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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

North East Area Marriages - 1878 to 1922

A to D by Brides Name

Contributed by Richard Tefft

The information below was provided by Dick Tefft based on his extensive research of available early newspapers of North East which have been microfilmed and are available at the McCord Memorial Library in North East. The listings below have been extracted from newspapers between the years of 1878 and 1922. Dick has advised that not every year and not every issue is available. He continues to work on transcribing more newspapers which include many from earlier years that are not on microfilm. Due to the length of the listing, no attempt has been made to put this into a fancy table, but rather just present the raw information. Any questions or comments concerning the information provided below should be directed to Dick Tefft.

[Note: during conversion from original database, some trailing information has been dropped. It will be added as time permits.]

Marriages found in early North East Newspapers

The newspaper coding is as follows:

Adv = The North East Advertiser

B&A = The North East Breeze and Advertiser

Brz = The North East Breeze

Str = The North East Star

Sun = The Sun

Bride Groom Date Newspaper Issue Date Information

(unknown) Greer, Robert J. 8/4/1917 Sun 08/25/1917 In Buffalo; unnamed bride of Buffalo; son of Mr. & Mrs. R. M. Greer of North East

Abernathy, Miss Elizabeth Hogan, Lawrence R. 7/19/1922 B&A 07/21/1922 at home of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gaevert; by Rev. C.C. Rider of Lutheran Church; both of W. Monterey

Ackerman, Mabel Laverne Wunder, George C. 8/25/1917 Sun 09/01/1917 In Buffalo, NY; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Frederick C. Ackerman; groom from Erie

Adams, Miss A. Silliman, Frank L. Dec 31, 1879 Adv 01/08/1880 In Harborcreek; by Rev.G.W.Cleaveland; she of Harborcreek; he of North East

Adams, Miss Florence Mary Bartner, Roy Hoofman 1/14/1918 Adv 01/24/1918 At Washinton, D.C.; she of North East; he of Staunton, VA

Addison, Miss Josie Southwick, Jay Glenn Dec 31,1900 Sun 01/05/1901 At Fredonia; by Rev. J.Boyd Espy

Adkins, Miss Bertha Jones, Louis B. 11/2/1910 Adv 11/03/1910 By Rev. S.G.Gilette; she of North East; he of Erie

Adkins, Miss Hattie Herriott, Elmer 6/27/1922 B&A 06/30/1922 by Rev. W. A. Howes

Ahrens, Miss Fredricka Speck, Charles Jan 8, 1880 Adv 01/15/1880 In North East; by Rev. E.Leemhuis; both of North East

Albrecht, Hilda O'Niel, Ulsic 1/7/1918 Adv 01/10/1918 By Rev. Roberts of Methodist Church at Westfield; sister of Mrs. Anna Grenatt

Albrecht, Miss Edith Henrietta Madell, Jason 6/21/1910 Adv 06/23/1910 By Rev. Frankenstein; daughter of Mrs. Ernest Albrecht; groom of Buffalo

Alday, Miss Iva Hopkins, Lee 10/10/1917 Sun 10/13/1917 By Rev. Megee at Methodist parsonage; she of Ripley; he of North

Allen, Miss Bertha Moore, Emrie Dec 12, 1900 Sun 12/22/1900 At Findley Lake; by Rev. J.Mager; she of Phillipsville; he of Greene Township

Allen, Miss Bertha Reimann, Gustave Mar 6,1901 Sun 03/09/1901 Daughter of A.G.Allen; he of Fredonia

Allen, Miss Julia Etta Shields, Floyd Laverne 4/12/1917 Sun 04/14/1917 In Ripley; by Rev. Boorman; daughter of Mrs. A.G. Allen

Allen, Miss Lucy A. Babcock, Isaac I. 10/16/1863 Brz 10/24/1913 Celebrated 50th anniversary; picture included; son of John B. Babcock of Greenfield; daughter of Austen E. & Mary Allen of North

Allen, Miss Sarah J. Kingsbury, Samuel B. Apr 4, 1870 Str 04/09/1870 At M.E.parsonage, Union, PA; by Rev. A.J.Merchant; both of North

Amidon, Miss Amy Doris Hesling, James 2/4/1918 Adv 02/07/1918 In Erie; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Chas. A. Amidon; son of Mrs. John Hesling of North East

Amidon, Miss Lena Dodge, Charles Nov 3, 1901 Sun 11/09/1901 In Ripley; by Justice Bennett; both of North East

Anderson, Miss Eileen M. Priester, Clarence 10/15/1913 Adv 10/17/1913 In Erie; by Rev. S.B. Torrey; both of North East

Anderson, Miss Ellen M. Prestor, Clarence 10/8/1913 Brz 10/17/1913 In Erie; both of North East

Applebee, Mrs. Nellie Videtto, B.D. Apr 27, 1870 Str 04/30/1870 By Rev. G.W.Cleveland; at his residence in Moorheadville; both of Harborcreek

Arbuckle, Miss Anna McCreary, T.W. Dec 20, 1881 Adv 01/06/1882 In North East; by Rev.B.S.Dewitt; she of Fairview; he of North East

Ardens, Miss Ruby MacBroom, Robert Herbert 1/28/1913 Adv 01/30/1913 By Rev. Dougherty of Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia; daughter of Frank L. Bowman of North East; groom of North East

Armstrong, Miss Blanche E. Daniels, L.E. 3/18/1913 Adv 03/27/1913 At Cumberland, MD; by Rev. Skyles at St. Mark's Church; she of Grove City, PA; he of North East

Arnold, Miss Bessie Greno, George 3/10/1917 Sun 03/17/1917 At Methodist parsonage in Erie; he of Troy, PA

Ashton, Miss Emma Loomis, Edgar Aug 30, 1892 Sun 09/03/1892 In Findley's Lake; by R.G.Roland; both of Greenfield

Austin, Mrs. F.J. Teller, A.M. Jul 2, 1878 Adv 08/15/1878 In Sidney, Iowa; by Rev.Francis Plumm; she of Jamestown, N.Y., formerly of Girard; he of Morrison, Illinois

Aybrandt, Miss Ketzel, Mr. Nov 23, 1892 Sun 11/26/1892 In Ripley; by Rev.T.H.Peatchell; both of Waterford

Babcock, Miss Clara A. Ricart, J. Urban 12/31/1921 B&A 01/06/1922 At St. Paul's Cathedral, Erie; daughter of Dr. & Mrs. J.A.Dennison of Erie; son of Mrs. Blanche Ricart of North East

Backus, Miss Cora B. Ellis, George W. Jul 14, 1881 Adv 07/21/1881 In North East; by J.C.Hunter, D.D.; he of Springville, N.Y.

