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Knights of Pythias, Lundy's Lane Lodge

Contributed by Anita Miller

The contributor of the list of names below was at an estate sale in Wellsburg (a.k.a. Lundy's Lane) in July 2003 and purchased a packet of old documents. After reviewing the documents, it was determined that the packet contained numerous applications for membership to the Knights of Pythias, Lundy's Lane Lodge # 497. Many of these applications (but not all) include the applicant's name, date and place of birth, city of residence, occupation, and signature. Unless she has otherwise disposed of them, Ms. Miller indicated that she would be willing to give the appropriate documents to bona fide descendants. If anyone spots a name on the list below that you have a relationship to, please contact me (your webmaster) who will provide appropriate additional guidance.

Anderson, Anton

Anderson, Edmund J.L.

Ball, D.S.

Ball, William H.

Barney, C.G.

Buchanan, H.W.

Cunningham, Harry Allen

Curry, J.W.

Davis, Charles

Derby, L.W.

Fellows, Donald E.

Hochstrasser, P.E.

Johnson, J (June??) W.

Jones, James

Knauff, Willard

McCary, Albert

McNutt, John E.

Miller, Earl Jr.

Mischler, H.C.

Morey, Frank L.

O’Connor, J.S.

Ritzi, Frank W.

Salhoff, F.W.

Siverling, Thomas D.

Spires, Tom

Trewella, Alfred

Wheeler, Jack T.

Wing (possibly King??), Gerald Edward

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