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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

North East Area Marriages - 1878 to 1922

R to Z by Brides Name

Contributed by Richard Tefft

The information below was provided by Dick Tefft based on his extensive research of available early newspapers of North East which have been microfilmed and are available at the McCord Memorial Library in North East. The listings below have been extracted from newspapers between the years of 1878 and 1922. Dick has advised that not every year and not every issue is available. He continues to work on transcribing more newspapers which include many from earlier years that are not on microfilm. Due to the length of the listing, no attempt has been made to put this into a fancy table, but rather just present the raw information. Any questions or comments concerning the information provided below should be directed to Dick Tefft.

[Note: during conversion from original database, some trailing information has been dropped. It will be added as time permits.]

Marriages found in early North East Newspapers

The newspaper coding is as follows:

Adv = The North East Advertiser

B&A = The North East Breeze and Advertiser

Brz = The North East Breeze

Str = The North East Star

Sun = The Sun

Bride Groom Date Newspaper Issue Date Information

Radzinski, Miss Jessie Boerst, Benjamin J. 5/18/1910 Adv 05/25/1910 In Erie; both of North East

Raeder, Miss Bertha E. Campbell, Edward R. 6/20/1922 B&A 06/23/1922 by Rev. W.S. Carter; daughter of Mrs. Mary Raeder of Erie

Raeder, Miss L. Frazier, Will Nov 1, 1894 Sun 11/03/1894

Raeder, Miss Pauline Auliff, William 8/20/1908 Sun 08/22/1908 At English Lutheran Church by Rev. A.C. Sammons

Raener, Miss Harriet M. Flemming, Carl 9/16/1908 Sun 09/19/1908 At home of bride's parents Mr. & Mrs. Julius Schiefferlie by Rev. John F. Black

Raleigh, Miss Violet Ehmke, John 10/31/1908 Sun 11/07/1908 In Ripley by Rev. B. Lerret; she of Erie; he of North East

Ralph, Miss Rose F. Brown, Thomas B. Jan 1, 1878 Adv 01/03/1878 At Moorheadville; by Rev.J.T.Oxtoby; she of Moorheadville; he of Petrolia, PA

Randall, Miss Annie Brown, Francis Mar 9, 1881 Adv 03/31/1881 In Lawrence, Kansas; she formerly of North East; he of Topeka,

Randall, Miss Grace Acheson, Arthur M. 8/16/1917 Sun 08/18/1917 Daughter of Rev. Randall of Ripley;groom of Ardsley-on-the-Hudson,

Randall, Miss Mina Belsen, John Mar 30, 1901 Sun 04/06/1901 Both of Ripley

Rater, Mrs. Emma Pratt, Sam Adv 11/24/1910 Of Ripley; See article Dec 1, 1910, stating they are not married

Raymond, Miss Celia M. Mickle, Charles W. Mar 27, 1870 Str 04/02/1870 By Rev. W.Rittenhouse; she of Wayne; he of Bloomfield, PA

Raymond, Miss Jessie Wakely, Willis Jun 3, 1894 Sun 06/23/1894 At Findley's Lake; both of Greenfield

Reed, Miss Edith L. Johnson, F. Ralph Nov 14, 1906 Sun 11/17/1906 By Rev. Merritt Miller of the Baptist Church; daughter of Mr.& Mrs. P.W.Reed of Ripley, formerly of North East; he from Ripley

Reed, Miss Emily Canfield Van Alburg, John E. Jul 18, 1906 Sun 07/21/1906 By Rev. Dr. Bartz; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.H. Reed; he of Everett, Washington

Reed, Miss Kate McDonald, J.A. Oct 9, 1884 Sun 10/11/1884

Reed, Pansy Smith, Milo 4/24/1922 B&A 04/28/1922 by Rev. J.L. Strong in Findley Lake; both of Sugar Grove

Reichert, Miss Etta Outwait, Charles Aug 8, 1894 Sun 08/18/1894 In Findley Lake; by Rev.C.Boorman; she of Erie

Reid, Miss Flora Heard, Dr. Louis Jun 6, 1901 Sun 06/08/1901

Rex, Miss Ella Boyce, R.B. Oct 5, 1892 Sun 10/08/1892 In Buffalo; by Rev.W.E.Skinn; both of Buffalo; he formerly of Ripley

Reynolds, Miss Lizzie Mahoney, James Jul 25, 1870 Str 07/30/1870 In Erie; she of Buffalo; he of Erie

Rhoades, Lottie May Lanston, James Arthur 6/25/1913 Adv 07/10/1913 By Rev. S.E. Miller of Falconer; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James Rhoades of North East; groom from Corry

Riblet, Miss Nettie Flaherty, John Aug 6, 1878 Adv 08/15/1878 In Erie; by Rev.Father Ignatius, O.S.B.; daughter of John E.Riblet of Erie; he of New York City

Ricart, Miss Jessie Sandhoff, Charles J. Sep 25, 1901 Sun 10/05/1901 By Rev. Willis K. Crosby; she of Moorheadville; he of North East

Rice, Mrs. Lizzie Curtis, Fayette E. Jul 28, 1878 Adv 08/08/1878 In Edinboro; by Elder E.C.Rogers; both of Washington

Richardson, Miss Lizzie S. Fields, Charles E. Jun 8, 1881 Adv 06/16/1881 In North East; by Rev.C.J.Hunter; both of Ripley

Rickard, Miss Nancy J. Smith, W.John Dec 9, 1869 Str 12/18/1869 At Mina Corners; by Rev. W.W. Warner; she of Sherman; he of

Rickenbrode, Miss Lizzie Barden, John P. Sep 27, 1882 Adv 09/29/1882 In Ripley; by Rev. N.H.Holmes of Union City; he of Columbus, Ohio

Riddell, Miss Lephe Bentley, Charles F. Mar 15, 1870 Str 03/19/1870 In Sherman; by Rev. J.F.Severance; she of Ripley; he of Shokokan, Illinois

Rider, Miss E. Fay Lehman, H.S. 12/31/1910 Adv 01/05/1911 By Rev.R.F.Randolph, at First Methodist Church at Westfield; both of North East

Riefstahl, Miss Amelia Ruegar, Rev. Herman 8/10/1910 Adv 08/04/1910 Announcement; at German Lutheran Church; he of White Creek, WI; she of North East; See Aug 11, 1910, edition