Backus, Miss Maud Jack, John B. Aug 22, 1894 Sun 08/25/1894 In Peru, Nebraska; she of North East

Baker, Lucy Greenman, Charles Apr 15, 1880 Adv 04/22/1880 In North East; by Rev.N.H.Cornish; both of North East

Baker, Miss Addie C. Merrill, A.N. Oct 26, 1881 Adv 10/27/1881 In North East; by Rev.Dr.Hunter; both of North East

Baker, Miss Bertha May Mangold, Fred C. Jan 21, 1908 Sun 01/25/1908 By Rev. R.W.Nethery; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Baker on Colfax St.

Baker, Miss Helen Tukesbury, Jacob May 3, 1870 Str 05/07/1870 At the Phelps House, Waterford; by J.L.Hyner; she of Concord; he of Spartansburg

Baker, Miss Jennie Tabor, John H. Oct 27, 1880 Adv 10/28/1880 In North East; by Rev.H.N.Cornish; both of North East

Baker, Miss Libbie M. Campbell, Fred L. Sep 8, 1892 Sun 09/17/1892 In Dunkirk, N.Y.; by Father Casmir Taylor; both of Dunkirk

Baldwin, Miss Louise Pendleton, Professor H.H. Jan 26, 1870 Str 02/05/1870 In Westfield; by Rev. W.W.Warner; she of Westfield; he of

Ball, Jennie L. Wass, J.Frank Nov 11, 1879 Adv 11/20/1879 In Westfield, N.Y.; by Rev. C.S.Stowitts; both of Westfield

Ball, Miss Estelle Southwick, Rolen B. Nov 7, 1894 Sun 11/10/1894 By Dr.Beach

Banyard, Mrs. Sarah Boynton, Joseph Nov 8, 1882 Adv 12/08/1882 By Rev. L.C.Rogers; she of Erie; he of Harborcreek

Barbary, Miss Eva Eades, Roy 6/8/1910 Adv 06/16/1910 At St. Pauls Catholic Church in Buffalo; daughter of J.H. Barbary of Buffalo; groom of North East

Barber, Miss Emma Root, Jesse P. Aug 16, 1880 Adv 08/26/1880 At Brockton; by Rev.Knight; both of North East

Barmore, Miss Carrie Ethyl Bauer, Hyram A. 11/4/1911 Adv 11/09/1911 By Rev. S.G. Gillette; both of Findley Lake

Barnes, Miss Jennie Rouse, J.B. Apr 16, 1879 Sun 04/26/1879 At Girard; by Rev. Cobb, assisted by Rev. Moore; she of Girard; he of Erie

Barrett, Miss Lucy Davis, Royal C. Jan 13, 1901 Sun 01/26/1901 In Busti, N.Y.; she of Sugar Grove; he of Findley Lake

Barringer, Miss Gertrude Langdon, Albert J. Feb 12, 1902 Sun 02/22/1902 In Findley Lake; by Rev J.J.Bloom

Barry, Margaret Delores Sennett, Mark M. 6/22/1913 Adv 06/26/1913 At St. Mary of the Angels Church; by Rev. Edward J. Rendal; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. David Barry

Bartlett, Miss Edith G. Nash, Henry S. Jan 15, 1901 Sun 01/19/1901 In North East; by Rev. Willis K.Crosby

Bartlett, Mrs. Roxy M. Cole, Lewis Jun 18, 1881 Adv 06/16/1881 In North East; by J.L.Green, Esq.; she of North East; he of Ripley

Barton, Miss H.M. Kelley, W.L. Apr 5, 1879 Sun 04/26/1879 In Waterford; by Rev. M.Wishart; she of Waterford

Bates, Miss Alice W. Kline, Daniel H. Mar 18, 1869 Str 03/27/1869 In Erie; by Rev. George F.Cain; she of Erie; he formerly of Canton,

Bates, Miss Julia Boorman, Joe H. Apr 30, 1884 Sun 05/03/1884 At Findley's Lake; by Rev.Boorman; both of Findlley's Lake

Batten, Miss Lavinia Cook, LaVern Frederick 6/1/1911 Adv 06/29/1911 She of Erie; he of North East

Bauer, Miss Edna Barmore, Esler P. 8/25/1908 Sun 08/29/1908 By Rev. W.B. Nelson in Findley Lake; she of Findley Lake

Baxter, Miss Etto Harwood, W.W. Dec 23, 1869 Str 12/25/1869 At residence of D.N.Patterson; by Rev. F.V.Warren; both of

Beck, Miss Mary E. Mottier, John F. Apr 8, 1879 Adv 04/10/1879 In North East; by Rev.Dr.Herron; both of North East

Beckwith, Miss Mary Jackson, Ray 3/31/1917 Sun 04/14/1917 By Rev. John E. Roberts; in Westfield; both of North East

Beckwith, Miss May Gleave, Joseph G. Sep 27, 1882 Adv 10/06/1882 At Moorheadville; by Rev.G.W.Cleaveland; she of Moorheadville; he of Erie

Beeman, Miss Luella Bemiss, Smith L. Jan 27, 1906 Sun 02/03/1906 In Findley Lake; by Rev.W.H.Fenton; daughter of Mr. & Mrs.M.A.Beeman; son of T.H.Bemiss of North East

