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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

Early Marriage Notices

Contributed by Christy Hodges

The information below was extracted from various Erie newspapers of the 1800s and early 1900s. I am told that E.D. = Erie Dispatch; E.O. = Erie Observer; and E.G. = Erie Gazette. Information has been provided by Christy Hodges, unless otherwise indicated. I have tried to present the information in a table, adding a column for the surname of the Groom and Bride. The remainder of the information is as provided, with only minimum editing. (Bill Klauk/Feb 2001)

[Note: Original posting Feb 2001, revised April 2001, new background Jan 2002]



BAILEY - CARPENTER Bailey Robert S. at ERIE Oct.29.1866 - Robert S. Bailey of Jersey Shore Pa and Mary Carpenter oF Elmira Ny By Rev Cuain E.D. Oct 30th 1866
BAILLETT - CROTTY Baillett , Harry married at Erie June 3 rd 1902 - Harry Baillett and Miss Elizabeth Crotty both of Erie E. D. June 4th 1902
BAILY - BROOK Baily Silas, Married August 20th 1848 - Silas Baily and Miss Mary Brook both of Millcreek by John Warren J.O.P. E.G. Sept 3 1846
BAKER - GOLDMAN Alfred Baker of ERIE married at Baltimore Md. March 10, 1898 to Miss Blanch Goldman of Baltmore by Dr.Emil G. Hirech E.D. March 11th 1897
BAKER - TWITCHELL Benjamin G. Baker married at Cambridge Springs September 10.1878 and Miss Maria Twitchell both of Washington Twp. Erie co by Rev. Wm Grassie E.D. Sept 18th 1878
BAKER - GORDON C.L. Baker Married ar Corry Oct 27th,1875 to Miss Belle Gordon bothof Corry by Rev. Lewis E.D. Nov 3, 1875
GRIFFEY - BAIRD Griffey William H - William H Griffey at Springfield May 24th 1846 of Conneaut and Miss Ann M Baird of Springfield by Rev J. Flower E.G.June 4, 1846
GRIFFIN - CLARK Griffin Edwin P - Edwin P Griffin married on Augest 24 1857 to Miss Sarah Clark both of North Rev. W H. Bettes. E.G. January 27th 1859
GRIFFITH - WILDER Griffith - Ben B. Griffith married at Noth East Sept 15,1875 to Miss Hattie E. Wilder both of North East. by Rev Rev.N.H. Holems. E. D. September 22, 1875
ILLMER - RODGERS Louis Illmer married ar Corry Augest 7, 1906 - Louis is from St Louis Miss Winfred Rodgers of Corry by Rev Woorword E.D. Aug 8,1906
ILLIG - HAAS Frank J. Illig married in Erie October 19,1887 to Miss Francis M. Haas both of Erie E.D. October 20,1887
IMEL - ARTHUR William C. Imel married at Corydon Pa Dec,30,1806 - William C is of Elk Miss Cinderella Arthur of Cortdon Pa by Rev. Jphn Akers E.N.D. January 1 1887
IMES - LEWIS Martin Imes married at Cleveland Ohio April 22,1885 and Miss Mabel Lewis Both of Erie by Rev.Muller E. D. April 26th 1885
IMUS - BAIRD Byron Imus married at Sprigfield Pa. of Montpelier O. to Miss Amanda R. Baird of West Springfield Pa by Rev. E.M.Kernick E.N.D. Augest 22,1885
INGERSOLL - CARTER Clark E. Ingersoll married Nov. 26 1857 J.O.P. oof Peoria ILL. and Miss Mary daughter of John S Carter J.O.P. of Erie by Rev. John Ingersoll E.G Dec.3rd 1857