Rinehart, Miss Bertha Smith, Rufus Aug 31, 1892 Sun 09/10/1892 In South Ripley

Ripley, Marie Sius, John Feb 4, 1892 Sun 02/20/1892 In Ripley; by Rev.J.M.Crouch; she of Summit, PA; he of McKean

Roberts, Miss Mary Stowe, Parker 6/20/1917 Sun 06/30/1917 At home of bride's mother, Mrs. G. H. Roberts of Elmira, NY; son of Mr. & Mrs. N.J.Stowe of Moorheadville

Roberts, Mrs. Mattie N. Reynolds, Jay N. May 9, 1906 Sun 06/02/1906 At Santa Anna, California

Robinson, Edith Comstock, James M. Dec 24, 1879 Adv 01/08/1880 In Findley's Lake; by Rev. Haliday; both of North East

Robinson, Miss Florence Didion, C.H. Jun 6, 1906 Sun 06/09/1906 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William Robinson; he of Crossingville

Robinson, Miss Ivah Clark, Charles Jul 3, 1894 Sun 07/14/1894 At Findley's Lake; by Rev.C.G.Langdon; both of North East

Rockwell, Miss Alice Leach, George Nov 5, 1879 Adv 11/27/1879 In Findley's Lake; by L.U.Babcock, Esq.; both of Findley's Lake

Rogers, Miss Clar White, Charles Sep 3, 1878 Adv 09/12/1878 In Union City; by Rev.R.B.Dilworth; both of Union City

Rogers, Miss Eva Williams, F.T. Aug 23, 1882 Adv 08/25/1882 In North East; she of North East; he of Jamestown

Rogers, Miss Mabel Doolittle, E.A. Oct 27, 1902 Sun 11/08/1902 At Greenfield; by Rev.E.J.Stinchcombe of Wattsburg; she of Greenfield; he of Lowville

Rogers, Miss Sophie G. Smith, Ed G. Apr 14, 1880 Adv 04/22/1880 In Franklin, PA; both of Franklin

Rohring, Gladys Luke Carl 4/11/1917 Sun 04/14/1917 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Rohring of North East; son of Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Luke of North East

Ronalds, Mrs. Thora Strong Leisure, Clyde Bemus 7/6/1917 Sun 07/07/1917 In NY; by Rev. Burhan N. Dell of St. Georges Chapel; former wife of Reginald Ronalds; divorced in Clinton County, NY, Nov 23, 1910; daughter of Charles H. Strong and granddaughter of William L. Scott; both of Erie

Rouse, Georgia A. Rickard, Staton B. Jan 19, 1884 Sun 01/26/1884 In North East; by Justice Nason; both of Findley's Lake

Rowley, Miss Lena Bartlett, Allen P. Mar 16, 1901 Sun 03/23/1901 In Gowanda, N.Y.; she of Gowanda; he of North East

Runnels, Miss L.L. Bunting, George D. Apr 17, 1870 Str 05/14/1870 In Waterford

Russell, Minnie Backus, Edward Feb 10, 1892 Sun 02/20/1892 In Ripley; by Rev. J.M.Crouch; both of Erie

Rutherford, Miss France A., Clay, Samuel D., Esq. Aug 30, 1878 Adv 09/12/1878 In Corry; by Rev. B.M.Kerr; both of Grand Rapids, Michigan

Sabin, Nettie Z. Randall, Volney M. Feb 25, 1880 Adv 02/26/1880 In Ripley; both of Ripley

Salchow, Miss Minnie Riefstahl, Fred Mar 29, 1883 Adv 03/30/1883 In North East; by Rev. E.Leemhuis; both of North East

Sammons, Miss Georgianna Bemis, Gerry 12/8/1910 Adv 12/15/1910 By Rev. I.D.Sammons at East Springfield; she of Wattsburg; he of Wales

Sandhoff, Maria Klenz, Willhelm May 12, 1892 Sun 05/21/1892 In North East; by Rev.Duberpernell

Sandoff, Miss Elma Fenstermacher, Ephraim 9/14/1922 B&A 09/15/1922 at St. Paul's Lutheran parsonage by Rev. J. Neeb

Scanlon, Miss Maggie Haugh, Patrick Jan, 1880 Adv 01/22/1880 In North East; by Rev.Father Briody; both of Northville

Scanlon, Miss Mary J. McGaughey, D.W. Apr 28, 1880 Adv 04/29/1880 In North East; by Rev.Father Briody; both of North East

Schiefferlee, Miss Kather Wheeler, Robert H. 6/30/1917 Sun 07/07/1917 At home of groom's sister, Mrs. Floyd Luce at Wesleyville; by Rev. Chapin of Delhil; son of Mr. & Mrs. M. H. Wheeler; both of North East

Schmidt, Miss Auguste Everts, Alfred Dec 24, 1891 Sun 01/02/1892 In North East; by Rev.Dubpernell; she of North East; he of Fredonia,

Schnaekel, Wilhelmina Hoth, Friedrich Aug 4, 1892 Sun 08/06/1892 In North East; by Rev.Duberpernell; she of North East; he of Ashland County, Wisconsin

Schuler, Miss Ruth McClew, Malcolm H. 10/16/1917 Sun 10/20/1917 She of Warren; he of New Brighton, PA

Schultz, Miss Mabel Wagner, Carl W. 11/28/1917 Sun 12/01/1917 At home of bride's parents Mr. & Mrs. Martin Schultz; by Rev. J.Neeb of St. Paul's Lutheran Church; both of North East

Schumacher, Miss Emma Riefstahl, John Jun 6, 1906 Sun 06/09/1906 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Schumacher of North East; by Rev. Duberpernell

Schutt, Dora Schultz, Albert Aug 28, 1901 Sun 08/31/1901 By Rev. Finkbeiner; both of Moorheadville

Schwartz, Miss Millie Stritzinger, Frank Jun 3, 1879 Adv 06/05/1879 In Westfield; by Rev. Fink; she of Westfield

Scouller, Miss Nan Foll Johnson, Fred 6/9/1917 Sun 06/16/1917 By Rev. Dr. Honbert of Episcopal Church; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Baird Scouller of North East

Seaver, Miss Laura Wheeler, Seth S. Aug 13, 1878 Adv 08/15/1878 In North East; by Rev. J.T.Oxtoby; she of North East; he of Cleveland, Ohio

Seay, Miss Mary Pettit, Martine Apr 13, 1880 Adv 04/15/1880 In Erie; by Rev.Dr.Easton; she of Erie; he of North East

Sedelmyer, Miss Loretta Koch, Harry Ellsworth 4/9/1918 Adv 04/11/1918 By Rev. Father Kuhn; son of C.M. Koch; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. L.H. Sedelmyer

