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Biographical Sketch of Wm L Brown Jr and other Family Members

Contributed by Dennis Traver

Site visitor Dennis Traver provided the family history below. It is being posted at this time. William L. Brown, Sr. and his family settled in Erie County around 1835. The subject of the article, William L. Brown, Jr., was born shortly thereafter. Any questions or comments concerning this family history should be sent directly to Dennis Traver.






(and other family members including Stephen Brown, son of Moses Brown buried in Conneaut, Ohio and other family members with surnames: Pierce, Bailey, Alcott, Cramer)

By Dennis D. Traver


William L. Brown, Jr. was born to William Brown Sr. in Wellsburg, Erie County Pennsylvania on September 25, 1836.  The actual date of birth is found in an article on this family in the North East Breeze dated August 29, 1935 and entitled “100 Years of North East...Sixty Fifth Week of the Series”  by Admah Irwin Loop (hereinafter “Loop”) 

It appears that the source for the information in that article may have been William L. Brown Jr.’s daughter, Linnie Brown.  Linnie, who never married,  lived with her mother Jane Bailey Brown in the borough of North East for a number of years after William L. Brown’s death in 1880.  Jane Brown, who never remarried, died May 19, 1933.   The date of this article, therefore, suggests that the information was gathered after Jane’s death.  For the most part, the data contained in Loop has provided a roadmap to additional information -- most of which confirms the information contained in the article.  There are some discrepancies, however, and this biographical sketch will attempt to point them out.  For instance, Loop says that Jane’s year of death was 1934.  The grave card kept in the Oak Hill Cemetery in North East, and the tombstone for Jane, shows that the death year was 1933.  Likewise, the article says “Wellsville, Erie Co. Pa, near Albion...” was the place of birth for William Jr.  Because the census data available for 1840 shows that the William Brown Sr. family was living in Elk Creek Twp, it appears that the place was  “Wellsburg” rather than  “Wellsville”.

William L. Brown Jr.’s Parents and Siblings   

Loop does not tell us much about William Brown Jr.’s parents, siblings or ancestors.  It says that “William Brown Sr., with his brother, Stephen, and their families, joined the western migration in an early day and came to Wellsville (sic), Erie Co, Pa, near Albion, in 1835...”    A deed from Samuel and Mary Sherman to William Brown of Elk Creek Twp. dated January 5, 1838 and recorded April 6, 1842 conveyed 50 acres of land to William Brown.  The 1839 duplicate of assessment for Elk Creek Twp. shows William Brown being assessed for 50 acres of land and a cow.  William Brown Sr. was living  in Elk Creek Twp, Erie Co., PA in the 1840 census.  He was the  head of household for a family numbering 22 persons, 11 of whom are males between the ages of 20 and 30, but only one of whom is listed as being engaged in agriculture.  There are six children under the age of 15, four of whom are attending “primary and common schools”; three males between the ages of 30 and 40 -- one of whom would be William; one female age 30-40, who would be William’s wife; and one female between 50 and 60. 

The 1850 census lists William Brown as a lumberer living in Elk Creek Twp.  If he was engaged in the lumbering operation in 1840,  one would speculate that some of the 22 persons counted in that census might have been employees working in the lumbering operation.  If not, perhaps they were boarders or some may have been family other than children.  It is not likely that all of the persons numbered were offspring of William and his wife.  From the 1850 census, and from other information available, it may be more likely that the actual family unit numbered eight persons in 1840.

The 1850 census lists William Brown - age 43, Philinda Brown - age 41, Mercy Brown - age 21, Lavina Brown - age 16, Wm L. Brown - age 13, M.D. Brown - age 5, and D. M Brown - age 7 mos.  Also living in the same household, as a separate family unit, is Wm J. Brown - age 23, and Rebecca Brown - age 21(presumably William J Brown’s wife). 

