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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

North East Area Marriages - 1878 to 1922

E to K by Brides Name

Contributed by Richard Tefft

The information below was provided by Dick Tefft based on his extensive research of available early newspapers of North East which have been microfilmed and are available at the McCord Memorial Library in North East. The listings below have been extracted from newspapers between the years of 1878 and 1922. Dick has advised that not every year and not every issue is available. He continues to work on transcribing more newspapers which include many from earlier years that are not on microfilm. Due to the length of the listing, no attempt has been made to put this into a fancy table, but rather just present the raw information. Any questions or comments concerning the information provided below should be directed to Dick Tefft.

[Note: during conversion from original database, some trailing information has been dropped. It will be added as time permits.]

Marriages found in early North East Newspapers

The newspaper coding is as follows:

Adv = The North East Advertiser

B&A = The North East Breeze and Advertiser

Brz = The North East Breeze

Str = The North East Star

Sun = The Sun

Bride Groom Date Newspaper Issue Date Information

Eates, Miss Lottie M. More, Jay W. Apr 24, 1902 Sun 04/26/1902 At residence of Grant Smith at Ripley Crossing; by Rev. Ott; she of Waterford; he of North East

Eaton, Miss Josephine Peckham, D.P. Jul 28, 1878 Adv 08/15/1878 In North Girard; by T.C.Wheeler, Esq.; both of Elk Creek

Eberling, Miss Kate Messler, Alphonse Jul 20, 1892 Sun 08/13/1892 At Hoboken, N.Y.; she of Hoboken; he of North East

Eddy, Emma J. Glidden, D.D. Nov 3, 1879 Adv 11/13/1879 At Watts Flats, N.Y.; by Rev.A.M.Tennant; she of Watts Flats; he of Panama, N.Y.

Edwards, Mary Eleanor Green, Arthur Budlow 6/14/1911 Adv 06/15/1911 By Rev. Gilette at home of bride's parents Mr. & Mrs. S.A.Edwards in North East

Edwards, Miss Amelia Bogert, Fred 12/26/1910 Adv 12/29/1910 Daughter of Seymour Edwards; groom of Ripley

Edwards, Miss Mabel Boardwell, Clarence E. 11/12/1913 Brz 11/21/1913 In Erie; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E.E. Edwards of North East; groom also of North East

Edwards, Miss Mertie Herman, George Nov 13, 1906 Sun 11/17/1906 In North East; by Rev. John F.Black

Eggleston, Miss Annie Sherman, C.R. Jun 4, 1881 Adv 06/16/1881 In Sidney Plains, N.Y.; by Rev.G.Rawson; she recently of North East; he of Catskill

Ehmka, Miss Clara E. Bogenschutz, N. Apr 11, 1883 Adv 04/13/1883 In North East; by Rev. Woodworth; both of North East

Ellis, Miss Bessie Frisbie, Myron K. 3/2/1913 Adv 04/03/1913 At M.E. parsonage in Windsor, Canada, by Rev. S.L. Toll; both of

Ellsworth, Miss Allie B. Gough, Frank Mar 28, 1894 Sun 03/31/1894 At Fredonia; by Rev. Neal of Eden, N.Y. and Rev. Espey of Fredonia; she of Fredonia; he of North East

Ellsworth, Miss Velma Luce, Ralph 6/20/1917 Sun 06/30/1917 By Rev. Chapin of Delhil Baptist Church; bride aged 16; groom aged 18;daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Bard Ellsworth of Greenfield; son of Mrs. Rhoda Luce of Greenfield

Elrickson, Miss Lena Munson, Oloff Apr 12, 1884 Sun 04/19/1884 In North East; by Rev.E.K.Creed, both of Erie

Emerson, Miss Nellie Dodsworth, J.C. Nov 9, 1882 Adv 11/10/1882 At residence of J.B.Moorhead; by Rev.G.W.Cleaveland of Harborcreek; she of Moorheadville; he of Erie

Empka, Miss Lizzie Town, George E. Apr 10, 1879 Adv 04/17/1879 In North East; by N. Yoder; both of North East

English, Miss Esther Hammer, Glenn C. 6/5/1918 Adv 06/13/1918 In Buffalo; son of Mr. & Mrs. E.L. Hammer of North East

English, Miss Theresa Hannon, William Aug 19, 1878 Adv 08/22/1878 In Girard; by Rev.Father Briody; she of Girard; he of Erie

English, Mrs. Nancy Robinson, Frank H. Aug 28, 1881 Adv 09/01/1881 In North East; by J.L.Green,Esq.; both of North East

Ensign, Miss Libbie Morrison, Albert Dec 25, 1880 Adv 12/30/1880 In North East Township; by Rev.Mr.Collier; granddaughter of James Yost; he of Logansport, Indiana

Estes, Miss Emma A. Wheeler, Herbert Aug 15, 1882 Adv 08/25/1882 In Amity; by Rev.W.Parker; both of Amity

Ethridge, Miss Nettie Steadman, Eugene J. Mar 22, 1870 Str 03/26/1870 In Edinboro; by Elder E.C.Rogers; she of Washington; he of McKean

