818 in Erie Co., PA, and died 7-27-1905 in Juda,

Green County, Wisconsin, & is buried in the Mt. Vernon Cemetery at Juda, WI.


Samuel D. Ball  married (1) on 6-1-1840 in OH or Wis to Lydia Montgomery.   She was born 3-5-1822 in Ashtabula Co., Ohio, and died 4-15-1888 in Juda, Green Co., WI;  buried Mt. Vernon Cem.   Their children are listed below.

Samuel  married  (2)  on 3-1-1871???  to Reichard Mae Baker, b 5-13-1849 in Grayson, VA, and died 1927 in OR;  buried Bayview Mem. Cem, Warren, Columbia Co., OR.  Note marriage date must be after 1888, because Samuel & Lydia were living together in the 1880 Census, Sylvester Twp, Green Co. WI.


iii.                  Katherine Ball,  born & died 1823 as an infant.


iv.                  [8]  Wealthy Ann Ball,  b 5-18-1824 in Springfield, Erie Co., PA. Died 5-28-1911 in Juda,

Green Co., WI.  Married on 10-16-1844 in Green Co., WI to

Sylvester Reece Stephens  b 9-22-1822 in Tompkin Co., NY; Living in WI by 1850 & had 11 children, as follows (reconstructed from 1850-60-70 Census):

Alfred Rueben Stephens,  b 1845 in WI d 1928; m Sarah Jane Long.

Susan E. Stephens,  b 1847 in WI, d 1911; m John Quincy Davis.

David “Wilder” Stephens,  b 1849 in WI, d 1911 (aka Wilder

Mack  David Stephens);  m  Alice Lucretia Jackson.

Amanda Malvina Stephens,  b 1850 in WI, d 1886;

Alba H. Stephen (aka Alma),  b 1852 in WI, d 1919;

m Henrietta (Nellie) Pyott.

Edmund Waldo Stephens,  b 1857 in WI, d 1941;

m Bessie L. Mcelwee.

                                                                                Sylvester R. Stephens, b ~ 1859 WI; poss died before 1870 Census.

James S. Stephens,  b 1861 in WI, d 1934; m Sarah Jane Peeples.

Theo R. Stephens,  b 1862 in WI, d 1914; m Jeheil Z. Davis.

Ezra Stephens, died young.

Etta Stephens,  died young.


v.                   Mack Ball.


vi.                  Julia Ball


vii.                [9]  Amanda M. Ball  (b ~ 1834/35), married  Jarvis Montgomery on 1-1-1857

in Jefferson Twp, Green Co. WI  (his first name found on 1850 & 1870 Census).


viii.               Betsy Ball, married Frederick West.  Cannot find/identify in 1850-1860 Census search.


ix.                   Melvina Ball


x.                    Ida E. Ball


xi.                   William Ball


xii.                 Marcus ? Ball.  (Note:  All children prob born on/before 1839 when father Gary died).


The children of  [7]  Samuel D. Ball  (B 1818)  and Lydia Montgomery  were reconstructed from the 1850-1860 Census records:

                                                i.              Martha J. Ball,  b ~ 1841  PA

                                                ii.             Polly J. Ball,  b ~ 1843  WI   (Note: Samuel & Lydia moved to WI on/bef 1843)

                                                iii.            Thomas Ball,  b ~ 1845  WI

                                                iv.            George G. Ball,  b  ~ 1846  WI

                                                v.             Charolette Ball,  b  ~ 1849  WI

                                                vi.            Lettie Ball,  b ~ 1850  WI

                                                vii.           Frederick Grayson Ball, born 8-1-1856 in Sylvester Twp,  Green Co.,

Wisconsin.  He died 10-21-1948 in Madison, South Dakota.  Married on 1-25-1878 in Brodhead, Green Co., WI  to  Julia Ann Hancock  (b 1854 WI);

child Charles Clyde Ball,  b 1881 Romona, Lake Co., SD., and

died  9-21-1955 in Duluth, MI, and bur San Antonio, TX.

                                                viii.          Frank Ball,  b ~ 1858  WI

                                                ix.            Louisa Ball,  b ~ 1862  WI



PART  V-b:   CENSUS  RECORDS which trace  [3]  Polly Davis Ball  (widow of Gary Ball)  and  some family members from 1850  to  1880  in Green Co.,  Wisconsin.     [3]   Polly Davis Ball  is not found in the 1840 U S Census Index, and was probably living in another household.




1850 Census,  Sylvester Twp.,  Green Co.,  Wisconsin, p 229, image #4 (surnames and middle initials given):  [3] 

Polly Davis Ball  is living in the household of  Sylvester Stephens  and wife  [8]  Wealthy Ball Stephens; at least two of Polly’s children are also in this household, being   [9]  Amanda M Ball, Sylvia M. Ball, and a person named of probably Wilder W. Ball, age 20, farmer:


                Sylvester R. Stephens,  age 25 (b 1822), farmer, val real est = $500,  b in NY.

                                [8]  Wealthy (Ball) Stephens,  age 26 (b 1824),  born PA

                                Rubens A. Stephens,  age 5 (b 1845),  b Wisconsin

                                Susan E. Stephens,  age 3 (b 1847),  b WI

                                David W. Stephens,  age 1 (b 1849),  b WI

                                Alfred G. Houghton,  age 46,  b KY, farmer, val of real est = $2400

                     [3]  Polly (Davis) Ball,  age 51,  born PA,  val real est = $100

                                Amanda M. Ball,  age 14 (b ~1836),  b PA

                                Sylvia M. Ball,  age 13 (b ~ 1837),  b PA

                                Wilder W.  Ball,  age 20 (b ~ 1830),  b PA, farmer


1850 Census,  Sylvester Twp.,  Green Co.,  Wisconsin, p 320A & B, images #5-6  (surnames and middle initials

given):    Samuel D. Ball (son of Gary and Polly Davis Ball) and wife Lydia Montgomery;   Note: dau Polly J. Ball, b ~ 1843 is missing here but is present on the 1860 Census.


                [7]  Samuel (D.) Ball,  age 32 (b 1818, d 1905), farmer, val real est = $2000, b PA

                                Lydia (Montgomery),  age 27 (smudged),  b Ohio

                                Martha J. Ball,  age 9,  b PA.

                                Thomas Ball,  age 5,  born WI

                                George G. Ball,  age 4,  b WI

                                Charlotte Ball,  age 1,  b WI

                                Robert Montgomery,  age 69,  b Mass, shoe maker.  (= poss father of Lydia)

                                Jarvis W. Montgomery, male,  age 18,  b Ohio, farmer.   (= poss brother to Lydia)


1860 Census,  Sylvester Twp.,  Green Co.,  Wisconsin,  p 300 ? – 301 (299), images #22-23:  Samuel D. Ball

household  (he is son of Polly Davis and Gary Ball):


                [7]  S. D. Ball, age 43 (b 1818, d 1905), farmer, val real est = $4000, val per prop = $1000, born PA.

                                Lyda (Montgomery) Ball, age 37, born Ohio.  (first name misspelled on census record)

                                Martha J. Ball, age 19, b PA.

                                Polly J. Ball, age 17, b Wisconsin.

                                George G. Ball, age 14, b WI.

                                Ch. E. Ball, age 11, b WI.   (= Charlotte)

                                Leet. ? M. Ball, age 7, b WI.  (= Lettie who is age 16 on 1870 Census)

                                Fred H. Ball, age 5, b WI,  (aka Frederick)

                                Frank Ball, age 2, b WI.   (aka Franklin)


1860 Census,  Monroe Twp,  Green Co.,  WI,  p 372, image #66:  Poly Davis Ball is living in the household of

son-in-law Jarvis W. Montgomery and wife Amanda Ball.   Note:  Jarvis’ first name is spelled out in the 1850 and 1870 Census.


                J. W. Montgomery,  age 28  (b ~1832),  farmer,  per prop = $300,  b Ohio

                                Amanda (Ball),  age 25  (b ~ 1835),  b PA

                     [3]  Polly (Davis) Ball,  age 60,  per prop = $200,  b Penn.


1860 Census,   Jefferson Twp.,  Green Co.,  WI,  p 238, image #26:  Sylvester R. Stephens household:


                S. R. Stephens,  age 37, farmer, real est = $2500, per prop = $600, b NY.

                                Warley ? (Ball),  age 37,  b PA   (= Wealthy)

                                Alfred,  age 15,  b WI

                                Susanne,  age 13,  b WI

                                Wilder,  age 11,  b WI

                                Melvina,  age 9 ?,  b WI

                                Alba,  age 7,  b WI

                                Edy ?  age 3,  b WI               (= Edmund Waldo Stephens)

                                S. R., Jr.,  age 9/12 (b ~ 1859),  b WI  (missing on later Census records)



1870 Census,  Sylvester Twp,  Green Co.,  WI,  p 263 ?, image #1:


                Sylvester Stephens,  age 47,  farmer, val real est = $12,000, val per prop = 8,000,  born NY

                                Welthy,  age 44, keeping house,  b PA   (= Wealthy)

                                Wilder,  age 21 (b ~ 1849), farmer,  b WI

                                Amanda,  age 20 (b ~ 1850),  b WI

                                Alma,  age 19 (b ~ 1851),  b WI

                                Edmund,  age 13 (b ~ 1857),  b WI

                                James,  age 9 (b ~ 1861),  b WI

                                Theo,  age 7 (b ~ 1863),  b WI.