William Brown and Philinda are buried in Hope Cemetery in Wellsburg, Elk Creek Twp., Erie Co., PA, the older part at south end of cemetery also being called the “Elk Creek Cemetery”. The marker, which appears to be erected some years after their deaths, shows William Brown Sr (1804-1868) and Philinda Brown (1809-1879).  Also buried closeby is Darwin M. Brown died Jan 15 1852 age 1 year, 11 mos. 8 days  (the 7 month old child listed in the 1850 household as D.M. Brown);  Stephen J. Brown “son of Wm G. and Philinda Brown”, who died November 17, 1846 at age 15 years; Olive Brown “dau of Wm G. and Philinda Brown, who died November 23, 1845 at age 18 years; and William J. Brown who died Oct 8 1858 age 31, 3 mos, 22 days  Using the ages for the three children buried in Hope cemetery and the ages of Lovina, William L, and William J., in the 1850 census, it appears that there were at least six children in the household of William Brown Sr. and his wife, Philinda who were  living in 1840 at the time of the taking of the census.  William’s will, written October 8, 1870 refers to son, WL Brown; daughter, Lovina Hathaway; and daughter, Mercy McLellan. 

It should be noted that although the marker in Hope Cemetery shows his date of death in 1868, William and Philinda were still living at the time of the taking of  the 1870 census.  William, in fact, wrote his will in October of 1870.  Since in the 1850 census he is listed as 43 and in 1860 and 1870 census is listed as 53 and 63 respectively, the cemetery marker might indicate that William died at age 68 rather than in ‘68, an error that sometimes occurred as persons tried to reconstruct records.  If so, William’s proper date of birth might be ca. 1807, and date of death ca. 1875.  It should also be noted that the children’s tombstones indicate that William’s middle initial was “G”.  The Sr. designation, referred to in Loop, indicating nothing other than that he was William Brown, the father of William L. Brown -- and perhaps William J. Brown, as well.

Who was Stephen Brown and how is he related to William Brown Sr.

Loop says that William Brown Sr. came, “with his brother, Stephen” to “Wellsville (sic) near Albion in 1835.”  Albion is in Conneaut Twp. of Erie County.  Wellsburg is in Elk Creek Twp, which adjoins Conneaut on the East. The 1840 census lists a Stephen Brown, age 60-70, as head of a household of nine (9) members in Conneaut Township, Erie County, PA.   A Stephen Brown, age 73, appears in the 1850 Conneaut Twp. census with wife, Lucy age 63.  Also living in the same household with Stephen and Lucy is King Brown age 45, Samuel W. Brown age 9, Moses age 8, Olive Potter age 38, Mary E. Potter age 2 and Edward F. Pomeroy age 18.  Stephen is shown as being born in New Hampshire and Lucy in Connecticut.  King and Olive are both shown as born in Vermont and the remaining persons are shown as born in Pennsylvania. 

As mentioned above, according to the 1850 census for Elk Creek Township, Erie Co., PA   William Brown Sr. was age 43, an age more closely aligned with King and Olive than with Stephen. Like King and Olive, William Brown Sr. was born in Vermont.  Although this writer is not yet able to prove the link between Stephen and William Brown, the 30 year spread in ages between this Stephen and William may cause us to doubt that these two were brothers. As will be pointed out below, Stephen appears to be a son of Moses.  The information for Moses does not reference any son named William G. Brown.

However, the common Vermont birthplace with Stephen’s listed children, coupled with the close age spread for William Sr., King, and Olive, and the proximity of their residences within Erie County, PA where both families settled, leads me to suspect that there is some relationship between William and this Stephen. 

William Brown Sr. apparently named one of his children “Olive”, and another child “Stephen J.”  Olive Brown Potter was also the name of one of Stephen’s daughters.  Throughout later census listings for various members of the family, there appears to be a propensity to use namesakes, sometimes, even within the same family units  -- ie. William L and William J.  In a later census a D.M. Potter is living with William L. Brown Jr. and family.  D[arwin] M. Brown was the name of William and Philinda’s infant son who had died earlier.  There may have been a link between the D.M Potter living with William L Brown and Stephen’s married daughter, Olive Potter.

