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Harbor Creek Township Names Index

Contributed by Beth Simmons

The information below has been compiled by Beth Simmons. It is an indexed listing of names found in the four most popular "History of Erie County" books. Anyone wishing to add to, correct or otherwise question or comment on the below index should contact Beth Simmons directly.


LAST NAME First name Initial   Source   page Photo
Applebee John F.   Miller   113/114  
Backus Timothy     Beers   80  
Barr family     Nelson's   592  
Barr Matthew R   Nelson's   593  
Barton Wm M   Beers   81  
Beck J. G   Beers   81  
Bell William Jr.   Nelson's   704  
Bell family     Nelson's   704  
Bell John J., Dr.   Miller   139/140/141  
Bell Hiram A   Beers   81  
Bennett John L., Dr.   Beers   81  
Bonnell Lovisa Miss   Beers   81  
Bowen Moses     Beers   81  
Brindle J. A.   Nelson's   823  
Brown Conrad J   Nelson's   594  
Brown William Saltsman   Nelson's   634  
Brown W A.   Miller   13,14,15  
Bryant P. D   Beers   82  
Burgoyne John J,   Nelson's   658  
Butt Isaac M   Beers   82  
Canty Jeremiah H.   Nelson's   739  
Carr T. P.   Beers   82  
Carter Edward D   Nelson's   657  
Carter John L.   Beers   82  
Cass George W   Miller   306-307  
Cass Edward     Beers   82  
Chambers James     Nelson's   801  
Chambers Cassius     Miller   295-296  
Chambers Ezekial E   Miller   590-591  
Chambers James     Beers   83  
Chambers Harrison     Beers   83  
Chapin P. B   Beers   83  
Clark family     Nelson's   631  
Clark Henry     Reed   500 503
Clark Henry Alden   Reed   501 503
Clark David     Beers   83  
Clark John W., Rev   Beers   83  
Clark Albert     Beers   84  
Cole W. Henry   Beers   84  
Colt George P   Miller   104  
Cooper W. M   Beers   84  
Cowden E. Robert   Beers   84  
Crabb William H   Miller   316-318  
Crowley Peter J   Nelson's   702  
Curtis Joseph     Beers   85  
Daniels Albert N   Miller   69-70  
Davies David     Beers   85  
Davis Stephen     Beers   85  
Davison Wm W   Beers   85  
Devine Robert F   Reed   510  
Devine Robert F. Jr.   Reed   511  
Dillon Thomas     Nelson's   610  
Dugan Bros.     Nelson's   700  
Dunn Ira J, MD   Nelson's   646  
Dunn George C   Nelson's   749  
Dunn Harrison A. Dr.   Reed   697  
Ebersole Jesse     Beers   85  
Ebersole Elizabeth Mrs.   Beers   86  
Edwards W P   Beers   86  
Elliott Thomas A   Nelson's   798  
Elliott Thomas A   Miller   294  
Elliott Thomas     Beers   86  
Evans Christmas     Miller   299-300  
Evans George     Miller   523-524  
Firman James     Beers   86  
Galbraith       Nelson's   548-549 168
Gifford J. P.   Nelson's   801  
Gitting J. J.   Nelson's   804  
Gitting John     Beers   86  
Gordon Levi     Beers   87  
Gray John Hall   Miller   402  
Green Andrew Philo   Miller   292  
Griffith George Perry   Miller   273-275  
Hannon B. J.   Nelson's   728  
Hardy John W   Beers   87  
Harmon Adam     Beers   87  
Helterline       Miller   307-308  
Henry Garrett Smith   Miller   365  
Henry William     Beers   87  
Henry Robert H   Beers   87  
Henry Frank     Beers   88  
Highmeyer George E   Miller   89-90  
Hume A. B   Nelson's   803  
Hyke W. W.   Nelson's   783  
Hyke W H   Beers   88  
Jackson Andrew     Miller   403-404  
