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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

1850 Moravian Land Advertisement

Contributed by Evelyn Baker




6000 Acres of Land for Sale.

The subscriber, having purchased the well known MORAVIAN GRANTS, containing some 6000 acres of land, situate in Erie Co., Pennsylvania, now offers the same for sale in parcels of various sizes, and on terms to suit rich and poor. These Lands are of a quality inferior to none in this section of the country, and afford a rare opportunity to Farmers, with small means of acquiring an excellent Farm, as the prices are low and payments may be extended, if desired, for a number of years.

About 6000 acres are situate in the northwest corner of the county on the Lake shore and Ohio line, in a country unsurpassed for producing Wheat and Fruit. This tract has been divided into hundred acre lots, each of which has from 40 to 70 acres of cleared land and under cultivation, together with a House and Barn, and in most cases an Orchard of fruit. The town of Conneaut and Harbor with a thriving Lake trade, is located two miles west of the Grant, furnishing a ready market for grain and other country produce. Springfield is four miles, and the flourishing borough of Girard on the Pittsburgh & Erie Canal, is ten miles east of the lands. Marketing, especially grain, at these places, is in demand at fair prices. The Ridge Road running along the Lake from Buffalo to Cleveland, passes through the middle of the tract, and the Railroad connecting New York city with the great west is now being located across the same. Conneaut Creek, with an abundance of water round, has sufficient fall on the land for a number of Mill seats.

The other 3000 acres are situate on French Creek, seventeen miles south of the Lake and city of Erie, three miles southeasterly from the borough of Waterford, and three miles west of Union Mills; all of which places afford a good market for the produce of the country. 700 acres are cleared and under cultivation, with a number of large double Barns and dwelling Houses. On this tract, are a large number of the best grazing farms in Erie county. Large portions of the land, covered with timber, is sufficiently valuable to induce persons to purchase for that alone. A brisk trade has been kept up in this region for some years, by means of water conveyances with Meadville, Pittsburgh, the cities on the Ohio river, and even New Orleans. The road from Waterford to Jamestown in New York, and Warren in Pennsylvania, passes through the tract, and near the road are several Quarries of Stone, some of which have been extensively worked. French Creek will furnish a number of Mill Seats on the land with an unfailing supply of water.

It is the opinion of persons capable of judging, that both these Grants will, in a few years, be worth from 50% to 80% more than the prices at which they are now held. The title is unexceptionable.

Persons at a distance will meet with prompt attention, by addressing the subscriber, post paid, at Erie, Pennsylvania.


Erie, December 13, 1849


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