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Erie County (PA) Genealogy  
Schools - Public & Private

1896-1897 School District No. 4

(Springfield Twp.)

Contributed by Evelyn Baker

The reproduction school souvenir booklet shown below has been provided by Evelyn Baker who made a copy of a very fragile original in the files of Wilbur Palmer, Springfield author and historian. Birth and death dates of C. D. Eldredge have been added, but otherwise the images below match the original. Evelyn has indicated that this document contains the names of her Bovee family, and copies have been provided for Helmbrect and Gee families. Please contact Evelyn with any comments or additional information. Following the images is a text version of all names shown as transcribed by Bill Klauk.

Names listed on cover page: C. D. Eldredge, M. E. (Principal); Miss B. B. Brown, M. E. (Ass't Principal);

SCHOOL BOARD - C. L. Barker, William Benedict, S. D. Ware, Casper Eagley, George Abbey, F. E. Stone

Names of Pupils on Inside page:



Agnes K. Norton   Gertrude Eldredge
Margaret Brockway   Lulu Mclntire
Adda Southward   Anna Helmbrecht
Clifford Robison   Lyman Bovee
Charles Perry   Hatley Clark
Thomas Eldredge   George Brockway
Frank Meeker   William Holliday
Frank Smith   Dallas Smith
Elmer Getz   Fred Bovee
Ray Ellis   William Weis
  Edward Eagley  

Arda Mclntire

  Lelia Mclntire
Earnie Hass   George Ball
May Eldredge   Hattie Meeker
Elmer Thompson   Orvie Ball
Fritz Hass   Elmer Robison
Otto Hass   Hazel Mclntire
Laura Meeker   Roy Thompson
Frank Helmbrecht   Harry Shafer
Lynn McIntire   Earl Butts
Ida Bovee   Martha Butts
James Thompson   Clyde Brewer
Maggie Meeker   Martha Helmbrecht
Jesse Getz   Kathrina Gee
Anna Gee Aris Bovee Jay Scott

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