Evans, Lucy Dawson, Henry T. Sep 1, 1881 Adv 09/15/1881 At residence of bride's father, Edward Smith, in Syracuse, N.Y.; he of Dudley, Massachusetts

Evans, Miss Mary Hammer, Frank Louis Jun 20, 1906 Sun 06/23/1906 By Rev. U.S Bartz; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E.J. Evans of North East

Fairchild, Miss Mary E. Brown, Charles Feb 18, 1869 Str 02/27/1869 In Westfield; by Rev.J.W.Ray; both of Westfield

Fairchild, Miss Nettie Flemming, George J. Nov 24, 1892 Sun 11/26/1892 In North East; by Rev. P.A.Reno; she of North East

Fairfield, Miss Hannah H. Criswell, Samuel H. Jun 23, 1880 Adv 07/08/1880 In Harborcreek; by Rev. G.W.Cleaveland; both of North East

Fairfield, Miss Rhoda Middleton, William Mar 17, 1883 Adv 03/23/1883 By Rev. Charles Boorman; she of Harborcreek; he of Corry

Farbo, Sherra Swartz, Morris Dec 30, 1907 Sun 01/11/1908 By Justice Beecher; both of Erie

Farnsworth, Miss Violante Plass, Ernest Aug 1894 Sun 09/07/1894 In Sherman, N.Y.; she of French Creek; he of Greenfield

Faye, Mrs. Ida Mershon, J.J. Adv 10/13/1910 She formerly of North East; he of DesMoines, IA

Fenton, Miss Jeanette Hegeman, J. Jun 1, 1870 Str 06/11/1870 She of Jamestown, N.Y.; daughter of Senator R.E.Fenton; he of New York

Ferguson, Miss Hattie Hall, Fred B. Nov 23, 1882 Adv 11/24/1882 In Erie; by Rev.L.Reed; both of Erie

Fiddler, Miss Alice Dugan, David Aug 30, 1881 Adv 09/01/1881 In Harborcreek; by Rev. G.W.Cleaveland; she of Harborcreek; he of North East

Fileger, Miss Lulu Peck, Frank 12/24/1910 Adv 12/29/1910 By Rev. W.Norman Liddy, at Baptist parsonage; she of North East; he of Greenfield

Filiger, Miss Clara Davis, Ray F. 1/1/1913 Brz 01/03/1913 At home of Rev. E.B. Cornell at 22 Clay St.; both of North East

Finn, Miss Maree Youngs, Harry 4/3/1910 Adv 05/05/1910 In Canada

Finn, Saria L. Crane, John A. Mar 27, 1870 Str 04/23/1870 At residence of J.M.Finn; by Rev. I.S.Holey; she of North East Township; he formerly of Erie

Fisher, Miss Maria Corey, Rev.George W. Oct 1892 Sun 11/05/1892 In Cooperstown, PA

Fitzgerald, Margaret Campbell, Nathan Aug 29, 1894 Sun 09/07/1894 In Findley Lake; by D.S.Oborn, J.P.; she of Erie; he of Greenfield

Fitzpatrick, Miss Alice Estelle Gieringer, William J. 11/8/1911 Adv 11/09/1911 At Catholic church; by Rev. Father Hunley

Fleming, Miss Laura Tombes, Loder B. 12/2/1913 Brz 12/05/1913 At Methodist parsonage; by Rev. J.M. Life; both of North East

Flick, Miss Irene Stadman, Orlando Jul 31, 1901 Sun 08/03/1901

Fordyce, Flora E. Green, Elmer F. 6/4/1913 Adv 06/05/1913 At residence of J.J.Phanco on Grahamville St.; by Rev. S.G. Gillette of M.E.Church

Fordyce, Miss Flora Green, Elmer F. 6/4/1913 Brz 06/06/1913 At residence of J.J.Phanco, by Rev. S.G.Gillette

Foster, Miss L. May, E.W. Aug 30. 1870 Str 09/03/1870 In Erie, both of Erie

Franz, Miss Kathryn Gordon, Thomas Sep 27, 1902 Sun 10/04/1902 By Justice Bennett of Ripley; she of North East; he of Erie

Franze, Miss Mildred Hendrickson, Cassmer 5/8/1918 Adv 05/09/1918 At Simpson Methodist Church in Erie

Franzisk, Miss Riefstahl, Wilhelm H. Aug 3, 1902 Sun 09/13/1902 By Rev. Duberpernell; both of North East

Freeman, Hattie Rockwell, Frank Oct 4, 1892 Sun 10/22/1892 In Findley's Lake

French, Miss Bertha Coburn, John Dec 24, 1905 Sun 01/13/1906 In Greenfield; at home of bride's mother, Mrs. Susan French; by Rev. James Bogart; both of Greenfield

French, Miss Lola Buckland, C.F. Aug 22, 1894 Sun 08/25/1894 By Rev. Hillman; she of North East; he of Franklinville, N.Y.