Seeley, Miss Allie H. Chambers, H. Donald 4/16/1910 Adv 04/21/1910 At United Presbyterian parsonage by Rev. Marvin J. Thompson; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Warren E. Seeley of North East; groom of Dunkirk

Seeley, Miss Sarah Cole, Warren Jan 22, 1882 Adv 01/27/1882 In Ripley; by Rev.E.S.Wright; she of Ripley; he of North East

Seely, Miss Lysle Broaddus, A.W. 12/28/1911 Adv 12/28/1911 In Richmond; she formerly of North East

Seigel, Miss Katie Stephenson, Henry Apr 17, 1879 Sun 04/26/1879 In Erie; both of Erie

Selkregg, Miss Florence M. Buddenhagen, Frederick 6/21/1910 Adv 06/16/1910 Announcement; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. L.D. Selkregg; groom of Sidney, NY; see Jun 23 edition

Selkregg, Miss Mary Scheidenhelm, A.G. Jan 30, 1901 Sun 02/02/1901 In North East; by Rev.Canfield Jones of Erie; she of North East; he of Erie

Selkregg, Miss Mary Scheidenhelm, Albert George Jan 30, 1901 Sun 01/19/1901 Announcement: he of Erie

Sell, Miss Sarah A. Woodbury, Edward A. Jan 3, 1870 Str 01/08/1870 In Erie; at St. Paul's Church; by Rev. J.F.Spauling; both of Erie

Sexauer, Miss Louisa C. Myer, Polydor A. Feb 1, 1870 Str 02/19/1870 'At home of bride's parents; by Rev Dr. George F. Cain; both of Erie

Sexton, Miss Edna Ward, George Aug 1882 Adv 08/25/1882 In Union; by Rev.N.H.Holmes; both of Union Township

Shadduck, Miss Maude Tobin, Thomas Jan 21, 1902 Sun 01/25/1902 In Ripley; by Justice Bentley; she of North East; he of Cleveland

Shaffer, Miss Elizabeth Diehl, Louis Nov 21, 1882 Adv 11/24/1882 In North East; by Rev. H.H.Moore; she of North East; he of Buffalo,

Shanahan, Miss Margaret Sullivan, Capt. Jno. Apr 17, 1879 Sun 04/26/1879 In Erie

Shank, Miss Mabel L. Glick, Harvey A. 6/25/1908 0:0 Sun 06/27/1908 In Erie by Rev. F.R. Thoburn; daughter of Mr & Mrs. George Shank of Erie

Sharp, Miss Laura Gardner, H. May 10, 1870 Str 05/14/1870 At Haynes Hotel in North East; by Rev.J.G.Townsend; she of North East; he of Erie

Shattuck, Isabella Brown, Hill Sep 26, 1894 Sun 09/29/1894 In North East; by Dr. Beach; both of North East

Shattuck, Miss Lucy Bruce, Dennis Sep 23, 1884 Sun 10/04/1884 In Phillipsville, PA; she of Greenfield; he of Venango

Shaw, Helen J. Perry, William B. Esq. Str 12/18/1869 In Ripley; by Rev.W.L.Hyde; both of Ripley

Shaw, Miss Fannie Prize, Dr. Curtis P., U.S.A. Str 06/04/1870 At residence of Colonel G.M.Love in Natchez, Mississippi; by Rev.Dr.Banna; she of Erie

Shaw, Miss Jennie Weaver, Harry E. 11/8/1911 Adv 11/09/1911 At home of bride's parents Mr.& Mrs. D.J. Shaw in Chestnut Grove; by Rev. S.G. Gillette; groom of North East

Shaw, Miss Lillian H. Husted, George A. Jul 13, 1880 Adv 07/15/1880 In Westfield; by Rev. C.S. Stowits; both of Westfield

Sheffield, Miss Jessie Titus, Milton B., M.D. Oct 18, 1882 Adv 10/27/1882 At Allentown, N.Y.; by Rev. F.W.Beecher; grandniece of Mr. and Mrs. J. Noyes of North East

Shepard, Miss Eliza Caldwell, James B. Sep 6, 1882 Adv 09/08/1882 In Fredonia, N.Y.; by Rev. J.A.Kummer; she of Fredonia; he of North East

Shepardson, Miss Florina Caldwell, M.A. May 27, 1880 Adv 06/03/1880 In Meadville; she of Meadville; he of Bradford, formerly of North East

Sherwood, Miss Sarah A. Banyard, John Feb 1, 1870 Str 02/19/1870 In Erie; by Rev. J.F. Spaulding; both of Erie

Sherwood, Rosa J. Howard, Milo M. Feb 14,1869 Str 02/20/1869 by Rev. P.W. Sherwood; he of Petroleum Center; she of Union, PA.

Shore, Miss Pearl Plumb, Harvey 6/13/1908 Sun 06/20/1908 In Findley Lake

Short, Miss Mary K. Winter, George J. 7/29/1908 Sun 08/01/1908 At St. Gregory's Church; daughter of Mrs. Katherine Short of North East; he of Erie

Short, Miss Ruth Wilks, Walter 9/9/1908 Sun 09/12/1908 In North East at home of bride's parents Mr & Mrs. Alfred Short

Siegel, Miss Louise C. Schlaudecker, Frank G., Jr. Jul 14, 1870 Str 07/23/1870 By Rev. T.Mullen

Sinden, Miss Bertha Thorp, Harry Feb 26, 1908 Sun 02/29/1908 By Rev. S.E.Winger; daughter of Mr.Willis Sinden; both of Ripley

Sinden, Miss Velma Stetson, Gilbert 11/16/1910 Adv 11/24/1910 At Findley Lake

Sipps, Miss Nancy D. Stafford, B.F. Jun 30, 1870 Str 07/09/1870 By Rev. E.V.Allen; both of Washington, Erie County

Skellie, Grace Pease, Frank S. Jan 9, 1901 Sun 01/12/1901 In North East; by Rev. Willis K.Crosby

Skellie, Miss Anna M. Hinds, Almon H. Apr 21, 1881 Adv 04/28/1881 In North East; by Rev.C.J.Hunter; he of Bath, N.Y.