One might, first speculate that William might be one of Stephen’s sons.  However, a test of the above hypothesis against  information on the “Family Search”  Web Site sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) gives no such indication.  It has a listing for a Stephen Brown born September 1774 in Erie Co.  PA. (the age closely fits but an Erie Co. birthplace is not only unlikely but not indicated on the census information where it indicates he was born in New Hampshire).  The LDS site shows that Stephen married Hannah Fifield March 12, 1802 and that Stephen died 18 February 1851 in Erie Co. PA.  The children listed for Stephen and Hannah are Ruth (born 20 May 1802), Hannah (28 Sep 1804), Sarah (28 Jan 1806), King (7 June 1807), Mary E. (12 Sep 1808), Samuel F. (6 March 1809), Annett E. (3 Oct 1811), Olive L. (11 Mar 1812).   William is not listed in the LDS site as a son. 

            The LDS site says that Hannah died July 3, 1827.  Apparently,  Stephen remarried, and in the 1850 census is living with a wife named Lucy.  I should note that the LDS entry for King H. Brown born 7 June 1807 says that he was born in Wheelock Twp. Caledonia Co. Vermont.  There was a Stephen Brown living in Caledonia Co. Vermont in the 1810 census.  There are 5 males and 5 females in that family.  Two males are under 10.  This would further cast some doubt on the conclusion that William was a member of this family since King and Samuel both appear to live beyond their tenth year and would have been the male children under 10 in 1810. Additionally, Stephen’s will, which was dated April 25 1841 and filed in Erie County Court House, makes provisions for wife Lucy and daughters and son King.  No mention is made of William G. Brown.

One might postulate that if they were not father/son, then perhaps William was the son of one of Stephen’s other brothers.  This may be quite likely.  Determining which one, if any, will require further research.  The LDS site says that Stephen Brown’s father was Moses Brown.   From information on a stone where Stephen Brown and his first wife Hannah, as well as his second wife, Lucy, are buried in Center Cemetery in Conneaut, Ashtabula County, Ohio, it appears his mother was Mary Hobbs Brown.  There are a number of Brown family members buried in and around the Brown monument in Center Cemetery..  Stephen died February 18, 1851.  In addition to Stephen and his wives, a visit to Center Cemetery in Conneaut, Ashtabula County, Ohio, will find the graves of John 1795 - 1898, Reuben d 22 July 1863,  Simon d Aug 13 1858, and Peter d 27 Nov 1857 and a large Brown family marker with the following inscription on one side:

 “Moses Brown and Mary Hobbs, his wife

Samuel 1774

Stephen 1777

Peter 1779

Abraham 1782

Moses 1784

Enoch 1786

Simon 1788

Sally 1793

Reuben 1797”

A complete listing of the Brown markers can be found at:


A 1999 posting on the Hobbs bulletin board of by one, Ruth Beecher states that Mary Hobbs born 6 July 1756, probably Rockingham Co. NH married Moses Brown before 1774 and died Strafford, Orange Co., VT.  They lived for a time in Poplin, Rockingham County, NH then moved to Strafford, VT.  Poplin is now Fremont, NH.  They had 9 living children, 8 sons and 1 daughter.  5 sons and daughter moved to Conneaut, Ashtabula Co., OH.  These sons were John, Stephen, Reuben, Simon and Peter.  The daughter Sally married William Dennison.  The other sons, Moses Jr., Enoch stayed in Strafford, VT.  The oldest son Samuel moved to Springboro, Crawford Co, PA.”  Note that while all the other names are mentioned, no “John” is named on the listing of children of Moses and Mary on the Brown marker in Center Cemetery.

