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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

Civil War Bounty - Springfield Township

Contributed by Evelyn Baker

Our Springfield Township Coordinator, Evelyn Baker, discovered and contributed the information below from 1864 minutes of meetings found in an old velvet ledger at the Springfield Town Hall. Any comments or questions should be sent directly to Evelyn Baker.

Civil War Bounty


July 25 A. D. 1864

At a public meeting held at Springfield Center

It was unanimously voted that the Commissioners of Springfield Township

Should levy a tax for the purpose of raising a town bounty

To pay Volunteers to the amount of $4,000.

A. J. Thomas, Town Clerk


July 26 A. D. 1864

The Road Commissioners met at the Center

All of the Commissioners, being present

On motion, it was resolved

That the Commissioners proceed to levy & collect a tax

For the purpose of paying bounties

To Volunteers for the Army of the United States

To fill the quota of the Township of Springfield

Under the late call of the President of the United States

For five hundred thousand men

And that we will levy said tax to the amount of $4,000

To be collected for the present year.

Warrants or amounts for the collections of the same

to be paid to the collector of said township

Agreeable to the provisions of the late act of assembly

Entitled an act authorizing the Commissioners of Erie County

And the authorities of the City of Erie

And the several boroughs & townships of said County

To pay bounties to Volunteers for the Army of the United States

And to levy & collect taxes therefore

And also in pursuance of the other acts of assembly

Relative to the same subject.

That there shall be collected a poll tax of $2.00

Upon all persons where property taxed would be less that $2.00

Which shall be a part of the aggregate of $4,000.

Resolved: That we will proceed to borrow the sum of $4,000

For the purposes aforesaid,

And will issue Certificates of Indebtedness

To those who may take loan & wait until such time as the money

Shall be collected by the collectors

And paid into the treasurery.

The said certificates to bear 6% interest.

A. J. Thomas, Town Clerk


August 4 A. D. 1864


Received of the Road Commissioners of Springfield Township

$4,000 to be expended in procuring volunteers

To fill the quota of Springfield Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania

Under the present call of July 18, 1864

For five hundred thousand men.

No unforseen accident at our risk.

A. H. Gould

M. H. Gould

Recorded by A. J. Thomas, Town Clerk

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