Bell, Miss Edith Savidge, Louis 6/28/1922 B&A 06/30/1922 at home of Mrs. Merrihew on Gibson St.; by Rev. W.S. Carter; both of Nebraska

Bell, Miss May Cornish, George D. Nov 27, 1901 Sun 11/30/1901 By Rev. G.G. Ruff

Belnap, Miss Nettie McCord, R.W. Jun 27, 1882 Adv 06/30/1882 In North East; by Rev.Dr.Hunter; both of North East

Bemiss, Miss Maude Griffin, V.L. Dec 19, 1900 Sun 12/22/1900 In North East; by Rev. Bogart; daughter of T.H.Bemiss of Nasby

Bemus, Miss Florence E. McCord, William F. Nov 17, 1881 Adv 11/24/1881 In North East; by Rev. Dr. Hunter; both of North East

Bemus, Miss Nancy Wiswell, James Jul 20, 1878 Adv 08/08/1878 In McKean; she of McKean; he of Wattsburg

Bemus, Mrs. A.J. Reed, James L. Dec 15, 1881 Adv 12/22/1881 In North East; by Rev. Dr. Hunter; both of North East

Benim, Mrs. Etta Boge, Edwin Jul 5, 1894 Sun 07/14/1894 At Findley's Lake; by Rev.C.G.Langdon; she of Greenfield; he of Lottsville, PA

Bennett, Miss Anna M. Kessler, George S. Mar 30, 1869 Str 04/10/1869 In Westfield; by Rev. Lyman J.Fisher

Bennett, Sarah Wright, Sherman Nov 30, 1902 Sun 12/06/1902 In Findley Lake; by O.F.Gifford; both of Findley Lake

Benson, Miss Evelyn Howard, Frank 12/21/1912 Adv 01/23/1913 In Denver, CO; son of Mrs. Frank Pierce,brother to Mrs. Earl Brooks

Benson, Miss Polly A. Benson, Jno. Jul 18, 1870 Str 07/23/1870 By Rev. J.T.Oxtoby; she of Brooklyn,Wisconsin; he of Ripley

Berst, Miss Lena Norman, Charles Feb 5, 1894 Sun 02/17/1894 In Ripley; by Justice Perry; he of North East

Beu, Miss Florence L. Lamb, Kenneth 11/23/1917 Sun 12/01/1917 In Erie; both of North East

Bigelow, Miss Zella Thompson, Harry, Dr. 8/30/1922 B&A 09/01/1922 at home of Mr. & Mrs. W.J. Towne by Rev. John F. Black

Bingham, Hattie B. Bagley, John G. Feb 22, 1882 Adv 03/03/1882 In Conneaut; by Rev.E.R.Loomis; both of North East

Blackman, Miss Mary Cole, Jasper Nov 1, 1882 Adv 11/03/1882 In Westfield, N.Y.; both of North East

Blaine, Miss Maggie Korrady, John Jr. Sep 24, 1878 Adv 09/26/1878 In Goshen, Indiana; he of Elkhart, Indiana

Blair, Miss Annie Hauck, S.A. Mar 23, 1870 Str 04/02/1870 At the residence of Antony Hauck; by Rev. L.L.Luse; she of Summit Township; he of McKean

Blakeslee, Miss Hannah K. Snell, Arthur J. 9/28/1917 Sun 10/06/1917 Both of North East; at home of Rev. J.Paul Shelley of Erie

Blakeslee, Miss Nellie Smith, Wesley Sep 4, 1878 Adv 09/12/1878 By Rev. J.W.Wilson; she of Spartansburg, he of Concord

Blaney, Miss Emily Porter, Arthur Jan 1, 1883 Adv 03/02/1883 In Swampscott, Mass.; she of Swampscott; he formerly of North

Bliss, Harriet A. Robinson, Hugh S. Oct 8, 1902 Sun 10/18/1902 At Findley Lake; by Rev.Miller Fording; she of Findley Lake; he of Plattsville, Illinois

Bliss, Miss Mabel H. Bagley, Harry L. Jun 2, 1906 Sun 06/09/1906 By Rev.R.R.Hadley; she of Sherman; he of North East

Blowers, Miss Jessie Coates, Alfred Nov 2, 1882 Adv 11/03/1882 In Westfield, N.Y.; she of Westfield, sister to Mrs. B.H.Putnam of North East; he of St. Joseph, Missouri

Boam, Edna E. Wagner, John C. Dec 24, 1894 Sun 12/29/1894 In Ripley; by Rev. Comfort; she of North East; he of Springfield

Bockstaller, Miss Clara Spofford, J.D. Nov 15, 1894 Sun 11/24/1894 She from Iowa; he formerly of North East

Boerst, Miss Lena Draggart, John Mar 9, 1880 Adv 03/11/1880 In North East; by Rev.E.Leemhuis; both of North East

Boerst, Miss Louise Bedow, Carl 12/26/1912 Adv 01/12/1913 At Ripley; both of North East; daughter of Mrs. Fritz Boerst

Boone, Katie C. Kimball, William S. May 25, 1870 Str 06/04/1870 In Philadelphia; by Rev. Alex Reed; both of Erie; she granddaughter of the late Hon.John H.Campbell

Bostwick, Miss Carrie E. Bartoo, George H. Sep 17, 1879 Adv 09/18/1879 In Northville; by Rev. Jno. R.Lyon

Bowen, Ida Tupper, Charles W. Apr 3, 1879 Adv 04/10/1879 In North East; by Rev.J.T.Oxtoby; she of Harborcreek; he of Northville

Bowman, Miss Ruby Adena McBroom, Robert Herbert 1/28/1913 Brz 01/31/1913 In Philadelphia; daughter of Frank Lee Bowman

Boyd, Miss Leora Elvina Allen, Eugene LeRoy 1/3/1918 Adv 01/10/1918 At home of Rev. James Durham of Calvary Baptist Church; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Boyd; son of Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Allen of