French, Miss Pearl E. Johnston, Edward L. 6/22/1911 Adv 06/29/1911 By Rev. S.G. Gillette

Fromyer, Miss Mabel R. Leahy, George A. 10/24/1917 Sun 10/27/1917 At St. Gregory Church; daughter of Mrs. William Fromyer of North East; groom of Erie

Fuller, Miss Emma Baldwin, Frank Aug 9, 1906 Sun 08/11/1906 At the residence of bride's brother, Mr. N.P. Fuller on Robinson St.; by Rev. H.E.Ryerson of Holy Cross Church; daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Fuller

Fuller, Mrs. E.H. Cook, D.R. Mar 10, 1870 Str 03/26/1870 By R.J.Vance; she of Venango; he of Belle Valley

Fuller, Mrs. E.H. Cook, D.R. Mar 10, 1870 Str 04/02/1870 By Rev.J.Vance; she of Venango; he of Belle Valley

Gaevert, Miss Henrietta Bucholtz, Henry Sep 18, 1906 Sun 09/22/1906 At Lutheran St. Paul's Church; by Rev. F. Duberpernell

Galey, Mrs. H.A. Lewis, J.D. Feb 6, 1884 Sun 02/09/1884 In North East; by Rev.Dr. Hunter; daughter of E.W.Finn of North East; he of Blackberry, Illinois

Galippo, Caroline Constantino, Joseph 3/31/1913 Adv 04/03/1913 By J.Ross Raymond, JP; both of North East

Gallaher, Maud L. Carter, Benjamin J. 7/23/1913 Brz 08/01/1913 At Rochester, NY; he of Brocton; she formerly of North East

Gallaher, Maud L. Sarter, Benjamin J. 7/23/1913 Adv 07/31/1913 At Rochester, NY; groom of Brocton; bride formerly of North East

Galloway, Miss Rachael McDowell, James C. Dec 25, 1869 Str 01/15/1870 In Ripley; by Rev. W.L. Hyde; she of Westfield; he of Chautauqua

Garnow, Lena Mehl, Albert J.C. Nov 28, 1894 Sun 12/01/1894 In North East; by Rev. Duberpernell

Garnow, Miss Alice Davis, Louis F. 1/31/1917 Sun 02/03/1917 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William Garnow

Garnow, Miss Betty Wehr, George T. 1/9/1922 B&A 01/20/1922 At Lockport, NY; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Garnow of North East; he of Buffalo

Garnow, Miss Minnie Kessler J. Mar 28, 1883 Adv 03/30/1883 In North East; by Rev. E. Leemhuis; both of North East

Garrison, Miss Jennie E. Preston, Sylvester H. Apr 15, 1880 Adv 04/29/1880 In Ripley; by Rev.E.S.Wright; both of Ripley

Gator, Miss Mabel Mallick, Ross Mar 1, 1906 Sun 03/03/1906 At M.E.parsonage by Rev.Black

Geer, J.Isadore Hegemen, J.R. Jan 5, 1870 Str 01/15/1870 At Jamestown, N.Y.; by Rev. George O.King; daughter of F.Geer,

Gehrlein, Lydia A. Bieler, Augustus Aug 8, 1882 Adv 08/25/1882 In Erie; by Rev. Father Oberhoffer; she of Erie; he of Clarena, N.Y.

Gehrloch, Miss Bessie Oldach, Herman J. 1/25/1911 Adv 01/25/1911 At residence of groom's parents Mr.& Mrs. J.F.Oldach of North East; bride of Erie

Geils, Miss Laura Smith, Ernest 11/11/1908 Sun 11/14/1908 In Findley Lake; she of Findley Lake

George, Miss Lula Cates Kopcke, Harry Connors 7/7/1910 Adv 07/14/1910 In Marysville, TN; daughter of Mrs. S.L.George, granddaughter of Mr. & Mrs. C.T.Cates; groom of Lancaster, OH, formerly of North East

Gibsen, Miss Bessie R. Hazen, Carl F. 4/17/1913 Brz 04/25/1913 At home of Mr. & Mrs. Trampenan of Erie; she of North East; he of Greenville

Gibson, Miss Bessie Hazen, Carl F. 4/17/1913 Adv 04/24/1913 At home of Mr. & Mrs. Trampenan of Erie; double ceremony with Miss Phelma Summers and Perry J. Lanning; by Rev. Ray F. Gibson of Itley, PA; she of North East; he of Greenville, PA

Gibson, Miss Lizzie Howard, W.S. Apr 15, 1880 Adv 04/29/1880 In Plymouth, Indiana; she of Plymouth; he formerly of North East

Giese, Miss Hattie McBride, Harley 11/1/1913 Brz 12/05/1913 At St. Andrew's Church in Erie; she of North East; he of Erie

Gifford, Miss Emma Hinker, Clarence F. Apr 15, 1902 Sun 04/19/1902 At Findley Lake; by O.F.Gifford,Esq.; both of Venango, PA.

