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Some Newspaper Index Extracts

Contributed by Bob & Kathy Groner

The information below was extracted from three pages of the Index of Erie Newspapers 1822-1906 by Gordon Law. The information has been transcribed and provided by Kathy Groner as a part of her Hamilton research in Erie County. She has transcribed all entries on pages 1045 to 1047 of this Newspaper Index. This information was provided at the beginning of 2002, but is only now being posted. Please contact Kathy Groner directly with any questions or comments.

Extracts from the Index of Erie Newspapers 1822-1906 by Gordon-Law

Page 1045
Halsey, Charles
Died - In Concord, March 25, 1881
Charles Halsesy, aged 45 years
E. D. April 13, 1881
Halsey, Eudora M.
Died - In Erie, November 14, 1902.
Eudora M. Halsey, aged 51 yrs.
E. D. November 22, 1902
Halsey, Henry
Married - At Waterford, Dec. 14, 1871.
Henry Halsey and Miss Dora Philips, both of Waterford.
By Rev. W. A. Clark.
E. D. December 21,1871
Halstead, Anna (See Halstead, Sidney)
Halstead, Columbus
Married - December 2, 1879
Columbus Halstead, of Marble Rock, IA, and Miss Annie Brower of Waterford.
By Rev. W. Parker.
E. D. December 5, 1879
Halstead, Rebecca (See Allison, Robert G.)
Halstead, Sidney
Married - A. E. Springfield, May 16, 1884
Sidney Halstead and Miss Anna Halstead of Girard.
By Rev. A. Wilson.
E. M.D. May 23, 1884
Halterman, Henry
Married - May 31, 1855
Henry Halterman, of Lancaster Co., and Miss Cortillia Warfel, Of Millcreek.
By Rev. J. W.Kuchler.
E. O. June 26, 1855
Halsey, Alfreda (See Bladen, Alfred)
Hamburger, Anna (see Reiser, John)
Hamburger, John
Died - July 8, 1873
John Hamburger, aged 61 years.
E. G. July 10, 1873
Hamburger, Mary (See Wood, Peter)
Hamerly, Charles
Married - March 4, 1869
Charles Hamerly, and Miss Mary D. Peck, both of Harborcreek.
By Rev. J. K. Hallock.
E. O. March 11, 1869
Hamersley, Anna (See Erhart, Charles)
Hamilton, Alexander
Married - At Waterford, June 23,1847
Alexander Hamilton of Erie, and Miss Jane Dumphey, of Fort Livingston, New York.
By Rev. J. J. Findley. E.G. July 1, 1847
Hamilton, Alexander
Died - October 9, 1847
Alexander Hamilton of Wash. Twp. Aged 73 years.
E. G. October 14, 1847
Hamilton, Mrs. Alexander
Died - In Wash. D. C., Nov. 17, 1854
Mrs. Alexander, wife of General Alexander Hamilton, an aide to General Washington. Aged 97 years.
E. O. November 10, 1854.
Hamilton, Ann J. (See Park, James)
Hamilton, Armstrong
Married - At. Wash. Twp., Aug 31, 1848.
Armstrong Hamilton and Miss Martha Stone, both of Wash.
By Elder, E. C. Rogers, E. G. September 7, 1846
Hamilton, Blanche (See Hubley, David)
Hamilton, Miss Carrie (See Chinneck, Herbert J. L.)
Hamilton, Miss Catherine
Died - In Sugargrove, PA, Oct. 20, 1862.
Mrs. Catherine, widow of Hon. John Hamilton, and mother of Dr. A. C. Jackson, of Erie. Aged 74 years.
E. G. October 30, 1862
Hamilton, Charles L.
Married - At Lockport, June 28, 1856
Charles L. Hamilton and Miss Electa L. Fellows, both of Albion.
By J. Davis J. O.P.
E. G. July 17, 1856
Hamilton, E. D. (See Burchfield, J. M.)
Hamilton, Emily (See Campbell, James H.)
Hamilton, Florence G.
Died - In Erie, March 12, 1904
Florence G. Hamilton, aged 7 years.
E. D. March 21, 1904

