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Brockway School # 9 - Update

Contributed by Evelyn Baker

The information below has been submitted by Evelyn Baker as an update to an article originally posted March 15, 2001, concerning one of Springfield Township's long ago schools, known as Brockway #9. There are two sections to this update, first an old picture of the school with unidentified students; and second, a 'blueprint' of a current residence which is on the site of the original school.

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If anyone has additional information about the material presented below, please contact Evelyn.

This Brockway # 9 school photo was in the possession of Pauline Volker for many years. It has been loaned and digitally enhanced for online viewing. The original is in the possession of Shane and Christina Snyder.

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Below is an overlay of the old Brockway school as it applies to the present day floor plan of the Shane and Christina SNYDER home. The original school is shown by the heavier, darker lines. The computer aided design was done by Samuel E. BAKER, Jr., having 25 years experience in restoration of old homes.

An inspection of the premises shows original floor joists, floor planks, and traces of an old coal chute. A rugged 10" sq. wooden beam, 22' long that supported the school, still supports the mid-section of the Snyder home. The foundation appears to be set with oversize cinder blocks, topped with about 3 rows of lentils supporting the frame structure. The roof pitch remains the same.

It is located on a dead end, northern section of Nye Road. Shane Snyder has found an abandon well and the remains of an old tombstone, believed to be that of Lewis Nye, on the property. Shane cuts his own fire wood and drives for UPS.

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