Gifford, Miss Frances A. Reed, A.D. Jun 16, 1870 Str 06/18/1870 By Rev. John T.Oxtoby; she of North East; he of Erie

Gill, Miss Florence Graham, Harley 9/3/1910 Adv 09/08/1910 At Erie

Gill, Nell Abbott, Harry D. 7/14/1917 Sun 07/21/1917 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Harley Graham

Gillaspie, Miss Mina Brace, G.W. Jan 11, 1870 Str 01/15/1870 By Rev. J.H.Pressley; she of Summit Twp; he of Greene Twp

Gilman, Miss Ella Robbins, Edwin Adv 01/31/1878 Daughter of Mr. H.M.Gilman of Pittsford, Michigan; formerly of North East; he of Wheatland

Gilson, Miss Cecil G. Cardot, Charles W. Oct 15, 1902 Sun 10/25/1902 By Rev. Miller Fording of Findley Lake

Gladitz, Ida Keistle, Charles May 5, 1892 Sun 05/14/1892 In Ripley; by Rev.Crouch; both of Erie

Glas, Miss Flora Cory, Robert Jan 28, 1880 Adv 02/05/1880 In North East; by B.P.Griffith, Esq.; both of North East

Glas, Miss Matilda Towne, Jay Jun 11, 1902 Sun 06/14/1902 She of North Easst; he of DesMoines, Iowa

Glenn, Miss Amanda L. Stewart, John Jan 11, 1870 Str 01/15/1870 By Rev. J.H. Pressley; both of Millcreek Twp.

Gobden, Miss Emma Bonnell, Clinton J. Oct 20, 1881 Adv 10/27/1881 In North East; by E.K.Nelson, Esq.; she of Angola, N.Y.; he of North

Godfrey, Miss A.M. Donihi, Fred H. Apr 25, 1869 Str 05/01/1869 In Elk Creek; by S.J. Godref

Godfrey, Miss Rose A. Pease, L.E. Nov 19, 1879 Adv 11/20/1879 In North East; by Rev. J.T.Oxtoby; both of North East

Godfrey, Mrs. Anna Cummings, William Mar 6, 1869 Str 03/27/1869 In Girard; by Henry Ball, Esq.; both of Girard

Goerndt, Miss Hannah Schultz, Karl Jun 22, 1892 Sun 06/25/1892 In North East; by Rev.Duperpernell

Golden, Miss Celia A. Hendricks, John J. Dec 29, 1869 Str 01/01/1870 In Erie; by Rev. Thomas Casey; she of Erie; he of Corry

Goodrich, Miss Gertrude Watson, George Washinton 3/1/1922 B&A 03/31/1922 in St. Petersburg, FL; the sister of Mrs. C.H. Eades of North East

Goodrich, Miss Laura G. Frazer, William R. 6/18/1910 Adv 06/23/1910 In Episcopal Church; daughter of Mrs. Grace Goodrich; groom of Cleveland

Goodrich, Miss Mary Eades, C.H. 6/1/1910 Adv 06/16/1910 At Titusville; she of Titusville; he of North East

Gordon, Miss Mabel Irish, Charles Sun 12/05/1908 By Rev. George Swezy of Presbyterian Church of Ripley; she daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ray Gordon, she is 15 years old; ref article about her absence from school

Gorndt, Miss Emma Bisbee, Jarvis 4/12/1913 Brz 04/18/1913 In Westfield; by Rev. George L. MacClelland; she of North East

Gough, Miss Ellen Batton, T. Feb 25, 1879 Adv 03/06/1879 In Harborcreek; by Rev.W.H. Mills; both of Harborcreek

Gould, Miss Imogene Littell, John Aug 5, 1880 Adv 08/12/1880 In North East; by A.H.Carter; she of North East; he of New York City

Grace, Miss Ella Swalley, William Aug 21, 1878 Adv 08/29/1878 In Erie; by Rev. J.D.Adams; both of Erie

Graham, Miss Alice Otto, Joseph Aug 7, 1881 Adv 08/18/1881 In Ripley, N.Y.; both of North East

Graham, Miss Bertha Markham, Stephen R. 7/2/1908 Sun 07/11/1908 In Jamestown, N.Y. by Rev. L. Markham of Beaverdam; she of North East; he of Corry

Graham, Miss Hattie Simmons, Thomas Feb 17, 1869 Str 02/20/1869 At residence of bride's father; by Rev Thomas Guy; all of North East

Graham, Miss Mabel Ossman, George A. 3/8/1910 Adv 03/01/1910 By Rev. S.H. Farrer of Park Methodist Church; she of North; he of Pittsburgh

Grant, Miss Dora B. Ellis, Frank J. Aug 2, 1884 Sun 08/09/1884 In North East; by Rev.E.K.Creed; she of Erie; he of Conneaut, Ohio

Gray, Margaret Mills Rood, Wilson 6/27/1917 Sun 07/07/1917 In Chicago; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Willis E. Gray; son of Dr. & Mrs. Edgar Rood of Westfield

Gray, Miss Nellie Haines, Dr. Nov 14, 1894 Sun 12/08/1894 In Oberlin, Ohio; she formerly of Findley Lake; he of Morris,

Greek, Miss Elizabeth Waltz, John Dec 29, 1869 Str 01/01/1870 In North East; by Dyer Loomis; both of Greenfield

Green, Ella M. Bernard, Emile A. May 15, 1878 Adv 05/16/1878 In North East; by Rev.J.T.Oxtoby; daughter of A.W.Green; he of Montreal

Green, Miss Almira C. Robinson, Eugene J. Jun 11, 1879 Sun 06/28/1879 In Wattsburg by Rev. B.S. Hill; both of Venango Township

Green, Miss Jessie Greenman, Bert N. Sep 17, 1901 Sun 09/21/1901 In Westfield; she of Westfield

