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1913 Corry HS Yearbook - The Owl - Seniors Class of 1913

Contributed by Teresa Hughes

This is a series of pages being presented based on scanned images from the June 1913 Corry Owl, the yearbook for Corry High School. This posting covers pages 10 through 15, Seniors and the class history. The images have been scanned by Bill Klauk from the yearbook that was on loan from Teresa and Jack Hughes in March 2003. Unfortunately, these web page were never created at that time, except for a small number of pages. The yearbook was originally owned by the late Arthur Schaub. Art was Teresa's father-in-law's guardian. Art had a Dutch Boy paint and wall paper store on Center street in Corry until the early 1970s. In the summer of 1937 Art visited the Elmwood Home for Boys and met Charles Francis Hughes.  Art became Chuck's guardian and Chuck moved to Art's home in Corry.  While attending Corry High School, Chuck meet Clarice Capwell, daughter of Alice Bennink and Boyd Capwell.   They were married in 1945 and in 1947 Teresa's husband Jack Hughes was born. Anyone having any comments or questions on the material presented should contact Teresa Hughes directly.

Class of 1913

Seniors - page 10

Seniors page 11


Bosworth, Howard W. (“Bow”)
Class President (1-2-3-4)
Editor “Owl” (3)
Manager Basket Ball (4)
"I would rather study my books
than dance to sweetest music"
"He whistled as he went for
want of thought” (“That’s How I Need You”)

Cady, Juel M.
She feels just as good as if she had good sense.
Talks just as naturally as if she did it out of habit.

Clough, Veleda L.
“Cupid’s Own”
Harmless youth, meant only to exist.

Ewer, Charles E. (“Zeke”)
Class Valedictorian
Business Manager Owl (4)
"How long, O Lord, how long?"

Hammond, R. Merril.
“It talks, 0 Lord, how it talks”
“Then spoke I to my seven ‘girls.”

Knowlton, Hazel L.
“She was so good that she would pour
rose water on a toad”

Love, Nellie.
“Thinking is a useless waste of thought”

Loveland, Mary.
Class Salutatorian.
“With loads of learned lumber in her head”
“As merry as the day is long.”

Seniors - Page 10

Seniors - Page 11

Transcription of 10-11

Manges, Erma A.
“Gas under constant pressure”

McCray, L. Hazel.
Class Treasurer (1-2)
“A heart to no folly or mischief inclined”

McCullough, Ruby.
“Here is a true, industrious friend”
Isn’t she, Zeke?

Mulderick, Alice
“Backward about coming forward”

Murray, M. Lucile (“Luce”)
N. I. T.
“She rattled on and on like a lard can
filled with pebbles”

Naylor, Julia R. (“Brick”)
N. I. T.
“This is the short of it”
“Weighed in the balance and found wanting”

Sackett, Marion B.
“Nothing, not even her lessons worried
Marion for over three minutes.”

Schaub, Arthur J. (“Angel”)
Class Secretary and Treasurer (3-4)
Exchange Editor “Owl” (4)
C. H. S. Athletic Ass’n Treas. (4)
“He gloweth like a chubby cherub.”
“Not Hercules could knock his
brains out for he hath none”

Seniors page 12


Seniors page 13


Transcription of 12-13

Seniors - Page 12

Seniors - Page 13

Seniors page 14

Scott, Walter Henry,
Vice President (1-2-3-4)
M. P. Club.
Basket Ball (4)
Editor “Owl” (4)
“Would one think it were possible for
love to make such ravage on
such a noble soul?“

St. Pierre, Orval (“Saint”)
“At home in an argument.”
“For e’en though vanquished,
he can argue still.”

Wall, Leo M. (“Jack”)
M. P. Club.
Tis said, “He is ambitious”
"Good looking in the dark."
" ‘Tis a vice to know him.”

Whittlesey, Louise E.
N. I. T.
“Not married—but——?”

Senior History


Seniors - Page 14

Transcription of page 14

Senior History (see below)


In September, 1909, the Class of Nineteen-Thirteen entered Corry High School. In this first year we did little but organize, with Howard Bosworth, president; Walter Scott, Vice President; Hazel McCray, Secretary and Treasurer.

Once more we assembled in 1910 -- older and wiser. After the Freshmen were initiated, we started in our real work. The same officers were first re-elected. Then we distinguished ourselves by a noteworthy hayride. We pass over this with tears, as it is too painful to our recollection. After a few other adventures commencement came and we rested.

Yet once again we reassembled, this time in 1911 as Juniors. Officers Howard Bosworth, president; Walter Scott, vice president; Alex Davidson, secretary and treasurer. Alex left before the end of the year so Arthur Schaub was elected secretary and treasurer and has since proved thoroly [sic] capable. Then we started in preparing for our Junior—Senior reception. Under the direction of our President, we gave one of the best — if not the best — receptions ever given in the history of the school. And, shortly after this, we decorated for Commencement. This, too, was a great triumph for '13 as the auditorium was decorated in a splendid and brilliant fashion. And thus ended our junior Year.

Then as Seniors, in September, 1912, we came into the High School for our last year. From the start we endeavored to make it a banner year for the High School. After re-electing the same officers we worked for our Washington trip. And real work it was. But with the help of Corry citizens and of the Evening Journal we succeeded. Then, before going, we enjoyed our reception given by '14. The banquet was held in the Presbyterian Gymnasium and dancing afterwards in the Knights of Pythias Hall. This was a fine reception and we all enjoyed it. Then, with Mr. Strong as chaperon, we went to Washington.

And thus our progress has been traced. But before we close, one thing we would like to mention. In 1911, the “OWL” was started, and our President, Howard Bosworth was chosen editor. Next Fall the paper was started again, and our Vice President, Walter Scott, was chosen editor.

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