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City of Erie - January 1929 Academy High School Graduation

Contributed by Janine McCoy

The scanned images below were contributed by a site visitor who only recently discovered this site. Janine McCoy has forwarded a copy of the 1929 Mid-Year Graduation from Academy High School. Her mother, Doris Kessler, was a member of this class. Doris lived at 152 E. 29th Street, just one block from Academy. Janine was born in 1950 and raised in Buffalo, but visited Erie every summer, staying several weeks with her grand parents. She relates that a few times she went to shows at the Stadium. Even if she didn't go, she could hear the music and applause/cheering from her grand parents house. Her last visit was in 1967 when her grandfather died. Doris Kessler died in 1979.

The names included on the scanned images have been transcribed by Bill Klauk.

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Class of 1929 (Mid-Year)

Distinction: Karin Ostrom, Marian Silk

Honor: Vera Lohse, Rose Yomtob, Frederick Busin, Joseph Agresti, Richard Miller, Ellen Grace, Herman Goldberg, Gustave Michel, Margaret Knepper

Honorable Mention: Marjorie Barnhart, Edna Anderson, Donald Barnhart, Doris Kessler, Ethel Petry, Helen Topper, Marion Held, Helen Oliver, Harry Marshall, Edna Fowler, Max Williams, Virginia Delamater, Gladys Henderson, Dorothy Ross, Robert Wygant

Diploma: Frederick Adler, Dominick Agresti, Della Badger, LeRoy Booser, Fred Coleman, Gertrude Coleman, Mary Davidson, Catherine Dochikos, Francis Dougherty, Seaward Drown, Katherine Dedenhoeffer, Harry Durkins, Harriet Eldredge, Howard Fish, Fred Haener, Dorothy Haxaire, Ella Hickey, Ethel Hinkler, Kenneth Jackson, Donald Kennedy, Robert Kindle, Harold Klebes, John Konnerth, Charles Lanigan, Kathryn Madden, Joseph Masterson, Ellis McIntyre, Keith McLean, Alfred Murphy, William Page, Hannah Reiman, Florence Resinger, Charles Richards, Thomas Rogerson, Henry Russell, Sylvester Schaefer, Charles Schneider, Harlod Shank, Ester Soder, Olavi Sola, William Stollatis, Marcella Voelker, Russell Wallace

Trade Certificates: Machine Shop: Milton Bole, Raymond Crotty, Kenneth Shaffer; Pattern Shop: Michael Kolenda, William Rollinger

Principal: C.W. McNary; Assistant Principals: W.E. Dimorier, Susan A. Tanner; Director of Orchestra: W.S. Owen

Superintendent of Schools: John C. Diehl

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