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Andrew McAdams and Joan Bush

Contributed by Jane McAdams Taylor

Site visitor Jane McAdams Taylor provided the biography below in June 2006. It is being posted at this time. Andrew McAdams and Joan Bush settled in North Springfield in the mid 1820's and lived until their deaths in 1850. A reference to them is made in a Northeastern Ohio Biographical Sketch concerning Mrs. Captain George Fields, daughter of Thomas and Lois Cheney. The entire biographical sketch is being posted. Any questions or comments concerning this family history should be sent directly to Jane McAdams Taylor .

Mrs. Captain George Fields, Daughter of Thomas and Lois Cheney.

One of the most prominent families of Northeastern Ohio, of which Ashtabula County is a component part, is that by the name of Cheney, of which the oldest and most central figure is Thomas Cheney, father of the subject of this sketch. So far as data is now accessible, a record of his life is as follows:

Thomas Cheney was born in Windsor, Connecticut, September 12, 1797, and his parents were John and Mary (Stowell) Cheney. He grew to manhood in his native State and obtained a liberal education, which, combined with an excellent intellect, made him a conspicuous figure among men. He had the faculty of presenting his opinions in a logical and interesting manner, and while he laid no claims to oratory and rarely spoke in public from announcement, he experienced no difficulty in entertaining his hearers when he had a bout with a political enemy. He was a familiar object on the streets of Ashtabula, during the exciting times before the war, when he might be seen expounding antislavery doctrines to miscellaneous assemblies. He was one of the four original abolitionists of Ashtabula County, and assisted many a slave to cross the Canadian border to liberty and happiness. He possessed no military history, other than serving as Fife Major of a militia regiment during the old training days before the Civil War, although, he had lived, there is not doubt but he would have supplemented his arguments for freedom by telling blows in her fair cause. He was in early life, politically, an anti-Mason, later a Free Spoiler, and finally, an uncompromising Republican. He was by occupation a shoe merchant and manufactured his own goods, in which industry he employed quite a force of men. His last years were passed on his farm, when he was killed by a falling tree in 1852, expiring in his fifty-sixth year, greatly lamented by all who knew him. His wife, nee Lois Bush, to whom he was married in 1820, a few years after his advent to Ohio, was born in 1800 and survived her worthy husband until 1885, dying at the age of eight-five. She was a daughter of Charles Bush, originally a merchant near Bainbridge, New York, who, early in the Nineteenth Century, purchased property near Painesville, Ohio. Purchasing a farm near the city, preparing to move his family to his State, but he died in some village on his return trip, and all his valuable papers disappearing with him. His widow, Joan Harrington Bush moved to Ashtabula, and after several years married Mr. Andrew McAdams, merchant and shipman, of Ashtabula. Mr. Andrew McAdams arrived in Ashtabula, Ohio with his family from Buffalo NY. They came to this point on a freight and passenger vessel, owned by Mr. Andrew McAdams. Which in conveyance forms a striking contrast to the present magnificent Steamships, that ply Lake Erie in the present mid 20th Century. Mr. McAdams had settled on South Ridge, where he resided, and married Joan Bush about 1818. Late in life Mr. McAdams moved with his remaining family, a young son named Andrew McAdams, and the youngest daughter of Charles and Joan, Miss Harriet to N. Springfield, PA. Mr. Andrew McAdams and Joan McAdams died in N. Springfield, Erie Co. PA, but in death, were laid beside their beloved ones in the Edgewood Cemetery, in Ashtabula.

The children of Thomas Cheney and Lois were Samantha, born June 17, 1823, who married Birdsey Metcalf, and died ten months later, leaving one child, Ruth, born April 1, 1825. Mary, the second daughter of Thomas and Lois Cheney was born December 25, 1832. She became the wife of Albert Field of Ashtabula. A son, P.H. Cheney was born April 13, 1836. Ruth, the second daughter of the oldest surviving member of the family, was reared by Andrew McAdams, and educated in Ashtabula County, attending an academy in this vicinity. March 26, 1845, she was married to Captain George Field, employeed by Mr. Alexander McAdams. Captain Fields was widely and favorably known on the lakes and throughout the adjoining county as an able and experienced seafaring man. Rev. Waldo, a Presbyterian minister and a professor in Austinburg College, officiated at their marriage. Captain Filed was born in Mentor, Ohio, April 15, 1819. He had been employed by Mr. McAdams on the lakes from early youth to middle age. He then engaged in buying and selling stock for McAdams Company in which business he continued about ten years. After these years he returned to his first occupation, carrying business on the lakes, this time as a boat owner and later as an owner of tugs, operating from Saginaw, Detroit, Toledo and Ashtabula. The Captain died on March 10, 1889, after a long and useful life, leaving his family well provided with the comforts of this world, benefices secured by his persistent industry, and able management. His father, Aaron Field, was born in Rhode Island, of New England ancestry, and was a farmer by occupation. Captain and Mrs. Field had three children, Arthur, born November 5, 1845; Frank born September 30, 1849 and Charles T. born December 29th 1855. The last named married Miss Kate M. Sperry, a lady well known in social circles of Ashtabula, of which city her father is a prominent resident. The have four children, George, Bessie, William and Ruth.

Mrs. Captain George Field is an earnest and useful member of the Presbyterian Church, and holds a high social position. She is intellectual, possesses unusual executive abilitily and is deeply interested in the material, educational and moral progress of her community, to which she has contributed, and is deserving of the esteem which she so fully enjoys.

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