Page 1046
Hamilton, George
Married - June 27, 1837
George Hamilton, and Miss Mary Walker, both of Erie.
By Rev. B. Glover.
E. O. June 29, 1837
Hamilton, Mrs. George
Died - In Edinboro, September 23, 1881
Mrs. George Hamilton, aged 30 years.
E. D. October 3, 1881
Hamilton, George K.
Married - At Edinboro, Jan 16, 1851
George K. Hamilton, and Miss Betsey E. Butler, both of Washington.
By Elder E. C. Rogers.
E. O. February 1, 1851
Hamilton, H. E. (See Phelps, Bela E.)
Hamilton, Hannah (See Langley, George A.)
Hamilton, Helen (See Campbell, William)
Hamilton, Hugh
Died - July 15, 1862
Hugh Hamilton, of Waterford. Aged 77 years.
E. G. July 17, 1862
Hamilton, James
Died - In Erie, March 9, 1887
James Hamilton, aged 86 years.
E. M. D. March 10, 1887
Hamilton, James
Died - In Waterford, March 1897
James Hamilton. E. D. March 17, 1897
Hamilton, Jane
Died - February 10, 1901
Jane Hamilton, of Erie. Aged 64 years.
E. D. February 16, 1901.
Hamilton, Miss Jennie A. (See Mitchell, Daniel)
Hamilton, John
Died - In Corry, January 22, 1899
John Hamilton, hanged himself. Aged 55 years.
E. D. January 23, 1899
Hamilton, John Alexander
Died - In Erie, June 15, 1882
John Alexander Hamilton, aged 24 years.
E. M. D. June 16, 1882
Hamilton, John R. Rev.
Married - At Waterford, June 12, 1860
Rev. John R. Hamilton and Miss. Maria Hamilton, of Waterford.
By Rev. Bradford.
E.G. June 12, 1860
Hamilton, Mrs. John R.
Died - In Red Bank, N. J.
Wife of Rev. John R. Hamilton, and daughter of Hugh Hamilton, of Waterford. Aged 35 years.
E. O. August 24, 1870.
Hamilton, Letitia (See Meyer, Henry C.)
Hamilton, Lettie A. (See Leger, Horace M.)
Hamilton, Miss Maggie
Died - In Erie, August 15, 1884.
Miss Maggie Hamilton, Aged 52 years.
E.M.D. August 18, 1884
Hamilton, Margaret (See Canfield, John)
Hamilton, Maria (See Hamilton, J. R.)
Hamilton, Martha (See Kennedy, Gerald)
Hamilton, Mary (See Stillman, John)
Hamilton, Mrs. Mary
Died - November 4, 1872
Mrs. Mary Hamilton, of Erie. Aged 57 years.
E. D. November 5, 1872
Hamilton, Mary E. (See Simmons, John)
Hamilton, Mary J. (See Pollock, Steele)
Hamilton, Matthew
Married - December 22, 1836
Matthew Hamilton, of Erie, and Miss Harriett Stafford, of McKean.
By Rev. B. Glover.
E. G. December 29, 1836

Page 1047
Hamilton, Mrs. Matthew
Died - April 26, 1840
Mrs. Harriet, wife of Matthew Hamilton of Erie. Aged 32 years
E.O. April 30, 1840
Hamilton, Matthew
Married at Waterford, July 7, 1846
Matthew Hamilton and Mrs. Sarah Cook of Waterford,
By Rev. J. J. Findley
E. O. July 16, 1846
Hamilton, Mrs. Matthew
Died - April 7, 1856
Mrs. Sarah, wife of Matthew Hamilton.
Died after a long illness. Aged 63 years.
E. O. April 10, 1856
Hamilton, Mattie C. (See Munson, N. J.)
Hamilton, Sophia (See Starks, Jonas)
Hamilton, Mrs. Theresa
Died - December 26, 1904.
Mrs. John Hamilton, of Erie. Aged 63 years.
E. D. December 26, 1904
Hamilton, William
Died - In Erie, March 20, 1889.
William Hamilton, aged 64 years.
E. D. April 1, 1889
Hamilton, William
Married - At Erie, July 29, 1894
William Hamilton and Miss Charlotte Ehret, both of Erie.
By Rev. J. M. Bray
E. D. July 14, 1894
Hamilton, William A.
Married - September 10, 1850
William A. Hamilton of Edinboro, and Miss Nancy Van Dyke of Crawford Co.,
By Elder, E. C. Rogers.
E.G. September 26,1850
Hamilton, Mrs. William A.
Died In Waterford, May 10, 1861
Mrs. Nancy, wife of William A. Hamilton. Aged 29 years.
E. G. May 23, 1861
Hamilton, William A.
Died in Waterford, Jan 23, 1880
William A. Hamilton, aged 55 years.
E.M.D. January 245, 1880
Hamilton, William E.
Died - In Erie, June 25, 1905
William E. Hamilton, aged 31 years
E. D. June 25, 1905
Hamilton, William R.
Married - At Concord Twp., Dec. 30, 1875
William A. Hamilton of Garland, and Miss Lucinda E. Heath of Concord.
By Rev. J. E. Carroll.
E.M.D. January 8, 1876
Hamilton, James
Died - February 15, 1837
James Hamilton, died after a short illness. Aged 84 yrs.
E. G. March 2, 1837
Hamler, John
Died - In Erie, March 21, 1892
John Hamler, aged 68 years
E. D. March 28, 1892
Hamlin, Seth C.
Married - February 11, 1856
Seth C. Hamlin and Miss Sarah Alvord, both of Millcreek
By Philip Wells, J. C. P.
E. G. February 18, 1856
Hamlyn, Mrs, Susan
Died - In Girard, January 18, 1875
Mrs. Susan Hamlyn, aged 39 years.
E. D. February 3, 1875
Hammer, Adam J.
Died - In Erie, June 16, 1898.
Adam J. Hammer, aged 31 yrs.
E. D. June 18, 1898
Hammer, Anna
Died - In Erie, May 1906
Anna Hammer, aged 72 years
E. D. May 5. 1906
Hammer, Mrs. Elizabeth
Died - In Jersey City, N.J. Sept 25, 1902
Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of George Hammer of Erie. Aged 41 yrs.
E.D. September 27, 1902
Hammer, George
Died - George Hammer, of Erie
Jumped from a window. Aged 36 years.
E. D. July 16, 1904
Hammer, Isabel
Died - In Erie, January 3, 1899
Isabel Hammer, aged 30 years
E. D. January 9, 1899

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