INGERSOLL - PARKINSON Dr. T. D. Ingersoll was married July 3rd 1850 of Elyria O and Miss Elizabeth Parkinson of Erie by Rev H. Stilliman E.G.July 11th 1850
POHT - SCHMITZ POHT{ SELLING MAY BE WRONG } - Edward Poht married Novemebr 9th 1904 to Miss Harriet Schmitz both of Erie E.D. Nov. 11. 1904
POLDS or FOLDS - BAIRD Titus Folds{Polds} married at North East Sept 1 1845 to Miss Sarah Baird both of North East by Joseph C. Lee J.O.P. E. G. Sept. 25, 1845
POLEY or FOLEY - CUMMINS John Poley[Foley] at Summit Feb 9 1875 John of Union city is united with Miss Kate Cummins of Summit. by Rev.. Apple E.D. March 3, 1875
POLLANSBEE - BROWN Joshus Pollansbee Chief Engineer USS Michagan married Miss M. A. daughter of Maj. H. L. Brown of Erie on Nov 6th 1850 by Rev. G.A. Lyons E.G. Nov,14 1850
POLLETT or FOLLETT - PRATT Charles Pollett[ Follett] married October 9th, 1873 - Charles of Wayne to Miss Jospehene Pratt of Concord. by Rev.A.S. Abbey E.G. Ocyober 25th 1873
POLLETT or FOLLETT - RUESS William C. Pollett{Follett] was married in Erie October 17th 1876 he is from Ravena Ohio to Miss Sarah Ruess of Erie by Rev, C.C. Kimbell E.N.D. October 19.1876
POLSON or FOLSON - NICHOLS Mr. Glenn Folson[Polson] at Millers Station Pa - Glenn is from Bradford and on Dec9th 1880 He Wed.Edna T. Nichols of Millers Stations Pa by Rev. Grassie E.N. D. Dec.11,1880
SHREVE - BAIRD Claude Shreve married at Union Twp June 17,1897 and Miss Virginia Baird of Union twp by Rev. Rerries E.D. June 22 1897
SHREVE - CROSS Milton Shreve married ar Corry April 6th 1870 and Miss Christene Cross both of Union By Rev. W. R. Connelly. E.OApril 21st 1870
SHREVE - O'DELL William H Shreve Married May 7th 1874 to Miss Mary O'Dell William is from Bloomfiels and the Bride is from Union City . by Rev.C. Shreve E.G.June 9th 1874
SHREVE - STURGES James Shreve married to Hannah Sturges on Dec. 25th 1849 both are from Union By M.C.Cook J.O.P. E.G. Jan. 3, 1850
SHUBEL - FIEGNER George Shubel of Swanville weds Miss Christina Fiegner of McKean . on April 6 1880 by REv.J. A. J. Zahn E M.D. April 8 1880
SHUE - WAIDLEY John Shue, Married at Mckean Aug.23,1866 To Miss Maggie Waidley . Both of West Millcreek by Rev N W. Jones E.G.Sept 13.1866
SHURT - SILSBY Mr. Brice Shurt was married at Girard May 24th 1870 to Miss Maggie Silsby both of Girard by Rev.Ira Condit E.O. June 2nd 1870
STERRY - DEWITT George Edward Sterry maried at Harrisburg Oct 3rd 1861 of N.Y. City and Miss Vieta Dewitt whom is of the Dewitt's of Erie she now lives in Harriaburg by Rev. Dewitt E.G. October 17,1861
STETSON - EDDT Aaron L Stetson Married at Nina Ny Feb 25th 1868 he is from North East Pa to Miss Annette E. Eddt of Mina Ny by Rev. J.W. Weatherby E.G.March 5th 1868
STEUART - BAIRD Charles Steuart married June 23, 1837 to Miss Julia Baird both of Eire by Rev G. Glover E.G.June 29,1837
STEVA - SHUIE John Steva married at Millcreek Dev11,1889 to Miss Edith Shuie both of Millcreek by Rev. J.B.Torrey E.D.Dec.18,1889
STEVENS - PFEIL Mr. Amasa Stevens married in Erie Jan 23,1875 to Miss Kate Pfeil both of Erie by Rev, Mills E.D. Feb.10, 1875