Boyd, Miss Winifred Burley, Marion C. 9/17/1913 Brz 09/19/1913 At home of bride's parents, Mr.& Mrs. W.B. Boyd; by Rev. J.F. Life; groom of Ripley

Boyd, Miss Winifred M. Barley, Marion C. 9/17/1913 Adv 09/18/1913 By Rev. J.M. Life; at home of bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. William Boyd; groom of Randolph, NY

Boyer, Miss Margaret L. Lee, Rev. Robert G. Adv 11/10/1910 She formerly of North East; he of Huntington, OR

Boynton, Miss Marion Selkregg, Edwin R. 6/12/1917 Sun 06/16/1917 At bride's home in Cushman, Mass; son of Mr. and Mrs. George H. Selkregg of North East

Brace, Miss Carrie E. Barton, T.P. Mar 31, 1869 Str 04/17/1869 At residence of bride's mother in West Greene

Bran, Miss Abbie Riblet, W.M. Jan 16, 1884 Sun 01/19/1884 In North East; by Rev.Hunter; she of North East; he of Erie

Brehm, Miss Clara Price, Charles 10/20/1913 Adv 10/24/1913 At Catholic church in Erie; she of Findley Lake; he of Erie

Brewster, Miss Ada J. Milligan, Frank Apr 14, 1870 Str 04/23/1870 By Rev. Joseph H.Pressly; both of Erie

Bristol, Miss Lena Elliott, Henry T. Dec 9, 1880 Adv 12/23/1880 In Machias, N.Y.; by Rev.E.L.Davis; she of Machias; he from Harborcreek

Brockway, Miss Alice J. Stone, Albert L. Oct 25, 1878 Adv 10/31/1878 In Ripley; by Rev.E.C.Wright; both of Ripley

Bronson, Hazel Wait, Ralph 2/14/1911 Adv 02/16/1911 By Rev. Nelson at home of bride's parents Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Bronson of S. Ripley; groom from Volushia, NY

Brookins, Miss Elle G. Prentice, V.E. May 25, 1870 Str 05/28/1870 In North East; by Rev. J.G. Townsend; she of North East, daughter of J.L Brookins; he of Whitewater, Wisconsin

Brookmire, Miss Genevieve Mills, F. Boyd 9/15/1917 Sun 09/29/1917 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.A. Brookmire of Erie; son of Mrs. Tillie N. Mills of North East

Brown, Elmira Sherlock, Charles W. 2/9/1913 Brz 02/21/1913 By J.Ross Raymond, J.P.; both of North East

Brown, Kate Barber, Lt.Francis, U.S.N. Str 06/04/1870 In Erie, at residence of bride's parents; by Rev. J.F.Spaulding; she daughter of John S.Brown

Brown, Lizzie S. Crawell, George T. Oct 5, 1902 Sun 10/11/1902 At Findley Lake; by Rev.L.L.Hager; she of French Creek; he of Corry

Brown, Miss Abby Wright, W.H. Apr 10, 1879 Sun 04/26/1879 In Cleveland, Ohio; she of Cleveland; he of Erie

Brown, Miss Alice J. Camp, Albert N. Oct 5, 1882 Adv 10/13/1882 In Farmington, PA; by Rev.L.T.Marriott; she of Framington (SP?), PA; he of Mansfield, Ohio

Brown, Miss Annie Halstead, Columbus Adv 12/04/1879 In Lake Pleasant; she of Waterford; he of Marble Rock, Floyd County, Iowa

Brown, Miss Christobell Ellis, Howard 10/9/1913 Brz 10/17/1913 At Findley Lake; she of North East; he of Chicago, formerly of North

Brown, Miss Hannah McCarty, B.F. Dec 28, 1869 Str 01/01/1870 In Erie; by the Rev. Father Casey; both of Erie

Brown, Miss Sarah McKee, John Esq. Feb 12, 1869 Str 02/20/1869 In West Millcreek at home of bride's mother; daughter of the late S.M. Brown

Brownell, Miss Bessie M. Bradley, Marshall F. 1/4/1910 Adv 01/06/1910 At First Baptist Church in Erie; by Rev. A. Frank Houser

Brushabber, Miss Frankenstein, Rev. 6/24/1908 Sun 06/27/1908 She of Eben Valley, N.Y.

Bull, Miss Mary Bannister, Walter Aug 30, 1870 Str 09/03/1870 At Erie; both of Erie

Bull, Miss Maude Brown, John D. Apr 3, 1901 Sun 04/06/1901 In Dunkirk; she of Greenfield; he of North East

Burch, Georgia A. Plum, Udo C. Aug 1, 1892 Sun 08/06/1892 In Findley's Lake; by William H.Jones, J.P.; she of North East; he of Greenfield

Burden, Miss Eva Parker, Jay Dec 3, 1880 Adv 12/16/1880 In Westfield; by Rev.N.H.Holmes; she of Westfield; he of Greenfield

Burgers, Miss Nettie Flor Lea, Robert H. 5/7/1913 Adv 05/08/1913 At Presbyterian parsonage; by Rev. T.D.Wittles; both of North East

Burgess, Miss Nettie F. Lea, Robert H. 5/7/1913 Brz 05/09/1913 By Rev.T.D. Whittles, both of North East

Burnham, Miss Elizabeth Morgan, Alton Guy 8/28/1913 Brz 09/04/1913 In Westfield, NY; he of North East; she of Clarinda, IA

Burnham, Miss Maud Morgan, Alton 8/28/1913 Adv 09/04/1913 In Westfield by Rev. Randolph of Methodist church; she of Iowa; he of North East vicinity

Burnley, Miss Grace Alice Grauel, Clifton M. Jun 12, 1906 Sun 06/16/1906 By Rev. Hunter Davidson of St. James Church, Painesville; daughter of William Burnley, formerly of North East; he of North East

