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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

Company G, 6th US Cavalry, Civil War
Names from Erie County (Mostly Fairview)

Contributed by Patrick Knierman

Site visitor Patrick Knierman of Gettysburg, PA, and an Erie native, has provided the information shown below. This is a newspaper article that he transcribed listing the Erie County members of Company G, 6th US Cavalry during the Civil War. The article indicates that most of the names are from Fairview and Swantown. Any comments or questions should be sent directly to Patrick Knierman.

From the Erie Weekly Gazette, November 28, 1861, page 3

[Transcriber note: The following is excerpted from a letter to the editor written by an Erie County native working in Washington, DC who wrote under the pseudonym “J’Montre”. It lists the members of Company G, 6th United States Cavalry who enlisted from Erie County during the summer of 1861. Corrected names, as far as found, are in brackets next to the original listing. (Transcribed by Patrick Knierman)]

            [….]Having promised you the names of those “brave boys” who enlisted in the 6th U.S. Cavalry, under Capt. J. Irvin Gregg, in your city, being residents of your County, I would now add the same, and would add that they are mostly from Fairview and Swantown: ---

            Andrew F. Swan

            Harvey W. Lewis [Henry W. Lewis]

            John M. Robinson

            Mason K. Sturgeon

            Jas. Sturgeon

            Alex Teel

            Benj. Sisson

            Parker Flansburg

            Henry Saedy [Henry Soety]

            Henry M. Robinson

            Edson Sturgeon

            Chas. R. Plumb

            Alanson Alden

            Rinaldo Alden

            G. W. Banker [John W. Banker]

            S. Champinikl [Stephen Champleosky / Champlavski]

            Phillip Heinberger

            John W. Jones

            Joseph Kursh [Joseph Kirsch]

            Jacob Knoll

            Lawrence Leckner [Lorenzo Lechner]

            Elijah Preston

            Chas. Rice

            Frederick Rod [Frederick Roth]

            R. M. Robertson

            John Stewart

            N. J. Upham [Nathan J. Upham]

            Wm. Ramlow

            Wm. Malahki [William Mahady]

The above included all from Erie County, whose names were on the roll, from which I took them in the above order. They are all well, and judging by their Captain’s remark “that he wished all his men were from Erie County,” we think we can say that he thinks well of them all.

            Suffice to say, Col. Emory told me that Andrew F. Swan, now Orderly Sergeant, Company G, was the best soldier in his Regiment. He is a fair specimen of the “pluck” of Erie County’s brave sons, and of him and them, we should have reason to be proud.

            The men are proud of their Captain, and wished me to say that to him and their most worthy 1st Lieutenant Paulding, son of Commodore H. Paulding, they would extend their best wishes, and try by their deportment, to show their respect and regard for the same. They are excellent soldiers and fine men. [….]

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