It may be significant for our purposes,  that the oldest son, Samuel, moved to Crawford County PA -- the county lying immediately south of Erie County.  Springboro, the town to which he is said to have moved is directly south of Wellsburg, only six miles from where William G. Brown lived and is buried.  Again, further research is needed to identify the  link between WL Brown’s father, William G. Brown, and the rest of this Brown family. 

Jane E. Bailey Brown, wife of William L. Brown Jr. - The Bailey Family

Loop tells us that Jane E. Bailey was born September 19, 1838 to James Bailey and Pamilia Alcott Bailey between the villages of Versailles and Perrysburg in Chautauqua County, New York.  Her father, James was born in Connecticut in 1804.  Her mother, Pamelia, was born to Joseph Chatfield Alcott and Anna Bronson Alcott in Wolcott, Connecticut February 4, 1805.  Pamelia was a twin to Pamela (some sources say Pimela) Alcott and both were sisters to Amos Bronson Alcott, the famed educator and lecturer and father of Louisa May Alcott, the authoress of Little Women.  Loop is somewhat confusing when it says that “the father of Pamelia Alcott and her Uncle Amos Bronson Alcott were children of John Alcott, a captain in the colonial forces in the war of the Revolution.”  The “her” in that article refers to Jane.  Jane’s uncle was Amos Bronson Alcott and Louisa May was Jane’s first cousin.  Indeed Captain John Alcott was the father of Joseph Chatfield who was Amos’ and Pamelia’s father.  Thus, Captain John Alcott was Pamelia’s Grandfather.  See The Alcott Genealogy in “ The History of Wolcott” (pages 425 - 438)

Pamelia Alcott and James Bailey were married in Wolcott, CT ca 1834 and they moved to New York (presumably Chautauqua or Cattaraugus Counties) soon thereafter.  Their first child, Luther was born in New York in 1835 and their second child, Eliza was born there in 1838.  Jane (1839), the third child and Charles (1845), the fourth child were also born in Chautauqua County New York according to Loop.  The 1840 census shows James Bailey living in the town of Perrysburgh (Cattaraugus Co. NY) engaged in Mining.   There is an older male child, age 10-15,  listed in the census which is not accounted for in Loop.  Otherwise the numbers and ages of the family members match the information provided in Loop.  

Sometime after Charles was born in 1845 and, presumably before 1849 when Pamelia died, the Bailey family moved to Erie County, PA.  Pamelia died in 1849 and was buried in North East Cemetery (also called Oak Hill Cemetery) in the borough of North East, Erie Co. PA.  Sometime before the 1850 census which was taken in September 1850, James Bailey, age 46, remarried to Sarah Ann Hurd, age 28.  This is the family unit reported in the 1850 census in Elk Creek Tp, Erie County, PA.  James was a farmer living with Sarah, Luther age 15, Eliza age 12, Jane age 10, and Charles, age 5. 

On June 12, 1851 Frank Harvey Bailey was born to James and Sarah.  Soon thereafter, in 1852, James Bailey died and was buried next to Pamelia in North East Cemetery.  Thus, Jane and her siblings were left in the care of their step mother, Sarah.  On 11 December 1855, at age 16, Jane married W.L. Brown.  It appears that Sarah moved the family back to Perrysburgh, NY at about this time.  Perhaps prompting the marriage of  Jane to William.

In 1856, Jane’s sister, Eliza,  who would have been 18 years of age, died in Perrysburgh NY (Loop) and was buried next to James and Pamelia in the North East Cemetery.  Her tombstone carries the name Eliza Randell, so it is presumed that she died soon after her marriage, perhaps in childbirth.  According to Loop, Luther and Charles also predeceased Jane - Luther in Perrysburgh NY and Charles in Cambridge Springs, PA. 