Skellie, Miss Sarah J. Gregory, C. H. May 1, 1901 Sun 05/11/1901 In Findley Lake; by Rev. J.Mayer; both of Findley Lake

Slayton, Miss Florence Stebbins, John Higgins 3/3/1917 Sun 03/10/1917 In Philadelphia; by Rev. Barr; she of Barre, VT; he of North East

Smalley, Miss Lillian Boyd, Leslie Jan 23, 1901 Sun 02/02/1901 At Allegany; she of Allegany; he of Findley Lake

Smith, Esther V. Moore, Frederick K. 11/20/1917 Sun 11/24/1917 In North East; at home of bride's parents Mr. & Mrs. Fred Smith; groom of Erie

Smith, Marjorie Jeanne Henson, Burton 2/8/1922 B&A 02/10/1922 At First Baptist Church in Richmond, VA; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Willis H. Smith; he of Washington, DC

Smith, Miss Ida E. Loomis, Charles M. Nov 15, 1877 Adv 11/22/1877 In North East; by Rev.J.T.Oxtoby; daughter of Mr. E.H.Smith of Milwaukee; he now of Oil City

Smith, Miss Loie Gifford, Silas M. Feb 17, 1869 Str 02/20/1869 In North East by Rev. W.H. Histed; he of North East; she of Concord, PA.

Smith, Miss Maggie Titus, Lewis Mar 5, 1883 Adv 04/06/1883 In North East; by Rev. W.W.Woodworth; at residence of William J. Smith; both of Sherman, N.Y.

Smith, Miss Mary Moorhead, Thomas W. Oct 23, 1879 Adv 10/30/1879 In Harborcreek; by Rev. G.W.Cleaveland; she of Girard; he of

Smith, Miss Nellie E. Lyon, James L. Apr 20, 1870 Str 04/30/1870 In Beaver Dam; by Rev. J.M.Gillette

Snell, Miss Minnie Hazington, M.J. Dec 22, 1880 Adv 12/30/1880 In North East; by Rev.Dr.Parsons; she of North East; he of Buffalo

Soefke, Miss Alana D. Dunsmore, Harold V. 11/1/1913 Adv 11/07/1913 At Lutheran parsonage; 2nd daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William Soefke of North East; groom of Ford City, PA

Soefke, Miss Alma Dunsmore, Harold V. 11/1/1913 Brz 11/07/1913 At Lutheran parsonage; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William Soefke of North East; groom from Ford City

Sommerfeidt, Miss Paulina Hitchcock, John F. 1/8/1922 B&A 01/13/1922 At home of bride's father on Grahamville St. by Rev. J. Neeb; both of North East

Sopp, Miss Marie Hayden, Farren W. 4/9/1917 Sun 04/14/1917 By Rev. Neeb; at St. Paul's Lutheran Church; daughter of Mrs. Hannah Sopp of North East; he of Detroit, formerly of North East

Southard, Miss Maggie E. Berlin, Harry Aug 30, 1870 Str 09/03/1870 In North East; by Rev. George A. Lyon; daughter of Mrs. J.Southard; he of Montrose PA

Southwick, Miss Alta Inman, Dr. Lester 6/13/1911 Adv 06/15/1911 At Little Valley, NY; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Southwick of North East; groom of Springboro, PA

Spacht, Miss Catherine Marshall, Agate 6/1/1912 Adv 01/09/1913 In Canada

Spacht, Miss Frances M. Hartman, Frank D.Jr. 12/23/1910 Adv 12/29/1910 In Erie; both of North East

Spafford, Miss Emma L. Hirt, William E. Esq. 11/24/1908 Sun 11/25/1908 In Erie by Rev. Fr. John J.F. Donnellan, rector of St. Peter's Cathedral; she daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John D. Spafford of Erie

Sparling, Miss Verda Curtis, William 6/5/1918 Adv 06/06/1918 By Rev. D.H. Dennison of Lakewood who is great-uncle to bride, at home of bride's father, A.B. Sparling; both of North East

Spear, Miss Flora Giles, Walter 1/10/1911 Adv 01/12/1911 By Rev. Nelson of North East Baptist Church; both of North East

Spencer, Ella M. Wilson, Samuel D. Dec 16, 1869 Str 01/01/1870 In Camden, N.Y.; by Rev E.Curtis; youngest daughter of Mrs. Watson Spencer

Sprague, Julia C. Barnes, A. MacClellan 2/6/1911 Adv 02/09/1911 By Rev. Frank J. Nash; she of North East; he of New York City

St.John, Miss Mina Wilbure, Harry Dec 26, 1900 Sun 01/05/1901 At Scio, N.Y.

Stafford, Miss Submit Kinter, Isaac Feb 22, 1870 Str 03/05/1870 At Union Hotel in Waterford; by J.L.Hyner,Esq; both of Washington Township

Stafford, Mrs. Roland Hamilton, Alex Jan 1894 Sun 01/20/1894 He of Edinboro, age 81; she of Franklin Center, in her 60's

Staley, Miss Annie Hill, Alexander Sep 2, 1880 Adv 09/16/1880 In North East; at residence of J.H.Phillips; by Rev. C.J.Hunter; she of North East; he of Bradford

Staley, Miss Ella Norris, Frank Jul 8, 1880 Adv 07/15/1880 At residence of Mr. and Mrs. Abel Staley of Robinson St., her parents; both of North East; by Rev.H.N.Cornish

Stebbins, Miss Iris B. Hewitt, Frank Wynne 11/21/1917 Sun 11/24/1917 In North East at home of bride's grandmother Mrs. John Higgins; by Rev Charles T. Greer of Methodist Episcopal Church

Stephens, Miss Mary L. Gallup, Myron C. May 25, 1879 Adv 05/29/1879 In North East; by Rev. J.T.Oxtoby; she of Clymer; he of Findley's Lake

Sterett, Miss Florence Gilson, John L. Aug 19, 1880 Sun 09/04/1880 In Chicago, IL by Rev. Malloy; she from Chicago; he of Erie

Sterrett, Miss Mary A. Hall, George J. Dec 30, 1869 Str 01/08/1870 At residence of Rowland Stafford; by Rev. L.E. Luce; she of Sterrettania; he of Franklin Twp

Stetson, Miss Agnes M. Irish, Fred 11/30/1910 Adv 12/01/1910 By Rev. Thomas D. Wittles at Presbyterian Church

Stetson, Miss Cora Leet, Frank Dec 25, 1893 Sun 01/06/1894 In Ripley; by Rev. Crouch; she of North East; he of Erie

Stetson, Miss DeEtt Rinehart, Eugene H. Oct 19, 1880 Adv 11/04/1880 In Ripley; by Rev.A.Bashline; she of Mina; he of Ripley