Green, Miss Sarah J. Ross, William H. Mar 29, 1870 Str 04/02/1870 In North East; at residence of Hiram Green; by Rev.C.R.Patttee

Green, Nellie Curtis, Monroe Apr 26, 1902 Sun 05/03/1902 At Findley Lake; by D.S.Osborne,J.P.; she of Ashton; he of Lowville

Greenman, Miss Bessie C. Sullivan, Riley M. 8/3/1910 Adv 08/04/1910 By Rev. Frank Hauser, in Erie First Baptist Church; she of Ripley; he of North East

Greenman, Miss Blanche Cole, Lester 12/24/1913 Brz 12/26/1913 At home of bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. J.E. Greenman, at 93 W. Main; groom of Erie

Greenman, Miss Hortie Rockwell, Frank S. Dec 21, 1881 Adv 12/29/1881 In North East; by Rev. N.H.Cornish; she of North East; he of Findley Lake

Gregg, Miss Ada Caitlin Robinson, John T. Feb 24, 1883 Adv 03/02/1883 In Buffalo, N.Y.; by Rev. Walter North

Griffith, Florence M. Bell, William T. Jun 26, 1901 Sun 06/29/1901 In North East; by Rev. Willis K.Crosby; she of North East; he of Pittsburgh

Griswold, Augusta L. Hodder, George F. Feb 8, 1892 Sun 02/20/1892 In Ripley; by Rev.J.M.Crouch; both of Erie

Gross, Miss Goldie Jackson, George 5/10/1922 B&A 05/12/1922 by Rev. McIntosh of Wesleville ME; at home of Mrs. Mary Gross of Harborcreek

Grossholtz, Miss Frieda M. Hutchinson, Ward E. 5/20/1922 B&A 05/26/1922 in Erie by Rev. Mr. Miller; she of Fairview; he of North East

Gully, Miss Mary Ellen Ames, Charles Mar 6, 1870 Str 03/19/1870 In Erie; by Rev. J.F.Spaulding; she of Erie; he of North Carolina

Haas, Miss Julia Fuller, Frank Aug 30, 1880 Sun 09/04/1880 At residence of bride's parents in North East by E.K. Nason, Esq.; groom from Augusta, WI

Haas, Miss Julia E. Fuller, Frank A. Aug 30, 1880 Adv 09/09/1880 In North East; by E.K.Nason, Esq.; he of Augusta, Wisconsin

Hadley, Eliza Curtis, Mart Apr 11, 1902 Sun 04/26/1902 At Findley Lake

Hadwell, Miss Elvie Hills, M.J. Oct, 1875 Sun 10/23/1875 By J.Wells, Esq.; both of Spring Township

Hall, Miss Clara Bentley, F.A. Oct 24, 1878 Adv 10/31/1878 In North East; by Rev.J.H.Herron; both of North East

Hall, Miss Lizzie A. Matthews, C.R. Aug 21, 1878 Adv 08/22/1878 In North East; by Rev. Dr. Bennett; she of North East; he of Dansville, N.Y.

Hall, Miss Marguerite McCord, John 12/25/1917 Sun 12/29/1917 By Rev. Charles T. Greer of Methodist Church; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C.C. Hall; son of Mr. W. F. McCord

Hall, Mrs. Betsey Tupper, George W. Jun 13, 1880 Adv 07/01/1880 In Union Township; by Rev. Joseph Alden; she of Venango; he of North East

Hammon, Miss Louella Field, Willard C. Nov 8, 1882 Adv 11/10/1882 In Lowville, PA; by Rev. H.H.Moore; she of Lowville; he of North East

Hampson, Miss S. Alice Town, John S. Oct 8, 1879 Adv 10/09/1879 In North East; by Rev.J.T.Oxtoby

Hanley, Maude Burton, Henry May 7, 1901 Sun 05/18/1901 In Ripley; by Rev.Gardner; both of North East; she the daughter of Mrs. Longhouse of North Lake St., North East

Hanselman, Miss Augustus Hammer, Samuel Mar 29, 1883 Adv 03/30/1883 In North East; by Rev.J.Honecker; she of North East; he of Fairview

Harkness, Miss Maude F. Cole, Emory S. Jan 6, 1894 Sun 01/13/1894 In Ripley; by Rev.M.B.Comfort; she of Moorheadville; he of North East

Harlacker, Addie Luke, Ray 12/22/1917 Adv 01/24/1918 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Harlacker of York, PA; groom of North East

Harrison, Miss Wizzie Bryan, Ernest J. 9/14/1910 Adv 09/15/1910 By Rev. Delaplain of M.E.Church

Hart, Miss Ida Loucks, James E. Aug 17, 1892 Sun 08/27/1892 At Pasadena, California; she of North East; he of Barstow, California

Harwood, Miss Ruth Carr, James E. 8/28/1922 B&A 09/01/1922 at 1st Presbyterian Church of North East by Rev. W.S. Carter; she of McKean; he of Lancaster, NY

Hatch, Miss Fannie Kennedy, D.,Jr. Feb 23, 1870 Str 03/05/1870 By Rev. J.H.Pressley; both of Erie