1870 Census,  Sylvester Twp,  Green Co.,  WI, image #16:  Two households:  (1)  Samuel (D.) Ball and wife

Lydia, and  (2)  George Ball,  age 24, b PA, wife Louisa, age 19, b WI, dau  Jennie age 5/12 b WI – this  George is the son of  Samuel D. Ball and wife Lydia Montgomery—details omitted.


                (1)  [7]  Samuel Ball,  age 52, miller, val real est= $20,000,  per prop = $10,000, b PA

                                Lydia (Montgomery),  age 48, keeping house, b Ohio.

                                Lettie,  age 16, b WI

                                Frederick,  age 14, b WI

                                Franklin,  age 11, b WI

                                Louisa,  age 8, b WI.


1870 Census,  Cadiz Twp,  Green Co., WI, p 63A, image #35:  Polly Davis Ball   is living in the household of son-

in-law  Jarvis W. Montgomery  husband of Amanda Ball:


                Jarvis W. Montgomery,  age 39 (b ~ 1831), farmer, val real est = $2500, per prop = $1500,  born Ohio.

                                Amanda (Ball),  age 36 (b ~ 1834), keeping house,  born Pennsylvania

                                Robert,  age 7,  born WI

                                Marion,  age 4, (male),  b WI

                                Louisa,  age 2,  b WI

                        Polly (Davis) Ball,  age 70, val per prop =$1000,  born Penn.  (she died 3-16-1874).



1870 Census,  Sylvester Twp, Green Co.,  WI, p 274, image #19:  Household of  D. W. Ball, age 51 (b ~ 1819), b

Ohio, farmer, wife Catherine, age 50 b PA, and 6 children, 1st b Ohio and others b WI-relationship undetermined—details omitted.


1880 Census,  Sylvester Twp,  Green Co.,  WI, FHL CD, p 208D, image #8:  Sylvester Stephens is mis-named

Sylvester Stevens in the 1880 Census.


                Sylvester Stevens,  age 57, farmer, b NY, parents b NY

                                Welthe Stevens,  age 57, keeping house,  b PA,  parents born PA  (= Wealthy)

                                Ed. W. Stevens,  son,  age 23, working on farm,  b WI

                                Melvina Stevens,  dau,  age 29,  b WI  (= Amanda)

                                James Stevens,  son,  age 23,  b WI

                                Theo Stevens,  son,  age 18,  b WI

                                Susan (Stevens) Davis,  dau,  age 23  (b 1847, d 1911),  b WI  (m to John Quincy Davis)

                                Clarissa Davis,  dau,  age 11 (b 1868, d 1950),  b WI (= dau of John & Susan Stevens Davis)

                                Gertude Davis,  dau,  age 7 (b 1874, d 1950),  b WI (= dau of John & Susan Stevens Davis)

                Ira Davis, son, age 4 (b 1876, d 1913), b WI (= Joe Q Davis son of John & Susan

Stevens Davis)

(Note: other child of John Quincy Davis & Susan Stephens was George E. Davis, b 1872, d



1880 Census,  Sylvester Twp,  Green Co.,  WI, FHL CD, p 207A, image #5:   (1)  [7]  Samuel

D. Ball, wife Lydia Montgomery:


                [7]   Samuel Ball,  age 61, farmer,  b PA           Note: he died in 1905, Juda, WI.

                                Lydia (Montgomery),  age 58,  keeping house,  b Ohio.                Note: she died 4-15-1888, Juda, WI


1880 Census, Cadiz Twp,  Green Co.,  Wisconsin,  Dist. 134,  p 46A,  image #21:  Jarvis W. Montgomery family:


                J. W. Montgomery,  HOH,  age 48, occup: farmer, born OH

                                Amanda (M. Ball),  wife,  age 45,  keeping house, b PA, parents b PA

                                Robert,  son,  age 16, at home, b WI

                                Marion,  son,  age 14, at home, b WI

                                Louisa,  dau,  age 12, at home, b WI

                                Grace,  dau,  age 8, at home, b WI

                                Frank,  son,  age 6, b WI

                                Leroy,  son,  age 1 b WI


The research of the  Balls,  Stephens,  &  Davis  lineages and others in Wisconsin is suspended at Census year 1880.


Note: U S Census Records prior to 1850 only name the head of household (HOH), and all household members are shown only by numbers in age ranges.  Added in parenthesis are some interpretations of age ranges and persons’ names;  not all census years have been completely interpreted.  In some cases there are discrepancies found between age ranges and persons’ ages found elsewhere or at later times.


PART  VI:   CENSUS RECORDS which trace most family members of  ALEXANDER DAVIS  and 

DANIEL  BALL  from  1790  to  1880,  from  Maryland  to  Erie Co.,  PA.


1790 Census,   Worcester Co.,  MD,  p 152,  image #7:  Alexander Davis is shown as “Alexa Davis.”  Note:  There are a total of 38 Davis households in Worcester Co., MD in the 1790 Census index.


                [1] Alexa Davis, age abt 27,  Nancy age abt 30  ( 6 in household):

                                Males                     16 & over               1              (= prob Alexander)

                                                                Under 16                2              (= 2 sons)

                                Females incl head of families              3              (= wife Nancy and 2 daus.)


1790 Census,   Frederick Co.,  MD,  p 254,  image #50:  [5]  Daniel Ball   household.  Also in this county were listed John Ball p 225-image 50, and Henry Ball p 228-image 37; Note: these John and Henry Balls are not the sons of [5] Daniel Ball:


                [5] Daniel Ball   ( 9  in household):

                                Males                     16 & over               1

                                                                Under 16                5

                                Females  incl head of families             3


1800 Census:   Mattapony Hundred Twp.,  Worcester Co.,  MD,  image #8:  Alexander Davis family:   (Note:  Worcester Co., MD is not in online 1800 Census index, but the census records are online.   A page-by-page search of the 3 Twps in this County for 1800 found there were about 50 Davis families, including Alexander Davis, shown on image #8 as “Alexn Davis”).


                Alexn Davis,  age abt 37; wife Nancy age 40  (3 in household)

                                Males                     45 +         1              (poss Alexander)

                                Females                  16-26       1              (unknown)

                                                                26-45       0

                                                                45+          1              (poss Nancy)


1800 Census,  Cumberland Valley  &  Londonderry Twps,  Bedford Co.,  PA.  Three households listed:  (1)

Daniel Ball,  father of  Henry,  Sarah  &  Gary Ball;  (2)  Henry Ball, and  (3)  Christopher Ball--relationship undetermined-omitted.


(1)  [5]  Daniel Ball, (age 43; 12 in household;  Daniel b 1757; d 1831);

(wife Catherine Byre b 1760, d 1822);


Males                     age ranges             number

                                Under 10                2              (Gary age 4,  Samuel age 8)

                                10-16                       2              (William age 10,  John age 12)

                                16-26                       2              (Daniel age 14,  David age 16)

                                26-45                       1              (father Daniel age 43)

                                45 +                         0

Females                  under 10                 3              (Sarah 2,  Catherine 6,  Susanna <1)

                                10-16                       0

                                16-26                       1              (Mary age 18)

                                26-45                       1              (mother Catherine age 32)

45 +                         0


                (2)  Henry Ball  (age 20;  3 in household; Henry b 1780, d 1862; may be widower between wives)

                                Males                     under 10                 1

                                                                10-16                       0

                                                                16-26                       1

                                                                26-45                       1

                                                                45 +                         0

                                Females:                None in house


1810 Census,  Waterford Twp.,  Erie Co.,  PA,  p 126, image #2:  Four families:  (1) Alexander Davis; (2) Daniel Ball;  Robert Large who is husband of Mary dau of Daniel Ball; and  (4)  William Gulliford—details omitted.


(1)     [1]  Alexander Davis ( 9 in household with 7 being children);  Alexander is age 47 (b  abt. 1763 and died 12-26-1849) and wife Nancy, was about age 50 (born abt 1760 and died 8-15-1853).


Males                     age ranges             number                   (interpretation)

                                Under 10                1                              (= unknown)

10-16                                  1                              (= Samuel, b 1795, age 15.)