Stetson, Miss Emma Bingham, Benson Nov 8, 1882 Adv 11/10/1882 In North East; by Rev.Dr.Hunter; both of North East

Stevens, Miss E.M. Ball, H.J. Nov 29, 1894 Sun 12/08/1894 In Ripley; by Rev. Comfort; both of Girard

StJohn, Miss Winfield A. Mason, Leroy J. 6/14/1922 B&A 06/16/1922 at home of bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. Perry StJohn of Wesleyville

Stockley, Mrs. Maria Kannicott, E.H. Jan 13, 1880 Adv 01/15/1880 In Westfield; by Rev. N.H. Holmes; both of North East

Stockwell, Miss Kosatia Kemp, Willis Dec 7, 1884 Sun 12/13/1884 In North East; by Rev.E.K.Creed; both of North East

Stokes, Miss D.S. Loomis, G.W. Jul 4, 1882 Adv 07/07/1882 By S.S.Hammond, Esq.; she of Brocton, N.Y.

Stone, Eva A. Coburn, Warren Oct 14, 1879 Adv 10/23/1879 At residence of James H. Coburn; by Rev. John W. Clark; both of Greenfield

Stone, Miss Aleista Artalissa Gavett, James Dec 27, 1869 Str 01/15/1870 In Ripley, N.Y.; by Rev A.H. Hall; she of North East; he of Michigan

Stone, Miss Emma J. Kysar, Nathan J. Mar 22, 1869 Str 03/27/1869 At Westfield: by Rev.J.E.Chapin; she of North East; he of Mina

Stone, Miss Nellie R. Stelle, William J. 3/21/1917 Sun 03/24/1917 By Rev. W.S. Carter; daughter of Mrs. Lydia A. Stone

Strobel, Miss Cora Brenner, Ray 6/28/1922 B&A 06/30/1922 at Catholic Rectory; she of Edinboro; he of Piqua, OH

Studeman, Miss Matilda Smith, Frank Aug 31, 1881 Adv 09/01/1881 In North East; at St.Paul's Church; by Rev. E. Leemhuis; both of North East

Studeman, Miss Minnie Necker, John May 26, 1880 Adv 05/27/1880 In North East; by B.P.Griffith, Esq.

Sturgeon, Miss Helen J. Crosby, Ralph M. 7/17/1917 Sun 07/21/1917 At home of bride's parents Mr. & Mrs. George Sturgeon in Butler, PA; the groom of Springboro

Sullen, Miss Stella Stetson, Royce 4/16/1922 B&A 04/28/1922 at Union City

Summers, Miss Phelma P. Lanning, Perry J. 4/17/1913 Adv 04/24/1913 At home of Mr. & Mrs. Trampenan of Erie; double ceremony with Miss Bessie Gibson and Carl Hazen; by Rev. Ray F. Gibson of Itley, PA; both of Greenville, PA

Summers, Miss Phena Lanning, Perry J. 4/17/1913 Brz 04/25/1913 At home of Mr. & Mrs. Trampenan of Erie; both of Greenville

Swain, Miss Mary Phillips, Burdette Dec 24, 1900 Sun 12/22/1900 She of Ripley; he of Cherry Creek

Swartzman, Miss Frederica Cutschaw, Adolph Oct 1, 1902 Sun 10/04/1902 At residence of bride's parents in North East; he of Erie

Sweatman, Miss Lizzie Webster, Grove F. Apr 27, 1870 Str 04/30/1870 At Waterford; by Rev. Mr. Barnhart; she of Summit; he of Cambridge

Swoap, Dorothy Stimpson, Carl 1/1/1918 Adv 01/03/1918 By Rev. L.W.Magee of Ripley; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Swoap; groom of Corry

Taylor, Miss Etta Guleck, C.A. May 12, 1870 Str 05/21/1870 At residence of bride's father, John Taylor; by Rev. M.Hall; she of State Line; he of Urbana, Ohio

Taylor, Miss Jennie Ross, W.L. Apr 5, 1881 Adv 04/07/1881 In Northville; by Rev.J.R.Lyon; she of Northville; he of Harborcreek

Teel, Mary Emma Whitman, Benjamin May 31, 1870 Str 06/04/1870 In Erie at residence of bride's mother; by Rev. J.A.Crawford; she daughter of late Silas E.Teel of Erie

Terrell, Miss Ella Nash, Frank Feb 23, 1892 Sun 02/27/1892 In North East; by Rev.C.J.Hunter; she of North East

Terry, Mrs. Sarah Pellor, James H. Jun 10, 1870 Str 07/16/1870 By Rev. G.W.Cleaveland; she of Harborcreek; he of North East

Thayer-Bernard, Miss Jessie Nelson, George Warren Jan/Feb 1894 Sun 02/24/1894 He of Montreal

Thomas, Miss Flora L. Miner, Seth W. May 1, 1870 Str 05/14/1870 In Wayne; by Rev. G.E.Willman; both of Wayne

Thomas, Miss Ottie Wellman, Norris M. Dec 19, 1900 Sun 12/22/1900 In Findley Lake; by Rev. M.V.Stone; both of Findley Lake

Thompson, Jennie E. Randall, Charles Mar 21, 1884 Sun 03/29/1884 In North East; she of North East; he of Ripley

Thompson, Miss Edith Remmington, Royal Jun 12, 1906 Sun 06/16/1906 At home of Mr. & Mrs. George Hampson; by Rev. Weimen of Point Chautauqua

Thompson, Miss Ida Kephart, Mr. 1/1/1913 0:00 Brz 01/17/1913 She of Harborcreek; he of Pittsburgh

Thompson, Miss Lida Hampson, George A. Jun 20, 1901 Sun 06/22/1901 In Ripley; she of Ripley; he of North East

Thompson, Miss Mary E. Schroder, Charles 3/25/1913 Brz 03/28/1913 By Rev. S.G. Gillette; at home of bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. G.D.Thompson, near Grahamville

Thompson, Miss Mary E. Schroeder, Charles 3/25/1913 Adv 03/27/1913 By Rev. S.G. Gillette; at home of bride's parents near Grahamville

Thornton, Allie I. Beeman, Floyd A. 10/27/1908 Sun 10/31/1908 By Rev. Overs; she of Harborcreek; he of Greenfield

Thornton, Miss Edith Cora Dobson, Walter J. 11/9/1910 Adv 11/10/1910 By Rev. W. Norman Liddy; at Baptist parsonage; she of North East; he of Greenfield

