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City of Corry - Wright Street School 1952

Contributed by Robert E. Johnson

The photo below has been provided by site visitor Robert E. Johnson who advises:

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Wright St School 1952
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Change 1: In an 11/27/08 email, Robert Johnson writes:

Left to right
Bottom Row: Jeanette Ives, Lorraine Gates, Dave Lindstrom, Bob Higgins, Jerry Lewis, Jim Lewis, Jim Howard, Larry Higby, Bob Johnson
Second Row: Nancy Earle, Sis Hansen, Delores Jaggi, Sally Follett, Denny Hyer, Bill Klinger, Bob Leek, LaVern Lindsey, Alton Laurie
Third Row: Joan Gorney, Harriet Huff, Nancy Felisiak, Eunice Hoffman, Unknown, Luetta Jackson, Bruce Donaldson, Don Hoffman, Richard Haverstraw
Last Row: Teacher Mr. Bob Olson, Peggy Felisiak, Agnes Lindsey, Judy Franz, MaryIda Eisenman, Joel Lloyd, Ken Hoag, Carole Keefer, Sue Follett, Shirley Hasbrouck

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