Sometime between 1871 and 1875, according to data found in the Cottage Cemetery in Cottage, Cattaraugus Co, NY, Frank H. Bailey, Jane’s half brother, graduated “with high honors” from the Annapolis Naval Academy and joined “Uncle Sam’s Navy” (Loop).  Loop continues, “(He) rose in line until at the battle of Manila in the Spanish American War, Admiral Frank H. Bailey’s ship, the Olympic, entered Manila Bay second behind Admiral Dewey’s flagship.  After Admiral Bailey’s three year term was over Admiral Dewey requested, and received permission to escort Admiral Bailey home in his flagship.  Admiral Frank H. Bailey remained in the U.S. Naval Services during the World War.”

Loop, again, is partially but not entirely accurate.  The Olympia was  Admiral Dewey’s flagship.  In fact, Frank H. Bailey was an officer, serving as Chief Mechanic on the Raleigh.  The Raleigh did see action in The Battle of Manila during that war and was part of Admiral Dewey’s Naval forces sailing into the Bay.  There is no indication, however, that Frank actually was in command of that ship or that he was an Admiral at that time.  (See the information contained on the Battle of Manila Bay, 1 May 1898, at

Frank is listed in the 1880 census living in Dayton, Cattauragus County, New York with his mother Sarah Johnson. Sarah, obviously, had remarried.  Frank’s occupation is listed as Naval Engineer.   Frank married Anna Markham December 28, 1881.  Anna was the daughter of Henry J and Clarinda Gregg Markahm.  Frank died April 9, 1921.  Frank’s grave marker and cemetery record in Cottage, Cattauragus Co., New York says that he rose to the grade of Lieutenant Commander, not Admiral, as reported by Loop.


William L Brown Jr. and Jane Bailey Brown Family

As reported above, William L. Brown Jr. married Jane Bailey on December 11, 1855 in Cranesville, Elk Creek Township, Erie Co. PA.  Their first child, Adrienna Florence Brown, was born November 11, 1857.  The census for 1860 taken of Elk Creek Twp, Erie Co. PA, shows William L. Brown Jr, occupation Wagonmaker, age 23 living with Jane E. Brown and Adrienna Florence, age 2.  In the summer and fall of 1862, William was recruited into the 145th Pennsylvania Volunteers Co. A under Captain Reynolds.  According to Loop, “[O]n account of special ability in that line of work he was detailed to the upkeep and repair of supply wagon trains and was not on the firing line.  After the battle of Gettysburg, he was on detail to help in the gathering up of odds and ends of the wreckage and for hospital work for several months.”

The Pennsylvania State Archives muster roll for William L. Brown confirms that he enlisted on August 13, 1862 at Elk Creek and was mustered in August 26, 1862 at Erie Co. PA.  His age at enrollment was 25.  The 145th was organized during a most critical time of the war.  The Confederacy had prevailed at Manassas and in the mountains of Virginia and was threatening the North.  Within one week after leaving Erie, the 145th was facing the enemy at Antietam.  In addition to Antietam and Gettysburg, the regiment participated in the battles of Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, and was involved in marches and almost daily skrimishes during most of the campaigns in Virginia during the fall of 1863 and the summer of 1864, including Petersburg, where about 50 were killed and wounded and 90 were taken prisoners of the Confederacy. In the spring of 1865 the regiment rendered service with Gen Sheridan.  (See the Bates History of Erie Co. PA).  William mustered out with his Company on May 31, 1865, almost 33 months since his enlistment.  He returned home to his family.