Burr, Miss Ethyl Adkins, Harry Sun 09/08/1917 Son of Mr. & Mrs. Levant Adkins; both of North East; she formerly of Kinsman, OH

Burrows, Miss Ida M. Bemis, Mr. George C. Oct 25, 1881 Adv 11/03/1881 In Green Cove Springs, Florida; she formerly of North East; he of Green Cove Springs

Burton, Miss Nannie Price, William Sep 28, 1880 Adv 09/30/1880 In Erie; by Rev.J.T.Franklin; both of Erie

Butt, Miss Minnie Butterfield, W.J. 2/17/1922 B&A 02/24/1922 at the home of Mrs. Butt of Erie, by Rev. LeRoy Cass of Kingsley Methodist Church; both of Erie

Button, Miss Samantha Wheaton, Major Aug 21, 1870 Str 08/27/1870 In North East at Haynes Hotel; both of North East

Caldwell, Miss N.J. Parker, Z. Feb 23, 1870 Str 03/12/1870 In Genesee, Michigan; by Rev. F.Traver; she of North East; he of Richfield, Michigan

Caldwell, Miss Samantha Milliken, Andrew Nov 16, 1892 Sun 11/19/1892 In North East; by Rev.Dr.Hunter; she of North East

Calkins, Miss Ada Belle Bogart, Walter Mar 15, 1884 Sun 03/29/1884 In Greenfield; by Rev.J.L.Higbee; he of North East

Calkins, Mrs. M.E. Hoig, W.I. Dec 17, 1879 Adv 01/08/1880 In Greenfield; by Rev. Z.W.Shadduck

Callum, Miss Ensign, Charles A. Jun 12, 1901 Sun 06/15/1901

Callum, Miss Gertrude Ensign, Charles A. Jun 12, 1901 Sun 06/01/1901 Announcement

Camfield, Lizzie King, Henry Adv 04/29/1880 In Lowville, both of Lowville

Campbell, Claudie Lyons, Andrew 10/22/1913 Brz 10/31/1913 By Rev. Gifford; both of Hornby

Cardot, Miss Harriet L. Dewey, E.S. 12/31/1912 Brz 01/03/1913 By Rev. E.B. Cornell; at home of bride's daughter, Mrs. Clayton Luce on Pearl St.

Cardot, Mrs. Harriet Dewey, E.S. 12/31/1912 Adv 01/02/1913 At home of Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Luce in North East by Rev. Cornell of Baptist Church; she of North East; he of LeBoeuf

Caribelle, Miss Georgia Wing, Harry Crawford 11/7/1908 Sun 11/14/1908 At residence of bride's guardian Mr. O.E. Goldhager of Buffalo, N.Y.; he is the youngest son of Mr. & Mrs. W.O. Wing of North East

Carle, Ida A. Burgess, Leroy Mar 23, 1880 Adv 04/01/1880 Near Union City; she of Union; he of Greenfield

Carlin, Miss C.M. Dolan, J.C. Dec 29, 1869 Str 01/08/1870 In Meadville; by Rev. J.D. Coady, Vicar General of the diocese; both of Erie

Carnes, Miss Cora Vermilyes, Gilbert A. Dec 28, 1893 Sun 01/13/1894 She of Summerville; he formerly of North East, now of Summerville,

Carr, Carrie Shore, James Nov 21, 1894 Sun 12/01/1894 In Ripley; by Rev. Comfort; she of Ripley; he of Mina

Carr, Miss Clara L. Shore, James Nov 21. 1894 Sun 11/24/1894 In Ripley; by Rev. M.B.Comfort; she of Ripley; he of Mina

Carrier, Miss Nellie E. Stewart, Frank P. Oct 5, 1881 Adv 10/06/1881 At SilverCreek, N.Y.; by Rev. C.Burgess; both of Silver Creek; see story Oct 13, 1881

Carris, Mrs. E. Hayward, A.J. Feb. 9, 1892 Sun 02/13/1892 At Northville; by Rev.J.L.Crouch

Carroll, Miss Hermione Rennekemp, Henry Oct 22, 1902 Sun 10/25/1902 In North East; by Rev. Ruff; she of Coraopolis; he of McKees Rocks

Carter, Miss Anna L. Davis, L.L. Dec 30, 1880 Adv 01/06/1881 In North East; by Rev.Dr.Clark; she of North East; he of Pittsburgh

Case, Miss Mabel Jackson, James H. 4/10/1917 Sun 04/14/1917 At Ripley; by Rev. Boorman

Cass, Miss Luella Burgess, Ralph L. 7/2/1908 Sun 07/04/1908 In Harborcreek by Rev. Mills; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Cass of Harborcreek; he of North East

Catlin, Miss Norma E. McMartinaiso, D.A. May, 1902 Sun 05/24/1902 Daughter of E.B.Catlin; he from Buffalo

Catner, Miss Aarmildis Ford, Will B. Nov 17, 1880 Adv 11/25/1880 In Logansport, Indiana; she of Logansport; he formerly of North East

Cattlin, Miss Norma E. D.A. McMartinaiso May, 1902 Sun 05/24/1902 He of Buffalo, she was daughter of E.B. Cattlin & niece of Mrs. Ada Robinson

Chambers, Miss Alice E. Chambers, George W. Feb 18, 1880 Adv 02/26/1880 In Wesleyville; by Rev.A.C.Tibbetts; she of Wesleyville; he of

Chandler, Florence A. Rundell, F.N. May 3, 1892 Sun 05/14/1892 In Ripley; by Rev.Crouch; she of Westfield; he of Clymer

Chapin, Mellie Godfrey, Charles E. Oct 22, 1884 Sun 11/08/1884 In Owosso, Michigan; by Rev.George H.Wilson; both of Owosso

Chapin, Miss Marie Wheeler, Harold 4/19/1922 B&A 04/21/1922 at Erie, PA; she of Harborcreek; he of Harrisburg