STEVENS - CLEVELAND Mr . Charles Stevens was married Jan.26,1854 to Miss Augesta Cleveland both of McKean by Rev B.S,Hill E.O. Feb 18, 1854
RUSSELL - DROWN Chester B Russell married at Waterford Mar 29th 1868 to Miss Julia Drown of McKean Chester being from the Waterford Area. by Rev.T.T. Bradford E.G April 2, 1868
RUSSELL - BURLINGHAM Mr. Delmar Russell married at Ripley N.Y. Oct 1904 Delmar of Erie to Miss Grace Burlingham of Conneaut O by REv Platt E.D. Oct 20 1904
RUSSELL - GIBSON Mr Edward Russell was married in Meadville on Feb 18,1862 Edward being from Erie to Miss Sarah L Gibson of Vernon Pa By Rev. R. Copeland E.G. March 6 1862
RUSSELL - BAIRD Mr G. H Russell Married Dec 1, 1857 - Mr Russell is from Buffallo and the Bride is Miss Francis Baird of Union Mills By Rev. Watta B. Lloyd E.G. Dec.10, 1857
RUSSELL - HEALY Mr. George J. Russell Married June 1 1843 Mr. Russell is from Millcreek and weds Miss Sarah Healy of Erie by A.E. Austin J.O. P. E.G. June 15th 1843
RUSSELL - HAYS Mr. George J Russell Married Jan 26th 1854 Mr Russell is from California His bride is Miss Armisda J Hays of Greene by Rev. G.W. Cleveland E.O.Feb. 4th 1854
O'DEA - MCCAROL O`Dea  John J, Married at Bufflao NY June 28,1905 - John J. O`Dea of Erie and Miss Kathryn M McCarol of Buffalo  E. D. September 2, 1905
O`DELL - MARVIN O`Dell married ar Erie September 11th 1876 Daniel Odell of Ny and Mary W. Marvin of ERIE by Rev Thomas Fullerton E.N.D.September 13 th 1876
O`DELL - HODGES O`Dell married September 30th 1847 John O'Dell of Cambridge and Miss Keziah Hodges of Venango by Rev G.W.Cleveland E.G.October 7th 1847
O`DELL - SAWDEY O`Dell Miles P married  February 27th 1833 to Miss Marian Sawdey both of conneaut  (Now Washington township ) Erie co.   (MISSING)
O'DONNELL - DELANEY O`Donnell Arthur married at ERIE October 8th 1878 - Arthur O`Donnell and Miss Ellen Delaney both of Erie By Father Casey E. D. October 9th 1878
  [The following submitted by "Cara"]  
PLUMB - SIMON On the 20th Ult. by Rev., G.W. Cleveland, Mr. Daniel Plumb, of Greenfield, and Miss Ida Simon of Green. Erie Gazette, Feb 19, 1857
CLARK - WEBB On the 10th inst., by the same. Me. George Clark of Greenfield, and Miss Emily A. Webb of Harborcreek. Erie Gazette, Feb 19, 1857
FULLER - HALL In Waterford, on the 2nd Inst., by Rev T.T. Bradford, Mr. Henry W. Fuller, of Newark, N.J., and Miss Sarah Jane Hall, formerly of Buffalo. Erie Gazette, Feb 19, 1857
SMITH - JOLLS At the "Bratton House" LeClaori, Iowa, by Rev. Mr. Rutledge, Cornelius H Smith, of the Island City Hotel Rock Island, and N.M. Jolls, formerly of this city. Erie Gazette, Feb 19, 1857
DREW - HURST In Harborcreek, on the 9th inst., by Ira Sherwin, Esq., Mr. Joseph Drew, of Erie county, N.Y., and Mrs Julia Hurst, of the former place. Erie Gazette, Feb 19, 1857
PATTERSON - PHILLIPS On the 17th instr., at Duncan Place, Erie Co., by Rev. D.D. Gregory, Mr. Robert D. Patterson, of St. Louis, Mo. and Miss Velona A Phillips, niece and ward of A Duncan Esq., of this County. Erie Gazette, Feb 19, 1857

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