Haybarger, Miss Cynthia Workman, E. Feb 22, 1870 Str 03/05/1870 In Harborcreek; by N.D.Lowry,Esq.; both of Harborcreek

Hayes, Miss Bessie Skellie, Max F. 5/21/1913 Brz 06/13/1913 she of Pittsburg; he formerly of North East, now of Cleveland

Hayner, Miss Orpha M. Patterson, Clarence A. Nov 26, 1906 Sun 12/01/1906 At home of bride's parents, Mr.&Mrs.William Hayner of Ripley; by Rev.H.Reid Miller of Syracuse, formerly of Ripley

Haynes, Miss Lillian Thorpe, Roland T. Oct 20, 1880 Adv 11/04/1880 In Ripley; by Rev.A.Bashline; both of Ripley

Heath, Miss Anna Kendrik, Thomas Edwin 6/25/1908 Sun 06/20/1908 In Harborcreek by Rev. Donds; both of Harborcreek; daughter of Mr & Mrs H.G. Heath

Heath, Miss Elizabeth A. Reid, Max Huntley 4/25/1917 Sun 04/28/1917 In North East; by Rev. W.S. Carter of Presbyterian Church; daughter of Mrs. Charles T. Heath of Stateline; son of Mrs. R.B. Reid

Heath, Miss Nellie Arnold, Edward Jan 3, 1894 Sun 01/06/1894 In North East; by Rev.Dr.Hunter; she of North East

Heath, Miss Susan B. Wilson, Bert 6/1/1910 Adv 06/09/1910 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C.T. Heath of Harborcreek; groom of

Hedderick, Miss Josephine Miller, Albert Oct 22, 1902 Sun 11/08/1902 At home of bride in Wesleyville

Hellenmeyer, Miss Mary Twichell, Weston H. 11/1/1913 Brz 11/28/1913 In Erie; she of Erie; he of North East

Henderson, Miss Ida Robsart Phillips, Corp. Harold Dean 1/14/1918 Adv 01/17/1918 In New York City; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Henderson of Oberlin, OH; son of Mrs. Louise A. Phillips of North East

Henderson, Miss Rilla Birdina Ackerman, Samuel J. 11/24/1910 Adv 12/01/1910 At home of bride's brother James Henderson, near Erie; both of North East

Henning, Mary A. Steadman, Henry K. Dec 24, 1879 Adv 01/01/1880 In Volusia, N.Y.; by Rev.A.Bashline; both of Ripley

Herman, Miss Ida M. Patterson, George W. Mar 18, 1901 Sun 03/23/1901 By Rev. Willis K.Crosby; both of North East

Herriott, Miss Mabel E. Anderson, Harold F. 6/4/1913 Adv 06/05/1913 By Rev. S.G. Gillette; she of North East; he of Buffalo

Herriott, Miss Mabel E. Anderson, Harold T. 6/4/1913 Brz 06/06/1913 At home of bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. A.H. Herriott, on Grahamville St.; groom from Buffalo

Herron, Miss May Ashmead, Frank Dec 22, 1881 Adv 12/29/1881 In Oil City, PA; youngest daughter of Rev.James Herron, formerly of North East; he of Cincinatti, Ohio

Hessler, Miss Ettie S. Wellington, Torrie C. Dec 21, 1881 Adv 12/29/1881 In North East; by Rev.N.H.Cornish; both of North East

Hewett, Miss Maude Ore, Leigh Emerson 6/20/1911 Adv 06/22/1911 By Rev. Delaplain of Westfield, at Methodist Church; both of North

Hewit, Miss Mida Eckerd, John Milton 10/13/1910 Adv 11/03/1910 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Francis Marion Hewit of Erie; he owner of drugstore

Hexon, Miss Grimshaw, Peter Jul 20, 1881 Adv 07/28/1881 In North East; by Rev.J.H.Burton; she of Bradford, England

Himelein, Miss Hannah E. Johnson, John H. Aug 3, 1892 Sun 08/13/1892 In Findley's Lake; by Rev.G.W.Roland; he of Carthage, N.Y.

Himes, Miss Clara B. Clark, Marvin A. Dec 21, 1880 Adv 12/23/1880 In North East; by Rev.H.N.Cornish; both of North East

Histed, Miss Nettie Slade, John Jan 24, 1894 Sun 01/27/1894 By Rev. Hillman

Histed, Mrs. A. Silliman, Jno. Oct 22, 1878 Adv 10/24/1878 In North East; by Rev. J.H.Herron

Hitchcock, Miss Jane Worth, J. May 8, 1870 Str 05/21/1870 At Wesleyville; by Rev.R.R.Roberts; she of Harborcreek

Hitchcock, Miss Jane Worth, John May 8, 1870 Str 05/14/1870 At Wesleyville; by Rev. R.R.Roberts; she of Harborcreek

Holden, Mrs. Lillian Putnam, Dr. B.H. 9/6/1910 Adv 10/13/1910 At Syracuse, NY; bride of Portland, NY

Holler, L.Lucille Jones, Cassius M. Oct 27, 1892 Sun 11/05/1892 In Ripley; by Rev.J.M.Crouch; she of Venango, PA; he of Greenfield