16-26                                  0

26-45                                  1                              (= unknown)

45 +                         1                              (= father Alexander)

                                Females                  Under 10                2                              (= Susan, age abt. 4; & unknown)

                                                                10-16                       2                              (= Polly, age 11; & unknown)

                                                                16-26                       0

                                                                26-45                       1                              (= wife Nancy)


(2)     [5]  Daniel Ball ( 11 in household; Daniel is age 53, b 1757, and

wife Catherine Byre is age 50, b 1760):


Males                     under 10                 2              (= Enoch age 4;  Cornelius age 8)

                                10-16                       1              (= Gary age 14)

                                16-26                       2              (= Samuel age 18;  William age 20)

                                26-45                       0

                                45 +                         1              (= father Daniel age 53)

Females                  under 10                 1              (= Elizabeth age 4)

10-16                                  2              (= Sarah age 12;  Susanna age 10)

16-26                                  1              (= Catherine age 16)

26-45                                  0

45 +                         1              (= wife Catherine age 50)


                (3)  Robt Large,   (5 in household),   wife Mary Ball, age 28:

                                Males                     under 10                 2

                                                                10-16                       0

                                                                16-26                       0

                                                                26-45                       1              (prob Robert)

                                Females                  under 10                 1

                                                                26-45                       1              (Mary Ball, age 28)


1810 Census,   (no Twp),  Erie Co.,  PA,   image #3:


                Henry Ball   (age 30;  7 in household;   2nd  wife Hannah Devore, age 34,  b 1774, d 1827)

                                Males                     under 10                 4

                                                                10-16                       0

                                                                16-26                       0

                                                                26-45                       1

                                Females                  under 10                 1

                                                                26-45                       1


1815--Springfield Twp., Erie Co., PA,   United Methodist Church of West Springfield:  Church Activity:


On Jan. 7, 1815, John Graham formed a society of 14 members.  They met at the home of William Weber, part of Springfield that is now Girard (Twp).  They were known as the Fair Haven Church.  Founding members were:                     William and Suzanna Weber

                                Mr. & Mrs. James Salisbury

                                [1]  Alexander & Nancy Davis

                Received on probation were:

                                [5]  Daniel & Katherine Ball and dau Suzanna

                                Henry & Hannah Ball and son Noah

                                Samuel & Katering Gulliford     (Note:  Catherine Ball Gulliford is dau of  Daniel Ball)

                All were relatives of Wm. Weber, who was appointed class leader.


1820 Census,  Conneaut Twp.,  Erie Co.,  PA, p 165, image #2:  Two households:  (1)  Alexander Davis;

and  (2)  Henry Ball; 


(1)  Alexander Davis  age 54  (1763 – 1849)    ( 9 in household);  wife Nancy alive to 8-15-1823; 

occupation: Agriculture.


Males                     under 10                 1              (unknown)

                                10-16                       1              (unknown)

                                16-18                       0

                                16-26                       0

                                26-45                       0

                                45 +                         1              (= Alexander)

Females                  under 10                 2              (unknowns)

                                                                10-16                       3              (Susan age 14, & unknowns)

16-26                       0

26-45                       1              (unknown—prob intended to be Nancy)

45 +                         0              (should incl. wife  Nancy,  age 60,  b 1760, d 1823)


(2)  Henry Ball,  age 40  (1780 – 1862)  ( 10 in household);  2nd wife Hannah Devore, age ~46, b 1774, d

1825;   occupation:  agriculture.


Males                     under 10                 3             

                                10-16                       3

                                16-18                       1

                                16-26                       1

                                26-45                       1              (= father Henry, age 40)

                                45 +                         0

Females                  under 10                 0

10-16                       0

16-26                       0

26-45                       1              (= wife Hannah, age 46)

45 +                         0


1820 Census,   Springfield Twp.,  Erie Co.,  PA,  p 164,  image #2:  Six households:  (1)  Daniel Ball;   (2) 

Samuel Ball;    (3)  Gary Ball.   (Note:  these are married sons of  [5]  Daniel Ball,  with Gary Ball married to  Polly Davis  dau  of  Alexander Davis;  (4)  Samuel Gulliford, with last name spelled “Guliford”;   (5)  William Webber (see above 1815 church activity); and   (6)  Miles Bristol—details for 4--5 omitted.


(1)   [5]   Daniel Ball  age 63  (Daniel 1757 – 1831) ( 4 in household),   occupation:  2 in agriculture.

(Wife Catherine Byre age 60,  b 1760,  died 1822,   ? should not be absent here)


Males                     under 10                 0

10-16                                  1              (= Enoch, age 14)

16-18                                  0

16-26                                  1              (= Cornelius age 18)

26-45                                  1              (= Daniel, age 63)

Females                  under 10                 0

10-16                                  0             

10-17                                  0

26-45                                  1              (? Elizabeth age 16)

45+                          0              (? Catherine age 60 / unknown)


(2)  Samuel Ball   age 28  (b 1792; d 1866)    ( 6 in household),  occupation:   Agriculture.

                                Wife Polly Laughlin, age 27, b 1793, d 1856. 

This Samuel was son of  Daniel  Ball,  &  bro to  Henry  &  Sarah  Ball.

                                Males                     under 10                 1

10-16                                  0

16-18                       0

16-26                       1

26-45                       0

45 +                         0

                                Females                  under 10                 3

                                                                10-16                       0

                                                                16-26                       1

                                                                26-45                       0

                                                                45 +                         0


(3)   Gary Ball   age 24  (1796 – 1839)   ( 4 in household),  occup:  Agriculture. 

Wife  Polly Davis, age 21,  b 1799,  died 1874.


                                Males                     under 10                 0

                                                                10-16                       1              (= Samuel age 2)

                                                                16-18                       0

                                                                16-26                       1              (= father Gary age 24)

                                                                26-45                       0

                                                                45 +                         0

                                Females                  under 10                 1              (= Nancy age 3)

10-16                                  0

16-26                                  1              (= Polly Davis age 21)

26-45                                  0

45 +                         0


                (4)  Samuel Guliford, wife Catherine Ball age 26  ( 7 in household):

                                Males                     under 10                 5              (poss David, Daniel, John, Samuel, Lorenzo)

26-45                       1              (Samuel Gulliford)

                                Females                  26-45                       1              (Catherine Ball)


Note:  Samuel and Catherine Ball Gulliford  had 7 sons and 2 daughters.  From 1850 Census, Girard Twp, it is known that David b 1817 PA, John Levi b ~ 1818 PA, Cornelius b ~ 1821 PA, and Allen b ~ 1823 PA, the latter 2 born after the 1820 Census.  Also, Catherine is widow in 1850.


1820 Census,  Fairfield Twp.,  Crawford Co.,  PA,  p 73, image #5:  Samuel Davis household:


                [2]  Samuel Davis,  age 25;  (b 1795, d 1837)    ( 8 in household)  occup:  Agriculture;

Married  on/bef  1813--wife Sarah Ball,  age 22,  b 1798, d 1874.

                                Males                     under 10                 1              (Otho age 3,  John age 1)

                                                                10-16                       0

                                                                16-18                       0

                                                                16-26                       0

                                                                26-45                       1              (= father Samuel)

                                                                45 +                         1

                                Females                  under 10                 4              (Luanna age 7,  & 3  unknowns)

                                                                10-16                       0

                                                                16-26                       0              (? Mother Sarah Ball age 22)

                                                                26-45                       0

                                                                45 +                         1


1820 Census,  Fairview Twp, Erie Co., PA,  p 162, image #1:  Robert Large & Mary Ball family  (11 in household):

                                Males                     total   6

                                Females                  total   5


1830 Census,  Conneaut Twp,  Erie Co.,  Pa,  p 325, image #1:  Listed are   (1)  Alexander Davis  (6 in

household);  Note  Nancy Davis  absent—died 1823;   (2)  Samuel Davis   (8 in household); and   (3)  Henry Davis  (14 in household).   (Note: the numbers 2 and 3 look somewhat alike on the handwritten census record).  (4)  Noah Ball;  (5)  Abram Ball;   Also,  (6)  image #3:  John Randall;  (7)  image #11:  William Randall and William S. Randall—#4--7 details omitted.


(1)     Alexander Davis  age abt 67 (Note: born abt. 1763; died 12-26-1849) ( 6 in household)

Males                     under  5                  0

                                5-10                         0

                                10-15                       0

                                15-20                       1

                                20-30                       1

                                60-70                       1              (= Alexander age 67)

Females                  15-20                       1

                                20-30                       2              (= Susan age abt. 24,  & unknown)

Note:  wife Nancy died 8-15-1823;   son Samuel married on/bef 1813, and Polly married in abt  1817.