Ticknor, Miss Fannie Jones, Ansel B. Mar 15, 1870 Str 04/02/1870 In Ripley; by Rev.William L.Hyde

Ticknor, Miss Margaret Cline, Harry Penroe 2/14/1922 B&A 02/17/1922 At residence of Mr. & Mrs. George Edgerton, by Rev. J.E. Roberts

Ticknor, Miss Myra B. Northway, Charles S. Mar 15, 1870 Str 04/02/1870 In Ripley; by Rev. William L. Hyde; both of Westfield

Tolles, Miss Clara DeLong, Edward E. Nov 15, 1882 Adv 11/24/1882 In Oil City; by Rev. Charles E. Hall; she of Oil City; he of Titusville

Tollworthy, Miss Bess Zinck, C.M. Jan 17, 1870 Str 01/22/1870 At St. John's Episcopal Church; both of Erie

Tome, Miss Mabel Hubertus, Jno. A. 9/24/1913 Brz 10/03/1913 At home of bride's uncle in Erie; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. S.W. Tome of N. Girard; groom of North East

Tower, Alma C. Wagner, Charles H. Aug 7, 1901 Sun 08/17/1901 By Rev. Bogart; he of Ripley

Towser, Miss Catherine Bell Anderson, Andrew Feb 6, 1902 Sun 02/08/1902 In North East; by Rev. Ruff; she of Dairy Station, PA; he of North East

Trall, Mrs. Myrtle Kellogg, Alfred A. 7/2/1908 Sun 07/04/1908 At home of Mr. & Mrs. C. H. Brown in North East by Rev. Neathery

Truesdale, Mrs. Eunice Proudy, Selah Dec 23, 1869 Str 01/01/1870 In Quincy; by Rev. A.H. Hall; both of Stateline

Tubbs, Miss Lila Carver, William 6/1/1910 Adv 06/16/1910 She of Centerville, PA; he of North East

Tupper, Miss Nellie Mary Thrasher, Frederick Vernon Jun 10, 1902 Sun 06/28/1902 In Providence, R.I.

Turner, Ann Louise Greenman, Jesse M. Sep 20, 1902 Sun 09/27/1902 She of Philadelphia; he of Harvard College, formerly of North East

Tyrell, Ruth L. Rich, Edward S. 8/3/1922 B&A 08/04/1922 at Methodist parsonage by Rev. J.E. Roberts; she of Jamestown; he of Buffalo

Urban, Miss Matilda Kress, Karl E. 6/18/1913 Adv 06/19/1913 By Rev. Father Harrigan at Lakewood, NY; he of Meadville; she formerly of North East and French Creek, sister of Mrs. George Garfield of North East

Urick, Mary E. Douds, Rev. J.H. Oct 1, 1902 Sun 10/11/1902 By Rev.R.C.Douds of Allegheny, PA and Rev. L.H. Bugbee of North East and Rev. W.J.Douds of Conneaut Lake; he of Evans City, PA

Vallor, Miss Mary Bowker, Charles Nov 6, 1880 Adv 11/25/1880 In Dallas, Texas; she of Westfield, N.Y.; he of North East

Van DeVelde, Miss Edna C. Sparling, Earl J. 8/30/1910 Adv 09/01/1910 By Rev. Summons at English Lutheran Church parsonage; both of North East

VanDoren, Miss Kate MacKellar, William B. Oct 7, 1880 Adv 10/14/1880 In North East; by Rev.C.J.Hunter; she of North East; he of Philadelphia

Vanearden, Miss Hannah Fardink, William Feb 20, 1883 Adv 02/23/1883 In North East; by Rev. Hunter; she of North East; he of Clymer, N.Y.

Vannatter, Ida M. Beatty, Jasper E. Jan 3, 1884 Sun 01/05/1884 At residence of bride's mother in North East; by Rev.E.K.Creed; he of State Line

Vermilyea, Miss Josie Lord, Mr. Oct 24, 1878 Adv 10/24/1878 In Corry; daughter of Isaac Vermilyea, formerly of North East, now of Corry; he of Eriee

Vermilyea, Miss Josie N. Lord, C.W. Oct 24, 1878 Adv 10/31/1878 In Corry; by Rev. Mr. Goodrich; both of Corry

Virgin, Miss Martha Tate, Samuel Oct 30, 1880 Adv 11/11/1880 In Ripley; by Rev. E.S.Wright; both of Ripley

Visholm, Mrs. Jessie Cornish, Laverne 11/14/1911 Adv 11/23/1911 At Erie

Vorse, Mrs. Sarah A. Culbertson, Joseph A. Apr 2, 1882 Adv 04/07/1882 In Erie; by Recorder Marvin

Voss, Miss Amanda Sandhoff, William R. 12/14/1911 Adv 11/30/1911 Announcement; at Evangelical Lutheran Church

Wagner, Miss Golda D. Gustafason, Elmer W. 9/20/1922 B&A 09/22/1922 at North East Methodis parsonage by Rev. John E. Roberts; she of North East; he formerly of Oil City

Wagner, Miss Hilde J. Maas, Louis M. 11/29/1917 Sun 12/01/1917 In North East; at home of bride's parents Mr. & Mrs. John F. Wagner; by Rev. J. Neeb

Wakeley, Miss Bessie Henry, J.N. Nov 2, 1884 Sun 11/08/1884 In North East; by Rev.E.K.Creed; she of Greenfield; he of North East

Wakely, Miss Amanda Markham, Oliver Nov 26, 1879 Adv 12/11/1879 In Fredonia, N.Y.; she of Greenfield, PA; he of Arkwright, N.Y.

Wakely, Miss Ethyl Alcorn, Harry 3/14/1917 Sun 03/17/1917 By Rev. Chapin; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C.O. Wakely; son of Mr. & Mrs. B. Alcorn

Walker, Miss May L. Walker, F.J. Mar 25, 1881 Adv 04/07/1881 In Harborcreek; by Rev.J.T.Franklin; she of Harborcreek; he of Erie

Walker, Miss Sadie L. Randall, Sherman W. Dec 29, 1880 Adv 01/13/1881 In Lawrence, Kansas; she of Lawrence; he formerly of North East

Walker, Mrs. Kate L. Litchfield, Lucius Carver 6/2/1913 Adv 06/05/1913 At residence of Dr. Litchfield in North East; she of Erie; he of New York City

Wallace, Lucy M. Gifford, Olvin 6/26/1913 Adv 07/03/1913 At home of bride's parents, Mr.& Mrs. F.D. Wallace; in Westfield, NY by Rev. Lopp; groom from Cleveland

Wallace, Miss Kimball, Willie Sep 7, 1881 Adv 09/15/1881 At Sherman; she of Mayville; he of Greenfield

Wallace, Miss Jennie M. Chase, George H. May 24, 1880 Adv 05/27/1880 By Rev.A.Bashline; both of Ripley, N.Y.