Chase, Miss Alice Case, William Jun 6, 1894 Sun 06/16/1894 She of Wattsburg; he of Ripley

Chase, Miss Clara Sears, Frank Nov 13, 1902 Sun 11/29/1902 She of North East, sister of F.H.Chase; he of South Ripley

Chase, Miss Marian Stewart, Ben Oct 12, 1892 Sun 10/22/1892 In Buffalo; both formerly of North East; he also of Birmingham,

Chase, Miss Mattie A. Brown, Horace T. Jun 4, 1882 Adv 07/14/1882 At Hartfield, N.Y.; by Rev. A.J.Miller of Mayville; she of Sherman; he of North East

Christian, Miss Mary E. Pierce, Ben F. Nov 11, 1880 Adv 11/18/1880 In Erie; by Rev.J.Franklin; both of Erie

Clark, Miss Edna Hess, Raymond Jun 9, 1906 Sun 06/16/1906 In Westfield; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. M.A Clark of German St., North East; he of Westfield

Clark, Miss Gwendolyn A. Carr, Professor Harry R. 8/1/1910 Adv 09/08/1910 Son of Mr. & Mrs. E.E.Carr; she of Cold Springs, KY; he of Cleveland, OH

Clark, Miss Sarah A. Koehler, F.W. Dec 30, 1869 Str 01/15/1870 In Venango Borough, Crawford County; at residence of bride's uncle, Jason Stelle; by Rev.D.M.Kemerer; she of Harborcreek; he of

Cleary, Eleanor S. Persons, George A. 9/20/1911 Adv 09/28/1911 By Rev. B. Nelson of Erie; at home of bride's parents Mr. & Mrs.Thomas Cleary; groom of Mina

Cleary, Miss Eleanor Persons, George Adv 10/12/1911 By Rev. W.R.Nelson; she of North East; he of Mina

Clifford, Helen E. Mallick, Valorus W. Aug 4, 1878 Adv 08/08/1878 In North East; by Rev. John C.Ward; she of Findley's Lake; he of North East

Clinton, Miss Julia Hayner, William H. Jul 4, 1880 Adv 07/08/1880 In North East; by Rev.N.H.Cornish; both of Mina

Cobb, Miss Ida M. McKinney, William Apr 10, 1879 Sun 04/26/1879 At LeBoeuf; by Rev. Warner; she of Leboeuf; he of Mill Village

Coburn, Miss Annie E. Pratt, Franklin B. Dec 3, 1879 Adv 12/18/1879 In Lansing, Michigan; by Rev. L.Coburn; both formerly of Greenfield

Cochrane, Miss Mannie Carpenter, G.W. Jan 5, 1881 Adv 01/06/1881 In North East; by Rev.N.H.Cornish; she of North East; he of Port Dover, Ontario

Cochrane, Miss Sarah A. Cochrane, Alexander May 3, 1882 Adv 05/12/1882 In Ripley; by Rev.E.S.Wright; she of Ripley; he of Westfield

Coe, Anna M. Stetson, Horton S. Apr 16, 1902 Sun 04/26/1902 Both of Findley Lake

Cole, Miss Belle Randolph, George L. 5/15/1922 B&A 05/19/1922 at home of bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. L.A. Cole of Moorheadville; groom of Rimersburg, PA

Cole, Miss Clara Boam, James W. Jan 29, 1878 Adv 01/31/1878 In North East; by Rev. William Herron; she of Grimsby, Ontario; he of North East

Cole, Miss Kittie Darling, Christopher Feb 11, 1880 Adv 02/12/1880 In North East; by Rev. N.H.Cornish; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Cole of North East

Cole, Miss Lalia Cook, Dan L. Dec 30, 1880 Adv 01/06/1881 In Harborcreek; by Rev.G.W.Cleaveland; she of Harborcreek; he of Columbus, PA

Cole, Miss Lutie Burdick, C.P. Jul 3, 1878 Adv 08/08/1878 In Cussewago; by Rev. R.Pearse; she of Cussewago; he of

Cole, Miss Orra May Mixer, John F. Dec 25, 1901 Sun 12/28/1901 In North East; by Rev. W.K.Crosby; she of Olivet, Michigan; he of Fredonia, N.Y.

Coleman, Miss Kathryn Bliss, Otto 6/25/1917 Sun 07/14/1917 At Baptist Church in Warren, PA; she of Youngsville, PA; he of Toledo, OH

Collins, Miss Anna Mason, Horace Rice Nov 14, 1906 Sun 11/17/1906 In Ripley; by Rev.Neigh of Cambridge Springs; youngest daughter of Mrs. Emma Collins

Collins, Miss Mary Stevens, Walter May 4, 1880 Adv 05/06/1880 In Ripley; by Rev.J.A.Dorris; she of Ripley; he of Cincinnati

Colvin, Miss Lizzie Brown, Mr. Charles E. Nov 12, 1884 Sun 11/22/1884 By Rev.Scott; she of Ripley

Colwell, Miss Minnie Cole, T.H. Apr 24, 1870 Str 04/30/1870 By Rev. Joseph H.Pressly; she of Erie; he of Tidioute

Connelly, Miss Orilla Barnes, General Cullen Jul 24, 1870 Str 08/06/1870 In Mina; by A.D.Holdridge,Esq.

