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Erie County (PA) Genealogy


"Erie County Pa. in the World War 1917-1919" (page 1)

The scanned image below has been provided by Rick Landers, who extracted it from a booklet constructed by the Erie Service Men's Club Post Number 11 of the American Legion, "Erie County Pa. in the World War 1917-1919", Copyright 1920, O.F. Quett, under the auspices of Post No. 11 American Legion, edited by James W. Comfort, published by O.F. Quett, Canton, Ohio. Page 1 of 3 is below.

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Jan Leavitt has transcribed the above image, and Kristy Staples Hammond has proofread and converted into database format. Here is the above image in database format -

Last Name First Name Rank Company & Branch Cause of Death Date of Death
Allen Leo G.   4th Infantry Killed in action Jul 16 1918
Andrews Herman   Machine Gun Batallion Killed in action Sept 28 1918
Austin James M.   Company __, 112th Infantry Died from wounds Aug 9 1918
Babcock Sidney W.   Troop B, 310th Cavalry Died May 28 1918
Barnes Edwin N.   112th Infantry, A.E.F. Died Nov 29 1918
Barnicki Roman   Company M, 111th Infantry Killed in action Aug 11 1918
Barnitowski Waldek   317th Infantry, A.E.F Died Oct 7 1918
Bean John H.   38th Infantry, A.E.F. Killed in action Jul 15 1918
Beatty Harry Corporal Company A, 111th Infantry Killed Sep 30 1918
Beck Rudolph   U.S.S.Von Stueben Died Jul 30 1918
Becker Henry J.   Killed in action  
Boetger William John   Killed in action Oct 16 1919
Bower Forest Charles   Died Oct 10 1918
Carrier C.   29th Division, 114th Machine Gun Died Oct 15 1918
Carter William   Company G, 112th Infantry Killed in action Jul 25 1918
Cassano Vincenzo   Company H, 320th Infantry Died Sep 28 1918
Cassidy Michael J.   Company L, 131st Infantry, 80th Division Died Oct 6 1918
Cellini Guerino   Company A, 136th Infantry Died in action Sep 9 1918
Chapman Steven M.   150th Field Artillery Died Feb 7 1919
Chesalak Roman M.   Company F, 9th Infantry, A.E.F.    
Christenson John E.   Company C, 313th Machine Gun Battalion Died Oct 6 1918
Clare George   164th Infantry, 5th Division Killed in action Oct 14 1917
Coffey Joseph E.   Company C, 16th Infantry Killed in action Oct 8 1918
Collier Richard L.   Company G, 112th Infantry Killed in action Sep 1 1918
Crook J. B.   313th Machine Gun Battalion Died Jan 4 1918
Cull Andrew   Company M, 319th Infantry Killed in action Oct 9 1918
Damborino Angelo   Died Aug 1918
DeCoursey Anson S.   Killed in action  
Dengler William   U. S. Navy Died Nov 22 1918
Douglas Ross B.   Battery F, Field Artillery Killed at sea  
Dudenhoeffer Joseph Captain Medical Corps Killed Sep 17 1918
Dugan Michael   Engineers Died Jun 16 1918
Ebisch Carl G. Quartermaster 3rd Class U. S. Navy Died Dec 7 1917
Eichelsdorfer Joseph   Died in service Jul 30 1918
Eisworth Louis B.   Company B, 1st Prov. Rec.Battalion Died Apr 23 1918
English Sylvester J.   Company G, 112th Infantry Killed in action Sep 27 1918
Farber Charles   Battalion, 321st Field Artillery Killed Oct 10 1918
Fegert Fred W.   325th Machine Gun Company, U. S. Infantry    
Foote Marshall Lieutenant   Died Feb 11 1919
Franke Wagner V.   27th Division Killed in action Oct 1918
Fredo Gilo Private    
Freed Henry   Company E, 2nd Division Died Nov 25 1918
Gillespie Samuel   315th Field Artillery Killed in action Oct 20 1918
Goehman Clarence A. Second Mate U. S. Navy    
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