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Last Will of Lemuel Steward

Contributed by Betty Brock

Elk Creek resident and researcher Betty Brock has provided the last will and testament of Lemuel Steward that is shown below. It has been transcribed from microfilm #2265-2266-PAGE 1 located in the Erie County courthouse. Any questions or comments should be directed to Betty Brock.

Last will and testament of   LEMUEL STEWARD

In the name of God Amen I Lemuel Steward of  Elk Creek Township Erie County State of Pennsylvania being sick and weak in body but of sound mind; memory and understanding [praised be God for it] and considering the certainty of death and the uncertainty of time thereof, and to the end I may be the bettor prepared to leave this world whenever it shall please God to all prehence ,do therefore make and declare this is my last will and testament in the following manner, that is to say first and principally, I commend my soul unto the hands of almighty God my creator, hoping forhis pardon and remefsion of all my sins, andto cry, everlasting happinefs in the heavenly kingdom through Jesus Christ my Savier; my body I commend to the earth at the descretion of my executors heron after named; and also such worldly estate where with it hath pleased go to entrust me, I dipose of the same as follows;  justly I bequeath to HULDAH the twelve acres of land west of the road deeded to me by Nathan Rogers; secondly I abequeath there is of any land to JOSEPH Steward , in condition as follows; that he provide for and take good care of his mother during her lifetime and that he maintain BETSY ANN doing her lifetime and that HULDAH and POLLY  be permitted to have a home with him while they remain single and also that he pay the following legacies off after his mothers decease; namely to LEMUEL G  fifty dollars to JONATHAN R fifty dollars to JOSIAH fifty dollars to JUSTAS fifty dollars, to HULDAH fifty dollars and to POLLY fifty dollars by paying to each ten dollars one year from his mother s decease and ten dollars to each every succeeding year till each is paid the sums before mentioned As for my personal property I dispose of it in the following manner namely JOSEPH is to have half of my stock the other half to be divided equaly among the before named heirs after my decease The shop tools to be divided equally among boys and JOSEPH is to have all the farming tools The clock and all of the house hold furniture is to be divided among the girls

Likewise I make constitute and appoint my son Lorenth [JOHNATHAN?] and Cary Rogers go be executors of this my last will and testament hereby making all former wills by me made

In witness thereof I have here unto subscribed my name and affixed my seal the third day of July one thousand eight hundred and fifty six Lemuel Steward     {Witness} Josiah Steward, Nathan Rogers, B.W.Rogers                        

The following from microfilm #2273 , Page 2

Will  & Testament of Lemuel Steward   dec  d

Accountants ask credit, for the following disbursements to wit:

 Amount Paid Regis ter                 1    11.24

B. F. Sloan                                      2       2.00

Lemuel G. Stewart                           3    10.00

James W. Stewart                            4     10.65

B.  W.  Rogers                                  5       3.00

Nathan Rogers                                6        1.50

C.  C.  Jodfray                                 7        1.50

Polly Steward                                  8       42.50

Josiah  Steward                               9        10.65

J. W.     Stewart                             10        10.65

Huldah Steward                            11       42.50

Joseph Steward                             12        49.95

J. R.  Steward                                13         11.65

Register Ha--------ing jr             paid         7.50

J. R. Steward  Services as Executor           9.25

Cary Rogers   do       do      do                     5.00


                                                                 $293 67


Whole amt charges                                $293.56?


Bal due accountants                             $000.83 ?       {note;figures eligible to transcribe}  EMB. 6-2-07


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