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Rees' Pieces - Part 5 - Conclusion

Contributed by Beth Simmons

The information below has been written by Beth Simmons. “REES’ PIECES” was run as a series of articles in the Harborcreek Area Tri-Community News during the years 2000-2002. The Harbor Creek Historical Society will also publish this as a commemorative booklet for the Bicentennial of the Township in 2016.

For presentation on this web site, the article has been split into five parts. These parts will not necessarily align with the published articles. This is Part Five, the conclusion.

Anyone wishing to add to, correct or otherwise question or comment on the information below should contact Beth Simmons directly.

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Part Five - Conclusion


Reassessment of history


          It is now apparent that ‘Gospel Hill’ extended far beyond the limits of my shortsightedness. The historical district called Gospel Hill and the Rees Reserve encompassed all of the properties anywhere near a rough triangle between Six-Mile Creek and Four-Mile Creeks and from Station Road north to the area of Ridge Parkway. The Gospel Hill area is the oldest recorded development in Harbor Creek Township. Two hundred years later new development is taking over Rees’ Hill and Gospel Hill. The wonderful characteristics of the property, which Rees chose for his own, will serve the new ‘settlers’ well. The Foxwood subdivision has certainly developed how Thomas Rees, Esquire, local land baron, would have wanted. Harbor Creek Township owes Rees respect and thanks for having the foresight and intelligence to foresee such development.

          More research about Rees’ pieces, particularly examinations of deeds, tax records, church, and Masonic records, will surely uncover more details of his life. Just knowing now which farm was his, the type of house he built, and the people who surrounded him gives us a new look at a man who was called a recluse in the history books. Rees showed remarkable foresight when he laid out the farms of the Eastern Erie County, then chose one of the best sites for his own.


There is no question that Thomas Rees, Esquire was THE father of Harbor Creek Township.


[Change History: Article posted 3/27/03; contact email updated 10/4/03]

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