Hollister, Miss Ethel Louise Morgan, Jesse Clarence 6/11/1908 Sun 06/13/1908 At home of bride's parents, Mr & Mrs. Joseph M. Hollister on Bank Street, by Rev. John F. Black

Hollister, Mrs. Gertrude Butcher, George 5/10/1922 B&A 05/12/1922 at home of bride's brother, H. Frank Smith, in Ripley; she of North East; he of Fredonia, NY

Holtz, Miss Kate Schumacher, Albert Apr 17, 1906 Sun 04/21/1906 In Erie, at Church of the Sacred Heart; by Rev. Father Bender; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Chrystal Holtz on Waterford Pike; groom from

Horton, Miss Ida L. Chase, L.J. Nov 9, 1880 Adv 11/11/1880 In North East; by Rev.H.H.Moore; both of North East

Hotchkiss, Fern Alday, Maurice 3/5/1922 B&A 03/10/1922 at home of bride's parents Mr. & Mrs. L.A.. Hotchkiss by Rev. J.L. Strong; she of Findley Lake; he of French Creek

Hough, Miss Ethel M. Krull, Edwin C. 8/16/1922 B&A 08/18/1922 by Rev. Mr. Shirey; she of Erie; he of North East

Houghton, Lena Osborn, Layfayette Aug 19, 1882 Adv 09/01/1882 In South Ripley; both of Ripley

Houston, Miss Alviretta M. Dowman, George S. Apr 4, 1870 Str 04/09/1870 At M.E. parsonage, Union, PA; by Rev A.J.Merchant; she of Gerry, Chautauqua County, New York; he of Union, PA.

Howard, Miss Annie Seeley, Warren Sep 17, 1881 Adv 09/22/1881 In Mayville, at residence of bride's parents; by Rev.M.Smith; he formerly of North East

Howard, Miss Evelyn Brumagin, Lee 12/25/1912 Brz 01/03/1913 He of North East; she of Lowville

Howes, Mrs Mary Post, Henry W. 2/25/1922 B&A 03/03/1922 by Rev. Horsman at Baptist parsonage; she of Geneva, OH; he of North East

Hubbard, Miss Malansy Gibson, Thomas Mar 25, 1869 Str 04/03/1869 At the residence of the bride's mother; by Rev. A. Lull; both of

Hugger, Miss Hattie J. Stoddard, Claud W. Aug 17, 1902 Sun 08/23/1902 At Celeron, N.Y.; she of Erie; he of North East

Hull, Laura M. Tarkington, Cornelius 4/14/1917 Sun 04/21/1917 At home of Mr. & Mrs. W.L. Nuttal of Findley Lake; she formerly of Erie; he of Mackeys, N. Carolina

Hunt, Esther Clark, Andrew Aug 30, 1879 Adv 09/04/1879 In North East; by Justice E.K.Nason; both of Ripley

Hunt, Miss Viola P. Blackman, Joseph Oct 2, 1884 Sun 10/04/1884 In North East; by Rev.A.B.Whitney

Hurley, Miss Lide W. Zeller, John C. Jan 12, 1870 Str 01/15/1870 By Rev. J.H. Pressley; eldest daughter of B. Hurley of Erie; he of Lockhaven

Hurst, Miss S.A. Hubbell, J.B. Dec 8, 1881 Adv 12/15/1881 Both of Wattsburg

Hutchinson, Miss Isabella Bissell, J.Ross 10/6/1910 Adv 10/13/1910 At home of bride's parents in Buffalo; son of Mr. & Mrs. B.F.Bissell of North East

Inman, Ida Henry, George Nov 17, 1892 Sun 11/26/1892 By Rev.E.P.Knight; she of Lowville; he of Delhil

Ish, Miss Hazel Brown, Allen G. 5/19/1918 Adv 05/23/1918 At Catholic church by Rev. Father Kuhn; she of North East; he of Pittsfield

Jacks, Miss Ella Weaver, P.C. Oct 6, 1878 Adv 11/07/1878 In North East; by Rev. J.T.Oxtoby; both of North East

Johnson, Maud Whitney, Walter Jan 26, 1894 Sun 02/03/1894 She of North East; he of Greenfield

Johnson, Miss Salisbury, Rev.A.E. Jun 19, 1902 Sun 06/28/1902 In Waterford; she of Waterford; he of Greenfield

Johnson, Miss H.A. Robinson, W.W. Feb 28, 1870 Str 03/12/1870 At residence of bride's parents; by Rev. J.W.Davis; both of Clymer

Johnson, Miss Hattie F. Taylor, Frank P. Oct 9, 1878 Adv 10/10/1878 In North East; by Rev.J.M.Benedict; she of North East; he of West Liberty, Ohio

Johnson, Miss Lou Fink, E.T. Feb 14, 1884 Sun 02/16/1884 In North East; daughter of J.S.Johnson; he of Cincinnati

Johnson, Miss Nancy E. Taylor, John Jun 7, 1870 Str 07/16/1870 In Westfield; both of Westfield

Johnson, Miss Stella Wiedemier, William Jun 13, 1881 Adv 06/16/1881 In North East; by J.L.Green, Esq.; she of Sheffield, Ashtabula, Ohio; he of Layona, N.Y.

