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1913 Corry HS Yearbook - The Owl - Underclassmen

Contributed by Teresa Hughes

This is a series of pages being presented based on scanned images from the June 1913 Corry Owl, the yearbook for Corry High School.   This web page features the Junior, Sophomore and Freshmen classes. It is from pages 22 through 27 of the yearbook. 

The images have been scanned by Bill Klauk from the yearbook that was on loan from Teresa and Jack Hughes. The yearbook was originally owned by the late Arthur Schaub. Art was Teresa's father-in-law's guardian. Art had a Dutch Boy paint and wall paper store on Center street in Corry until the early 1970s. In the summer of 1937 Art visited the Elmwood Home for Boys and met Charles Francis Hughes.  Art became Chuck's guardian and Chuck moved to Art's home in Corry.  While attending Corry High School, Chuck meet Clarice Capwell, daughter of Alice Bennink and Boyd Capwell.   They were married in 1945 and in 1947 Teresa's husband Jack Hughes was born. Anyone having any comments or questions on the material presented should contact Teresa Hughes directly.

Junior Class

Junior Class Picture

Franklin S. Babbitt, Pres.
Wallace W. Wellman V. Pres.
Wallace Hammond, Sec. - Treas

Babbitt, Franklin
Carrier, Elmer.
Cohen, Joe.
Colegrove, Marion.
Drought, Bess.
Duffy, Marion.
Haight, Ethel.
Hammond, Wallace.
Heywang, Cora.
Loveland, Evah.
Lyons, Elizabeth M.
Miller, Florence.
Morris, Arthur.
Murray, Helen.
O’Day, Frank.
Reynolds, Myrna.
Roberts, Harry.

Terry, Mina.

Thomas, Bruce.

Wellman, Wallace W.
Wetmore, Alice.
Wilcox, Dorothy.

Sophomore Class

Sophomore Class Picture


Wesley McKinney, President.
Lucile Love, Vice President.
Araline Drought, Sec.-Treasurer.


Auer, Marjorie.

Baird, Mildred.

Beardslee, Fred.

Blatchley, Fern.

Boudreau, Henry.

Briggs, Neva.

Brooks, Marie.

Brooks, Vera.

Brown, Harold.

Calkins, Ruth.

Carey, Marion.

Clough, Lyle.

Crapser. Myra.

Culligan, Leo.

Davidson, Dorothea.

Davis. Horton J.

Dinsmoor, Clyde M.

Drought. Araline.

Duffy, Arthur

Frank, Ruth.

Haight, Margaret.

Goring, Eleanor.

Gretzler, Edward.

Hill, Carmen.

Hoenes, Helen.

Howard, Harold.

Johnson. Helen.

Jourdet, Clifford.

Joy, Hazel.

Joy, Mary.

Keppel, Marie.

Levy, Jacob.

Linendoll, Hattie.

Love, Lucile.

Lynch, Gertrude M.

Maloney, Honor.

Manwarren, Velma

McCray, Vance.

Merritt, Bertha.

Merry, Lyle.

Myers, Harriet.

McKinney, Wesley.

Mandaville, Bertha

O’Neil, Thelma L.

Osborne, Joseph.

Patterson. Harold.

Rhodes, Harry R.

Schrambling, Hazel.

Shanahan, Hazel.

Shaw, Charles.

Shields, Mary.

Smith, Ruth.

Stowe, Eva.

Waggoner, Virginia.

Wallace, Helen.

Waller, Dorothy.

Weaver, Josephine.

Webber, Anna.

Weiss, Fannie.

Whitehead, Tracy.

Whittlesey, Ethel.

Whittlesey, Florence.

Woodring, Alta.

Young, Ola.

Young, Marion.


Freshman Class

Freshmen Class Picture
Wallace Young, Pres. Bonnelle Jourdet, Secy and Treas.


Akam, Ruth.

Alexander, Margaret.

Alford, Luella

Alverson. Elwyn.

Amy, Merle.

Armitage, Flossie

Aughey, Elizabeth.

Blydenburgh, Leafa R.

Bowell, Paul.

Brooks, Beula.

Carey. Georgia.

Chase, Gladys.

Decker, Verona

Doane, Florence

Downey, John.

Durham, Koralton S.

Dyckes, Estella

Dyckes, Wayne.

Edwards, Charles.

Field, Herbert.

Gilbert, Robert.

Gretzler, Martha.

Haight, Earl

Heath, Fern.

Heywang, Hurt.

Heywang, Ruth

Howard Roy.

Johnson, Ruth.

Jones, Willard.

Jordan, Wilbur R.

Jourdet, Bonnelle.

Koehler, Ruth

Lapaze, Paul.

Lapaze, Percy.

Linendoll, Minnie

Loveland, Charles.

Loveland, Florence.

Loveland, Mildred.

Lynch, Ivah.

Lynch, Florence.

Lyons, Bernice

Lyons, Miriam.

Mackres, Ethel.

Maloney, Cathryn

Mathews, Warren.

Mathews, Ethel G.

Mccray, Clifford, B.

Mcelroy, Lavina.

Mcguire, Zeoa.

Mclean, Lynn

Manley. Robert.

Miller, Ethel.

Miller. Lucy U

Moffat, Margaret.

Morris, Harold.

Morris, Mildred.

Mulderick, Leo.

Muldenick, J. Otto,

Mullen, Irene M.  

Murray, Lillian.

Myers, Marguerite

Nash, Granvel.

Naylor, Ladie

Nichols, Stanley H.

O’brien, Celina.

Orth, Victor E

Parker, Lucile.

Pennell, Stanley.

Raab, Irene M.

Raymond, Florence

Ream, Robert.

Rieker, Isabel.

Siliy, Vera.

Sharp, Marguerite.

Smith, Kathryn,

Sperry, Helen B.

Spicer, Harry.

Steen, Lamont.

Storer, Lewis,

Sullivan, Katherine.

Taylor, Frank.

Weber, Clifton.

Wellman, Frank.

Whitmore, Clair

Wilcox, Inez B.

Wood, Jennie I.

Young, Hazel.

Young, Ruth E

Young, Wallace.



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