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McKean Township - Dunn Valley School

Contributed by Ruth Reda

The school souvenir booklet below has been provided by Ruth Reda. She has indicated that one of the Pupils was her father. Her Grandmother, Grace Goodban married Gara A. Yaple in 1912. The Goodban's and Yaple's listed below are cousins, with Roger Yaple being Ruth's father. Garald Yaple was her uncle.

This booklet is from Dunn Valley School, District No. 4, McKean Township, for the school year 1927 - 1928. Transcription of names has been done by Bill Klauk and is shown below. Scanned images of all of the pages are shown. If anyone has any questions or comments concerning the material below, please contact Ruth Reda directly. Most images are full size. Some may be clickable for a large image. Some images are a little blurry.

Dunn Valley Pupil List

Dunn Valley School No. 4
McKean Twp., Erie Co., Pennsylvania
April 28, 1928

Evelyn K. Whiteman,

School Board
Leroy O. Woods, President
Carl Neuberger, Secretary
Henry Morrow, Treasurer
William Smith, Harvie Rose

Pupils: Genevieve Whiteman, Loretta Brown, Orleda McKrell, Garald Yaple, Arthur Goodban, Robert Schroeder, Edna Wehrle, Joseph Faner, William Weibel, William Schertzer, Roger Yaple, Alice Elmore Whiteman, Helen May McKrell, Mildred Wehrle, Wilbur Goodban, Dolores Ott, Julia Schertzer, Raymond Lewis, Roy McLaughlin, Mildred Loomis, Betty Lucille Rockwell, Lloyd McLaughlin, Felix Waibel, Marion Waibol, Catherine Sweeney, Sophia Waibel, Mary Elizabeth Ott, Iona Loomis.

Front Cover
DV page 2
DV middle pages
DV middle pages2
back cover

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