(2)  [2]  Samuel Davis   age 35  (b 1795 in MD;  died 4-23-1837 in Erie Co., PA); 

(wife  Sarah Ball,  age 32,  b 1798, d 1874)    ( 8 in household)

Males                     under 5                   1              (= Rodney age 1)

                                5-10                         0

                                10-15                       2              (= Otho, age 13,  John, age 11)

                                30-40                       1              (= father  Samuel, age 35)

Females                  under 5                   1              (= Sylvia, age 3)

                                5-10                         2              (= Lydia, age 9,  and poss Louanna, age 17)

                                30-40                       1              (= wife Sarah Ball, age 32)

Note:  Samuel died on 4-23-1837;   [4]  Sarah, born 9-6-1798 in MD & died 1874 in Erie Co.,

PA;      Sarah married   (2nd )  George Hilborn Stuntz  on 11-9-1837.


(3)  Henry Ball  age  50  (1780 – 1862) ( 9  in household);  3d wife Nancy Bisbee Jones.

                                Males                     under 5                   1

                                                                5-10                         6

                                                                10-15                       2

                                                                15-20                       0

                                                                20-30                       1

                                                                30-40                       0

                                                                40-50                       0

                                                                50-60                       1

                                                                60-70                       1

                                Females                  under 5                   1

                                                                5-10                         1

                                                                10—50+                 0


1830 Census,  Springfield Twp,  Erie Co., PA, p 341, image #15:  Three households:  (1)  a Daniel Ball

household,  with  possibly  [5]  Daniel Ball,  age 71,  living in this household about a year before he died on 8-30-1831:  Daniel Ball’s ( b 1757) son Daniel was b 1786, d 1806.   Thus, these relationships are undetermined at this time.  (2)  Samuel Ball  ( 10 in household---all under age 40);   and

(3)  Cornelius Ball   ( 6  in household—all under age 30);  (4)  Robert Large (wife Mary Ball);  (5)  Samuel Gilliford, actually  Samuel Gulliford, age range 40-50  (wife Catherine Ball, age range 30-40):  household has 11 members, 2 adults, 7 male children (one under 5,  two ages 5-10,  three ages 10-15,  and one 15-20),  and 2 female children (one under 5 and one 10-15);  (6)  Edward Webber;  & William Webber;  (7) Miles Bristol; & Philip Bristol;  (8) Hugh Laughlin;  and  (9)  image #19: John Montgomery--- #4--9 details omitted.


                Daniel Ball  ( 6  in household):

                                Males                     20-30                       2

                                                                70-80                       1              (= ? [5]  Daniel Ball, age 71, b 1757, died 1831).

                                Females                  15-20                       1

                                                                30-40                       1

                                                                60-70                       1



1830 Census,  Springfield Twp,  Erie Co.,  PA, p 340, image #13:  Gerry Ball  is probably Gary Ball, as he is in

the same township as father Daniel Ball, & bros Samuel and Cornelius Ball.   Gerry Ball  household has 5 males and 4 females—details omitted.


1840 Census,  Girard Twp,  Erie Co.,  PA, p 102, (1)  image #1:  Two households:   (1)  Cornelius Ball

( 7 in household);    (2)  Samuel Ball  ( 9  in household);  Cornelius and Samuel are sons of Daniel Ball;  (3)  Alexander Ball;   (5)  Samuel Gulliford age 50-60 range  (wife Catherine Ball, 40-50 age range): household has 2 adults,  3 male children (one 10-15; one 15-20; one 20-30),  and 3 female children  (two 5-10; one 10-15);   (6) Daniel Gulliford;  & David Gulliford—sons of Samuel and Catherine Ball Gulliford;  (7)  Wm Webber;  (8)  a Saml D. Ball;  Also, image #21:  Philip Bristol----details omitted.

----------       -----------          -----------      

1840 Census,  Conneaut Twp,  Erie Co,  PA,  p 148,  (1)  image #11:  Alexander Davis;  (2) image #13:  Abraham Ball; and  (3)  image #19:  John Randall;---#2--3 details omitted.

                (1)  Alexander Davis   ( 3  in household)   (Alexander b 1763 – d 1849)

                                Males                     15-20                       1              (= undetermined)

                                                                60-70                       1              (= Alexander)

Females                  30-40                       1              (= Susan, dau, age 34, died 6-22-1850)


1840 Census,  Sandy Lake Twp,  Mercer Co,  PA,  p 380:  A search of the 1840 PA Census index for  Henry Ball indicated he was not in Erie or Crawford Counties, PA.   Also, Conneaut, Girard, Erie, Springfield, and Elk Crk Twps in Erie Co. were searched page-by-page, which further confirmed that he was not in Erie Co in 1840.   The four Henry Ball’s found were in (1) Mercer County, south of Erie & Crawford Co., in NW PA, and also in  NE Penn. in (2) Luzerne (30 in household) and (3) Susquehanna (6 in household) Counties, PA, and (4) in SE Penn. in Lancaster, County (4 in household).  The most likely candidate is the one in Mercer County, with 8 in the household.  Details omitted.

-----------  ---------  --------  -----------

1850 Census,  Girard Twp,  Erie Co.,  PA,  image #35 & 36:  Five  households:   (1)  Cornelius Ball  (1802 –

1877), and  (2)  Samuel Ball  (1792 – 1866);  both sons of  Daniel Ball  and bros to  Sarah Ball Davis;

(3)  p 428B, image 55:  Catherine Ball Gulliford; on the 1850 index she is miss-named “Catharine Gulleford”;  she is prob a widow, with prob several of her children at home;  and  (4)  image #55:  David Gulliford, son of Samuel and Catherine Ball Gulliford.   (5)  p 416, image #36:  Cornelius Gulliford, another son of Samuel and Catherine Gulliford, single, in the household of Alexander Ball.  Note:  Daniel or Lorenzo Gulliford  cannot be found on the 1850 Index, even trying various name surname spellings, or a “Daniel” or “Lorenzo” search in Erie and Crawford Cos., PA.


                (1)  Cornelius Ball, age 47  (b 1802), farmer, value real est = $3170, born in PA.

                                Lydia Ball, age 44,  born VT.  (maiden name unknown)

                                Marian, age 23, b PA.

                                Jane, age 8, b PA.

                                William H.?,  age 3, b PA.

                                Etta, age 1/12,  b PA.


(2)   Samuel Ball,  age 58 (b 1792), farmer, value real est = $1600, born PA.

                                Polly (Laughlin),  age 57,  born PA.   (Note: Polly 1st  of 2 wives)

                                Curtis G.,  age 26,  b PA.

                                Liberty Ball,  age 3 ?,  b PA

                                Polly Ball,  age 21,  b PA

                                Wilson ?  (male),  age 1,  b PA   (Note: prob same Wilson Ball on 1880 Census age 30)

                                Nazra Dewolf  (male),  age 15, Laborer,  b PA  (first name verified by 1850 Census index).


                (3)  Catharine (Ball) Gulleford,  age 56,  b PA

                                Mary A.,  age 16, b PA

                                Lydia,  age 15, b PA

                                Allen,  age 24, cabinet maker, b PA.


                (4)   David Gulliford,  age 33,  farmer,  val real est - $ 1200,  b PA

                                Ann,  age 29,  b PA

                                Samuel L.,  age 8,  b PA

                                James B.,  age 7, b  PA

                                Eliza Ann,  age 3,  b PA

                                Effie L.,  age 6/12,  b PA.


                (5)  Alexander Ball, age 38, farmer, val real est = $500, b PA

                                Fanny, age 38, b Vt

                                Elizabeth J.,  age 11, b PA

                                Thomas J.,  age 6, b PA

                          Cornelius Gulliford,  age 29, carpenter, b PA.


1850 Census,  Conneaut Twp,  Erie Co.,  PA,  image #14:


                Henry Ball,  age 70,  farmer, value real est = $1000,  born MD

                                Betsy (Kendall), wife,  age 54,  born VT ?   (Note: Betsy is 4th wife).

                                Nancy, age 12, born PA,

                                Hannah ?, age 2, born PA.

                                Enoch, age 31, b PA, wagon master.



Note:  The census taker of 1850 U S Census for Conneaut, Erie Co., PA, was  E. W. Stuntz, who was Edward Wells Stuntz, son of George Stunts and Mary Randall.


1850 Census,  Conneaut Twp,  Erie Co.,  PA:


                E. W. Stuntz,  age 38, farmer, value real est = $1000, born Ohio.

                                Isabella ?,  age 34, b PA

                                Darby L.,  age 12, b PA.

                                Mary E.,  age 11, b PA

                                Amanda L.,  age 6, b PA

Aramenta M., age 6, b PA

                                Martha R.,  age 4, b PA

                                Edward S.?,  age 1, b PA

Chanery ?,  age 20, b PA, wagon master.

                                Catherine M.,  age 17, b PA.


