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Concord Township - Elgin School 1909

Contributed by Dorothy Miller

The information below has been provided by Dorothy Miller concerning one of the early Concord Township schools. Included is a 1909 Souvenir Sheet (front and back), along with a transcription of the names. At the bottom of this article is included a mystery picture. It appeared in an unknown version of the Corry Journal and is supposed to be a class from the Elgin School. However, according to those familiar with the school, the building in the background is not the Elgin School. Can anybody provide any information? If anyone has questions or comments concerning the material presented, please contact Dorothy Miller directly.


Edna L. McIntyre, Teacher






Roll of pupils


Charlie Ladd 


Tressie Burrows

Merle Harrison 


Lucy Holmes

Helen Reynolds 


Bernice McCray

Mary VanSchoonhoven 


Clara Kauffman

Urial Sellen 


Leon Palmer

Harry Alden  


Walter Markham

Marie Keep


Rose Sellen

Gerald McCray 


Nettie Wheeler

Burgha Way


Sidney Sellen

Doris Ladd 


Mabel Palmer

Helen McCray    


Olive Sellen


Robert Burrows






School Board





H.H. Holmes



J.D. Brakeman 



H.D. Skinner 



Bert Palmer 

H.H. Dean

Henry Harrison




Mystery Picture - Does anyone know where and when this picture is really from?

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