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Ira M Bush - Bootlegger

Contributed by Joyce (Bush) Cubley

Site visitor Joyce (Bush) Cubley provided the biographical information below. Ira M. Bush was her grandfather. Any questions or comments concerning this page should be sent directly to Joyce.

The following article appears to have been printed in the Union City, Pa newspaper on April 19, 1926.


Ira M. Bush was held for action of the county court Saturday afternoon in default of $1500 bail. Bush was arrested shortly after the dinner hour by Chief of Police Magee and special officer Smith.
According to the suspicions which the local chief of police has held for sometime, Bush has been coming to this city each Saturday afternoon with a Ford touring car. Bush is a railroad employee in Erie, but a former resident here.
Magee saw Bush drive into the city and noticed that his car went wrong and he went to a local garage. The chief obtained the assistance of a special officer and went to the garage where Bush had just loaded a suitcase full of liquor which he was carrying up the street.
Chief Magee walked alongside of Bush and took the suitcase from his hand, asking him what he had in it. Bush answered that he had some liquor. The chief had previously obtained a search warrant for the car in case he needed it.
When taken by the justice by the two policemen, Bush pleaded guilty. He was remanded to the County because of lack of bail. Officer Smith took Bush to the County jail Saturday evening where he will be given a hearing this week.
In the suitcase which Bush had with him was found nine pints, one half pint and one quart of whiskey. He was charged with illegal transportation and possession of liquor.

These are two more articles from probably the Union City, PA newspaper and perhaps one of them from the Erie, PA newspaper.

Ira Bush Must Also Pay Fine of $500 For Possessing Liquor According to Court Order

Ira M. Bush, formerly of Union City pleaded guilty to charges of illegally possessing and transporting six quarts of whiskey, was sentenced in county criminal court by President Judge U. P. Rossister to serve a term of two months in the Erie County prison and pay a fine of $500. Judge Rossiter imposed sentence on the charge of possessing only, telling the defendant that the transportation charge still stands against him should he engage in the bootleg business after his release from jail, he will be given the limit allowed by law. Bush was arrested by O. C. Magee on April 17 when he was found possessing and transporting 9 pints and one quart of whiskey.

Union City Rum Runner Must Also Pay Big Fine

Ira M. Bush who was arrested in Union City April 17, 1926, by Chief of Police O. C. Magee, on a charge of transporting liquor, was fined $500. And costs and sentence to a two-month term in the county prison, when he pleaded guilty in Erie County court before Judge Uriah P. Rossiter.

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