Kilpatrick James     Beers   88  
Kocher Edward     Beers   88  
Kuhl Peter     Nelson's   785  
Lang Alfred P.   Nelson's   821  
Leete Calvin     Beers   89  
Lewis Harry Marcus   Miller   532  
Lowery Nathaniel D   Beers   89  
Mackrell Thomas     Miller   96  
Marks W. W   Beers   89  
McCarter Joseph Hon.   Nelson's   603  
McGill William     Beers   89  
McLaughlin John Marcus   Miller   359  
Mead J D   Beers   89  
Miller O.     Beers   89  
Miller Charles G   Beers   90  
Moore Mark Milton, Dr   Beers   90-92  
Moorhead W. K.   Nelson's   817  
Moorhead Robert Joseph   Nelson's   832  
Moorhead Robert J.   Miller   889  
Moorhead Joseph Y.   Reed   595  
Moorhead Robert J.   Reed   597  
Moorhead Joseph N   Beers   92  
Moorhead Thomas     Beers   92  
Moorhead James R   Beers   93  
Moorhead Wm M   Beers   93  
Moorhead John D   Beers   93  
Moorhead Samuel T   Beers   93  
Nagle Bailey P.   Nelson's   653  
Neff John     Beers   93  
Ohlwiler Anna Mary   Beers   93  
Ore Frank H.   Nelson's   801  
Orton Fred     Miller   260  
Orton Sarah Mrs.   Beers   94  
Parker H. H.   Beers   94  
Peck G. E.   Nelson's   804  
Peck Gardner Edward   Miller   398-399  
Petrie Henry F   Miller   149-150  
Pherrin W E   Beers   94  
Pinney Anthony Saltsman   Nelson's   654  
Pinney Anthony S   Miller   334-335  
Rabe Christian     Nelson's   747  
Raeder Phillip B   Nelson's   803  
Raeder Phillip B   Miller   97-98 Vol. 2
Raymond C W   Beers   94  
Rees Thomas     Nelson's   572  
Reichert Frederick M   Beers   94  
Riblet Winfield Scott   Nelson's   609  
Riblet Edward J   Nelson's   609  
Riblet Alfred King   Nelson's   610  
Ripley Christian     Nelson's   818  
Roberts Wm. A.   Beers   94  
Rouyer John     Beers   95  
Saltsman William     Nelson's   563  
Saltsman John R   Nelson's   563  
Saltsman R J   Nelson's   563  
Saltsman Jesse     Nelson's   563  
Saltsman Robert J.   Reed   640 640
Schultz Edward     Nelson's   804  
Schultz Louis F.   Miller   294  
Schultz Christian     Beers   95  
Schutte August     Miller   15-16  
Scott Andrew     Nelson's   563  
Scott Walter     Nelson's   563 Vol. 1
Searls Royal B   Miller   400-401  
Searls L. P.   Beers   95  
Sewell D W   Nelson's   803  
Sewell Alfred S   Miller   168-169  
Sewell F. E   Beers   95  
Shadduck James M   Miller   423-424  
Shawk W L   Beers   95  
Sherwin G.W. F.   Miller   231-233  
Sherwin J. M.   Reed   526  
Sherwin G.W. F.   Reed   526  
Smith W W   Beers   96  
Spencer William Colt   Miller   257-260  
Spencer William     Reed   518  
Spencer Judah Colt   Reed   518  
St. Lawrence John     Reed   524  
Stark Irving N   Beers   96  
Stinson Wm. Stark   Beers   96  
Strucker John     Beers   96  
Tompkins Edward E   Beers   96  
Twitchell Aaron M   Beers   97  
Wadsworth H N   Beers   97  
Walbridge Frank Delos   Nelson's   704  
Walbridge Carl H.   Nelson's   704/802  
Walker Francis J.   Miller   450-452  
Walker W. W.   Miller   450-452  
Walker C C   Beers   97  
Wieczorek John     Nelson's   702  
Wilkins W.W. Capt   Miller   420-422  
Wood C. M.   Nelson's   799  
Wood Alfred Edward   Miller   303-304  
Woods Adella E., Dr   Miller   253-254  
Zuck S.B. P.   Nelson's   810  

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