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Contributed by Cheryl Harmon Bills

Site visitor Cheryl Harmon Bills has provided the additional family history information below in the form of two small articles. Any questions or comments concerning this family history should be sent directly to Cheryl Harmon Bills.

From: Cheryl Bills
Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2007 10:54 PM
Subject: 1820 Census

Using Our Ears to Find Ancestors
By Cheryl Harmon Bills

I knew my 3-great-grandfather, Alpheus HARMON, had to be in Erie County, Pennsylvania in 1820, but he just wasn't listed on the census although his brothers were.

I decided to go through the census one more time name by name and say each name aloud. I came to one entry Elfyus ARMAN and although my eye wanted to skip over it, saying the name aloud made ALL the difference!

There he was -- just a few doors away from his brother and of his future wife's father, Charles VAUN. No wonder I could not find him in the index! Yet, he was exactly where I knew he had to be!

Subject: News paper extract
From: Erie Observer - December 6 1845
Location: Erie
Page/Column: Vol XVI, No. 2

Description: Martin Harmon
DIED: In Girard, on the 21st ult. Mr. Martin Harmon, a revolutionary patriot and pensioner, aged 86 years.

Cheryl Harmon Bills
Harmon Family Historian

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