Jones, Mary Scofield, Frank D. Dec 12, 1894 Sun 12/08/1894 Announcement: Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Horace Jones of North

Jones, Miss Cora Peck, Merrett Oct 5, 1892 Sun 10/22/1892 In North East; she of North East

Jones, Miss Corinne Heard, Dr. C.F. Jun 18, 1902 Sun 06/21/1902 By Rev. McGiffin of Presbyterian Church; both of North East

Jones, Miss Grace McClenahan, Clayton W. Dec 27, 1892 Sun 12/31/1892 In Greenfield; by Rev. J.P.Hicks; both of Greenfield

Jones, Miss Lulu May Campaign, Alva B. 11/21/1917 Sun 11/24/1917 In Ripley by Rev. Alexander Thompson; daughter of Mrs. Leslie Jones of Harborcreek; groom of Ripley

Jones, Miss Marie E. Loveless, John Sep 28, 1879 Adv 10/02/1879 In North East; by Rev.J.T.Oxtoby; she of North East; he of Marvin,

Jones, Mrs. Myrtilla A. Elliott, Plara Mar 11, 1870 Str 04/02/1870 In Westfield; by Rev C.R.Pattee; she of Chautauqua County; he of Harborcreek

Joslyn, Miss Mary Forbes, G.L. Nov 29, 1894 Sun 12/08/1894 Both of Albion

Judd, Miss Lavina Barker, W.J. Jun 10, 1880 Adv 06/17/1880 At residence of A.W.Judd; he formerly of North East, now of Brookfield, Missouri

Judson, Mrs. A. Bertha Gaevert, Charles F. 6/29/1908 Sun 07/04/1908 In North East by Rev. Black

Keller, Miss Katherine Blakely, J. Kenneth 4/27/1922 B&A 04/28/1922 at ST. Gregory's Church; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Frank H. Keller of

Kelley, Miss Nannie Campbell, Charles May 2, 1892 Sun 05/07/1892 At Ripley; by Rev. I.H.Poatchell; she of Clarkes, PA; he of Youngstown, Ohio

Kellogg, Marian B. Murray, Joseph D. Oct 18, 1879 Adv 10/23/1879 In Wattsburg; by Rev.A.A.Thayer; she of Gilbertsville, N.Y. (former North East schoolteacher); he of Wattsburg

Kendall, Mrs. Calesta Gifford, D.A. Mar 22, 1882 Adv 03/24/1882 In North East; both of North East

Kendall, Mrs. Calista Gifford, D.A. Mar 22, 1882 Adv 03/24/1882 In North East; by Rev.Woodworth; both of North East

Kendig, Miss Hattie Stockton, George H. Oct 5, 1882 Adv 10/06/1882 In North East; by Rev.W.W.Woodworth; both of North East

Kennedy, Bell Vanwormer, Bryon Jan 14, 1884 Sun 01/19/1884 In Greenfield, PA; by O.F.Gifford, J.P.; both of Greenfield

Kennicott, Emma J. Reynolds, John A. Dec 28, 1881 Adv 12/29/1881 In North East; by Rev.Dr.Hunter; she of North East; he of Erie

Kenyon, Emma J. Stetson, Alonzo W. Jan 1, 1879 Adv 01/02/1879 In North East; by Rev.J.C.Ward; both of Mina, N.Y.

Kerr, Miss Mary A. Fanning, Joseph Francis Jan 15, 1901 Sun 01/19/1901 By Rev.Father D.A. Hanley; she of State Line; he of Cleveland, Ohio

Kickendorf, Miss Hattie B. McGregor, Newman Dec 8, 1906 Sun 12/15/1906 At Baptist parsonage; by Rev. Nethery; she of Harborcreek

Kidder, Miss Bessie Rathbun, Charles J. Oct 25, 1878 Adv 10/31/1878 In Dunkirk, N.Y.; she of Dunkirk; he of North East

Kies, Leolia F. Sterrett, Andrew J. Dec 20, 1902 Sun 12/27/1902 Son of late A.J.Sterrett

Kimball, Miss Edna M. Bemiss, William H. Apr 6, 1908 Sun 04/11/1908 At home of bride in Greenfield Twp.; by Rev. Nelson of Findley Lake; he of Ashton Corners

Kinyon, Miss Mildred Haskell, Ray H. 10/20/1913 Adv 10/24/1913 By Rev. W.B. Nelson in Erie; both of Findley Lake

Knowles, Mary Janet White, Volney Dec 28, 1869 Str 01/22/1870 In Corry; by Rev.J.T.Prothroe; she of Mina, N.Y.; he of Corry

Kocher, Miss Stella Highland, Caswell 3/25/1922 B&A 04/07/1922 at Niagra Falls, NY by Rev. C.W. Walker; she formerly of North East; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E.S. Kocher; he of Niagra Falls

Koehler, Miss Anna Hyhe, W.H. Apr 10, 1879 Sun 04/26/1879 In Erie; by Preacher Kummer

Koehler, Miss Kate Milliken, S.A. Nov 20, 1884 Sun 11/22/1884 At North East; by Rev.George Collier; she of Wesleyville; he of North East

Kraichneske, Miss Elsie Riefstahl, Martin 6/22/1917 Sun 06/23/1917 At home of bride' s parents in Erie; he of North East

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