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Girard Township - Bennett Children

Contributed by Linda Dooling

The photograph below has been contributed by site visitor Linda Dooling concerning the Bennett children of the Girard - Lockport area of Erie County. Four Bennett children are identified in this class picture from an unidentified year and unidetified school, presumed to be in Girard Township in the early 1900s. Linda has identifed Gladys born in June 1893, Esther born in December 1894, Marjorie born in December 1896, and Marshall born in December 1898. Marjorie was Linda's Grandmother. These are the children of Arthur Lee Bennett, son of Charles David Bennett and grandson of Caleb Bennett. Charles was married to Esther Daggett. Any information or comments concerning this picture should be sent directly to Linda Dooling . Click on the photo below to bring up a much larger image. Use your browser "back" button to return to this page.

Bennett Children - Girard School Class


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