1850 Census,  Conneaut Twp,  Erie Co.,  PA, image #41:  Nathan Rogers  married

Sylvia Davis  dau of Samuel Davis.


                Nathan Rogers, age 30 (b ~ 1820), carpenter, born NY.

                                Sylvia (Davis), age 23  (b 1827), born Ohio


1850 Census, Coral Twp., McHenry Co., Illinois, p 404, image #6:  (John) Levi Gulliford, prob son of Samuel and Catherine Ball Gulliford:


                Levi Gulliford,  age 32, farmer val real est = $125, b PA

                                Jane, age 33, b NY

                                George J., age 18, farmer,  b NY

Mirana, age 16, b NY

John,  age 14, b PA

William,  age 12, b PA

Phila,  age 10, b PA

Kinney,  age 8, b PA

Rebecca,  age 6, b NY

Willington, age 4, b NY


1850 Census,  Madison Co.,  Iowa,  Dist 18:  Two households:  (1) image #13:   Rodney Davis  (son of  Samuel

Davis  and  Sarah Ball);   Rodney Davis  was born abt. 1829 in Erie Co., PA, died  11-25-1853 in Iowa at age  24, and is buried in Winterset Cemetery, Winterset, Madison Co., Iowa;  and   (2)  image #28:  Otho Davis, age 33, wife Jane Cochran, age 25, and children  Sarah A., age 6, Henry, age 5, & Lydia age 2.


(1)  Rodney Davis, age 21, born ~ 1829 in PA, Laborer, in the household of John (surname illegible),

age 28, carpenter, born in VA.


1860 Census,  Conneaut Twp,  Erie Co.,  PA, p 83, image #31:  Henry Ball  household;

Henry was son of  [5]  Daniel Ball.


                Henry Ball,  age 80,  real est = $1000,  per prop = $200, b MD

Betsey (Kendall),  age 65,  b VT


1860 Census, Cirard Twp, Erie Co., PA, p 589-590, images #53-54:   Samuel Ball  and wife Charlotte are living

in the household of  C. G. Ball,  who is their son Curtis G. Ball.


C.  G.  Ball,  age 36, farmer, real est = $1600, per prop = $300, b Penn.

                                S. M. (female),  age 26, b Canada

                                J. M. (male),  age 6, b Penn.

                                Jessie ? (female),  age 4, b PA

                                Samuel Ball,  age 67, farmer, real est - $4000, per prop = $500, b PA  (died 1866)

                                Charlotte,  age 64, b Vermont   (supposedly died 1856 but may actually be after 1860 )

                                Helen L. Dewolf,  age 17, b PA

                                Wilson Ball,  age 10, b PA.


1870 Census:  Girard Twp, Erie Co., PA, p 40, Two households:  (1) image #40, Curtis Ball;  &

(2)   Image #41, Cornelius Ball, age 68, and wife Lydia, age 64, b VT, no children—details omitted.


                Curtis G. Ball,  age 46, Farmer, real est = $6500, per prop = $2000, b PA

                                Salina,  age 36, keeping house, b Canada

                                Jay ? T. ?,  age 15, at home, b Penn

                                Jessie Ball,  age 13, at home, b PA

                                Soloman Sherman,  age 27, Farm Laborer, b Ohio.


1870 Census:  Elk Crk Twp,  Erie Co.,  PA:  image #26,  Liberty Ball,  age 44, wife Martha age 34 b PA, son

Floyd age 11 b PA, and son Ray age 6/12 b PA;  Liberty  is son of  Samuel Ball (b 1792) and  Polly Laughlin—details omitted.


1880 Census:  Elk Creek Twp,  Erie Co.,  PA, p 435C, image 31:  Liberty Ball household:


                Liberty Ball,  age 54,  farmer,  b PA.

                                Floyd Ball,  son,  age 23,  b PA

                                Rose Ball,  dau-in-law,  age 18, b MI

                                Ray Ball,  son,  age 10,  b PA

                                Lucy Beacher,  age 39, housekeeper,  b NY.


1880 Census:  Girard Twp,  Erie Co.,  PA,  p 67C, image #11,  Three households:  (1)  Curtis Ball, age 55, son of 

Samuel Ball;   (2)  Jay M. Ball, age 25; and   (3)   John Ball, age 57;  ---details omitted.


1880 Census:  Conneau Twp,  Erie Co.,  PA,  p 91C, image #20:  Wilson Ball,  age 30, b PA;  Dora, wife, age 29,

b PA;  Emmery, son, age 10, b PA;  &  Harley, son age 7, b PA.—details omitted.




PART  VII--a:   LUANNA  DAVIS  &  HUSBAND  GEORGE  G.  JOHNSTON:  brief/partial  genealogy: 

FHL genealogy postings by Richard D. Gloor and C. Bruce Chambers, for Johnson/Johnston, Mayne, Edwards and some others, provided data and guidance for this research.


SUMMARY:   Luanna Davis was the granddaughter of Alexander Davis, and the daughter of Samuel Davis.  Alexander is the earliest person in the Davis lineage for which information is available.   He was born 1763 in Worcester Co., Maryland, and died 11-26-1849 in Conneaut Township, Erie Co., PA.   He married Nancy (maiden unknown), who was born about 1760 and died 8-15-1823.   Alexander and Nancy Davis probably had 8 children, but information is known on only three: (1) Samuel Davis  (b 1795 MD—d 4-23-1737 Erie Co., PA);  (2)  Polly Davis  (b 4-3-1799---d 3-16-1874  Juda, Wisconsin);  and  (3)  Susan Davis  (b abt 1806 MD—d 6-22-1850 Erie Co., PA).  Before 1810 the Alexander Davis family of 9 members moved from Maryland to Erie Co., PA.


Samuel Davis  married  Sarah (Sally) Ball  on/bef 1813, and 6 children:  (1) Luanna;  (2)  Otho (1817-1899);  (3)  John  (b 1819);  Lydia  (b abt 1821);  (5)  Sylvia  (b 1827); and (6) Rodney  (b abt 1829, d 1853). 


Luanna Davis was born 10-16-1813 in Erie Co., PA, and died 12-5-1876 in Mercer Co., PA, and is buried in the Carpenter Cemetery, Mercer Co.    She married George G. Johnston  abt 1832 in Crawford Co., Penn, and they had 11 children between 1834 and 1857.


George G. Johnston was born 6-28-1814 in Crawford Co., PA, and died 4-14-1874, buried in Carpenter Cem,

Mercer Co., PA.   The 1840-1850-1860 Census records have his last name as Johnston.  However, some researchers and the 1870 Census record have his last name as Johnson.  Some children are found as head of households in the 1880 Census and their last names are spelled Johnston.   Therefore,  Johnston  will be used here.   George G. Johnston’s  parents were  John Johnston, b 1761 in Knockroe, Fermanagh, Ireland, d 4-2-1830 in Crawford Co., PA, and wife Mrs. John Johnston,  b 1764, Huntington Co., PA, d bef 4-2-1830 in Crawford Co., PA, buried Crawford Co., PA;  they married 1784 in Indiana Co., PA, and had 12 children.


In 1810-1820  John Johnston  (b 1761) family was living in Sadsbury Twp., Crawford Co., PA  (1810--image #2; 1820—image #3).   In 1810 and also in 1820 the household had 11 family members.    John Johnston  died 4-1830 probably before the 1830 Census.   In 1830 several sons of  John Johnston  (b 1761) were living in Crawford Co., PA.    A son,  John Johnston (b 1791) was in Vernon Twp., Crawford Co., PA.    In 1840 probably 4 sons were in Vernon Twp., Crawford Co., PA.   On Census record, p 184B, image #10, are  Arthur,  George (and wife Luanna Davis),  &  James,  and on p 429, image #9 is John Johnston.   In 1850,  Arthur & James Johnston are in South Vernon Twp., Crawford Co., PA (p 183B, image #8, and p 184B, image #10).   John Johnston is still in Vernon Twp, p 177B, image #14.


From 1850 to 1874/76  George G. Johnston  and  wife  Luanna Davis  were living in East Lackawannock Twp., Mercer Co., PA.   In addition, several of their married children and the parents of their spouses were living in this township.   Also, their daughter  Nancy  (b 1836) married  George E. Leslie  in 1853.   In 1850  George Leslie was single living in New Castle Borough Twp., Lawrence Co., PA.    In 1860,  George Leslie, wife Nancy Johnston, and 2 children were living in Shenango Twp., Lawrence Co., PA  (could not find/identify them on the 1870 Census index).


        The  children  of  Luanna Davis  and George C.  Johnston  were:


i.  Elizabeth Johnston, b 10-30-1834 in Crawford Co., PA; d 1901, Mercer, PA.

        Married  James W. Mayne  on 11-29-1855.  He  b abt 1832 Crawford Co. PA, and  d 11-2-1900, Mercer Co., PA.

