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Greene Township - Lake Pleasant School 1901

Contributed by Larry Combs

The school souvenir sheetlet below has been provided by Larry Combs. He has indicated that Eathel Crain, one of the students listed, was his Grandmother. Larry has also indicated that Erie County Allen and Barney families are a part of his family genealogy, and Titus children mentioned are also distant cousins. If anyone has any questions or comments concerning the material below, please contact Larry Combs directly. This sheetlet is from Lake Pleasant Independent District for the school year 1900 - 1901. Transcription of names is shown below.

Lake Pleasant Independent District 1900 - 1901 - W. E. Barney, Teacher

Board of Directors: W.B. Hatch, D.D. Titus, Frank Crain, J.E. Stowe, Liberty Estes, W. Applebee

Teacher; W.E. Barney

Students: Sabra Titus,  Forest Cole,  Lynn Cutter,  Romain Crain,  Bertha Crain,  Olga Blass,  Frankie Sherman,  Katie Howland,  Lillie Blakesley,  Grace Dennee,  Foster Leslie,  Alma Blass, Pearl Blakesley,  Eathel Crain,  Hazel Howland,  Cora Sherman,  Leora Curtis,  Blaine Dennee, Clayton Knapp,  George Cutter,  Frankei Cole,  Hettie Titus,  Ida Blass,  Mamie Knapp,  Lloyd Dennee,  Harold Crain,  Vincent Howland,  Vernon Blakesley,  Mabel Crain,  Mary Cutter,  Ross Dennee, Otto Knapp

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