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Military - Korean War Memorial

The information on this page is a transcription of all names that are displayed on a small sign on the side of the Erie County Korean War Memorial located on the west side of Perry Square in downtown Erie and various pictures of the memorial and the surrounding area. All pictures were digitally recorded by Bill Klauk using a Sony Mavica FD-91 camera. The transcription of the names was done by a volunteer, Jennifer Ohmes, back in early 2001. The transcription has not been proofread, so if someone spots an error, please notify Bill Klauk so that corrections may be made. Anyone wishing to contribute additional information about Erie County's involvement in the Korean War (from a 'people' perspective), please contact Bill Klauk by e-mail.

Korean War Names transcribed by Jennifer Ohmes

Ackerman, Robert Charles; Ames, William H.; Baldwin, William Charles; Benton, John E.; Blakesmee, Gerald Eddy; Boyd, Dondald W.; Buckley, Dennis D.; Considine, Robert E.; Dabrowski, Bernard Z.; Dale, John Norman; David, Harvey, Jr.; Darnell, William R.; Eaton, Archie L.; Farnesi, Robert E.; Firment, George; Floren, John Anthony; Francis, Richard E.; Gaston, William K.; Geer, William Ralph, Jr.; Giovenco, John; Gorzynski, James Vincent; Grodzki, Eugene Ludwig; Graham, Robert L.; Gregory, Richard Joseph; Griffin, Howard; Harper, Robert M.; Heynoski, Edward J.; Huyck, Donald George; Hutchinson, William Paul; Keith, Donald Glenn; Kephart, John Wayne; Lingerman, William Henry, Jr.; Logan, Robert Eugene; Maas, Melvin Donald; Magoon, Robert Lawrence; Mahon, James Robert; McGraw, Robert L.; Miller, Walter Clair; Naugle, Ronald Arthur; Necmers, Edwin J.; Nowoczynski, Carl A.; Olszewski, Donald Woodron (Wagner); Osterberg, Robert H.; Page, Walter L.; Patterson, Dwain L.; Pietrasiewicz, Clement L.; Postlethwait, Clarence Eugene; Rebman, Ralph Elroy; Reinhold, John C., Jr.; Robie, Norbert Leo; Ross, Richard Clayton; Scholton, Robert James; Shade, Lester Boyd; Sharpless, Harry Mark; Smolensky, Frank Stephen; Somjai, Stephen R.; Sonoski, Frank H.; Spence, Marvin J.; Strocky, Edward David; Taylor, Richard James; Tome, William; Wachter, James; Weaver, Alvin Charles; Weaver, Clyde Wesley; Witkowski, Stanley J.; Youngquist, Wayne R.

War Memorial Committee

Joseph Borgia, chairman, Richard Gonzalez, co-chairman; Dan Perfetto, Robert Hickey, Orion Patton, Dom Donofrio, Vic Rotunda; Dedicated, June 24, 1990

Various Photos of Korean Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Korean War Names part 1

Korean War Flagholder Perry Square Korean War Memorial Names on Memorial - Part 1 Names on Memorial - Part 2


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