        They had 8 Children.  James parents were John Mayne and wife Jane (maiden unknown).


                ii.  Nancy C. G. Johnston, b 10-6-1836 in Crawford Co., PA;  d 11-12-1903.

Married George Y. Leslie on 10-27-1853  (his middle initial later found to be “E” & “Y” in Census Records). 

                iii.  John Alexander Johnston, b 1-16-1838 in Crawford Co., PA;  d 3-16-1839.


                iv.  Margaret Johnston, b 3-18-1839 in Crawford Co., PA;  d 2-19-1841.


                v.  James Westley Johnston, b 1-11-1841 in Crawford Co., PA;  d  Jan 1914.


                vi..George Buchanan Johnston, b 2-4-1843 in Crawford Co., PA;  d Nov. 1922.

                                Maried  Mary Ann (Mollie) Baird in Dec. 1864 in Clinton Co., NY.


vii.  William Wilson Johnston, b 4-25-1846 in Indian Run, Lackawannoch, Mercer Co., PA; d 2-4-1920, 

Youngstown, Mahoning, Ohio; buried Lake Park Cem., Youngstown, Mahoning, Ohio.

Married (1)  Isabell Edwards abt 1864 in Mercer Co., PA.  Isabell b 2-22-1847 and d 11-13-1875, both in Mercer Co., PA; buried Carpenter Cem, Mercer Co., PA.  Had 3 children.  Her parents were William Edwards and Elizabeth Griffith.

Married (2) Elizabeth Miller,  b 4-27-1853 in Hoagland, Mercer Co., PA; died 12-29-1922, buried in Lake Park Cemetery.  Had 3 children.  Her parents were Money Miller and Leah Mishler.


viii.  Arthur Peny Johnston, b 4-23-1849, by 1850 Census born in Mercer Co., PA;  d 10-14-1854,

Mercer, Mercer, PA.


                xi.  Mary Fidelia Johnston, b 5-22-1851 in Crawford Co., PA; d 10-30-1884. Mercer, Mercer, PA


                x.  Samuel Patterson Johnston, b 3-9-1853 in Crawford Co., PA;  d after 1900, Wilkinsburg, Allegheny, PA.

                                Married  Ellen Mantressa Leslie,  b abt 1857.   Had 8 Children.


xi. Charles Philip Johnston, b 6-12-1857 in Crawford Co., PA; d 12-14-1936, Mercer, Mercer, PA.

                Married  Mary E. Livermore  on 2-18-1879; she b 1858 in Mercer Co., PA, died 1938.

                Had 7 children.


PART  VII—b:   CENSUS  RECORDS   which trace the  George  and  Luanna Davis Johnston  family and

descendents from 1810  to  1900  in  Crawford,  Mercer,  Beaver  &  Lawrence  Counties,  Penn  (also see SUMMARY for Census info from 1810 to 1850):


1800 Census,  Unknown Twps.,  Mercer Co., PA,  image #8:  There are 11 Johnston families in Mercer Co., in 1800, including 4 John-Johny Johnstons—details omitted.


1840 Census,  Vernon  Twp.,  Crawford  Co., PA,  p 426,  image  #3:  GeorgeG. Johnston  family:


                George Johnston,  age 26   (5 in household, no sons)

                                Males                     20-30                       1              (= George, age 26)

                                Females                  under 5                   2              (= Margaret, age 1;  Nancy age 4,)

                                                                5-10                         1              (= Elizabeth age 6)

                                                                20-30                       1              (= Luanna Davis, age 27)


1850 Census,  East  Lackawannock Twp,  Mercer  Co.,  PA,  p 19,  image #1:   George C. Johnston  and wife

Luanna Davis and family:   Note:  this 1850 Census record gives county and state places of births.


                George Johnston,  age 36 (b ~ 1814),  born Crawford Co., PA.

                                Luanna (Davis),  age 37  (b ~ 1813),  born Erie Co., PA

                                Elizabeth,  age 15,  b Crawford Co., PA

                                Nancy,  age 14,  b Crawford Co., PA

                                James W.,  age 10,  b Crawford Co., PA.

                                George B.,  age 8,  b Crawford Co., PA

                                Wm. W.,  age 5,  b Mercer Co., PA

                                Arthur P.,  age 1,  b Mercer Co., PA

                                John Belrail,  age 57,  laborer,  b unknown.


1850 Census,  East  Lackawannock Twp,  Mercer  Co.,  PA:   Two households:  (1)  p 202A & B, images #7 & 8: 

John Mayne,  wife Jane and family, incl. son  James W. Mayne, age 17;  and  (2)  p 209, image #21:  Money Miller,  wife Leah Mishler and family (dau  Elizabeth Miller  not born until 1853).  This record gives county and state places of births.


                John Mayne,  age 41, Farmer,  val real est = $ 15.00 ?,  born Beaver Co., PA

                                Jane Mayne,  age 40,  b Beaver Co., PA

                                Christiana Mayne,  age 20,  female, b Beaver Co., PA

                                James W. Mayne,  age 17,  Farmer, b Beaver Co., PA  (James later married Elizabeth Johnston)

                                William L. Mayne,  age15,  Farmer, b Beaver Co., PA

                                Mary Ann Mayne,  age 13,  b Beaver Co., PA

                                Ellen Mayne,  age 11,  b Beaver Co., PA

                                Martha Mayne,  age 9,  b Mercer Co., PA

                                Presely Mayne,  age  8,  b Mercer Co., PA

                                Samuel Mayne,  age 6,  b Mercer Co., PA

                                John D. Mayne,  age 4,  b Mercer Co., PA

                                Sara J. Mayne,  age 2, b Mercer Co., PA        


                Money Miller,  age 32, Laborer,  b Mercer Co., PA

                                Leah (Mishler) Mayne,  age 29,  b Somerset Co., PA

                                David Miller,  age 9,  b Ohio

                                Jacob Miller,  age 7,  b Mercer Co., PA

                                Anne Miller,  age 5,  b Mercer Co., PA

                                Fanny Miller,  age  3,  b Mercer Co., PA

                                Benjamin Miller,  age 1,  b Mercer Co., PA

                                Fanny Miller, age 83  (b ~ 1767),  b Chester Co., PA     (poss mother)

                                Susan Miller, age 30,  b Chester Co., PA        (poss sister)


1850 Census,  East  Lackawannock Twp,  Mercer  Co.,  PA:   p 201B, image #6:   Three households  (1) William

Edwards  family, incl dau Isabel Edwards who later married William W. Johnston;  in this household is an Edward Roberts (age 80)--his name could be reversed and be ? Roberts Edward.  Also on this record are (2) Edward Edwards, age 34, local miner, b Wales;   Mary, age 60, b Wales (poss mother), and 2 children born in Armstrong Co., PA, Emelia age 18, and Elias (male), age 22, waggonmaker; and  (3)  Edward Roberts, age 48, b Wales;  Mary, age 32, b Mercer Co., PA, and 5 children b Mercer Co. PA; ---relationships undetermined.


Wm. Edwards,  age 36, Farmer, val real est = $1000, born SouthWales

Elizabeth (Girffith) Edwards,  age 32 ?, b Maryland

                                Mary J. Edwards,  age 10, b Mercer Co., PA

                                Ann Eliza Edwards,  age 8, b Mercer Co., PA

                                Samuel Edwards,  age 7, b Mercer Co., PA

Pheaby Edwards,  age 5, b Mercer Co., PA

                                Isabel Edwards,  age 3, b Mercer Co., PA   (later married William W. Johnston)

                                Caroline Edwards,  age 2/12, b Mercer Co., PA

                                Edward Roberts L.,  age 80, Farmer, b North Wales.


1850 Census,  New Castle Borough Twp.,  Lawrence Co.,  PA,  p 230, image #17:  George Leslie, who in 1853

married  Nancy Johnston.  George Leslie, age 23,  is in the household of  Isaac Phillips:


                Isaac Philips,   age 30, Merchant,  b PA

                                Mary,  age 24, b Ireland

                                Elizabeth Watson,  age 13,  b PA

                                Nathan King,  age 16, Clerk,  b PA  (first name verified from 1850 Census Index)

                                George Leslie,  age 23, Clerk,  b PA.  (later married Nancy Johnston)



1860 Census,  East Lackawannock Twp,  Mercer Co.,  PA:   Five households:  (1)  p 104,  image # 14:  George C. Johnston,  wife Luanna Davis  and family (6 children);   (2)   p 101-102,  images #11-12:  William Edwards family;   (3)  p 103,  image # 13:  John Mayne and wife Jane;   (4)  p 103, image #13:  James Mayne  and wife Elizabeth Johnston.   (5)   page 103, image #13:  Alexander Johnston, age 35, b Ireland, and family—relationship undetermined—omitted.