Connors, Miss Ella Koepke, William Sep 24, 1884 Sun 09/27/1884

Conrad, Elizabeth M. Waller, George C. Mar 3, 1880 Adv 03/04/1880 In North East; by Rev. J.H.Edwards; she of North East; he of Alma, Michigan

Conrad, Miss Linnie VanWert, Charles G. Aug 26, 1880 Adv 09/02/1880 In North East; by Rev. J.H.Edwards of Erie; she of North East; he of Minneapolis, MN

Cook, Miss Lide E. Weeks, Frank E. Jan 16, 1879 Adv 01/23/1879 In Corry; by Rev.Mr.Chase; both of Corry

Cook, Miss Lydia A. Wagner, Myron L. Apr 27, 1870 Str 04/30/1870 By Rev. Joseph H. Pressly; she of Greene Twp; he of Millcreek

Cook, Miss Maggie Selkregg, Leslie Oct 21, 1875 Sun 10/23/1875 In North East; by Rev.J.T.Oxtoby; both of North East

Cook, Miss Nettie Heard, Malcomb Feb 8, 1894 Sun 02/10/1894 By Rev. Beach; both of North East

Cook, Miss Rena Mountain, Clarence Feb 19, 1908 Sun 02/22/1908 At home of bride's parents, Mr.& Mrs. Henry Thornton in North East; he of Erie

Cooper, Miss Laura G. Ackerman, William Nov 1, 1882 Adv 11/03/1882 In Toledo, Ohio; by Rev. W.C.Hopkins; she of Toledo; he of North East

Copeen, Miss Mary Henres, Fred May 14, 1870 Str 05/28/1870 In Westfield; by Rev. J.W.Way; both of Westfield

Corbin, Miss Rose Hirt, Fred Aug 1894 Sun 09/01/1894 She of Wattsburg; he of East Greene

Cord, Miss Ida Parker, Marshall Sep 7, 1882 Adv 09/22/1882 At Clymer; by Rev.W.Parker; she of Clymer; he of Wattsburg

Cornish, Miss Eleanor Graham, Orville D. Adv 02/24/1882 In North East; by Rev. H.N.Cornish; she of Harmony, N.Y.; he of Derrick City, PA.

Corry, Miss Gertrude Sundbury, William 4/24/1918 Adv 04/15/1918 At home of Rev. and Mrs. George Corry of Espyville, PA; groom of Jamestown, NY

Covey, Miss Cleo Pier, George 6/7/1913 Brz 06/13/1913 By Rev. S.G.Gillette; at home of bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. L. Covey

Covey, Miss Ella G. Weed, C.C. Adv 02/24/1881 In North East; by Rev.H.N.Covey; both of North East

Covey, Miss Sarah Warner, Leslie E. Nov 17, 1879 Adv 11/27/1879 In Wayne Township; by Rev. B.Mason; she of Wayne; he of Girard

Cox, Hattie M. Emery, Charles W. Oct 14, 1892 Sun 10/22/1892 In Ripley; by Rev. J.M.Crouch; she of Erie; he of New Castle, PA.

Crabb, Miss Anna B. Cochrane, Ernest E. May 14, 1902 Sun 05/17/1902 In North East; by Rev. Willis K. Crosby; she of Harborcreek; he of Saegertown

Crandall, Mrs. Julia Brace Crosby, Rev. Dr. Willis K. 10/1/1911 Adv 10/26/1911 In Williamsport, PA; she widow of Daniel E. Crandall of Williamsport; he widower of Edinsburg, Lawrence County, PA

Crapo, Miss Carrie Lay, W.F. May 5, 1870 Str 05/07/1870 In North East; at the residence of the bride's brother, Warren Crapo; by Rev. J.G.Townsend; she of New Bedford, Mass; he of Detroit

Crapo, Miss Dell Covell, Fred Aug 28, 1878 Adv 08/29/1878 In North East; by Rev.J.H.Herron; she of North East; he of Massachusetts

Crawford, Genie Wright, Elmer E. Feb 9, 1881 Adv 02/10/1881 In North East; by Rev.H.N.Cornish; both of Harborcreek

Crider, Miss Frances B. Morford, Clarence E. Nov 14, 1906 Sun 11/17/1906 At residence of bride's mother, Mrs. John M.Crider; by Rev. Charles McCrea; she of Pittsburgh; he of North East

Crouch, Miss Helen P. Bennett, John T. Apr 21, 1870 Str 04/23/1870 At Browley Hotel in North East; by Rev. John T. Oxtoby; both of Wesleyville

Cruser, Miss Marion Lewis, Riley A. 8/13/1922 B&A 08/18/1922 at Drummer Hotel by Rev. Copeland of ME Church; she of North East; he of Corning, NY

Cummins, Hattie E. Russell, G.H. Str 06/11/1870 In Erie at residence of Sam Cummins; by Rev. A.S.Dobbs; he of Pittsburgh

Curry, Miss Mamie Arnold, Barney Aug 27, 1906 Sun 09/01/1906 By Rev. Father Peter Cauley; at St.Patrick's Church in Erie; she of Erie; son of Mr. & Mrs. M.A. Arnold of North East

Cushman, Miss Bertha May Satterlee, Dr. M.D. Sep 8, 1884 Sun 09/13/1884 In Sterretania; by Rev.F.DeWitt; she of Sterretania; he of Fairview

Cushman, Miss Edith Oldach, John B. 8/8/1911 Adv 08/10/1911 By Rev. Frankenstein; at home of bride's parents in Ripley

Cushman, Miss Georgiana Gardner, Harry E. May 13, 1880 Adv 05/20/1880 In Erie; by Rev.William Gilkes; she of Sterretania; he of West Millcreek

Daily, Miss Sally J. Scramlin, William Feb 9, 1870 Str 02/19/1870 At the residence of Dr. Clark in Middleboro; by Rev. L.L.Luce; both of Pierpoint, Ohio

Dale, Miss Emma McKenzie, James Sep 25, 1906 Sun 09/29/1906 By Dr. Staples, brother of bride,president of Beaver College; both of Beaver, PA

Daniels, Miss Martha Alice Harvey, Rev. George A. 4/15/1918 Adv 04/18/1918 By Rev. Johnson at Christ Church in Pittsburgh; she of North East; he of Jermyn, PA

Dargits, Miss Grace McCord, Andrew S. 4/1/1922 B&A 04/07/1922 in Chicago, IL; the bride of Chicago

Darling, Miss Ida Huller, W.L. Jan 31, 1883 Adv 02/02/1883 In North East; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O.C. Darling; he of Climax, Michigan