Wallace, Miss Lydia J. Seeley, Horace C. Apr 22, 1880 Adv 04/29/1880 By Rev.A.Bashline; both of Ripley, N.Y.

Wallace, Miss Minnie Reynolds, Deville P. May 20, 1882 Adv 05/26/1882 In North East; by Rev.Dr.Hunter; both of Sherman

Warnshouse, Miss Allie Croscutt, William Sun 02/16/1901 She of Sherman; he of Mina

Warren, Miss Myrtle Welch, Edgar T. 4/5/1922 B&A 04/14/1922 at St. Petersburg, FL

Wass, Miss Ella Ingram, Mr. Adv 04/27/1911 In Meadville; she of Meadville; he of North East

Wass, Miss Elva L. Daniels, James M. Brz 02/14/1913 Near Ft. Worth, TX; both of North East

Wass, Miss Mary E. Hall, Oliver Jun 30, 1880 Adv 07/01/1880 In North East; by Rev.N.H.Cornish; she of North East; he of Mina, N.Y.

Waterman, Miss Clara Bell Raynor, Will 4/6/1910 Adv 04/07/1910 In North East at home of bride's parents Mr. & Mrs. Alonzo Waterman; by Rev. Deleplain of ME Church; groom of Westfield

Watson, Mrs. Josephine Remington, L.Noble 11/22/1911 Adv 11/23/1911 At Erie Presbyterian parsonage by Rev. Clement; she of Cleveland; he of North East

Weaver, Miss Sarah Putnam, Clark Dec 23, 1869 Str 01/01/1870 In North East; by Rev. J.G.Townsend; both of North East

Weed, Miss Clara Robinson, William Mar, 1869 Str 04/10/1869 In Greenfield; by J.Prindle,Esq.; she of Greenfield; he of North East

Weidner, Miss Ethyl Clark, Clarence L. 12/31/1910 Adv 01/05/1911 By Rev. Liddy at Baptist parsonage; she of North East; he of Cambridge Springs

Weidner, Miss S.Alice Allen, George A. 5/1/1911 Adv 06/01/1911 By W. Norman Liddy at Baptist parsonage; both of North East

Wellman, Miss Freida Smith, Henry John 11/27/1913 Brz 11/28/1913 At Baptist parsonage in Westfield; both of North East

Wells, Miss Helen Maude Nash, Norman Sylvester Jun 20, 1906 Sun 06/23/1906 By Rev. John F.Black; in North East at home of bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. W.D. Wells

Wells, Miss Mildred M. Mizener, Frank A. 2/23/1910 Adv 02/24/1910 At home of bride's parents in Ripley; by Rev. C.C. Farr; groom of Erie

Wells, Miss Nettie Southwick, Frank Aug 23, 1881 Adv 08/25/1881 In North East; at residence of bride's sister, Mrs. J.W.Griffith; by Rev. H.N.Cornish; both of North East

Wheeler, Miss Jennie Luce, Floyd 1/20/1917 Sun 01/27/1917 By Rev. Earl Chapin of Delhil Baptist Church; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. M.H. Wheeler of North East; son of Mr. & Mrs. George W. Luce of North East.

White, Miss Eunice Bates, Francis B. Jul 28, 1878 Adv 08/08/1878 In Concord; by Rev. William A. Stanfield; she of French Creek, N.Y.; he of Concord

Whitney, Miss Emma Davis, Henry Mar 16, 1870 Str 04/02/1870 In Greenfield

Whitney, Miss Emma Wakely, Willis A. 12/18/1913 Brz 12/26/1913 Both of Greenfield

Whitney, Miss Harriet Bailey, William 3/11/1922 B&A 03/17/1922 by Rev. W.S. Carter; at home of Mr. & Mrs E.M. Ketchum

Whitney, Mrs. Bertha Priester, Claude 11/26/1913 Brz 12/05/1913 By Rev. S.B.Torrey in Erie; she of Greenfield; he of North East

Wightman, Miss Ella Putnam, Rev. D. VanVleet Oct 5, 1882 Adv 10/13/1882 In Westfield, N.Y.; by Rev. Dr. Wright; she of Westfield; he of Huntington, L.I.

Wilcox, Hattie Gauffreau, Marcellin Aug 10, 1880 Sun 09/04/1880 Bride of Corry; groom of Brooklyn, NY

Wilcox, Miss Anna I. Barnes, William H. Dec 30, 1869 Str 01/15/1870 At residence of bride's father; by Rev. W.L. Hyde of Ripley; both of Westfield

Wilcox, Miss Ida A. Knowlton, L.P. Apr 11, 1883 Adv 04/20/1883 In Findley's Lake; by Rev. Smith

Wilcox, Miss Mary Crawford, Frank Blaine 8/27/1908 Sun 09/05/1908 In Chicago; he of North East; she of Chicago

Wilcox, Miss Mary M. Bush, D.H. Dec 24, 1878 Adv 12/26/1878 In North East; by Rev.J.H.Herron; she of North Eastt

Wilcox, Mrs. Ella Foll, John Dec 8, 1906 Sun 12/15/1906 In Westfield; by Rev. U.S.Bartz; daughter of Mr. A.W.Butt; sister of Mrs. Melissa Burdick; both from North East

Wilhelm, Miss Tillie Davidson, R.A. Mar 9, 1870 Str 03/19/1870 At home of bride; by Rev. C.P.Wright; she of Mishawaka, Indiana; he of North East

Wilkinson, Grace M. Page, Cecil A. May 14, 1902 Sun 05/24/1902 At home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wilkinson in Greenfield; by Rev. Bloom of Findley Lake; he of Venango, PA.