                (1)  George Johnston,  age 47,  farmer,  val real est = 3000,  per prop = 1000,  born PA

                                Louanna (Davis),  age 47, H Wife, b PA

                                James W.,  age 19, fam. Laborer, b PA

                                George,  age 17, fam. Laborer, b PA

                                William,  age 14, b PA

                                Mary,  age 9, b PA

                                Samuel,  age 7, b PA

                                Charles,  age 3, b PA.


                (2)   William Edwards,  age 46,  Farmer,  val real est = $3000,  per prop = $600, b Wales

                                Elizabeth (Griffith),  age 42 ,  H wife,  b Maryland

                                Ann Louisa, age 18,  Domestic,  b PA

                                Edward,  age 17,  farm laborer,  b PA

                                Phebe,  age 16,  Domestic,  b PA

                                Isabel ?,  age 13,  b PA    (later married William W. Johnston)

                                Caroline,  age 10,  b PA

                                Amelia,  age 8,  b PA

                                William,  age 7,  b PA

                                Edward Roberts,  age 95, coal miner, b North Wales.


(3)  John Mayne,  age 57,  Farmer, val real est = $2500, per prop = 900, b PA

                                Jane,  age 52,  H wife,  b PA

                                Ellen,  age 20,  Domestic,  b PA

                                Martha,  age 18,  b PA

                                Presely,  age 16,   farm laborer,  b PA

                                Eva,  age 3,  b PA.


                (4)  James Mayne,  age 25,  farm laborer, per prop = $300,  b PA  (son of John Mayne)

                                Elizabeth (Johnston),  age 25,  H wife,  b PA

                                Ida,  age 4,  b PA 


1860 Census,  Shenango Twp., Lawrence Co., PA,  p 403-404,  images  #403-404:  George E. Leslie, age 33, and wife Nancy Johnston, age 24, and 2 children:


                George E. Leslie,  age 33, Farm Agent, per prop = $600,  b PA

                                Nancy (Johnston),  age 24,  b PA   (dau of George G. Johnston and Luanna Davis)

                                James E.,  age 5,  b PA

                                George L.,  age 2,  b PA

                Note: a page-by-page search of 1870 Census for this township did not find George & Nancy Leslie there.


1870  Census,  East Lackawannock Twp.,  Mercer Co., PA,  p 49,  image #15:  In this Census record it appears

that  George G. Johnston  is miss-named  George G.  Johnson,  age 54,  wife’s name illegible but could be  Luanna,  age 56, and a child with illegible name prob  Patterson,  age 17,  which is  Samuel Patterson Johnston,  also,  Charles,  age 13,  and  Mary  age 19,  all born in PA.  George died 4-14-1874 and Luanna died 12-5-1876.


1870  Census,  East Lackawannock Twp.,  Mercer Co., PA,    Three households:   (1) image #14:  James Mayne

and wife Elizabeth Johnston;    (2)  image #13:   William Edwards  and wife  Elizabeth Griffith,  parents of Isabell Edward  wife of  William Wilson Johnston;  and   (3)  p 45,  image #7:  William Wilson Johnston and wife  Isabell Edwards   household. 


                (1)  James Mayne,  age 38 ?,  Farmer,  val per prop = $610,  b PA

                                Elizabeth (Johnston),   age  36,  keeping house, b PA

                                Ida,  age 13,  at home,  b PA

                                Nettie,  age 7,  at home, b PA


                (2)  Wm Edwards,  age 56,  Farmer,  val real est = $3000,  per prop = $800,  born  England

                                Elizabeth (Griffith),  age 52, keeping house,  born Mayrland (spelled here as shown on the record)

                                William J.,  age 16, at home,  b Penn.

                                Martha Colien ?,  age 15, house keeper,  b PA


(3)  Wm W. Johnston,  age 24,  Laborer,  val per prop = $400,  b PA 

(son of George G. Johnston and Luanna Davis)

                                Isabella (Edwards),  age 23, keeping house,  b PA

                                Detmore,  age 4,  at home,  b PA

                                Roscoe,  age 1,  at home,  b PA.


1870  Census,  East Lackawannock Twp.,  Mercer Co., PA,  Three households:  (1)  image #8:  Money Miller;  (2)  image #15:  Jacob Miller;  and  (3)  George B. Johnston, miss-named  Johnson.


                (1)  Money Miller,  age 58, Farmer,  val real est = $15000 ?,  per prop = 1500, b PA

                                Leah,  age 48, keeping house, b PA

                                David,  age 28,  Cabinet maker, val per prop = $1000, b PA

                                Benjamin,  age 21, farm laborer, b PA

                                Money, Jr.,  age  19 ?, assists on farm, b PA

                                Elizabeth,  age 17, at home, b PA    (later married William W. Johnston)

                                Mary,  age 15, at home, b PA

                                Zacharias,  age 13, at home, b PA

                                Peter,  age 8, at home, b PA

                                Johny,  age 6, at home, b PA


                (2)  Jacob Miller,  age 27, Farmer, per prop = $600,  b PA  (son of Money Miller)

                                Sophiah ?,  age  26,  keeping house,  b Ohio

                                Lucinda ? Ann,  age 4,  at home,  b PA


                (3)  G.  B.  Johnson,  age 28,  Farmer,  per prop = $700,  b PA

(son of George G. Johnston and Luanna Davis)

                                Mary Ann (Baird),  age 30,  keeping house,  b PA

                                Esse ? Cracker ?,  female,  age 6,  at home,  b PA


1870 Census,  N. Beaver Twp.,  Lawrence Co., PA, p 180, image #37:  George Y. Lester and Nancy Johnston family;  He is miss-named on the Family Tree Maker ( CD-1870 Census, Western PA as George Y. Lester;  however on the Census page the surname is legible as Leslie.


                George Y. Leslie, age 44, Rail Road Agent, val real est = $1600, per prop = 200, b PA

                                Nancy (Johnston), age 34, keeping house, b PA
                                Jane E., age 16, b PA

                                George L., age 13, b PA

                                May L., age 4, b PAPA                       

Nancy Reed, age 20 ?, b PA.


1870 Census,  Union Twp.,  Lawrence Co., PA, p 305B, image #31: John Mayne family, but Jane is absent; identified by child Eva age 12 at 1870 and was age 3 at 1860.


                John Mayne, age 64, Farmer, val real est = #2000, per prop = #200, b PA

                                Eva, age 12, b PA

                                Ada May, age 10, b PA

                                Henry E. ?, age 8, b PA

                                Eliza E., age 6, b PA.

                                Margret ? McRee, age 32 ?, keeping house, b PA


1880 Census,  East Lackawannock Twp,  Mercer Co.,   Dist. #128,  p 257B,  image #34:  Three households:  (1) 

William W. Johnston,  age 34,  family;  and   (2)   Charles P. Johnston , age 22, family;   Mary F. (Johnston),  age 25,  is living with her brother Charles.   (3)  p 258C  image #35:  Patterson Johnston, age 27 family (Note:  this is  Samuel Patterson Johnston):


                (1)  William W. Johnston,  age 34,  Farmer, b PA

                                Elizabeth (Miller),  (2nd) wife,  age 27,  keeping house,  b PA

                                Robert D.,  son,  age 14,  b PA

                                William R.,  son,  age 11,  b PA

                                George F.,  son,  age 7,  b PA


(2)  Charles Johnston,  age 22,  Farmer, b PA

                                Mary E. (Livermore),  wife,  age 22, Keeping house,  b PA

                                Ora B.,  dau,  age 3/12,  Feb?,  b PA

                                Mary F.,  sister,  age 25,  at home,  b PA


 (3)  Patterson Johnston,  age 27, Laborer,  b PA

                                Ella,  age 23,  keeping house,  b PA    (= Ellen Mantressa Leslie)

                                Ola,  dau,  age 3,  b PA

                                Wallace L.,  son,  age 6/12, ?,  b PA


1880 Census,  East Lackawannock Twp,  Mercer Co.,   Five households:  (1)  p 255, image #30:  Money Miller; 

(2) p 255, image #30:   Jacob Miller;   (3)  p 257B, image #34:   James W. Mayne;   (4)  p 258C, image #35:  William Edwards;  and   (5)  p 258D, image #35:   Thomas Miller, age 34, family, born PA—details omitted.