Davidson, Miss Lizzie Thomas, Edwin F. Dec 2, 1882 Adv 12/08/1882 By Rev.Thomas Fullerton of Erie; only daughter of William W.Davidson of Harborcreek; he of Bradford, PA

Davis, Carrie Brown, John H. Jun 16, 1892 Sun 06/25/1892 In Findley's Lake; both of Greenfield

Davis, Miss Carrie Wilkinson, Charles H. Oct 24, 1892 Sun 10/29/1892 In Findley's Lake; by Rev. C.G.Langdon; both of North East

Davis, Miss Lizzie Gifford, O.F. May 3, 1870 Str 05/07/1870 In Wattsburg; at residence of J.B.Gough; by Rev. J.O.Osborn; she of Greenfield; he of North East

Davis, Miss Marie Antoinette McFarren, Benjamin Warren 10/6/1917 Sun 10/13/1917 By Rev. W.S. Carter of First Presbyterian Church; eldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Frederickk O. Davis of North East

Davison, Miss Bessie Schmalter, Jno. Jun, 1902 Sun 06/21/1902 She of Harborcreek; he of Erie

Dawley, Edith Pearl Shaw, Walter 1/14/1918 Adv 01/17/1918 By Rev. Chas. Greer at Methodist parsonage; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Dawley; both of North East

Dawson, Miss Flora E. Judd, Dorr Mar 24, 1870 Str 04/02/1870 In Erie; by Rev. A.S.Dobbs; both of Erie

Dawson, Miss Gladys Fernald, Russell 6/22/1910 Adv 07/14/1910 Son of Mrs. Belle Fernald

Dawson, Mrs. Hattie E. Pew, Charles H. Jan 22, 1879 Adv 01/23/1879 In North East; by Rev.J.T.Oxtoby; she of North East; he of Bradford

Delaney, Miss Cora Campbell, Frank N. Sep 28, 1882 Adv 10/06/1882 In North East; by E.K.Nason, Esq.; both of North East

Delaney, Mrs. Phoebe Havens, Orson Feb 13, 1883 Adv 02/16/1883 In North East; she of North East; he of Penn Line, PA

Depka, Minnie Harding, Albert F. Feb 4, 1892 Sun 02/20/1892 In Ripley; by Rev.J.M.Crouch; both of Erie

DeVere, Miss Cecile Winkler, Charles J. 5/1/1918 Adv 05/09/1918 At home of Mrs. Minnie C. Hayward in Conneaut, OH; bride of Conneaut; groom of Erie

Dewey, Miss Beatrice Hirtzel, O.C. Sep 17, 1902 Sun 09/20/1902 By Rev. J.H. Hunter; daughter of Mr.& Mrs. D.D.Dewey of North East

Dewey, Miss Caroline F. Little, Ora T. Dec 25, 1900 Sun 01/05/1901

Dewey, Miss Effie Ripley, Earl C. Jun 19, 1902 Sun 06/21/1902 In Sherman at the home of bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. Lester R.

DeWitt, Miss Ollie A. Fuller, Darwin A. Feb 12, 1894 Sun 02/17/1894 By Rev.Dr.Hunter; she of North East

DeWolf, Laura Benjamin, J. Wayne 12/28/1917 Adv 01/03/1918 In manse of Sanford Presbyterian Church; by Rev. J.M. Ross; daughter of Mr.& Mrs.J.M.Gulliford of Erie; niece of Mr. & Mrs. D.A.Curtis of N.E.; groom from Gowanda, NY

DeWolfe, Miss Alice Irene Kennedy, Charles Ernest 11/22/1917 Sun 11/24/1917 By Rev. Redinger of Albion; she of Albion; he of Cranesville

Diety, Mary M Persons, Samuel E. Jan 22, 1902 Sun 01/25/1902 In Ripley; by Rev. F.S.Neigh; she of Ripley

Dolph, Miss Della Baldwin, A.M. Jan 6, 1870 Str 01/15/1870 At residence of bride's father in West Andover, Ohio; by Rev. L.B.Beach; he of Montpeller, Indiana, formerly of Spring, PA

Donigan, Miss Kate Bliss, Royce Jun 20, 1906 Sun 06/23/1906 At Buffalo; she of Findley Lake

Doolittle, Mrs. Flora M. Alverson, Fred L. 4/10/1913 Brz 04/11/1913 At home of Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Hawley, on the A.W.Butt farm in North East; both of Amity

Dorman, Miss Myrtle Avery, Alvy J. Dec 24,1901 Sun 01/04/1902 In Waterford; by Rev. Marcus Wishart

Douville, Miss Grace Bonniger, Joseph 6/1/1911 Adv 06/01/1911 By Rev. S.G.Gilette at home of bride's father Dr. J.C.Douville; both of North East

Downer, Miss Clara Pabody, E.F. Dec 10, 1878 Adv 12/12/1878 In North East; at residence of A.W.Butt; by Rev. J.H.Herron; she of North East; he of Ripley

Drew, Mrs. Mary F. Brockway, Hon. Heman B. Jan 25, 1883 Adv 03/02/1883 In Roseburb, Oregon; by Rev. C.W. Miller; he formerly of Ripley

Dudley, Miss Grace Moul, Louis 10/9/1910 Adv 11/10/1910 In Syracuse, NY

Dugan, Miss Sadie Hallahan, J.A. Adv 05/12/1882 In Dunkirk; by Rev.Father Anthony; she of Brocton, N.Y.; he of Moorheadville

Duncomb, Miss Carrie Greenlee, A.G. Mar 11, 1880 Adv 03/25/1880 In Amity Township; she of Amity; he of Edinboro

Dunn, Miss Lizzie Dumars, John R. Feb 24, 1870 Str 03/05/1870 In Erie; by Rev. J.H.Pressley

Dyke, Miss M.M. Patterson, J.E. Aug 16, 1870 Str 08/20/1870 In North East; by Rev. Dunbar; she of North East; he of Erie

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