Wilkinson, Jessie A. Brandeau, Chase A. Oct 2, 1894 Sun 10/13/1894 By Rev. C.G.Langdon of Findley Lake; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.S. Wilkinson of Greenfield; he of Syracuse

Wilkinson, Miss Dora Kincaid, Samuel E.Esq. Aug 17, 1870 Str 08/27/1870 In Erie; by Rev. Dr.Lyon; she of Amity; he of Wayne

Williams, Bessie F. King, Edward B. Jun 28, 1892 Sun 07/02/1892 At Volusia (South Ripley); by Rev. J.M.Crouch; also see Jul 9 edition

Williams, Mae Green, John B. 1/12/1918 Adv 01/17/1918 By Rev. Chas. Greer of Methodist Church; daughter of Mr.& Mrs. Fred Williams; son of Hattie Green of North East

Williams, Miss Mame Weatherby, Elmer C. Sep 19, 1882 Adv 09/22/1882 In Erie; by Rev.W.S.Fulton; she of Erie; he of Cincinnati

Williams, Miss Mary Munsee, Willard 7/5/1917 Sun 07/14/1917 In Wattsburg; by Rev. R.J. Pettit

Williams, Phebe E. Hayes, Frank L. Dec 22, 1894 Sun 12/29/1894 In Ripley; by Rev. Comfort; she of Norristown, PA

Williams, Sophia C. Nims, W.P. Apr 4, 1883 Adv 04/06/1883 In North East; by Rev. C.B.Parsons; she of North East; he of Jefferson, Ohio

Wilson, Miss Lizzie Shreve, Clement Aug 23, 1882 Adv 09/01/1882 In Union; by Rev. N.H.Holmes; she of Union City; he of Union

Wilson, Mrs. Harriet N. Ward, Walter S. Jan 26, 1870 Str 02/05/1870 In Westfield; by Rev. C.R.Patte; both of Westfield

Winchester, Miss Celia A. Steward, Perry D. Apr 24, 1869 Str 05/01/1869 Both of Elk Creek

Windsor, Miss Cyrenia Rhodes, Joseph R. Jan 6, 1870 Str 02/05/1870 In Westfield; by Rev. C.R.Patte; she of Westfield; he of French Creek

Wiswell, Mrs. Mariah Allen, Rev. E.V. Dec 25, 1869 Str 02/12/1870 By Rev. W.W. Hightree; she of Middleboro; he of North East

Withey, Chambers, Charles E. Aug 5,1894 Sun 08/11/1894 By D.S.Osborn; she of North East; he of Phillipsville

Wolf, Miss Evelyn Coon, Isaac H. Jan 15, 1878 Adv 01/17/1878 At residence of Henry Wolf, Esq.; by Rev. Dr. Herron

Wolf, Miss Ida M. Mosher, Henry Mar 13, 1884 Sun 03/15/1884 In North East; by Rev.I.O.Baker; she of North East; he of Fairview

Wolfgang, Miss Edna Mae Morrison, Karl Ensign 6/18/1913 Adv 06/26/1913 At Albany, NY; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Frederick A. Wolfgang of

Wolverton, Miss Harriett Otto, J. Oct 1, 1878 Adv 10/03/1878 In North East; at residence of J.M.DeWitt; by Rev. J.C.Ward; both of North Est

Wood, Miss Hattie J. Terry, J.E. Feb 22, 1883 Adv 03/02/1883 By Rev. Charles Boorman; she of Harborcreek; he of Corry

Wood, Miss Hazel C. Gorndt, Fred R. 11/14/1917 Sun 11/17/1917 At St. Pauls Lutheran Church; by Rev. Neeb; bride of North East

Wood, Miss Louella Peckham, Lewis A. Oct 20, 1875 Sun 10/23/1875 In North East; by Rev. Mr. Mills of Erie; she of North East; he of Coldwater, Michigan

Wood, Miss Ruby Pollard, William M. 8/2/1922 B&A 08/04/1922 by Rev. John E. Roberts; she of Cochranton; he of Conneaut Lake

Woodruff, Blanche McCord, Frank Hall Aug 26, 1902 Sun 08/30/1902 In North East, at the home of bride's parents, N.S. Woodruff; by Rev.VanClieve of Erie

Woodruff, Miss Marie E. Morse, Gordon A. Mar 25, 1880 Adv 04/01/1880 In Ripley; by Rev.E.S.Wright; she of Ripley; he of Westfield

Woods, Miss Alice Sweet, Horace S. Jun 2, 1906 Sun 06/09/1906 In Waterford; she of Waterford; he of North East

Woodworth, Mrs. Neville, Dr. Jul 7, 1892 Sun 07/23/1892 Widow of Rev. Woodworth of North East; he of Jamestown

Woolsey, Miss Elsie Wolf, Willis F. Mar 4, 1880 Adv 03/25/1880 In Girard; by Rev.C.L.Shipman; she of Girard; he of Northville

Wright, Miss Ida Leemhuis, John Sep 2, 1880 Sun 09/04/1880 In Erie, bride of Erie, groom of North East

Wright, Miss Ida Leemhuis, John Sep 2, 1880 Adv 09/09/1880 In Erie; by Rev.E.Leemhuis; she of Erie; he of North East

Wright, Miss Linnie Wright, William Jan 30, 1880 Adv 02/05/1880 In North East; by Rev.H.H.Moore; she of Harborcreek; he of Appleton, Wisconsin

Wright, Miss Lizzie Morey, Benjamin F. Jan 26, 1870 Str 02/05/1870 In St. John's Episcopal Church; by Rev.C.C.Parker; youngest daughter of D.S.Wright of Erie; he of Middleboro

Wright, Miss Marie Davis, Beton 9/25/1910 Adv 09/29/1910 By Rev. S.G.Gilette; at home of bride's mother Mrs. Louisa Boam

Wright, Mrs. Mary Baker, John Aug 16, 1881 Adv 08/25/1881 In Erie; both of North East

Wyman, Miss Mary Rosenweig, Joseph Mar 30, 1870 Str 04/09/1870 At Cleveland, Ohio; she of Cleveland; he of Erie

Yoder, Miss Sadie Pfadt, John Aug 19, 1880 Adv 08/26/1880 In North East; by Rev.Negler of Erie; both of North East

York, Miss Anna Baybrook, Guy 4/16/1917 Sun 04/21/1917 At home of Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Baybrook, brother of groom; she of Clairton, PA

Young, Miss Alice A. Walker, Frank H. Jul 20, 1882 Adv 07/28/1882 In Conneautville, PA; by Rev. W.W.Painter; he of Harborcreek

Youngs, Miss Violetta Mallick, Bert H. Dec 25, 1906 Sun 12/29/1906 At home of bride's parents, Mr.& Mrs. Leroy Youngs; by Rev.

Zimmer, Ella E. Kilbane, Kenneth E. 8/1/1922 B&A 08/04/1922 by Rev. J.E. Roberts at Methodis parsonage; she of Waterford; he of McKean

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