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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

Old Time Photos - Postcards circa 1970

Contributed by Bill Klauk

A small booklet titled Historic Landmarks Erie Penna was published in 1970 along with postcards to be used and mailed by visitors.

Transcription of the words on these postcards, and the scanning of the images, was provided by Bill Klauk. Click on any photo below for a full size version. Use your browser's 'back' button to return to this page.

In 1970, the Brig Niagara was at the foot of State Street. The Niagara was built by Daniel Dobbins for Perry's fleet in Erie Harbor. The fleet included the Lawrence and Niagara, and Schooners Ariel, Porcupine, Scorpion and Tigress. The ship was raised from Misery Bay in 1913 where it was scuttled after the War of 1812.   BRIG NIAGARA
Located at the foot of State Street, the Brig
Niagara is the only ship of Commodore
Perry's fleet to be preserved.
The old Customs House was built in 1839 and
was the first marble structure erected west of
the Alleghenies.
  Originally built as the Erie Branch of the U.S. Bank in Philadelphia, it later served as a Customs House, Internal Revenue Office and Post Office. In 1970 is was being used as the Mariners Museum. It is a classic example of Doric architecture and is faced with Vermont marble.
Also known as Dickson's Tavern, this building is at Second and French Streets. Walls of this house are honeycombed with secret paageways and double fireplaces have secret openings. Narrow walled passages led to the waterfront. The City of Erie bought the land and buildings on this site in 1923.   PERRY MEMORIAL HOUSE
Built in 1809, this structure was used as
Perry's headquarters during the building of
his fleet.
General Anthony Wayne Blockhouse is
located at hte foot of Ash Street and was
reconstructed by the State in 1880.
  This blockhouse is a replica of the original American fortification built in 1795. It is located behind the Soldiers and Sailors Home. A portion of General Wayne's body is buried at the foot of the flagstaff.
The present Land Lighthouse was built in
1886 as a replacement for the first light
house on the Great Lakes which was erected
in 1818.
Perry Monument was erected in 1926 by
the Commonwealth as a memorial to
Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry.
The operation of this lighthouse warning beacon started in 1873 and has been on the job each navigational season. In 1941 the Coast Guard took over the light's operation which is automatic.   PENINSULA LIGHTHOUSE
Constructed in 1872, the Peninsula Light
house beacon can be seen 18 miles out
into Lake Erie.
Gudgeonville Covered Bridge located in
Girard Township directly west of Erie.
  One of only four (in 1970) remaining covered bridges in Erie County. Named after a mule named Gudgeon that died near the spot.

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