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City of Erie - Gridley 1924 Class Photo

Contributed by Gaylene Kerr Banister

The photo below has been contributed by Gaylene Kerr Banister. It is a 1924 class photo from Gridley School in the City of Erie. This school was located in the vicinity of 6th and Liberty Streets. Unfortunately, the only student that has been identified is Gaylene's husband's father, George Douglas Banister who is the first student from the left in the second row. Since George was born 13 August 1912, he was 11 or 12 when this picture was taken. George and his family lived at 923 Cascade Street. Hopefully, others will be able to identify more of the students. Anyone having any information about individual's shown, or with questions or comments, please contact Gaylene Kerr Banister directly.

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