Jane Brown, even though she had a young child, did not sit quietly at home while her husband was off to war.  Loop reports that she was “...for many weeks a nurse at Gettysburg, until a chronic ailment forced her to leave for home.  Quite a number of years later, when Mrs. Brown and a party of friends were visiting the Gettysburg battlefield, the guide who had the party in charge said to her: ‘This house over here is the one where a lady was killed by a stray shot during the engagement.  Perhaps you might have heard of it.’  He was somewhat surprised when she replied, ‘Oh yes, I remember it, I was here at the time.’ ”

William and Jane’s second child, Linnie was born in 1867.  The 1870 census shows the family living in Deerfield Twp, Warren County, PA.  William’s occupation is listed as “laborer”.  The census lists his age as 43, but it should be 33.  Jane, age 33; Ada N F (Adrienna F.) age 13; and Linnie age 3, reside with William.  Loop says that William was engaged in business in and around Erie during 1873 and “in October of that year, bought the Turner House [in North East] and moved his family here.  He moved back to Erie the next spring and went into the grocery business, which he carried on until 1876 when, in company with Giles Price, he bought a mill at Lowville, (Wattsburg) Pa.  He operated the Lowville mill for two years until 1878, when he moved with his family to East Bradford [McKean Co. Pa], where he was engaged in a large lumber operation until his death.”  A check of the Erie City Directory for 1876 lists a WL Brown engaged in Groceries and Provisions on Peach St. in the City of Erie.  

According to the Pierce Family Bible which has been passed down in this writer’s family, Adrienna Florence Brown married George Miner Pierce, son of George Pierce and Irena Fisk Pierce in Kendall, McKean Co., PA  -- now East Bradford on November 11, 1878.

Sometime in early 1880, while William was working on a lumbering job in Coleville PA, Loop reports that William Brown Jr. was struck in the head by a large limb.  Although the wound appeared slight, this wound caused William’s death soon thereafter.  William Brown Jr., wagonmaker, lumberer, grocer, and Civil War Veteran, was buried in North East Cemetery.  His stone veteran’s marker says simply “William L. Brown, Co. A, 145th”.

Jane Brown has not yet been found in the 1880 census.  On the tenth day of April 1886 Jane acquired a deed to a lot located in North East Borough at 20 Grant Street.  The description of the property indicates that a G.D. Loop is a neighbor.  (related to Admah Loop, the author of the article in the North East Breeze?)  This deed was recorded in Erie County Records April 26, 1886.  On June 5, 1900 when the census was taken, Jane, now age 60, is still living on Grant St. in North East Bourough with Linnie, age 33.  She had three boarders, a dentist, a hay dealer, and a dress maker.  Jane is shown as being the mother of three, with two children still living (Linnie and Adrienna F - Birdie having been deceased sometime before this date).  The North East Cemetery Records show Birdie buried in the same plot with William.  No marker exists.

Jane, age 70 was still living with her daughter, Linnie, age 43 at 20 Grant St in North East in 1910.  The 1920 and 1930 census also shows Jane and daughter, Linnie living in North East at 20  Grant St.  Jane died 19 May 1933 at age 94 years 8 months.  She was buried in North East Cemetery alongside William and Birdie, and her parents James and Pamelia Bailey.   Her will and codicil was probated May 29 1933.  All of her estate was left to her daughter, Linnie, “on account of changing money conditions and the continued care of me by my daughter Linnie A. Brown.” 

Linnie Brown, died October 31, 1935 and was buried in North East cemetery on November 4, 1935. Her will was probated in Erie County on November 13, 1935.  Edith Pierce, her niece, and one of the twin daughters of Adrienna Florence Brown, was named as her executor.  The will established a trust fund of $100.00 to be given to the Mount Lawn Home (Christian Herald Children’s Home) of Nyack NY to be used for the care of a crippled child and that a bed be endowed in the same home in the name of her mother Jane Brown.  This resulted in the sum of $180.00 after taxes going to the Mount Lawn Home.  Among her assets were 5 shares of Stow Lumber and Coal Company having no value.  Further research is required to determine if Stow Lumber and Coal was the name of her father’s company.  The remainder of the estate passed to Edith and Ethel Pierce the twin daughters of Addie Pierce.


