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Even More Information on Damaris Vaughn Joles Francis

Contributed by Cheryl Bills

The material below has been submitted by site visitor Cheryl Bills. It is additional information on Damaris Francis concerning her previous marriages. Any comments or questions concerning this material may be sent directly to Cheryl Bills.

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According to a statement made by Damaras (VAUGHN) FRANCIS, that I found in the pension papers of Damaras’ second husband, William FRANCIS, the VAUGHNS must have been in Conneaut, Erie, PA as early as January 1816 and most likely sometime the previous year.  Damaras’ statement is as follows:


            State of Pennsylvania; County of Erie.  Personally appeared before me the Subscriber,

a Justice of the Peace in and for said county, Damaras FRANCIS, aged 81. From and whom I certify to be entitled to full Order and belief and who being duly sworn that she was married to Ebenezer JOLES in the month of January A.D. 1816 in Conneaut township Erie county and state of Pennsylvania and that they were married by Nathan Salisbury, a Justice of the Peace who is now dead and further that said husband, Ebenezer JOLES, died the 3rd day of June 1830 in the State of Maryland. {in 1830, the 0 had been written over another number}


Signed and subscribed before me this 29th day of October 1878.  Damaras FRANCIS (X’ed her mark).  And I certify that I have no interest direct or indirect in the claim for pension.

            Henry BALL, J.P.

To complicate matters further, another page in the pension papers of the Widow, Damaris FRANCIS, filled out for her by the same Justice of the Peace, Henry BALL is the following statement:


“She further states that she was married to the said William FRANCIS, at the city of Girard, in the county of Erie, and in the state of Pennsylvania, on the first day of June 1840 by one Elder FOWLER, Clergyman, and that her name before said marriage was Damaris JOLES; and she further states that claimant was married to Ebenezer JOLES in 1830 and he died in 1817 (crossed out) 1837 and that she has not remarried since the death of her said husband, William Francis.”



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