                (1)  Money Miller,  age 68, Farmer, b PA, parents born PA

                                Leah, wife,  age 58, keeping house, b PA, parents b PA

                                Mary, dau,  age 24, at home, b PA

                                Zack, son,  age 22,  Work on Farm, b PA


(2)  Jacob Miller,  age 37, Farmer,  b PA

                                Mary S., wife,  age 36, keeping house,  b PA

                                Liddie, dau,  age 14,  b PA

                                Austin A., son,  age 8,  b PA

                                Ross R., son,  age 8,  b PA

                                Amanda A., dau,  age 5,  b PA

                                Lizzie J., dau,  age 3,  b PA

                                Mary M., dau,  age 3,  b PA


                (3)  James W. Mayne,  age 47,  Farmer,  b PA,  parents b PA

                                Elizabeth (Johnston), wife, age 45,  b PA

                                Ida L., dau,  age 23,  b PA

                                Nettie W., dau,  age 17,  b PA

                                Lyle J., son,  age 9,  b PA

                                George M., son,  age 7,  b PA.


                (4)  William Edwards,  age 66, b Wales,  parents born Wales

                                Elizabeth (Griffith),  wife,  age 62,  b MD,  parents born Wales

                                William J.,  son,  age 26,  Works on farm,  b PA.


1880 Census,   Ohio Twp,  Beaver Co.,  PA:  p 351B,  image #6:  (1)  James Johnston  family; and (2)  Elizabeth

Johnston, age 70, b PA, one dau, 3 grand-daus, one grandson—relationship unknown--omitted.


                James Johnston,  age 39, School teacher, b PA

                                Mary W. ?, wife,  age 27, keeping house, b PA

                                Elizabeth, dau, age 6, b PA

                                Olevia,  dau,  age 5, b PA

                                Charles,  son,  age 2, b PA.


Note:  Cannot locate or identify the following persons:  (1)  James W. Johnston  on the 1870 Census index;  (2)  George B. Johnston on the FHL 1880 index;   (3)   George Y. (E.) Leslie  and wife  Nancy Johnston   on FHL 1880 census index; George E. Leslie was found as single in 1850 in Lawrence Co., PA, and he and wife Nancy found in 1860-1870 in Lawrence Co., PA.  (4)  Money Miller, wife Leah, and dau Elizabeth, on 1860 census index.   In addition, a number of other above persons could not be found in the online or CD Census indexes.  The CD census index disks for PA for 1860 and 1870 appear to be deficient in many names.  Therefore, the online census records were searched page-by-page several times each in Lackawannock-East-&-West Townships, Mercer Co., PA, for census years 1850-1860-1870-1880-1900, and occasionally, a few other townships, in an attempt to find persons of interest.  This effort did find many persons not found in the Census indexes, either the online indexes or their CD Census index disks.


Note: there are no 1890 Census Records.


1900 Census,  East Lackawannock  Twp.,  Mercer Co., PA:  (1) p 289A, image #13:   James Mayne  and wife

Elizabeth Johnston, and family;  (2)  p 290A, image #15:  Charles P. Johnston  family;  (3) p 292A, image #19:   Jacob C. Miller  family;  (4)  image #22:  Austin A. Miller  family; Austin was a son of Jacob Miller.


                (1)  James W. Mayne,  HOH,  age 67, born Nov. 1832, married, number of yrs married = 45, farmer,  owns

farm free of mortgage,  b PA, parents b PA.   (Note: confirms m date of 11-29-1855)

Elizabeth  (Johnston),  wife,  age 65,  b Oct.  1834, number of yrs married = 45,  had 6 children

with 4 living at 1900,  b PA, parents b PA.

                                James L., son,  age 29,  b Nov 1870, , b PA

                                Della, widow,  age 29,  b Sep 1870, b PA, parents b PA

                                Clara B. ?,  G-dau,  age 7,  b 6-1895, single, b PA, parents b PA

                                Bonita M., G-dau,  age 5,  b Feb ? 1895, single, b PA

                                Elizabeth E., G-dau,  age 4,  b Aug 1896, b PA

                                James J., G-son,  age 2,  b Feb 1898, b PA

                                Infant, G-son,  age 3-12,  born Mar 1900, b PA


(2)  Charles P. ? Johnston, HOH,  age 46, b June 1857, married, number of yrs married = 21, Farmer,

owns farm mortgaged, b PA, parent born PA.

                                Mary E. (Livermore),  wife, age 41, b Nov 1858, number of yrs married = 21, had 7 children all 7

living at 1900,  b PA,  parents born PA.

                                Ora B., dau,  age 20,  b Jan 1880, single ?,  b PA

                                Mary F.,  dau,  age 16,  b Nov 1883, single,  b PA

                                Charles W. ?,  age 15,  b Aprl 1885, single,  b PA

                                Bessie ?,  dau, age 13,  b Aprl 1887, single,  b PA

                                Fern E., dau,  age 10,  b July 1889, single,  b PA

                                James A., son,  age 7,  b Aprl 1893, single , b PA.


                (3)  Jacob C. Miller, HOH,  age & DOB illegible, farmer, owns farm mortgaged, b PA, father born PA,

mother b Ohio.

                                Sophia, wife,  age 57, born May 1843, married, number of yrs married = 34, had 9 children with 7

living at 1900,  b Ohio,  parents b OH.   (Note:  married abt 1866)

                                Ranson R., son,  age 24,  b Dec 1875,  single,  b PA

                                Amanda, dau,  age 22,  b May 1878,  single,  b PA

                                Ida, dau,  age 20,  b Feb 1880,  single,  b PA

                                Maud L., dau, age 17,  b May 1883,  single,  b PA.


                (4)  Austin A. Miller, HOH,  age 29,  b Nov 1870, married, number of yrs married = 0, Farm laborer,

rents house, b PA,  father born PA,  mother b OH.

                                Mary E., wife,  age 19,  b Apil 1881,  married,  number of yrs married = 0, no children, b PA,

parents born Penn.


Research  of  Davis  and  Ball  lineages  and  others  suspended  here.


Interpretation:   Marriage date of Samuel Davis and Sarah Ball:   Some researchers have 1810 and others have 1816.  However, the first child, Luanna Davis, was born 10-16-1813, and this birth date is consistent with her 1850 Census age of 37.  Therefore, until a more reliable date is found, the marriage date used in this report will be  “on/before 1813.”



Source:   Cemetery Information provided on 6-9-2016 by Evelyn Baker, Erie County (PA) Genealogy Soc., and Springfield Twp genealogy coordinator:



                1.  Springfield Cemetery Book:


                                a.  Sarah Davis, b 1798, d 1874

                                     Burial Site:  ESG  Lot #25

                                     Spouse:   Samuel  Davis

                                     Mother:  Catherine Byre

                                     Father:  Daniel Ball


b.  Samuel Davis,  b 1795   d  1837

                                      Burial Site:  ESG  lot  #25,  (same as Sarah)

                                      Spouse:  Sarah Ball

                                      No listing for parents.


Note:  the cemetery dates provided above, especially for Samuel Davis, and the last name “Byre”  for  Catherine Byre,  wife of Daniel Ball, will be used in this report.  Many researchers have Samuel Davis’ DOB 1796 and DOD  4-23-1835.




1.  Davis genealogy information from George Davis, Orleans, Harlan Co., Nebraska

(descendent  of  Alexander Davis).


2.  Searches of Internet genealogy databases, primarily, but also,, and others, including some County genwebs, with the listing below referencing individual’s genealogy postings.


                a.  U S Census Records search 1790 – 1880, aided by & FHL CD Census Index disks.

                b.  Linda Ball,  BALL /  GREVE.

                c.  Magi DeVore posting.

                d.  James Gibbens, query posting on Ball family.

                e. BIOGRAPHICAL NOTES for:

                                Daniel Ball and Catherine Byre.

                                George Stuntz and Sarah Ball

                                Ezra Fletcher Stuntz and Jane Ann Stitt

                                Conrad Stuntz and Margaret Anna Briefling

                                Anonymous Biography of Conrad Stuntz (poss by Ezra Stuntz).


                f.  Part of genealogy on PIERCE, including Caroline Pierce and Ezra Stuntz;


g. posting for DESCENDENTS OF JAMES ROGERS, giving Cary Rogers

marriage to Mary Stuntz.

h.  Michelle Buetikofer,  BUETIKOFER-SPALDING FAMILY TREE.  Has narratives.

i.  William R. Randall, info on George Stuntz

j.  Nancy Ann Norman, info in George Stuntz.

k.  Stan Myers, info on Stuntz.

l. Family Data Collection, Individual Records.

m. Gary Dewey,  THE DEWEY FAMILY.


o.  Bert Van Laer,  FAMILY ANCESTRY.


                q.  Contact unknown (Ball),  15348.

r.   Reference found but not researched;  DANIEL BALL AND HIS DESCENDENTS, compiled by Joseph

Druse, East Lancing, MI, et al.

s.  Chris Hertoz,    MY FAMILY.

t.  Scott Baumann,  BAUMANN FAMILY TREE.


v.  John Weller,  NEIL BRAWLEY LINE.

w.  Linda Greve Ball,  FHL,  Davis & Ball lineage.

x.   Richard Gloor, FHL, Johnston/Johnson, Mayne, Davis et al.

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