Adrienna Florence Brown Pierce

Because William and Jane had no sons, the Brown name in this family line came to an end.  Addie (Adrienna Florence Brown), the only daughter who married, married George Miner Pierce, the son of George Pierce and Irena Fisk Pierce.  George Miner was born in Ellington, Chautauqua County, NY on 28 December 1852.  He was the fifth child born to George and Irena.  He was five years, the senior of he and Florence who was born 11 November 1857 at Wellsburg, Erie Co. PA.

Miner Pierce and Florence Brown Pierce (they both used their middle names) had three daughters and two sons, although one of the sons died as an infant.  Calla Lilly Pierce (Callie) was the oldest of the children born May 2 1881.  Frank Leroy Pierce was born 15 February 1884, and twin girls - Edith and Ethel were born October 25 1887.  A son, Fred W. Pierce born 23 January 1886, died 14 September 1886.  That child is buried in Lowville Cemetery, the same cemetery where his grandparents, George and Irena Pierce are buried.

After their marriage on Florence’s twenty-first birthday (November 11, 1878), Miner and Florence lived in McKean Co. PA where Miner was a carpenter.  They are found residing at this location in the 1880 census.  In 1900 the census shows that the family, then numbering 2 adults and 4 children, was living in Harbor Creek Township, South District, Erie County, PA.  Miner was farming at this location.  He appears to have been a sharecropper, ie. he worked his share of land which he did not own but upon which he paid rents.  In the 1910 census George M and Florence and Edith were living on Buffalo Road in Milcreek Township, where Miner was a tenant farmer/sharecropper.   Edith was a stenographer working in an insurance office. 

Miner Pierce died on August 29 1919 and was buried in Lakeside Cemetery, Erie PA..  His will dated February 10, 1919 was admitted to Probate in Erie Co. PA on May 10, 1920.  Edith Pierce and Florence Pierce were named his co-executors.   The entire estate passed to Florence A. Pierce.   Florence A. Brown Pierce, the last surviving daughter of William L. Brown Jr. and Jane Bailey Brown was living in Millcreek Twp, Erie Co PA in 1920 and in the City of Erie in 1930, with her daughter Edith Pierce. Florence died of heart failure at age 77 on September 13 1935 and was buried in Lakeside Cemetery, Erie PA.  A notice of death for “Addie Pierce aka Florence  Pierce”, listing her heirs and next of kin was filed by Edith Pierce in the Erie County Probate Court.  She died without assets to be administered.


The Children of George Miner Pierce and Florence Adrienna “Addie” Brown Pierce

Callie Pierce married Norman W. Cramer on November 11, 1904 in Ripley, New York.  They had five children. Florence Amy Cramer, this writer’s paternal grandmother,  born 6 November 1905 married Randolph Glen Traver Sr. on 6 September 1925.  Other children were: Ira Cramer who never married and lived in Cleveland Ohio and later Chicago, Illinois; Elizabeth (Betty) Cramer who married Rufus Evans and lived in Cleveland, Ohio; and Frank Cramer.   Callie died March 9, 1945 in Cleveland Ohio from injuries sustained in a fire at the home of her daughter, Betty.  She was buried in Lakeside Cemetery in Erie Co. PA. 

Edith had contracted polio as a child and was confined to crutches and/or a wheel chair for the remainder of her life.  Edith lived to the age of 87 and died on October 14, 1975.  She was buried alongside her parents in Lakeside Cemetery, Erie Co. PA.  Her twin sister, Ethel, married Lee Craig of Erie on January 5, 1905.  They had five children - Anna, William Robert, Margaret, Geraldine, and Allen.

Frank L. Pierce married Ardelle Gleason in 1909.  He died in Cleveland, Ohio of appendicitis at age 37 years on February 17, 1921. (Burial card in Lakeside Cemetery in Erie says 39 years of age) His children were Algernon Pierce, George Pierce, Ardella Pierce and Electa Pierce, all of Cleveland, OH. 


Those wishing to communicate with this writer about information contained herein may contact me at  Any information that anyone can add to shed light on this most interesting family would be greatly appreciated.

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